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film and fiction called magical realism has resulted in such movies as Like Water for Chocolate. In the United States, we have the growing genre of metaphysical films, including big box office hits like The Sixth Sense. Magician brands include all those that foster “magical moments”: sparkThe Magician ling water, champagne, Sony, General Core desire: knowledge Foods International Coffees, Calgon of the fundamental laws (“Take me away”), many cruise lines, of how the world or uniJackie O, spas, and many chic hotels. verse works They also include many cosmetics, Goal: make dreams herbs, potions, and fitness campaigns come true promising the fountain of youth. DanFear: unanticipated negnon Yogurt hit the big time with a ative consequences campaign taking off on research that Strategy: develop vision connects eating yogurt with longevity. and live it One commercial featured an ancient Trap: becoming manipuGeorgian, eating Dannon, with the lative words “Temur Banacha thought DanGift: finding win-win outnon was really fine yogurt. He ought comes to know. He’s been eating yogurt for 105 years.” Of course, virtually all New Age books, tapes, workshops, and products, and many “miraculous” modern technologies—the World Wide Web being only one of them—trade on the image of magic. The spirit of the Magician is easily evoked when the product has exotic or ancient origins or if it involves some special ritual, such as popping corks, decanting wine, or swirling brandy and sniffing its aroma. (In fact, even the “brown paper bag variety” of brandy drinkers on street corners relish this ritual as part of the experience!) The Magician is also a great brand identity for corporate change strategies, miracle drugs, herbal remedies, spas, exotic travel, and, of course, any product or service that directly affects consciousness— advertising being but one. Magicians are at the basis of radically new technologies: personal computers, the Internet, organ transplants, and genetic engineering. Think about Ben Franklin with his kite, tapping into the power of electricity, which eventually would help to fuel the industrial revo-

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype