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The Outlaw


Camelot music company similarly promotes a CD called Cypress Hill Skull and Bones, with the reassurance that the firm is “still F**kin’ up the program.” Of course, since the 1980s, it has been fashionable for rock bands—white and black—to destroy their instruments and the set before leaving the stage. Rage is in today—on the stage and on the highways. Commander Salamander, a shop in Washington, DC’s fashionable Georgetown neighborhood, sells products to adolescents that include jewelry with satanic imagery mixed in with trendy clothes. Similar shops are found all over the world and are enormously popular with teenagers, many of them from upper middle class neighborhoods and affluent, professional families. Even with children, action figures are getting more and more grotesque. Today, monsters are as attractive as Heroes, especially to boys. Codemasters promotes Micro Maniacs, “Reckless, destructive, wicked, aggressive, manic fun! Micro Maniacs punch, kick, and fight dirty as they run wild through the house. No principles, no prisoners, just 12 mutant characters devastating anyone and anything that comes between them and winning. It’s multiplayer mayhem at its maniacal best.” Destruction, Metamorphosis, and the Shadow Outlaw brands love to be identified with things that are bad for you. Hard Candy Lipstick ads, picturing a very young girl with vampish makeup, include a prominent warning label, much like that on cigarettes, to caution consumers that, because “caffeine lipstick may be addictive, apply and re-apply as needed.” Warning labels on cigarettes may, in fact, add to their appeal with youth. Captain Morgan Rum is marketed in a more lighthearted way, with an image of a pirate. Most brands of Tequila have an Outlaw imprint. Patron Tequila pictures a gorgeous but scantily clad woman with the caption, “Ladies love outlaws.” Yet, the classic dead worm in the bottom of some brands not only attests to the strength of the alcohol content, but also subliminally hints at courting death through drinking the product. It almost goes without saying that all restricted substances—like cigarettes and alcohol—have an Outlaw attraction for the young. And, of course, actual illegal substances have even more such appeal,

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype