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The Hero


In the same vein, shows a bruised and battered young boy and suggests he buy Bruce Lee’s Fighting Method to be prepared for the next battle. There is also real aggression in people that can be channeled in a positive or a negative direction. An ad for Lugz shoes leaves it ambivalent, showing a young man kicking a metal door. The only explanation is the single word “Conquer.” The Hero archetype helps channel that aggression and will into positive expression. At the midrange levels, this can mean athletic or economic competition rather than physical aggression. Thus, Equitable Life ASA financial services associates its expertise with developing “strong will, stronger leadership.” The higher level Hero, of course, uses strength to be a peacemaker. In a lighthearted ad, Symphony, an Internet connection firm, pictures a family engaging in a tug-of-war over Internet access. The company offers a cordless home network that “allows everyone to surf the Web wirelessly,” thus stopping “the war over Internet access.” Volvo runs an ad differentiating its “my car is safe and rugged” campaign from others’ by associating with peace, not war: “The first missile that truly makes the world a safer place.” In fact, the Hero is the archetype for almost all actual peacemaking efforts throughout the world. At the High End In increasingly spiritual times, the courage and perseverance of the Hero can be promoted as necessary to spiritual attainment. An ad for Danner boots reads, “The road to Nirvana is not paved.” The scene of snowcapped peaks conjures up the hardships of trekking in order to attain spiritual enlightenment (perhaps in Nepal). The copy continues, “No one said Nirvana would be easy to reach . . . so strap on a pair and get there before somebody tries to turn paradise into a parking lot.” Similarly, the American Cancer Society is countering the image of the cancer patient as victim with a marketing campaign designed to promote an alternative image of the Hero. One great ad pictures a nice-looking middle-aged woman and says, “She is a mother who

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype