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The Hero


aries. Similarly, a Lady Foot Locker ad with women working out says, “When training, I demand one thing from myself. MORE.” Avia shoes shows a lovely muscled woman and advises, “With her routine, she gained definition in her arms. And her life.” sells pantyhose with a picture of a woman astronaut on the moon saying, “one small step for women, one giant leap for womankind.” Certainly, for women in corporate America, pantyhose are tools of the trade. Beauty products are also sometimes marketed as weapons in the battle between the sexes and the war on aging. For example, L’Oreal face cream is called “Wrinkle Defense Cream.” One major prop is the heroic steed, second only to the Explorer as the brand of choice for automobiles. An ad for Cadillac Seville brags that the car is “more than a pretty face;” it is “a force to be reckoned with.” To rub it in, the ad, which appears near the front of a magazine, continues, “Just how powerful is the 300-hp Northstar V8? This ad started out in the back of the magazine.” Ford Trucks (“We Race. You Win.”) enjoins the reader, “In the last few miles, it doesn’t matter how talented or smart or rich you are. What matters most is how determined you are,” reassuring the customer that as grueling as off-road racing is, “Ford trucks not only survive, they thrive.” Nissan Xterra is promoted as “Jack of all trades. Master of every single solitary one.” Chevy S-10 shows Carlos Sandoval, veteran navy officer, crawling through a dark swamp. The ad assures us that he thinks this hardship is “cool,” but if you deprived him of his rugged Chevy, he would get “cranky.” Both the Explorer and the Hero archetypes require a considerable amount of journeying, but for the Hero, the emphasis is on proving rather than finding yourself. Thus, its products are marketed for their toughness and resilience. Nissan goes on, “If you can think of it, it can do it. Up for some mountain biking in Moab? Done. How about skiing in Jackson Hole? No problemo. Surfing at Mavericks? Your wish is its command.” Pontiac puts it this way: “The problem: suddenly the going gets tough. The solution: Rock on in the 2000 GrandAm SE with Solidform Design. It’s built with enough solid steel reinforcements to make Pittsburgh jealous. Because the road of life can be a pretty rough place, and out here you need the right armor.” The ad shows drivers playing car hockey near the edge

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype