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McCracken’s inimitable ‘‘Riggens’’ piece; Denise Larson, from The Lord Group, for taking the time to review the Entenmann’s case; Paul Wolansky, professor of film at the University of Southern California, for reviewing material and sharing his wonderful perspective on story patterns; and Ami Ronnberg, at the C. G. Jung Center in New York, and Professor Josephine Withers, of the University of Maryland Art History Department, for their help in researching illustrations. We extend our appreciation to the busy and enormously talented folk who found the time to read and comment on the book: Bob Wehling, Proctor & Gamble’s global marketing officer; Peter Georgescu, chairman emeritus, Young & Rubicam; Ruth Wooden, president of the National Parenting Association; Linda Kaplan-Thaler, president and CEO of The Kaplan-Thaler Group; Murray Stein, Jungian analyst and pioneer in applications of Jungian thought to the business world; Margaret Wheatley, consultant and author of Leadership and the New Sciences; Arlene Brickner, vice president of Creative Services for Coach; and Anna Maria Cugliari, senior vice president of Strategic Marketing and Brand Management, Sesame Workshop. Finally, we are deeply indebted to Alex Kroll, for having taken the time to read and critique the manuscript and to lend his incomparable brainpower to this endeavor.

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype