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cide.” We see the Hero in any crusader for a cause or in efforts to rescue the victim or defend the underdog.1 Desire: prove one’s worth through couraThe natural environment for the Hero is the battlefield, the athletic congeous and difficult action test, the streets, the workplace, the poGoal: exert mastery in a litical jungle, or anyplace where diffiway that improves the culty or challenges await courageous world and energetic action. Fear: weakness, vulneraThe Hero wants to make the world bility, “wimping out” a better place. His or her underlying Strategy: become as fear is failing to have what it takes to strong, competent, and persevere and prevail. This archetype powerful as you are cahelps us develop energy, discipline, fopable of being cus, and determination. Trap: arrogance, develDistinctive Hero brands include oping a need for there althe Marines, the Olympics, the space ways to be an enemy program, the National Organization of Gifts: competence and Women, Nike, Federal Express, the courage Red Cross, and most video games. (The chief notable exceptions are Outlaw video games.) Because the Warrior The Hero also may be aspect of the Hero archetype is so known as the warrior, strong in the culture, many health and the crusader, the ressocial initiatives are framed as wars, cuer, the superhero, the like the War on Poverty or the War on soldier, the winning athDrugs. lete, the dragon slayer, Imagery associated with the Hero the competitor, and the includes natural terrain requiring skill team player. and agility; machines and offices where things are getting done; horses, cars, planes, people, or anything moving fast; and anything powerful, hence strong colors and definThe Hero

1. In The Hero Within and Awakening the Heroes Within, Carol Pearson made the case for the Hero’s journey encompassing all 12 archetypes, decrying the popular confusion of the Hero with the Warrior only. Here, however, we are acknowledging that, in our society today, the Hero and the Warrior are synonymous, and the term “Hero” helps people identify with the more positive aspects of this archetype. Warriors may simply be combative, but the Hero fights for a principle, a cause, a way of life, or a future vision.

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Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype