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monkish image of the small, dedicated bookshop, run by and for people who just love books. The temple of the Sage archetype has to be either the library or the bookstore. Even when Barnes & Noble was conducting slashand-burn price reduction as a strategy to defeat the competition, the firm’s image still conjured up the archetypal bookstore ideal. Over time, the introduction of the superstore updated this image to provide a book-buying experience, speaking to the full needs of the book lover in each of us. Understanding the absence of the village green, Riggio recognized that bookstores were a natural place for people to gather, particularly people who like to talk about ideas. He therefore began to offer Starbucks coffee, provide comfortable chairs, expanded store hours, book discussion groups, and readings by authors. Eventually, he learned to deliver an experience that Sages would enjoy. Barnes & Noble even became a place for young people who loved ideas to meet each other—a veritable dating service! Getting into e-commerce just shortly after, Riggio also was quick to see the possibilities of the Internet. He predicts that, in time, on-line services “will allow shoppers to download and print all or part of a book,” making changes that will revolutionize the industry.3 His ability to hold firm to a Sage identity while updating the business of book marketing has made Barnes & Noble the biggest and most successful book chain in the world. Marketing That Makes People Think Marketing expert Bernd H. Schmitt, in Experiential Marketing, identifies “think campaigns” as a major way to market a brand, and we would add that think campaigns are ideal ways to market Sage brands. Genesis ElderCare, for example, differentiates from others offering care for the elderly by stressing the company’s capacity to analyze what each individual needs and tailor a program just for them. At the same time, to strengthen the firm’s image of intelligence, it also portrays the elderly in unusual ways. Undermining stereotypes about older people as dependent or victims makes people stop and think and also leads them to associate independent thinking with ElderCare. The Discovery Channel store displays a model of a 3. Wawro, p. 355.

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype