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The Sage


whole party in his honor because he The Sage got interested in the pattern of the tea leaves floating in his cup.) Core desire: the disSage brands include Harvard Unicovery of truth versity, MIT, high-end consulting firms Goal: to use intelligence such as McKinsey and Arthur Anderand analysis to undersen, and the Mayo Clinic (known for stand the world its diagnostic prowess), as well as the Greatest fear: being Educational Testing Service, and induped, misled; ignorance numerable companies, research laboStrategy: seek out inratories, and journals dedicated to disformation and knowledge; covering and disseminating truth. become self-reflective Stanford University, at one point in and understand thinking its history, decided to become “the processes Harvard of the West” and consciously Trap: can study issues developed a public relations campaign, forever and never act supported by investment in the reGift: wisdom, intelligence search aspect of the university, to establish a prestigious intellectual image. And it worked. Popular Sages include Oprah Winfrey and Walter Cronkite, who educate and guide their respective audiences, and Erma Bombeck, who provided wisdom through humor. In decades past, many brands embodied Sage identities and provided a strong educational role— for example, Betty Crocker on homemaking or Oil of Olay on skin care—but many have since gone the way of the 15-second sound bite. In fact, print campaigns of the 1950s often included some piece of information or advice. Advertising, in general, attempted to be

Levels of the Sage Call: confusion, doubt, deep desire to find the truth Level One: search for absolute truth, desire for objectivity, looking to experts Level Two: skepticism, critical and innovative thinking, becoming an expert Level Three: wisdom, confidence, mastery Shadow: dogmatism, ivory tower, disconnection from reality

Profile for Lewis Lafontaine

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype  

Mack, Margaret - Hero and Outlaw Archetype