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Martinstown CC Under Water Photo Supplied By: Jim Godding







Editorial Hi and welcome to the 2014 edition of The Dorset Cricket Yearbook! Following the first digital publication last year we have decided to continue with the new modern design as it was a great success. This year we look to mix the old with the new (similar to many club teams out there!). The 2014 yearbook has become a digital e-book with turning pages and a book style appearance. I would like to say I am privileged to be the editor of such a prestigious historic yearbook that archives show dates back to around the 1970’s. As a University student with a love of cricket this has been a very exciting project to be part of. The good news is that the player statistics look a lot healthier than the previous rain affected season! In complete contrast to the 2012/13 season we saw the long awaited return of the large, bright, warm circle in the sky. Gone were the days of turning up to a ground to see sodden grass and puddles on and around the pitch. The weather was brilliant and everyone was confident and excited to complete a full season of competitive cricket. Now I’m going to leave you to enjoy reliving the cricketing year of 2013 in Dorset. I hope that 2014 is a more prosperous year for all, and not just on the cricket field.



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Dorset Cricket Board

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The Board is a limited company, registered as “The Dorset Cricket Board Limited”, Registration No. 29328R and the registered address is The Leaze, King Street, Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 1DY.

Officers Chairman V. B. Lewis 9 Quarry Close, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1ET Tel: 01258 472282 (work) 01258 475181 (home)

Vice Chairman P. Drake 3A The Green, Puddletown, Dorchester DT2 8SN Tel: 01305 848560

Honorary Treasurer J. Ridout Westering, Giddylake, Wimborne BH21 2QU Tel: 01202 888298

Honorary Secretary A. Graham 27 Marchwood Road, East Howe, Bournemouth BH10 5LA Tel: 01202 580225 (home) Tel: 01202 470852 (Cricket Centre)

Director of Cricket K. Brewer, ‘Homewood’, Marrianne Road, Colehill, Wimborne BH21 2SQ Tel: 01202 841824

Dorset Cricket Development Office The Leaze, King Street, Wimborne. BH21 1DY Tel: 01202 881349

Pitch Advisors J. Old Ringtree House, 1 The Ring, Stalbridge, Sturminster Newton, DT10 2NG E-mail: Telephone: 01963362324 Mob: 07753 245271 R. Hansford 5 St. Mary Well Street, Beaminster DT8 3BB. Tel: 01308 862083

Welfare Officer D. Porter, 20 Chine Walk, West Parley, Ferndown. Tel: 01202 580463 Mobile: 07713 003161

Board Members Chairman, Vice Chairman, CC Moore, A. Willows, T. Snape, T. Hill. 5


Dorset Cricket Board Report

V B LEWIS Chairman Dorset Cricket Board



Cricket Development Office Back to Directory The Leaze, King Street, Wimborne BH21 1DY. 01202 881349 Keith Brewer – Director of Cricket – – 07785722270 Rob Newton – Cricket Development Officer – – 07788140924 Greg Parsons – Cricket Development Officer – - 07788 140921 Gill Jones – Competitions and Match Manager – – 07515 285078

Director of Cricket’s Report The 2013 season was very enjoyable not least because the sun was shining and the majority of the scheduled matches were played. After the near complete disaster of the 2012 season it felt as though cricket had emerged again and took its rightful place in the sun. Thankfully no Clubs were taken under by the revenue problems caused by the previous season and the Dorset Funeral Plan league fixtures were nearly all played. Club Cricket occupied a lot of our thoughts during 2013 as the Board and development team spent a good deal of time and resource supporting the network of Clubs through Chance to Shine, Clubmark, Facility applications and general club programmes. The ECB and Sport England are now fully focussed on increasing participation and retaining participation and the Club network is vital to this if we are not going to see numbers drop off in the face of the ever increasing pressures of modern life. The main focus in 2013 for myself was ensuring that we as a Board complied with the ECB requirements for a county board to be ‘Ready to invest’ The board members and staff attended a series of workshops to understand the outcomes process and to identify those outcomes and to use Insight and self-assessment to understand what our customers require and to self-improve our operations. This culminated in the publication of our Outcomes document which is copied below The Board achieving full ‘Ready to invest’ status in October this year. I would like to thank my fellow staff Greg Parsons Rob Newton and Gill jones for their hard work and dedication and also board members led by Barry Lewis and John Ridout for their support throughout the process. The outcomes were identified after a series of discussions and consultation with representatives from all areas of cricket in the county and hopefully at least some of them will reflect the aspirations of all of those involved in cricket in the County. We had in Dorset already pre-empted the outcomes and participation work by commissioning the complete review of league cricket in the county through Alan Graham and John Ridout and a number of key people who attended the review meetings. I became fully involved in this process and the outcome was a new structure for the League that will hopefully cater for every level of player and provide enjoyable competitive cricket in a format that allows time to get home or socialise at a decent hour. Finding a format of competition that suits everyone is not easy but I believe wholeheartedly that everyone who has attended the review meetings has the interests of Dorset cricket at heart and what’s more the energy and knowledge that they brought with them made the whole process enjoyable and challenging. We will see how this goes in 2014 and we will use the experience to make further improvements in the coming years based on feedback received and outcomes achieved. One of our goals is to find a way to link to the Southern league and as I write this there are possible moves ahead that could facilitate this.


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 Other areas of work that were very important to Dorset in 2013 included the work we have done to try and save Dean park for cricket and this has been a very challenging and complex process and as we move towards the deadline of November 2014 I am still optimistic that cricket will continue at this iconic ground well into the future. The fantastic work done by Gill Jones, Tim Hill and Rob Newton with the schools programme has seen a massive increase in the schools taking part in competitions and receiving coaching. Getting more children to join the clubs has been our biggest challenge. The other area that we have had great success with is the expansion of Women’s and girls’ cricket and a big thank you must go to the Clubs including Poole, Parley, Broadstone and Shillingstone who have developed this area. Next year we will see the return of a Women’s league for the first time and that will mark a watershed for the 5 year plan we have put in place to develop the women’s and girls’ game. As I write this report the ashes have begun and you will probably be reading this in the light of hopefully a series win for England. In Dorset we are doing our bit for the National game by having an unprecedented five players join the Hampshire academy two of whom Lewis McManus and Tom Barber are now playing for the England Under 19s and great credit must go to Matt Keech and Rob Newton for the work they have done in developing all the EPP players. Lewis played for me as an 8 year old at Broadstone and I can’t tell you the pleasure it brings to see a talented player make it all the way from a club under 9s team to the England and first class arena as Lewis and Tom have done. The great work that has been going on to integrate the Minor Counties with the Dorset league and county age groups sides will also pay dividends in the future and I wish Chris Park and Alan Willows all the best for a successful 2014 season . Finally I wanted to thank all those who have put countless hours in as volunteers in clubs and with the Board. Without you we can’t do anything within cricket. I can’t name everyone but David Cooper,Angie Brown, Ray Gunn, John Maynard, Rob Newton Hugh and Margaret Shackell for the Women’s and Girls’ game have done so much. Alan Graham and John Ridout deserve special mention for driving through the changes to the League structure for next season. Barry Lewis has led the Board with great understanding and has also bridged the gap between County Board and County Club. Clive Moore as always has my utmost respect as Mr Cricket in Dorset. There are too many to mention but I would personally like to thank all those who have got involved and provided opportunities for others to watch, play, umpire and experience the game.

Keith Brewer


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 2013/14 Dorset Cricket Board Outcomes Framework

Cricket Development Office - Greg Parsons’ Report In last year’s write up it was mentioned that the Dorset Disability Sports Forum had had a bid accepted from Sport England for a Disability Inclusion Project in Dorset. We have used this to link up 3 leisure centres (Ferndown, Rossmore and Dorchester) with their local cricket clubs to provide disability cricket sessions. These have progressed well over the year with Ferndown Leisure Centre/Ferndown Wayfarers CC now running a session weekly for their players and Dorchester Sports Centre/Dorchester CC are going to run a session every week from March onwards. Rossmore Leisure Centre/Broadstone CC will be meeting in the New Year to arrange sessions. We will also be looking to start a 4th disability project in the North of the County in the New Year. Meetings are currently being scheduled to make the arrangements for this to happen. I would like to thank the leisure centres and the clubs involved as well as their coaches for an excellent job performed. This scheme has allowed a more productive pathway for players through to the County team. We have already seen the benefits of this with a few new faces at the County training sessions. Any clubs that feel they are in a position to start a disability project in their local area please contact me and we can discuss the options in regards to funding, venues and coaches. I would like to thank Gordon Pickersgill and Rob Newton for the outstanding work they do at the County level. This past year we also started some visually impaired cricket taster sessions in partnership with the Dorset Blind Association. This progressed over the summer to the point that they were able to get a team together and played their first friendly fixture at the end of September against a strong Somerset team.


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 The team unfortunately lost but acquitted themselves excellently considering it was their first ever game and took it down to the final couple of overs. The Dorset Dolphins VI team has now entered the VI Development League for 2014 which will include home and away fixtures versus other Counties plus a 20/20 competition. I would like to thank the Dorset Rangers for their financial support, which has paid for coaching sessions throughout 2013. I would also like to thank Steve Bailey who has taken on the responsibility of captaining the team. He has done a great job of getting everything organised within his team and creating links nationally to help the project progress. Coach Education underwent large changes nationally in September 2013. Over the past couple of years the ECB Sky Sports Coach Education programme has gone under an extensive review and as a result a new coaching pathway has been introduced from September 2013. Locally this has meant retraining for the Dorset coach education tutors/assessors to learn the new structure and terminology on courses. It has also meant new administration procedures which means we have had to review how we do these in Dorset. In the 2012/13 programme we ran two UKCC Level 1 Coaching Assistant courses with 33 candidates attending. We also ran a UKCC Level 2 Coach Award course with 18 candidates attending. Reports received from external sources indicate that the Dorset Cricket Boards tutor / assessor team have performed once again to very high standards. I would like to thank Rob Newton, Tom Snape, Joff Webb and Matt Keech for the hard work they have put in over the past year, not only delivering courses last year but also taking the time to be retrained for the new courses. In 2013 both Swanage CC and Marnhull CC were new clubs that achieved Club Mark Accreditation. We had a further 4 clubs (Ferndown Wayfarers CC, Poole Town CC, Portland RT CC and Stalbridge CC) that achieved Re-Accreditation. There are currently 22 clubs in Dorset that are Club Marked Accredited which is the highest number we have had since the Club Mark scheme was started. There are a further 9 clubs that are currently registered with the ECB for Club Mark and are currently working their way through the evidence file. I would like to thank all those key people in the clubs that have worked hard to achieve Club Mark. It is their work that has enabled their club environment to be safe, well organised and provides a quality coaching product for the players. If any clubs wish to start the Club Mark process then please contact myself so we can discuss what is involved.

This was my first year looking after the East District programme. We are very fortunate to have a group of dedicated coaches in the East that has made my role significantly easier over this past year. I would like to thank each coach that has ran an East District age group over the past year. One of the main objectives in 2013 was to improve the process that players have to go through to get into an east squad as well as being transparent. Changes that we have made this past year have included moving the sessions back to the Dorset Cricket Centre so there is less travel for players to practice, advertising the session dates and costing’s of the programme to the players / parents prior to the trails so they are aware of what is required prior to attending the trails. These changes meant that we had to organise everything earlier than in previous years so we could get the information out tp the players as the trail nominations were coming in from the clubs. Part of my role as the East District Head Coach is to provide support and guidance to clubs in the region on their coaching structure. If any clubs wish to discuss their coaching workforce then please get in contact. The Dorset Natwest OSCAS (Outstanding Service to Cricket Awards) is always fun to organise as it recognises and rewards those volunteers in the County for the time and effort that they put into cricket. This year all the nominees were treated to a ticket to watch either a Hampshire or Somerset fixture. I would like to thank all the nominees for the excellent work they do within cricket in Dorset and hope that this continues long into the future. The winners of each category were also rewarded with an invite to attend the National Natwest OSCAS event at Lords in September. Our own John Ridout was shortlisted for the National Natwest OSCAS League and Boards Award. I would like to thank John for the fantastic work he has put in over the years and am happy to see that he is getting recognised nationally.



Cricket Development Office - Rob Newton’s Report



Cricket Development Office - Gill Jones’ Report I continue to liaise with schools and clubs, promoting the interest of clubs to schools wherever appropriate. Through Rob Newton’s work with Young Leaders in schools, it has been possible to use young officials at all the primary school county finals. As a result of the Chance to Shine Creating the Future project and the enthusiasm of both staff and cricket coaches working in schools, more schools are keen to be involved with cricket / competitions. As the cricket knowledge within the schools increases, they become more confident in entering competitions. At present over half of the primary schools in the county access kwik cricket competitions. The secondary school Chance to Shine project, supported by Sport England and The Cricket Foundation has led to an increase in the number of schools entering competitions. Schools are able to access additional competitions to the established competitions run through Dorset Schools Cricket Association. The introduction of a new entry level competition – ‘Chance to Compete’, has encouraged schools that would otherwise not feel confident enough to enter competitions to be involved. Winton Arts and Media College went on to represent Dorset at 2 regional finals. This competition has been trialled in Bournemouth and Poole, and it is hoped to encourage entries from across the county in future. Charlotte Edwards attended the School Games U13 Girls Indoor competition, and thoroughly enjoyed her day. Students at the event were interviewed by Jo Kent and appeared on the BBC South Today programme. After winning both the county and regional finals, Parkstone Grammar School went on to the national final at Lord’s. The U13 Girls competition in the summer increased to a six team final following qualifying competitions in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Purbeck, East Dorset, North Dorset, Poole and West Dorset School Games Organiser areas, with Bournemouth School for Girls winning through to represent Dorset at the regional final.

Gill Jones – Schools and Competition Manager





Dorset Under 13 Girls

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The Season started with a tough trip away to Hampshire, as the new Under 13’s soon saw how tough the season would be as heavy defeat was received including 7 ducks from Dorset when they batted although Both Victoria Pack and Charlotte Aubin should some early promise with the bat that was to be fulfilled later in the season. Next up another friendly this time against a young Kent side, who could not compete on a strength level with the Older Dorset girls, batting first Dorset posted 174 for 5, Charlotte Aubin and Emily Berridge both scoring 28, in reply Kent finished just short of the hundred, giving Dorset there first win of the season. Sussex away proved an excellent last warm up, but again showed Dorset’s issue with the bat, a loss by 46 runs chasing 153, extras hid another performance where 7 batters had either scored a duck or 1 run, only Charlotte Aubin shining again with 24. Into the county championship and Cornwall away and Dorset were put into bat on a damp wicket and without a batter getting into double figures, were soon all out for 61. Charlotte Aubin then picked up 2 quick Cornwall wickets but they proved to be Dorset only success as Cornwall ran out winners by 8 wickets. Berkshire proved to be a similar tale with another low score posted by Dorset, but again promise with the bat was shown as a number of the young players showed excellent stickability including Sarah Matthews 11 runs as Berkshire found difficult to dispose of. Wiltshire and another 5 wicket defeat as again Dorset failed to pass 100. But again a number of players were now getting scores in the teens and were learning to bat for a longer period of time. The return fixture against Wiltshire proved to be the high point of the season as Dorset again batting first posted 196 for 8 off 35 overs, with no less than 5 people getting scores above 20, an early wicket put Wiltshire on the back foot, but then a stand of 100 for the second wicket handed victory back in Wiltshire’s hands then some fine bowling for Dorset wrestled the game back in there favour as Wiltshire collapsed to 164 for 7, again with Wiltshire on the ropes though Dorset could not quite land the knock out blow and Wiltshire got home with 3 wickets and 8 balls to spare. With Holiday’s now eating into the squads availability a trip to Berkshire saw a heavy defeat despite a good all round performance from Eva Bowring, scoring 20 runs and taking 2 of the 5 wickets to fall. Issy Gilliver also performed well with an impressive 15 not out whilst wickets were tumbling around her.


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 The season finished at Beaminster Cricket Club with a home game against Cornwall, Cornwall batted first and on a slow scoring pitch got to 116 for 6 off the 35 overs, Eva again taking 2 wickets as did Victoria Pack. At 62 for 5 Dorset looked to be in with a chance but again at a crucial moment the tail folded and Dorset finished 78 all out. Can I thank Hugh, Margaret and Steve Matthews for all there help and support over the season.

Dorset Under 15 Girls

A tough season for the Under 15 ended with the highlight of our first ever victory over arch rival Devon, before that though came a lot of tough matches and hard lesson learnt on our way to that finish. The writing was on the wall as to how tough a season this would be when we lost to Wiltshire in a pre season warm up who were in a lower division. The ECB season started away at Hampshire and a 10 wicket defeat as Dorset got bowled out for 70. A much tighter game followed against Gloustershire with them being bowled out for 104 inside the 40 overs, Charlotte Mandale picking up 3 wickets, Dorset in reply despite scoring runs at a good rate kept losing wickets at important times, Zara Brown scored a brave 22, and Arabella and Alexa with a fighting last wicket stand nearly seeing us home in the end losing by 2 runs The t20 tournament saw us due to play Middlesex, Surrey and Hampshire but 2 days of rain saw little play except a bowl out where Dorset beat Kent with thanks a final ball wicket from Megan Field. A tied game in Wales was next as Dorset batted first and scored 121. Katharine Oliver top scoring with 31, at 107-4 the Wales team looked in firm control, but wickets from Elle Pearce and Tilly Callaghan turned the game round and with the scores tied Beth Pardon took a great catch at square leg under great pressure, from the Welsh crowd. A heavy defeat to Somerset followed where again Dorset struggled to score enough runs. The Beackonsfield festival followed, which is an 8 a side festival with a number of small games during the day, this was to be our most successful time so far remaining unbeaten in the day with Zara winning best bowling


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 (most wickets) and Elle best batter (most runs) by the end of the tournament, first bit of silverware in the trophy cabinet. The season finished on a high (for some of the girls literally), as we played Devon away, at Torquay with only 9 players. Dorset won the toss and batted first Zara carry her bat though the innings for 56 not out, Elle with 39, Issy and Matillda both scoring 20’s, meant Dorset posted 180 for 5 wickets off the 40 overs. In reply only one Devon player made double figures but while Milly Squires was in there was always a chance Devon could make it. But once she had fallen for 72, Devon were soon all out for 124. Cue wild celebrations for our first victory over Devon in all the years we have been playing girls cricket. Off went some of the girls to test the funfair on Torquay see front, Hugh and myself of course keeping our feet firmly on terra firma. Another big thanks goes to those that supported this year, Roger Mandale, Mick Callaghan, Angie Brown, etc. And as always Hugh and Margaret.

Congratulations to the Under 15s‌

Dorset Champions of the Bucks festival (with Beth Morgan pictured)



Dorset Under 17 Girls

The first game of the season was away at Berkshire, We reduced Berkshire to 110 for 8 before an unbroken 50 run partnership recovered Berkshire to 162. Zara Brown Finishing with 3 for 19, and Issy Ford 2-20. In reply Dorset put on 44 for the first wicket but the falling of regular wickets meant Elle Pearce was left marshalling the tail, and despite her 26 not out, we fell 8 runs short. Then saw a return fixture against Berkshire, batting first again Berkshire were bowled out for 137. Olivia Jones taking 3 wickets, in reply Liv also led the batting but had to retire on 26. Matillda Calaghan then took over with an excellent 31 not out and Esme Cull who then scored the winning run to secure Dorset’s first win of the season. Next to South Wilts and a high scoring encounter with Dorset batting first and posting 215 for 6. Elle Pearce scoring 77no Katharine Oliver 36, and Jemma Sullivan 26 all making useful contributions. In reply Dorset started well with early wickets but the middle overs were firmly won by Wiltshire as they got back on the rate, runs dried up and Dorset were winners by 20 runs. Later the same week and Dorset did the double over Wiltshire in another high scoring game, this time posting 253 for 6 with Elle Pearce scoring 116 not out, in reply again Wiltshire put a spritied show with Gemma scoring the second hundred of the game. In the end Dorset won by 69 runs. Two games against Glouscestershire finished the season where Dorset suffered defeat on both the first an excellent game with Dorset putting up a real fight, the second despite a good fielding and bowling display our batting collapysed for the one time in the season. The 2 matches of the T20 comp were held at South Wilts, a loss to Berkshire with Dorset unable to chase a stiff target after encourtering the big hitting Sherisa Gumbs with 86no. Despite 41 not out from Katharine Oliver, Dorset were always going to struggle and fell 27 runs short. A much happier game followed as Dorset did the triple over Wiltshire by beating them in the 20/20 comp as well. A big thank you must go Jemma, Kevin and Jill for the work they put in, Hugh and Margaret for support and scoring as well as Angie for scoring as well. Well Done to all the players and good luck in the upcoming seasons, it has been an excellent season.



Dorset Women’s XI Our Senior County team had a mixed season. Overall, we bowled well, giving away fewer extras than all our opponents, and our fielding was maintained at our usual high standard. However, our batting remained fragile and we failed to score sufficient runs to give the bowlers a chance. Nevertheless, it is good to report that, by the end of the season, we had real selection issues, with a larger pool of players fighting for selection. Into this mix, we added three new U15 players justifying their places in the team. Our first match was against Buckinghamshire. Bucks won the toss and chose to bat on what turned out to be a tricky wicket. Apart from S. Benson who made 73, the remainder of the Bucks team found it difficult to score. Bucks finished on 168 for 8, with Laura Thomas, Emily Broad and Tilly Callaghan picking up a couple of wickets each - well supported by Amber Corbett bowling 10 overs straight through, taking 1 for 26. Normally, we would have felt that a total of 169 was an achievable, but lack of match practice meant we lost our way. The Bucks bowling on the whole was less accurate than ours, but not picking the right ball to hit was the main reason for most of the downfalls. Charlotte Mandale and Laura Thomas opened the innings in confident style. However, after they were out, only Courtney Lowman found the batting easy and, with wickets falling at the other end, we were bowled out for 79 runs. In June, we travelled to St Austell for our match against Cornwall. The weather had been very wet, and, unfortunately for us, Cornwall won the toss and asked us to bat first. With a damp outfield, we found scoring runs hard and boundaries almost non-existent. We made a good steady start, but every time the batters tried to force the pace, we lost wickets. Laura Thomas, Emily Broad and Sarah John all got into double figures, but were unable to capitalise further and we were eventually bowled out for 94 in the 39th over. Cornwall had the advantage of batting second on a slowly drying outfield and just needed to score at 2 runs per over. Dorset put up a determined defence initially restricting Cornwall to 1 run per over, but their steady and careful approach meant they always had the upper hand and in the 39th over for the loss of only 2 wickets. Tilly Callaghan bowled 5 overs for 5 runs and Anna John 10 overs for 14 runs. July saw us playing Shropshire. Jemma Sullivan won the toss and elected to bat, but we just didn’t put enough runs on the board. We lost our first wicket in the first over and others followed steadily thereafter. Jess Alfert played well, looking confident and determined to stay at the crease, was not out at the end. Jess was backed up most notably by Courtney Lowman and Beth Rickman. Although we had gone into the match with 4 spinners and 3 seam bowlers, the lack of runs and skied balls falling clear of fielders meant Shropshire ran out winners by 7 wickets. Another month, another match, this time against Wiltshire in August, and although Wiltshire won by 7 wickets, it was a really good game of cricket and the Dorset team can be proud of the hard work they put in. We scored more runs, 136 in this match, but we were probably still 30 short of a reasonable total. There were several cameo performances with Danni Rigby, Laura Thomas, Elle Pearce and Tilly Callaghan all getting into double figures. Pick of the bowlers was Livvy Jones, who took 2 wickets in successive balls, including the ex-England player. 18

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 ECB T20 In July, we took part in the ECB T20 competition at Dauntsey’s School, Wiltshire. Our opposition this year comprised Bucks, Devon and Wilts. The format, as in previous years, was a two day competition, with 3 matches against different opponents and a finals play-off. We had a good tournament, although Devon, demoted the previous year beat everyone, and, in this respect, it was a bit of a lopsided competition. In the first match, we came up against Devon who proved impossible to contain. We played well, but were never in the same class. Our second match was against local rivals Wiltshire. We batted first and scored 123 for 2 in our 20 overs, with both Danni Rigby and Laura Thomas scoring 50s. Tight bowling and fielding resulted in us restricting Wilts to 109 in their 20 overs, a very satisfactory victory. We played Buckinghamshire the following morning, and, although we bowled and fielded well, we couldn’t score fast enough to get to their total of 128 runs. Jemma Sullivan had a good match taking 2 wickets in her bowling spell plus two catches; Livvy Jones took a wicket in her bowling spell and a catch. The finals that afternoon were between Bucks and Devon, the latter winning easily. The plate final was between Dorset and Wilts. Wilts had their ex-England player, J Godman who scored 89 out of a total of 140, before Livvy bowled her. Tilly took the only other wicket to fall. The Wiltshire team fielding was much tighter in this match and we were restricted to 117 runs in our 20 overs. Katie Oliver was top scorer for Dorset, with both Sarah John and Courtney Lowman also getting into double figures. The lack of county matches and their spread throughout the season continues to hamper the teams in the South and West Division. In the 4 matches over the course of the season, 21 individuals played for Dorset, when ideally we would have liked a squad of about 15. This makes it difficult to manage and to give the players the opportunities they need to develop their skills fully. We continue to press the ECB to increase the number of matches. Several younger players made their mark; Katie Oliver and Charlotte Mandale as opening bats; Elle Pearce as a mid-order batsman and bowler and Beth Rickman as a spin bowler. We wish them well for the future. Initiatives have been put in place to provide additional specialist coaching this winter and the Broadstone and Parley clubs have entered teams in the Hampshire Women’s Indoor competition.

Laura Thomas, Ray Gunn, John Maynard and Dave Cooper



Women’s South West Premier League .

South West League Indoor Cricket Dave Cooper





Dorset Under 10 Report

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Having completed a successful winter training programme for eighteen players our Coach, Steve Bishop committed to select every player for a minimum of four County games rather than cutting the squad as is more usual. The rationale behind this was that as this is the age-group that introduces boys to the vagaries of representative cricket, exposing the entire squad to 40 over cricket, played exclusively on grass, would clearly demonstrate what is required at this level going forward and is something quite different from the pairs cricket that the boys play for their clubs. I must say that, without exception, every player showed great maturity and commitment from those so young and applied themselves with great fortitude. They were a credit to themselves, their clubs and their families, producing some excellent cricket at times through the season but never getting too carried away by the result, content in the knowledge that they improved every time they took to the field. As someone once said "it's not a case of winning and losing, it's a case of winning and learning". Frustratingly for everyone we never really managed to put together a complete performance, either being devastating with the ball and then not controlling the situation with the bat or vice versa but we were always competitive in the field (continually being asked to field first on the hottest days) and the boys never allowed their heads to drop when things looked bleak. They believed in playing hard but fair, being encouraging to their teammates and sportsmanlike to the opposition without the obligatory "banter" in the field which seems to be encouraged by other counties but seems so ridiculous when uttered by boys so young. The first game of the season saw us travel to Exeter School to play a strong Devon side whose top order looked to be the best we would come across all summer. Our hosts chased down 134 to win easily but the day produced our highest individual score of the season when Tom Prest scored freely all around the wicket for 72 not out. Our first home game saw us entertain Wiltshire at Clayesmore where Charlie Hartwell's 3-5 in 3 overs destroyed their top order and Jamie Stewarts 3-6 ensured their tail was blown away for a healthy victory by 56 runs. The spinners of Berkshire proved too strong for us as we were outclassed at Wimborne but having contained Buckinghamshire to 119 runs the following week in blistering


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 heat' mainly through our own "Master of the Dark Art" Toby Berry 3-13, our middle order failed to capitalise and we managed to lose by 35 runs. A midweek game during school time had everyone very excited for our long trip to Gloucestershire but with rain about all day we again failed to build on an excellent start by Theo Dowler and Tom Prest which saw us go from 66 without loss to 114 all out. Our visit to Bryanston to play local rivals Hampshire will always be remembered for our ability to seemingly be in control of the match for the entire game and then with 8 overs to go we seemed to have no chance. Toby Berry was at it again with his off-spin 4-39 ensuring that Hampshire only scored 163 runs on a belter of a track and with Tom Prest scoring yet another 30 odd runs at the top of the order, things seemed well under control but the middle overs saw the pressure build as we failed to turn the strike over. Cometh the hour etc and Miles Quick and Ty Stroud arrived at the crease with the freedom to play that they both excel at. Ty's 17 runs from 10 balls and Miles' 15 runs at a run-a-ball had got home with two overs to spare and a look as if to say that the result was never in doubt! Another midweek game at Milfield against Somerset saw us post 151-4 due mainly to Ronan Graven's 40 runs and Freddie Pryce's 34 no but with our bowlers all struggling with the slope Somerset knocked off the runs comfortably despite Tom Prest's 3-22. Our performance against the Under 11B's was disappointing as we bowled poorly as a unit although Finlay Williams 3-26 and Ty Stroud 3-29 were the exceptions. Only Olly Pickard looked comfortable with the bat scoring 46 runs as we were soundly beaten. Having bowled and fielded very well as a unit to knock over Oxfordshire for 89 runs, Freddie Pryce 4-7 runs, we froze like scarred rabbits and despite Toby Berry battling throughout the innings for 25 runs we were bowled out for 85 runs. Hard for everyone to take! Our International match took us over the boarder to Wales where Toby Berry's fine 55 and Miles Quick's 4-32 runs were mainly responsible for out 17 run victory whilst our final game of the season saw us travel to Sussex in torrential rain where despite another 38 runs from Tom Prest we were beaten with a couple of overs to go. Our festival visit to Malvern College at the end of the season was an unmitigated success. The boys were terrific company, listened intently to the training sessions and looked after each other as only true teammates can. The boys knew each morning if they were playing as a top order batsman or as a frontline bowler to see how the bowlers would cope with 5 over spells, some bowling these spells for the first time, and how they might adjust with having to come back for a second spell if required. We got caught cold against Tower Hamlets but then beat them comprehensively in the 20/20 we had after tea, lost to Staffordshire in a very tight game, Toby Berry 4-30 runs, and then batted poorly against IOW with the exception of Ronan Graven's 69 runs. However after a "last hurrah" speech the opening 10 overs of hostility from Jamie Stewart 5-10 runs and Robbie Lingafelter 2-7 runs left the opposition reeling at 21 for 7 ensuring they only made 43 all out. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with our Coach Steve Bishop this season and his ability to make a quick decision whilst not shirking from the difficult ones has made my job pretty simple. His experience to say the right thing at the right time to these young cricketers should not be underestimated and we wish him the very best of luck with his new intake of Under 10's in 2014.mA huge thank you to Jim Graven who scored every match this season and to the boys parents for driving them to all corners of the South of England. Finally a special thank you to Freddie Pryce who has developed terrifically as our Captain this season by leading by example and showing an unselfish modesty when giving his players their chance. He is certainly developing into the sort of person that men follow "over the top". One final thanks to the staff at the Dorset Cricket Board for their unfailing support when required and for their advice and guidance when planning sessions and fixtures. 23


Dorset Under 11 Report

For me the summer was a great experience after being given the opportunity to manage a great group of players who, without exception, were a credit to themselves, their parents and the County itself. Throughout the summer the boys showed maturity and discipline beyond their years and produced some great cricket along the way. The Highlights… As for the games themselves there was a real mixed bag of results but a clear improvement year on year. A tough start against a very strong Somerset side saw the hosts scoring 234 for 1. The bowling was just as impressive and the boys managed 92 in reply. Jacob Browning’s disciplined batting saw him score 27 not out from 30 overs. Next up was a trip to Wiltshire which saw two players hit 50’s (Orlando with 59 and Jacob Gordon 51 no). Will Fletcher’s change to spin bowling bringing figures of 3 for 13 in a relatively comfortable victory. The first home game of the season was at Dean Park against Bucks. The visitors were all out for 133 off 30 overs. Will Fletcher again the pick of the bowling with figures of 6-1-10-4 ably supported by Harrison Neary (8-1-27-2, one catch and one run out) and two catches and a run out for Zach Lillis. The total was chased down in 30 overs with Will Fletcher capping a fine day by hitting 58 and Tao White 34. A tough away game at Berkshire followed with the hosts scoring 174 for 7. Harrison Neary (8-1-31-2) and Thomas Saunders (8-0-24-2) among the wickets and a fantastic direct hit run out from near the boundary by Gabriel Winsor. Dorset never really got going with the bat and reached 71 for 8 from 25 overs, Jacob Berry contributing 20. Thomas Saunder’s made a defiant stand at Nr 9 and hit 56 (including a 65 run partnership with Harrison for the 9th wicket) as the team reached 147 with the last wicket falling on the final ball. Devon were next up at Canford, Dorset managed 177 for 8 from their 40 overs with Jacob Gordon showing immense discipline and composure to score 87 not out in an innings lasting 36 overs, He was ably supported by Matt Longley (26) in a 75 run partnership for the 3rd wicket. Taking wickets proved to be a difficult task with Jacob Browning taking the only scalp of the day with figures of 7-01-27. 24

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 Gwent next at Redlands saw a great fielding performance with the visitors restricted to just 108 all out. The highlight being Jacob Browning’s 5 wickets (8-1-33-5) but there were also great catches from Matt Longley and Jacob Gordon and two wickets a piece for Harrison (4-0-21-2) and Tao (5-017-2) and very economic bowling from Orlando (5-1-12-1). The target was chased down in 31 overs with Thomas Saunders top scoring with 39. Redland’s again against Gloucs saw the boys bowled out for 117 from 40 overs, Orlando Bailey 39, Will Fletcher 28 and Gabriel Winsor 17no. In reply the visitors took 39 overs to score the winning runs after a really gritty performance in the field which was probably the best of the season despite the defeat. Jacob Berry (6-2-10-3), Orland Bailey (3-0-12-2) and a debut wicket for James Mitchell (81-13-1) supported by great catches from Will Marsh and Charlie Berridge made sure the visitors worked really hard for the result. Oxfordshire away saw the boys lose the toss and field first, Orlando (8-1-17-3), Thomas Hayward-Cox (6-1-24-2) and Gabriel Winsor (8-1-20-1) the pick of the bowlers. In reply the batsmen saw out the 40 overs but fell 38 runs short of victory, The final game was against Hampshire at Dean Park. The team never really got into their stride in the face of some excellent bowling scoring 136 from 39 overs. Will F again top scoring with 49, with Tao White managing 25. The visitors secured victory in the 37th over with the loss of 4 wickets. Economical bowling from Will Marsh (5-2-15-0), James Mitchell (7-1-18-1), Harrison Neary (5-0-14-1) and Tao White (5-1-14-1) aided by great catches from Charlie and Orlando. Thanks… I would like to send personal thanks to Dean for allowing me to finish the season having learnt a lot with regards to the development of youth cricketers, all those who have helped with scoring duties and teas throughout the summer and the parents who have all supported Dean and myself and made my role very easy. As parents we all provide the support that the boys need away from the game, the highs and lows following games, the pre match nerves and the frustration with what can, at times, be a very cruel game. This support is invaluable to the development and enjoyment that the boys get from the game and their on pitch successes are a real reflection of the support you provide. Thank you! Finally, a few words from our Coach… “I would like to give thanks to a number of different people. Firstly I would like to thank my players, their efforts in training and behaviour during matches has been outstanding and has certainly made my job a lot easier. I would also like to thank the parents for their cooperation over the season. I believe strongly that in youth cricket it’s more important that the player’s improve every game, rather than win every game; and the parents seemed to have welcomed that philosophy. I would also like to thank our manager, Patrick. His efforts and brilliant organisational skills have been of massive help to me, and also to the parents. Any questions, any issues, he’s the man that has taken care of it; which has allowed me to just focus on the coaching side of things. Not only has been a great manager, he’s also been a good guy to chat too and have discussions with. It’s been an honour to see each of these boys develop and improve over the season; and I hope they’ve enjoyed being coach by me as much as I’ve enjoyed coaching them. I have a feeling that this next season is going to be an exciting one with new challenges and lessons to come, and I’m looking forward to getting started!”



Dorset Under 12 Report

The season started with the management team very unsure of what the best batting order was or who should open the bowling. There were plenty of candidates, but nobody jumped out above the others and looking at last season’s scorebook, these were problem areas of the team. A warm up game against the U13 ‘B’ team showed up some problems that were to haunt us in our early games. Despite a good 50 from Sam Taylor, we only scored 161-6, with the middle order unable to push the score along when we had wickets in hand. Our bowling didn’t look like taking wickets and bowled too many wides until Daley Holmes, with his off spin took four late wickets, but the game was already lost. Our first County fixture took us to Buckinghamshire where we bowled the home side out for 176 (with the help of 23 wides). Conor Waring was the pick of the bowlers, taking 3-9. Most of our batsmen got starts, with Nick Broad, Anthony Graham and George Baugniet all scoring 20, but unfortunately, three run outs halted our progress and we fell short in a game we should have won. A trip to Cornwall saw us bowled out for only 117 with only Nick Broad batting with any authority in scoring 35. Our batting was looking very poor and we were heading for a very long season. Wides and generally poor bowling let Cornwall race home by nine wickets. Comprehensive defeats by Hampshire and Somerset followed leaving the manager and coach wondering if we were ever going to win a game. Changes to the bowling and to the batting order were needed for our next game. Anthony Graham 4-12 and Conor Waring 2-10 led the way as we bowled out Devon for 76 at Redlands. We still managed to lose 8 wickets in reaching our target, a partnership of 33 for the seventh wicket between George Baugniet (21) and Daley Holmes was crucial after the top six had gone for 38. For the first time this season we could enjoy our trip home. An opening partnership of 70 in eight overs by our new combination of Anthony Graham (38) and Harrison Bowles (22) gave us the platform for a big score against Wiltshire, but although Scott Currie scored 58 we scored much too slowly and much to the management team’s annoyance we only managed 182-4. The slow scoring proved costly as we lost in the last over. This game was to prove to be the last of the regular season for Harrison as he broke his toe while batting. 26

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 Anthony Graham (36) and Scott Currie (40) provided us with our best batting of the season at the top of the order against Berkshire, Nick Broad (25) continued the positive batting with the support of the lower middle order and we were able to post a challenging total against a good bowling attack. A fired up Scott Currie took 4 wickets and Sam Beer, 2, as we looked to be heading for victory, but somehow Berkshire scraped home off the last ball with one wicket to spare. Although we lost this game, we could at last see progress from individuals and the team as a whole. Sam Beer, given the chance at number 3 against Gwent scored a good 32 until he was run out while backing up when the ball was deflected onto the stumps. Sam’s innings followed another good start by Anthony Graham and Scott Currie at the top of the order. Ethan Dowler with 27no scored quick runs down the order with good support from Sam Taylor to give us a decent score on a difficult wicket. Gwent were never in the hunt and Sam Beer completed a good day for himself with 2-4 off seven overs, we won by 90 runs. We lost our final regular season game against Oxfordshire after our keeper Matt Fisher dislocated his finger in the warm up. George Baugniet took the gloves, Scott Currie with 4-25 helped keep the total to 169, but slow batting again cost us a game we could have won. Despite the overall results we had shown a great improvement in the last five games and the confidence of several individuals was growing, we went to the Bromsgrove festival in a good frame of mind. The festival provided us with four victories against teams that were mostly older and much bigger than our boys. Ben Insall, given a bowl for the first time took 9 wickets, scored runs and took several catches, had his best time of the summer, he was rewarded with our bowler of the festival trophy in a close run thing with Sam Beer who also bowled superbly each time he bowled. Harrison Bowles took the batting honours which included a hard hitting 76no against Herefordshire. Om Ramchandani took the fielding award which included a great catch in the first game. Our last game provided one of the highlights of the season; Scott Currie scored an undefeated 120 to register his first century for the county. George Baugniet was our overall player of the festival for his all-round effort for the team, not only scoring runs, including his first county fifty, but also keeping wicket due to Matt’s injury. We ended the season with six wins from 13 matches which considering we lost our first four while we were still finding our feet and two of our defeats were in the last over. Scott Currie was once again the leading run scorer, took the most wickets and held the most catches. Anthony Graham, Harrison Bowles, Nick Broad, George Baugniet and Sam Beer all look capable of scoring 50s next summer while on the bowling front Conor Waring, Sam Beer and Daley Holmes should expect to improve on their excellent figures from this season. Daley also captained the side very well at the festival. Matt Fisher kept wicket very well until his injury kept him out of the festival. Jamie Guinness, even though he had no luck with taking wickets, proved our most economical bowler. Ben Insall, Sam Taylor, Ethan Dowler, Om Ramchandani and Louis Bragginton all showed glimpses of what they can do and if they keep up their work ethic during the winter they will hopefully play a major role next summer. By the end of the season we had shown a great improvement, both as a team and as individuals and we look forward to building on this over the winter and into next summer. To finish, I need to thank a few people who helped make my summer easier. Firstly to Andrew Broad for scoring throughout the summer, we all know how much it helps to have a regular scorer. I would also like to thank all the mums who put on great teas for our home games. Last but not least, I have to thank Sean for all his efforts, from doing 1:1s all through the winter to improving the knowledge and ability of the squad through his group coaching sessions and match day tactics. Ken House (Under 12 Manager) 27


Dorset Under 13 Report

The picturesque East and West CC deep in the Oxfordshire countryside was the venue for the U13s first full county fixture of the season. Dorset, batting first, made a positive start with Harry Nash and Tom Pope looking confident against the opening bowlers easing to 30 before Tom was caught on 12. But it wasn’t until Oxfordshire fast bowler R. Hipwell started his spell that it became clear Dorset were in for a rough couple of hours. Several overs of aggressive and unpredictable bowling made scoring difficult but skillful resistance from Tom Barber (13) and Issac Beaglehole (22) followed by positive batting from Tom Patmore (29) and James Wakefield managed to get the score to a respectable 164. After tea Dorset then produced one of their finest bowling and fielding performances of the season building pressure on the Oxfordshire batsmen from the start. Wickets fell at regular intervals with Nash, Barber, Patmore and Wakefield all bowling with great control. Dorset’s victory was secured when Dan Stevens in his first county game made it just about impossible to score giving only 7 runs away in his late five over spell and taking a well-deserved wicket. A great team performance and very encouraging start. After another long trip to Bucks it was a confident Dorset side that batted first in the second game of the season. It was a very much less confident side that sat in the changing rooms at the interval after being bowled out for 97 in, what appeared to be, perfect batting conditions! Only skipper Alex Sands (23) and Tom Barber (21) really troubled the scorers. Despite economical bowling from our opening attack Bucks seemed to be cruising to an easy victory until spinners Max Mourgue and Jack Taylor took complete control of the game. A crazy 9 over spell took the score from 51/2 to 56/8 and it looked like Dorset were going to pull off a sensational victory (Mourge 5/19 & Taylor 2/7). Sadly it was not to be as Bucks struggled home and reached the target with one wicket left and 5 balls to spare. It was another great performance in the field but erratic batting and poor decision making eventually cost Dorset what should have been a comfortable win. A surprisingly calm and bright Redlands in Weymouth was the setting for our next match against Gloucestershire. Once again Dorset lost the toss but to everyone’s amazement the visitors elected to 28

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 bat first on a very soggy pitch. As expected it proved a very difficult surface to bat on and Gloucestershire struggled from the start with economical bowling from Sands, Barber, Taylor and Patmore. A good middle order partnership got them up to 120 but Dorset were confident at the break. With typical Redlands weather returning after the break it soon became clear that 120 was going to be more challenging than at first thought. As the crowd retreated to their cars for warmth Dorset slumped to 65/7 and victory looked unlikely. However, a convenient drink break allowed Issac Beaglehole and Max Mourgue time to settle down and regroup. At the same time the opposition clearly thought they had already won and made some crazy bowling changes allowing Dorset back into the match. A fine partnership between Beaglehole (29) and Mourgue eventually secured a comfortable win for Dorset. With the weather still on our side Dorset then went on to secure a very easy victory over the Isle of Wight at Bryanston School. Notable bowling performances came from Matt Dare (3/12) ably supported by Nash, Barber, Sands, Andrews and Patmore. Once again Issac Beaglehole led the way with the batting scoring an unbeaten 36. A much anticipated game against Devon unfortunately became our one and only weather casualty of the season. But it was with great confidence that we went into our next fixture against Cornwall at Clayesmore School. However, this proved to be start of a significant mid-season dip with Dorset being well beaten by an average Cornwall side. The trend continued against Berkshire despite an excellent opening partnership from Jack Taylor and Max Trueman and a very resilient 38 from Harry Nash. Although Dorset came close to defending 167 they were let down by some wayward bowling and dropped catches. The dip in confidence was even more evident when we travelled to Fawley CC on a blisteringly hot afternoon in early July. While the country watched Andy Murray ease to his historic Wimbledon title Dorset suffered their most comprehensive defeat of the season to a very strong and well disciplined Hampshire side. This was not our finest hour and raised a lot of questions about how the side was going to cope with the challenging fixtures at the forthcoming Sussex Festival. The Sussex Festival turned out to be a huge success during which the squad really started to apply their skills and pull together as a team. During the festival the team played 5 games and claimed a very respectable third place in the tournament. The week started with a 3 run victory over Bucks with Alex Sands (54*) and Max Netley (41) dominating the batting and Tom Barber (4/21) exercising great control with the ball. Dorset also won their second game against Abu Dhabi with impressive bowling performances from Netley (5/15) and Barber (2/14). However, at 64/6 Dorset were on the ropes! But, greater mental strength prevented a total collapse and Sands (38*) and A, Booker (11*) took Dorset over the line without further loss. Despite valiant efforts from Booker (22), Barber (27) and Patmore (23) a score of 140 was never really going to be enough against a strong Sussex side in the third match. Although Dorset bowled well at the start Sussex went on to win by 4 wickets. Despite the Sussex defeat Dorset qualified for the semi-final but faced their toughest challenge of the season when they were drawn against Lancashire. After a very good start Dorset had kept Lancs down to 130/6 with their top order batsmen all back in the hutch. However, a brutal batting performance from the lower order left a shell shocked Dorset facing 345 to win! Brave batting performances from Sands (28), Netley (23) and James Wakefield (31) were not enough to get Dorset close and Lancs cruised to victory. The final match was against Skillz Skorpionz and the battle for third place. Fielding first, Dorset restricted the opposition to 140 all out with a vastly improved second half bowling performance backed up by good catching. In reply, Dorset put on their finest batting performance of the season to secure a comfortable victory and a well deserved third place. The stand out performance came from Tom Patmore (82) who had only recently returned to the side after a serious back injury.


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 In conclusion this was an unpredictable season that started and finished well. There were some fine individual performances and glimpses of the huge potential this team has. The team was well led throughout by skipper Alex Sands who coped with the pressure (apart from the toss!!) well and made superb contributions with both bat and ball. Thanks to both Alex Butler and Simon Watkins for coaching the side and we wish them well as they embark on their Australian adventures. Thanks also to all the parents for their continued support.

Dorset Under 14 Report

Dorset U14s enjoyed a fantastic season, winning 11 out of 12 matches completed, thrashing local rivals (and eventual league winners) Hampshire by 108 runs and securing a place in next year’s highly competitive ECBU15 A-Division. Building on the core of now highly experienced County players, coach Steve Wilson brought Jem Hai back into the squad and added Tom Robinson, Toby Hett, Jake Markham and Ben Thompson. After a challenging winter training programme and an enjoyable 2 day Easter camp at Bryanston, the warmup (!?) matches began at a freezing Canford in late April. Dorset scored 181 for 4 in 30 overs (Oliver Thomas 48, Jem Hai 44, newly-appointed captain Ollie Shrubsole 34). Canford U15s were struggling a little at 105 for 6 in reply (Ross Tooley 2 for 6) when a heavy hailstorm forced an early end after 22 overs. The weather proved fractionally kinder against Gwent, Redlands being the only spot in Dorset that day to avoid driving rain. Dorset made the most of some generous bowling to rack up 297ao from 39.4 overs (Greg Willows a flamboyant 121, Oliver Thomas 48). Gwent managed to bat out their 40 overs but could reach only 128 for 9 (Kieran Whittle 3 for 30, Frank Turrill 2 for 11). A closer friendly came against Wiltshire on a picture-perfect day at Canford. Dorset lost early wickets and needed stout work from the middle and lower order to reach 194 for 9 from 45 overs (Oliver Thomas 33, Tom Robinson 30). Wiltshire started well, reaching 84 without loss before Frank Turrill found a way through, and seemed on track until 4 wickets fell in 4 overs (Ollie Shrubsole 2 for 18, Conrad Fish 2 for 32). Wiltshire finished 164 for 7. 30

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 The first of the eight ECB U14 South & West league fixtures involved a trip to Wargrave to play Berkshire and proved the only disappointing day of the season. Ross Tooley (2 for 26) bagged the talented Scriven on 42 and saw the equally dangerous Woods put down on 24, Woods going on to post 68 of Berkshire’s total of 206ao (Owen Morris 2 for 36, Toby Hett 2 for 50). Despite missing Greg Willows through injury, Dorset put up a spirited reply with Owen Morris (34) and Ollie Shrubsole (an excellent 55) both batting well. Jem Hai looked to be pushing Dorset towards potential victory with a blistering 45 before a dubious LBW decision triggered a late collapse. Dorset finished 183ao, losing by 23 runs. The second ECB match was Cornwall at a chilly Bryanston. Dorset posted 172ao from exactly 45 overs, Jem Hai top-scoring with 49 plus contributions from the whole order. Cornwall struggled in reply, especially once their capable opener was spectacularly run-out by a throw the length of the wicket from still-gloved wicketkeeper Oliver Thomas. Cornwall finished 95ao in the 34th over (Jake Markham 2 for 5, Owen Morris 2 for 18, Conrad Fish 2 for 23). The third ECB match was the highlight of the season, comprehensively beating Hampshire at Burridge CC on another perfect cricket day. Dorset lost 3 early wickets but a brilliant century partnership from Greg Willows (a magnificent 115) and Ollie Shrubsole (56) firmly wrested back the initiative. Jem Hai took the game further away from Hampshire in the closing overs with a quick-fire 38, Dorset setting a daunting target of 265 for 6. An immaculate opening spell from Bradley Currie and Ross Tooley limited Hampshire to just 35 runs in 13 overs, by which point the required rate was above 7 and rising. Pressure told and wickets fell steadily, not least to an inspired spell from Frank Turrill (4 for 19), as Hampshire struggled to 157ao in the 37th over. Dorset next hosted Devon on a sweltering day at Sherborne, a close-fought match that Dorset won by 2 wickets. Devon’s big-hitting Sargent holed-out off Ross Tooley on 61, after which Morris (3 for 18) ran through their middle order in quick succession, limiting Devon to 200 for 7. An excellent runchase followed, anchored by 73 from Greg Willows and a series of useful contributions right down the order. Dorset overhauled the target with 13 balls remaining. Taking advantage of a gap in the ECB fixtures, Dorset travelled north to the U14 Festival at Bromsgrove School and enjoyed 3 good wins in succession. Playing Suffolk on Day 1, Dorset posted 189 for 9 in 40 overs (Ollie Shrubsole 54, Frank Turrill 38) before bowling Suffolk all out with the final ball for 150 (Frank Turrill 2 for 22, Toby Hett 2 for 24). Day 2 saw Dorset playing Norfolk on a postage-stamp of a pitch; Norfolk reached 229ao in 38 overs (Ross Tooley 3 for 31, Owen Morris 2 for 37, Bradley Currie 2 for 43) but this looked light on so tiny a ground. Greg Willows (57), Jem Hai (37), Harrison Clarke (26) and Frank Turrill (59, including 4 consecutive 6s) made rapid work of reaching 230 for 5 in less than 30 overs. The final day matched Dorset with Oxfordshire, also with 2 wins under their belts. Oxon started brightly but were taken apart by a fine spell from Ross Tooley (3 for 12) before limping to 129 for 9 from 40 overs. Another spectacular innings from Greg Willows (71no, winning the match with a monster 6) had Dorset reach 132 for 4 in just 27 overs. The ECB competition resumed in earnest against Wales at Bryanston. Wales set a target of 144 for 7 in their 45 overs (Bradley Currie 2 for 20, Ross Tooley 2 for 25). In reply, Dorset lost an early wicket and were briefly interrupted by rain, but a wonderful innings of 95no from Owen Morris (concluding with a straight 6) won the match more or less single-handed. Dorset finished 149 for 3 in just 35 overs. The 6th ECB match was Gloucestershire at Dean Park. Gloucs batted well against some excellent Dorset bowling to reach 153 for 5 (Ross Tooley 2 for 24). Dorset made hard work of the reply, losing wickets at regular intervals before a nerveless innings of 37no from Conrad Fish, batting at No.8, forced Dorset over the line with just 1 wicket remaining. Dorset finished 156 for 9 (Frank Turrill 41),


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 this victory guaranteeing the team a place in next season’s U15 A-Division (for the top 5 counties in the South & West region) with 2 fixtures still to play. At this point Dorset were contenders for the ECB U14 South & West title but sadly both remaining fixtures (against Somerset and Wilts) were rained off. Dorset therefore finished the season in 3rd place behind Hants and Berks. An enjoyable friendly match at Swanage CC against a touring Cleveland Schools side rounded off the season and provided a chance to reverse the usual order. Ross Tooley top-scored with 38 as Dorset posted 231 for 9 in 45 overs (Harrison Clarke 31), before Oliver Thomas, released from keeping duties, took 3 for 21 as a bowler. Cleveland reached 146ao (Tom Robinson 2 for 6). Leading run-scorers for Dorset U14s over the season were Greg Willows (478 runs at average 47.8), Ollie Shrubsole (335 at 30.5), Jem Hai (273 at 27.3), Owen Morris (249 at 31.1) and Frank Turrill (239 at 30). Leading bowlers were Ross Tooley (18 wickets at average 13.8), Frank Turrill (12 at 16.9), Owen Morris (11 at 21.4), Bradley Currie (9 at 25) and Toby Hett (9 at 27.1). Oliver Thomas enjoyed another fine season behind the stumps with 21 dismissals (10 catches, 7 stumping’s, 4 run-outs).

Dorset County U15

Dorset u15’s season should have consisted of 15 fixtures including the ECB cup competition. With the 2013 summer season substantially better than 2012, it was disappointing to play only eight games, losing 50% of the ECB games to weather. So third place in the ECB competition was disappointing, from a group of 5, having only lost one game out of 4. Having trained well during the winter under Matt and Rob, the lads were ready for games by early April. Three friendly fixtures were arranged against East Dorset (rained off), Canford School B team and Clayesmore, for whom three of our team played against us. Dominic Clutterbuck stole the show at the Delph scoring his maiden century and the first by his team since they were aged 10. Not contented with a hundred, he took a 5 wicket haul to help the u15’s win their first fixture of the season. The game at Clayesmore followed where Dom, Jamie and Will all represented the school.Batting first Clayesmore struggled against the Dorset bowling with only Dominic again resisting the Dorset attack 32

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 with a well-made 37. By the end of the innings Clayesmore had been dismissed for 90 with Gareth Davies taking 5 for 12 in 5 overs. Dorset ran out easy winners with Dan Morris and George Wilson contributing to Dorset’s reply with 26 and 22 respectively. Our next game pitched us against county opposition in Oxfordshire at Dean Park. We batted poorly and other than George Wilson with a solid 47, we only scored 161 in a rain affected fixture. Yet again as in the previous year’s fixture Dorset were hugely disadvantaged by bowling with a wet ball in very damp conditions. An easy win for oxford was unavoidable and disappointing. Our first game in the ECB competition pitched us against favourites Gloucestershire at Redlands. A ball was not bowled in anger, and we shared the 1 point for an abandoned game! Our second ECB game was against the I-O-W. At Sherborne School, Dorset won the toss and openers Will Caldwell and Dominic Clutterbuck put on 244 for the first wicket in 38 active overs. Dominic falling first for 71. Nothing was going to stop Will Caldwell as he hit his first County 100 destroying the bowling over after over. Will was second out for a fine 153 in the 40th over. With the score at 264 it was left to Jamie Price to run the I-O-W ragged, with a quick fire 76 in only 35 balls. At 50 overs Dorset were 380 for 4.The I-O-W started brightly but once opener Davies had been stumped for 26 off Rob Pack, the rest of their batting collapsed to 81, with Jack Owens and Dan Avery taking 3 wickets a piece. The following Sunday we travelled to Abercarn CC in Gwent and on a sunny afternoon, we bowled well to restrict Gwent to 120 all out in 48 overs. Toby Mallinson bowled with pace and accuracy knocking over the Gwent top 4 for 20. Dominic cleared up with 3 for 18 in 10 overs. On a good wicket Dorset made the score in 27 overs with Will Caldwell scoring 67 not out. Our next game saw us back in the ECB cup away at Purton playing Wiltshire. The game started with Dominic and Will taking the score to 41 in 11 overs before it rained. The game was abandoned when we were in a good position to score in excess of 200 on a good wicket. With a week off we then played at Cornwall at Redlands. With the weather threatening to interfere we won the toss and struggled against the Cornish opening bowlers and at 63 for 5 we were struggling. Thankfully Will Hendy was playing a sensible innings, and batting overs whilst sharing partnerships with Dan Morris, Charlie Gynes, and Jack Owens. Will was unfortunately run out for a handy 45. Jack Owens took up the reins with the lower order and by the last ball Dorset had batted their overs, and Jack smashed a 6 to bring up his half century. So a score of 191 was a good effort. The Dorset bowlers then destroyed Cornwall’s batting with Rob Pack taking 4-20 in 10 accurate overs. Cornwall never looked like getting 191 and were all out in 39 overs for 103. So our second win and still in June. Our biggest challenge was next with an away game against Gloucestershire at Clifton College. We bowled well, but could not get all the Gloucestershire wickets, and 90 runs came from the last 4 batsman in 16 overs. George Wilson had put us in a good position in his first spell, but we could not close out the innings. 191 on a good wicket with an immaculate outfield was not out of our range. Unfortunately we lost wickets regularly and only Will Caldwell was still in by the 28th overs. At 57 for 6 it looked lost, but a quick fire partnership with Jack Owens gave us a slight chance. With 15 overs to go on the loss of Jack wicket, we needed 90. With tail wagging support from Rob and Ross Tooley, we had an outside chance. When Will was finally out for a fine 92 in the 45th over, the game was eventually lost and Dorset finally finished all out for 166.Interestly we bowled 12 more wides than Gloucestershire in a game than Dorset lost by 25 runs, that was telling. So a loss, not what was required but we were later encouraged to hear Gloucestershire had lost to Wiltshire. 33

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 Our next fixture saw us start the day at 7 AM to be back to the Leaze by 7 PM. In between we travelled to the I-O-W, played our fixture and the game was over in 25 overs. On a roasting Sunday we travelled to Newcross and the I-O-W won the toss. Having been hit for 380 previously, they were not going to let us have another go. With the temperature in the 30’s we bowled on a perceived “flat one”. After a few overs the Dorset openers, decided to “bounce out” our opposition. This they duly did with George Wilson getting 3 wickets for 24. With the first 4 back in the pavilion, Toby Mallinson came to the party taking 4 for 14 in 4 overs and their innings was over. With our opposition scoring 66 in 16 overs, it was left to Will Caldwell and Jamie Price to smash 69 in fewer than 8 overs. So another resounding win. So we had won 3 lost 1 with 2 games to go in the ECB competition. The I-OW fixture was on the 14/7/2013. Sadly it was to be our last game! The games against Wiltshire at Dean Park, and Cornwall away were both rained off. Sadly if we had played and won both, and there was no reason why we shouldn’t have, we would have won the competition. Having played one less game we were pipped to 2nd by Wiltshire, who played one more game. There were many positives this season. A couple of 100’s and a solid bowling attack were the features of our cricket. Alex Peel remained solid behind the stumps with dew byes conceded. Rob Pack was miserly in only giving up 2.6 per over while Dominic Clutterbuck continued to take wickets regularly. Our opening attack always made in-roads and Toby Mallinson took two “4 fors” with pace and accuracy as our second change quick. It was good to see a number of the boys getting the chance to play two day games, and I expect this age group will contribute heavily to the two day format next season. Can I thank Rob and Matt for their coaching and all our parents for their continued support on our travels.

Dorset County U17s


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 There have been several pleasing aspects to this season. Dorset finished second in its County Championship group to a very powerful and experienced Gloucestershire outfit. Standards improved in the longer game and we witnessed the wonderful achievement of two centuries from Dom Hand. The side usually has some Under 16s and it can be make or break for them. James Williams was the pick of that bunch and excelled in the 50 over game, in particular. Sadly, that format found us wanting and we lost three matches and it could have been worse (rain intervened at Bryanston. It was rare to get batters producing one substantial score, let alone the two or three that are so vital. Although some might still feel hard done by, there was a bit of a clear out in August and up and coming talent from the Under 15s was introduced. Their first taste of County Championship 2 day cricket was against the IoW at Newclose, where we won by an innings, Dom Clutterbuck taking 5 for 17 in their first ‘dig’. However, the IoW ‘regrouped’ for the 50 over match and out played us. The younger ones must iunderstand that an innings consists of more than 30 balls – unnecessarily rash shots tended to abound. The last match of the season against Wales typified this wastefulness. Hampshire taught us a an early lesson, but we did meet 14 year old, Pritvi Shaw, an Indian already lionised in his home country as the next Tendulkar. Joe Manley will be dining out on taking his wicket for years when Shaw plays for India! We were humbled by pace and spin after an opening stand between two U16s of 265 and some of our aspiring brethren got a shock in terms of standards, although there had been a warning at Canford in the Shackleton Trophy match, which was lost by 9 wickets. Several players enjoyed success with the bat. Dom Hand took 121 off Wiltshire and 110* v Cornwall in the County Championship and Under 15,Will Caldwell, scored 102 in the 2 day friendly v Oxfordshire. Ollie Calcott flickered and died prematurely too many times. We did not see true form with the bat until his 68 in the final County Championship match v Cornwall. Luke Matthews (top score 74*) would have liked more consistency at the crease – he is young and has a huge amount of talent. James Williams had a refreshing approach in treating every ball on its merits and runs could arrive very quickly. His bowling will develop, so he has the ingredients to be a very useful all- rounder. James Vitali, when available, and third in line in a succession of captains, bowled his heart out, just failing to reach that magic fourfor. The spinners did a great job. Offie Dom Hand was by far and away the most experienced and reaped a good harvest of 24 wickets. However, with four younger spinners in the wings, this should be a very strong department in 2014. Bowlers need fielders to help them. Catch of the season was undoubtedly that of James Adams leaping high in the gulley against Wiltshire. Matt Swindlehurst performed superbly behind the sticks. He, along with every keeper we played against, did have troublesome periods in matches as the ball eluded them – due to low, irregular bounce or late movement. Standing up, Matt was the best on show. Dom Hand, our ‘Player of the year’ is allowed to be called the ‘LV=DCB Under 17 Player of the year.’ We wish those who now move on the very best of luck in their cricketing careers and thank them for their fantastic contributions over two, or even three, seasons. Finally, we must thank the groundsmen at all our venues, the umpires, who are very good at this level, the caterers, the scorers, and, of course, our highly experienced coach, Matt Keech. Also we would like to thank LV= for supplying the team shirts and caps.

TJH 18/9/13







Minor Counties’ Championship


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The bookends of this Asda Kwik season were remarkable. There were early signs of changes following negotiations between the ECB and Asda, the main two being the emphasis on a special, well publicised Asda Kwik Launch Day in the counties and the removal of regional finals with direct entry for county winners into one of four ‘National/Regional Finals’ (four became three as the season wore on), the prize for the champions being the opportunity to play during the lunch beak of an Ashes Test, or during the break in an ODI v Australia. th On Friday, October 11 we received the other bookend with the news that Asda had withdrawn all sponsorship ‘forthwith.’ Next year the ECB have agreed to fund the same programme. In between those bookends, it speaks volumes for Dorset that our competitions, which included an Asda Year 4 competition for the first time, were incredibly successful. Numbers were up, a testament to the good work being done in the Districts, and the exceptional efforts of Gill Jones to encourage entry, as well as sort out a programme which runs so smoothly, especially when the rain holds off. Hardly any reserve days had to be called into action. Numbers – Yr3/4 – 26 schools bringing 44 teams; Yr 5 - 63; Yr 6 mixed – 76; Yr 6 Girls - 32 Problems in Bournemouth need addressing. Poor Epiphany Girls had no competition and so withdrew from the County final through lack of experience. Schools which simply do not turn up is a lessening problem, but when it came to the Yr 5 County final, that un-notified absence was inexcusable. The Yr 6 finals and the Yr 3/4 competition took place at Bryanston, and the Yr 5 at Wimborne CC, where daddy Owen Parkin, our Dorset hero who went on to a distinguished first class career with Glamorgan, became a surprised special guest! Asda were in attendance at all and very grateful we have been for their outstanding support. Once again the standards reached new heights and all 12 County finalists in both Yr 6 competitions produced some incredibly exciting and skilful cricket. St Michael’s Middle, St Aldhelm’s Primary and Thorner’s Primary were 1,2 and 3 in the Yr 6 Mixed while St Mary’s Catholic Combined Middle beat St Michael’s by 2 runs to secure the Girls’ title, with Sandford Middle in their final year, due to re-organisation, third. Yr 5 also indicated the hard work put in to help the younger pupils was paying off. St Michael’s took the title, followed by St Osmund’s Middle and Moordown St John’s Primary. The answer to prayers for Yrs 3 and 4 to be given an opportunity to play and learn from coaches, again sponsored by Asda, was an invaluable exercise. Branksome Heath Middle was the overall winner ahead of Parley First. Many thanks are due to the Dorset Cricket Board for supplying the coaches. Much praise must go to the indefatigable Rob Newton for setting that day up, and for his tremendous work over the months in inducting the now countless Leaders who umpire and a score at both District and County Final levels. He does a phenomenal job. Simon Higgins, who did so much for Sandford Middle, was thanked by Rob Newton at the Yr 6 Girls’ final presentation and we all wish him the very best of luck in his new primary post. Dorset triumphed in the new system. St Michael’s Middle won the Yr 6 Mixed county title, and progressed to the National Regional Final at the Ageas Bowl. They won a tough group, defeated the Devon school in the semi final and then beat the Middlesex school by 1 run in the final to become the first National Regional Champions - a truly fantastic achievement. Their prize was to perform at the ODI between England and Australia at Southampton. Head Paul Nation was to move on after a distinguished career at St Michael’s, which involved years of promoting cricket and still finding time to manage his team at competitions. He was presented with an ESCA long Service tie at the DSCA AGM, after a citation had been read out in his absence, at the ESCA AGM.


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 The Under 11 Hardball scene reflected the outstanding talent emerging due in part to Dorset running county teams from Under 10. Again our pairs competition bucked the national trend with 15 of the 16 entrants being state schools. First round losing sides went into the Plate. There are mounting problems getting games played due to SATs, with the subsequent ‘Residential’ now stretching into a fortnight beyond half term. This requires some very sympathetic handling to avoid games being conceded. Baden Powell Middle, The Park, St Michael’s Middle and St Osmund’s Middle reached the final play off. Sadly it rained, so the competition was transferred to the Cricket Centre, run with super efficiency by Graham Symons and officiated by experienced umpire Tony Leadbetter. The winning side, St Michael’s, went to the Regional final and lost to Millfield by 4 runs. No school in the season pushed Millfield so close and they went on to win the National title. This is a huge tribute to the quality of cricket being played at St Michael’s. The Plate is the last of our season’s finals and is never an anticlimax. Hill View are always a delight and often reach the last four. This year was no exception and they had a magnificent 8 run victory over Broadstone Middle in the semi final. In the final, they played Dorchester Middle who had endured a tough journey to Charborough Road. Hill View put Dorchester in, bowled and fielded really impressively and restricted them to 220/4. Hill View then batted with real maturity and were seen home by their excellent skipper, as they went on to score a commanding 248/3, although Dorchester never gave up.

Dorset Schools’ Cricket Association Secondary Report What a contrast with 2012! Not one final had to be postponed because the summer was rather good to us. Entry numbers were up. Graham Symons took over co-ordinating the running of the competitions, aided at grass roots level by Don Crawford, Ben Edgell and Tim Hill, so, many thanks to them. There was some chasing required, but, in the end it was worth it! Many thanks are due to Broadstone CC for generously allowing the use of the Delph (U12 and U13 finals) and for organising the use of Charborough Road (U11 Plate, U14 Plate and U15 Vase), Ferndown Wayfarers CC for making us all feel so much at home for the U15 20/20 semi finals, with play off for 3rd and 4th and final, and Bournemouth University for preparing such a good wicket at Dean Park for the U14 final. The David English/Bunbury Under 12 competition had 16 state school entrants. Both semi finals were remarkable in witnessing 2 wins by 10 wkts! Highcliffe, enjoying a wonderful season, met a very impressive Bournemouth School for Boys in the Final, but their 148/9 reflected a dour struggle as they fell short of BSB’s 161 for 7. This was followed by the MCCA sponsored Under 13 competition (22 schools) which was won by BSB, who by a remarkable coincidence also scored 161 (but for 4). They stayed totally on top of a match against Gillingham, who finished 70 short. Patrick Gent of DCCA presented the trophies and shield. The ESCA Under 14 competition (24 schools) is the flagship of schools’ cricket, but, sad to relate, the Lord’s Taverners ended their national sponsorship after 41 years, without warning in May. They paid for the Under 15 National Final, but that was that. The ECB stepped in to help. Sadly some schools entered and then were unable to raise a team, which was very frustrating. Four state schools reached the quarter finals, but only Poole GS reached the semis, where Canford were mightily


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 ruthless! The damp day of the final resulted in a titanic struggle between Canford (92/8) and Sherborne (91a/o). The ESCA/ECB 20/20 had a new format for the teams winning through to the semi finals. Ferndown Wayfarers CC responded brilliantly to the request to stage the show and were incredibly good in making sure it all happened after the appalling rain of the previous day and night. Having two very good artificial wickets guaranteed action. Games should have begun together, but the Dorchester school’s long journey was delayed by public exams, so the spectacle of 2 games being played at the same time on adjacent pitches did not really unfold until the final stages. Sherborne emphatically disposed of Poole GS and then Clayesmore allowed Thomas Hardye to beat them on the final ball due to some naïve rashness. A play off between losing semi-finalists was the innovation this year. Clayesmore redeemed themselves with a convincing win. The final saw The Thomas Hardye School build up a formidable 178/3 and only towards the end, with a frenzy of big hitting, did Sherborne sniff the scent of a possible victory, but it was not to be. Sherborne finished on 155 for 1. The Thomas Hardye moved into the Regional round, but were drawn against The Portsmouth GS, who knew a bit more about the game. The DSCA Under 14 Plate was devalued by an enforced late start, which meant it became a 20 over affair. However, The Thomas Hardye School reached 115/4, only to be smashed off the park in Twynham’s dominant 10 wkt win! The ESCA/ECB U15 20/20 Vase faltered a little with withdrawals, with The Blandford School being the biggest beneficiary, ending up in the semis without playing. This was no real help to them, of course. The purpose of the competition is to give schools a chance to play several good competitive cricket matches. In the final, The Purbeck School celebrated their first ever county final appearance by trouncing Twynham, who fulfilled the fixture despite problems caused by Sports Day and Geography assessments. All finals were officiated by DACO umpires. This not only added to a sense of occasion, but ensured all matches were played in the right spirit. Many thanks to all those involved.



Dorset Schools’ Cricket Association Girls Report Indoors The basis of developments in the summer is very much due to the hard work of Rob Newton and Gill Jones at the DCB Office in their organisation of Indoor 6 a-side competitions in the Spring Term. DCB cover the cost of the Under 11 competition – a worthy addition first set up 2 years ago, whilst the other two are sponsored nationally by The Lady Taverners. DCB, through Rob Newton, trained up Leaders to score and umpire many of the matches. Charlotte Edwards, who was delighted, even amazed, at the number of entries in the three age groups, graced the Under 13 final at Canford School and the whole event was covered really well on BBC Look South, with interviews conducted by Jo Kent. The Under 11 competition used 4 centres - The Purbeck School, St Aldhelm’s Academy, Dorset Cricket Centre and Gillingham Sports Centre. 16 teams from 13 schools took part. The final rounds at the Dorset Cricket Centre, resulted in a win for Baden Powell & St Peter’s Middle School. The Under 13 competition used 7 centres - Gillingham Sports Centre, St Aldhelm’s and the Dorset Cricket Centre (2 sessions), were joined by Carter Community College, Avonbourne School, Parkstone Grammar and Woodroffe School, Lyme Regis. 31 teams from 23 schools set out on this journey! The final rounds were held at Canford School where Parkstone Grammar took the title. The Under 15 competition was held at 6 different centres – Oakmead, Ferndown Upper, The Blandford School, Avonbourne, Redlands and the Cricket Centre, which also staged the final rounds. 24 teams set out from 19 schools and ultimately Parkstone Grammar emerged victorious, as they did in the next stage - the South & West Regional Final. That took them to the National Final at Lord’s, where they finished fourth. This was a fantastic achievement, reflecting the hard work put in by Trevor Willis and Rob Newton and the ability of the girls to respond as the challenges grew.

Outdoors The Under 13 8 a-side softball competition, run by DSCA before the School Games arrived two years ago, when DCB took over, got into full swing across the Districts with over 20 entrants. The final rounds were held at Bryanston as part of the grand School Games Finals, by which time this had also become a Chance to Compete competition! Bournemouth School for Girls won, followed by Parkstone Grammar, St Michael’s Middle, Twynham, Woodroffe and then Shaftesbury. There was no doubting the interest, skill and sheer enthusiasm for the game. The Under 15s were again offered an 8 a-side Festival, sponsored in part by Dorset Community Action. Matches were 8 overs per side with a 5oz hard ball. Canford were splendid main hosts, providing not only 4 pitches in the morning, but food for all officials at Wimborne CC as well. Wimborne had 2 pitches and was an absolute picture. St Michael’s Middle, Colehill were to be part of the Festival, but with 10 days to go, 16 schools (18 teams) began to slide to 11, seemingly unaware of the chaos calling off was causing, and they ceased to be a venue. Surely schools know when entries are made in March if there is a Sports Day or exams, nd for instance. Parkstone brought a 2 teams to take us up to 12 teams in 2 venues. DACO provided 3 umpires, assisted by Young Umpires, whom Gill Jones had been working hard to get since late April. Work Experience boys also helped at Wimborne, along with Leaders from St Aldhelm’s. Some great games ensued throughout a long day, despite huge disparities in experience. Gillingham School took the title, with QE, Wimborne runners up.



Bournemouth School for Boys' winners of the Dorset Schools final of the ESCA Under 12

Hill View Primary - winners of the DSCA Under 11 Plate competition

St Michael’s Middle School – Winners of the DSCA/ESCA U11 Hardball Competition

Bournemouth School for Boys winners of the DSCA Under 13 competition Dorset M.C.C Shield

ESCA/ECB Dorset Schools Under 14 Champions 2013 - Canford School

Yr 6 Mixed Asda Kwik champions 2013 – St Michael's Middle School

DSCA/ESCA/ECB U15 20/20 Vase Winners The Purbeck School

DSCA Under 14 Plate winners 2013 Twynham School



DSCA Under 15 Girls' Festival winners 2013 Gillingham School

ESCA/ECB Under 15 20/20 Dorset Champions 2013 - The Thomas Hardye School

U11 Indoor winners - Baden Powell

Ferndown Upper Winners of the Girls Indoor U15

U13 Indoor Winners - Parkstone Grammar

Girls Year 6 Asda Kwik winners – St Mary’s RC Middle School

Yr 3 and 4 Asda Kwik Competition Winners – Branksome Heath Middle


Yr 5 Asda Kwik winners – St Michael’s Middle School





THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 Dorset Association of Cricket Officials Officers Chairman Brian Medler – - 01202692344

Vice Chairman Bill Haskell – – 01202887989

Secretary Mark Charles – - 01305770594

Treasurer Steve Barrett – - 01305257856

Appointment Secretary Brian Medler – - 01202692344

Performance Officer Steve Shipcott – - 01305862381

Training Officer Michael Hopkins – - 01202699586

Scorers’ Officer Alan Mills – - 07984668566

Committee Members Guy Austin – - 01963364339 Merrick Wilkinson – - 01202894874



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Dorset Disabled Cricket Club Report



Dorset Over 50s Captains Report

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A year of growth. 2013, my first year of Captaincy and so much promise, old blood, new blood and some expectancy of great things. However, 2013 was always in my mind going to be a fact finding year, integrating new players in to the ECB X1 and allowing them the time to acclimatise to the higher standard than that of the SCC, not of course by any means slighting the standard of the SCC, but it is a step further, and those that enjoyed outings with the ECB X1 did find this to be true. With the new committee formed and and a new sense of direction, we felt that we could quite easily qualify for the knockout stages of the competition, unfortunately for various reasons this was not to be. Firstly the new rules for eligibility in the SCC was that no persons having represented the County at ECB for more than 3 matches could play, an unfortunate new rule brought about by other counties playing too many “first teamers” and with few members the side had to be juggled around, not because we do not have the numbers or quality, it is more that not everyone can play on a regular basis and we all know that at our age, injuries occur on a regular basis and we do not heal within a few days anymore, more like months!! This sounds like excuses which we all look to find when things do not go our way, they are true and are coupled with the inconsistency with our bowling in not hitting the right areas and those of us that batted, making 30`s 40`s and not taking the innings on, standards that will need to improve in 2014. We started the season with friendlies against Surrey and Berkshire which we won on both occasions, (a first I am led to believe) a great start. Our first ECB match against the IOW brought an emphatic victory on a dark and damp day, things were looking very good. The Channel Islands away, always a difficult trip, was our first defeat, one or two dubious decisions and poor overall quality was our downfall, however the one thing that had become evident was the camaraderie within the players, we had begun the structure of being a club. Further defeats followed, a loss away at Devon when we really should have won, Wiltshire was a close run thing with a very difficult last over situation that we were on the wrong side of, extremely disappointing to lose a game in which the outcome was really out of our hands. Somerset yet again beat us; we gave them too good a start and basically put the game beyond ourselves very early on, although the final effort was admirable. Hampshire, who made this year’s semi-final, gave us a good thrashing, a team doing well on the back of rebuilding over the last few years and now gelling. Our final ECB match away in Cornwall eventually demonstrated that we can play when under pressure, and we had an emphatic 9 wkt win in a high scoring game. What has pleased me most is the “family” attitude we have, the fantastic spirit not only on the field but evident at all times off. We certainly need congratulating on this; a team must be a team. My personal thanks to Bradders for his support as Vice-Captain, he has worked his socks of this year for the benefit of Dorset 50+, I would hate to pay his phone bills!! My thanks also to the committee for their support and of course to all those that have played, I have so enjoyed the season, even with the results as I can only see it improving. With even more new players coming of age, the quality will further improve, the selection will be the only problem, but at least it will be a good one. My apologies to those that thought they should have played but didn’t, my apologies to those that did play on occasions but not as much as they possibly thought they should, it has been a difficult situation which will hopefully be made better by further adjustment to the rules in 2014. I must also make special mention of Bill Daly for scoring, Doreen Daly for the teas and all those Dorset Umpires who kindly stood for us. 50+ cricket is something to look forward too, it is the highlight of my Summer and I would encourage all of you out there to consider giving it a go, the standards are high, it is competitive and it is also played in a fantastic spirit, especially here in Dorset. Everyone, and we mean everyone is welcome.



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Three Counties’ League

. Malcolm Hooker 54

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The De Zoete Cup Charity – A Trilogy Back to Directory In times gone by, early 1920s, someone, not funny, asked 'how about some cricket and for charity to raise money, but what for the winners, has anyone a trophy?' the answer to which was supplied by kindly Mr. W. DeZoete. It would be played on Thursday evenings and, thus, it was advertised on the side of every yellow bus, and in the Evening Echo it was soon revealed, at Winton Recreation Ground on the oval field. Latterly, innings were fourteen overs, each of eight balls, no bowler having more overs than four in all, with a maximum run up of fifteen yards carefully measured by the placing of little white cards. Umpires kindly stood free of charge and a collection would be made, by and large, all the monies going into one main kitty which would later be donated to a local charity. Two Boscombe were the winners until1926, 'til the rains in '27 put a stop to their tricks, restarting again in '28 through to '40 but, sadly the near future was spoilt by Mr Hitler, who treated us badly. 1946 saw the tournament's heart once again beat but, LG Chaddah's eleven were too good by a street. The rules were amended to stop this type of hiding with every club having to be totally bona fide. Clubs from all around wanted to play, all looked forward to every fine Thursday. Christchurch, Moordown, Colehill and Throop were just four winners of an ever increasing group. Corinthians, Winton Y M C A, New Milton, Electric all had their day, Pavilion Sports, in '69, reached a new high winning a replay, following a tie.


THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 The great Billy Smart, he of circus fame, after watching one year in the '50's, a final game, said 'I 'll double whatever you people do' and turned ÂŁ86 into one-seventy-two. Ken Bailey often did the collection, his status pushing aside some introspection. We needed to collect as much as we could so that the charities were able to do more good. Godfrey Evans, Kent and England, showed up playing for New Milton in the DeZoete Cup, also, for West Howe, Butch White had a go, he definitely didn't make the balls go through low! In the '50's, maybe three thousand would stand on the banks at Winton Rec and regularly show their thanks to the teams on the field performing as well as they could, to win this trophy and be best with leather and wood. Latterly, Springfield, Bashley and Bournemouth all vied to win the DeZoete and the associated pride, but from '95 on it was virtually two clubs who were out of reach, Parley [three with Montys] and Suttoners winning six times each. Work hours, traffic and other commitments have made it harder to run, too much energy was spent trying to persuade new sides to play, without much luck and, so, sadly maybe it's had its day. 2012 may have been the very last time, at Dean Park, that bowlers and batsmen have made their mark to play in a final of this great competition unless of course, comes a miraculous, saving decision. We started way back, at Winton Oval, in the 1920's' when cricket attracted crowds in their plenties and although we have lately been playing at a cricket haven, interest has waned, it's possibly not worth saving. All those charities, over all those years, who have tried to give help, some hope and some cheer have been grateful to the pennies and pounds collected at Winton, Dean Park and a few other grounds. 56


Three Ferndown Wayfarers, Suttoners, Winton Sports and Christchurch were the four teams who gathered and shook hands in 2012 at 10.45 am on Thursday August 2nd as the draw for the order of the day's play beckoned. Winton and Christchurch were drawn to go on first knock followed by Ferndown and Suttoners, at about 1.30 o-clock. Refreshments would soon follow then the grand final in which, hopefully, we'd all wallow. Christchurch were in good spirits and fancy dress, they tried hard, very hard but just weren't blessed with the modicum of good luck you need at this time but came up against a batsman in his prime. Ten of the Wayfarers could have stayed in their room as their captain, a good bat, hit the ball, boom, boom, boom. Over eighty he hit including boundaries that thundered, his team finishing with nearly two hundred. Suttoners and Winton was a very different game, the former, the favourites, were solely to blame, for lack lustre batting against a good keen team who ran and chased like an engine with a full head of steam. Winton, in the field, bowled very tightly and took nothing, absolutely nothing, even slightly lightly, whilst Suttoners played a four day county match and Winton's score they never would, and didn't, catch. Give credit, though, to the two vanquished sides, who, immediately putting aside deeply hurt pride, gathered together as a male voice choir and, traversing the boundary, those in Dean Park, did inspire. Ferndown Wayfarers, that is their full name, donned the pads and batted first again. From the very first ball though, it was plain to see, that Winton had realised it wouldn't be easy. The very same man was fantastic, tremendous 57

THE DORSET CRICKET YEARBOOK 2014 and carried on as before, completely regardless of what was bowled at him until, just short of a ton, he was to us all, unexpectedly undone. Over two hundred was their final score, a record for a final, Winton were glad it wasn't more. They played as well as they could but, needing nearly two runs a ball, they had to take chances and wickets did fall. They kept on going, right to the end but giving catches, and their score would have won most other matches but for this team, who for years played in this cup, their luck ran out and their time was up. Barry Rawlings, Clive Parsons and Stan Mills, all three, the regular umpires, now had their experience to see who was the winner of the RH Moore shield the Man of the Match for exploits on the field. There was no doubt, no decision to hinge, it was presented to Ferndown Wayfarers' captain, Eric Linge. He also took the DeZoete Cup for winning and spent the next few hours non stop grinning. The Rashleigh Bowl was Winton's cup, regularly given to the runners-up. Christchurch and Suttoners still sang with all their might even though many were now less than upright. 2011 was cancelled out by the rain, 2012 was, as usual, a great success again, but with no support on the way, it seems we'll have no more like this great day. Many thanks to all who have helped over the years, for all your effort, blood, sweat and tears, Many less fortunate than most of us are, or hopefully, ever will be will no longer benefit from the DeZoete Charity.

We thank especially, the Bournemouth and District Cricket Association, The Dorset Cricket Society, Michael Williams, the Bournemouth Umpires Association along with Bournemouth University, the family of R.H. Moore, the Dorset Cricket Association and everyone who has ever helped with or donated to this very worthwhile charity. - Derek 58


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Officers Chairman J. Ridout ‘Westering’, Giddylake, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 2QU Telephone: 01202 888298 Fax: 01202 786601 Email:

Treasurer J. Ridout (as above)

Secretary A. Graham (Temporary) c/o Dorset Cricket Centre, Hurn Bridge Sports Centre, Hurn, Christchurch. Telephone: 01202 470852

Results Secretary A. Graham (as above)

Fixture Secretary G. Vincent 53 Canford View Drive, Colehill, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 2UW Telephone: 01202 882390

Committee Members D. Trotter

I. Milne

G. Neven

Review Committee Members M. Boatwright – Chairman Fovant CC

C. Payne – Studland CC and Umpire

I. Booth – Captain Swanage CC

S. Platts – Captain Hamworthy CC

P. Calcott – Stalbridge CC

T. Robinson - Secretary Christchurch CC

P. Hancock – Sherborne CC

N. Stannard – Captain and Treasurer Corfe Mullen CC

Rob Norton – Chairman Marnhull CC



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Martin Hewson and Melvyn Tremlin In 2013, Portland Red Triangle Cricket had another decent season on the field, both 1st teams gained promotion, the Sunday 1st XI in particular remained unbeaten throughout its first season in Division 2. The club has rightly been focused on developing local young talent, but this year has also seen the premature deaths of two fine players who were instrumental in creating a successful and thriving club. Martin Hewson Martin Hewson died at the age of 39 just as the season was starting. Martin started playing for Red Triangle as a very young man – 13 or 14 years old, and eventually captained the 1st XI for several seasons, leading the team to promotion into the Dorset Premier League in 2000. Like Melvyn, he was a big guy, but he still became a very effective and nimble fielder close to the bat. Martin's most useful quality wasn't his intrinsic athleticism, it was his personality – he would adapt his game to whatever the side needed, and as his career progressed, he would learn new skills and take on new roles. As he matured, he is remembered as being the shrewdest and most tactically innovative captain Portland has had in recent memory. In particular, he enjoyed carrying the fight to the opposition, finding ways to pushing opponents out of their comfort zone.

Simon Barrett recalls a match against Hamworthy on a cold, damp day – the sort where no-one wants to bat, especially when the opposition have two good fast bowlers. Martin lost the toss and was told that Hamworthy would like to see us bat. Portland had plenty of batsmen who would normally be keen to go out first, but they all chose to step backwards rather than forwards, so Martin promoted himself from his normal 8 or 9 to number 1, and went out to face the music with Simon. Not only that, but he stayed around for a good opening stand. After Simon had ducked out of the way of a few fast, short deliveries, he realised that Martin had been winding the opposition quickie up and getting him to waste his energy by peppering Simon. Martin was a pragmatic batsman. His favourite shot, apparently, was the late cut – not the obvious choice for someone who learnt to play on our slow and low pitches! During one match against Dorchester, with a bit more bounce available, he enjoyed winding his opponents up by playing the late cut to virtually every ball. He was only prevented from reaching what would have been a great fifty after he steered one into the hands of Terry Richards, who had been posted into the highly unusual position of third gully. Martin would bat in whatever position he was needed; he taught himself to become an effective bowler, and also kept wicket very well for a few years. Phill White recalls him diving full length to take a one-handed catch off his bowling, stretching out like a goal-keeper.

Martin's qualities would always be recognised by any employer worth his salt, and eventually his overseas work commitments meant that he had to step down from playing cricket, a decision that cannot have been taken easily. I know that Martin did not enjoy seeing the club then slipping down the divisions in the past decade. My last contact with him was when we were both watching a match at Reforne in 2010 or so. His sharp and original tactical thinking left a strong impression, as did his continued desire to find the time to become involved once again. Sadly, that will not now come to pass – he would have made a wonderful coach or second-team captain.



Melvyn Tremlin By contrast with Martin, Melvyn was a natural sportsman. I'm told that he was an excellent footballer in his youth, and many wonder whether he might have played representative cricket for Dorset had he chosen to play elsewhere than on Portland. Our records show that he captained Red Triangle for four years (1980-83) and made more centuries (8) than any other player. I'll be the first to admit that our records aren't as good as they could be, and that at least one of Melvyn's hundreds is not on the list. This was played on 'the hottest day of the century' in 1990, in temperatures approaching 100ºF. Poor old Melvyn! What is indisputable is that in the eighties and nineties, Portland Red Triangle built a formidable reputation throughout the county for being a very capable and competitive club – disproportionately so, given the relative size of Portland. We won the Dorset Senior Championship several times, and throughout this period, Melvyn was clearly the senior professional.

His batting was based on a strong forward defence, foot further forward than most, bat and pad closely together. He was a compact and strongly built man, hitting the ball with a lot of power, and was capable of destroying weaker bowling attacks with ease. There were some very good bowlers in the Senior Championship – Julian Shackleton in particular, and Melvyn would bat first wicket down, and often have to go out to face pace and accuracy when it was at its freshest. He would do that just as well, often contributing the vital thirty, forty or fifty that would be enough to win a close game against strong opponents.

Many of those that I have spoken to about Melvyn cite his bowling as even more exceptional than his batting. Having kept wicket to him, I would agree with this view wholeheartedly. He had a relatively low action, and pushed the ball through a bit quicker than most spinners, and would take a lot of wickets with a well disguised ball that was tossed up just a little more than usual, but which had a lot more spin than his stock ball. His bowling brought out his competitive side, and I can honestly say that he made me concentrate like no-one else. He had the quick bowler's desire to blast batsmen off the pitch, but he also had the control, both physical and mental, to be able to out-think good players.

Graham Elenor recalls a match where Wessex Wanderers bowled us out quickly for 110, and we gave them an extra 5 overs in which to chase our total down. Melvyn opened the attack up the hill with Graham coming down; we don't have the scorebook, but a very strong Wessex side were skittled for 90 runs, with Melvyn bowling throughout, and taking most of the wickets.

Like Martin, Melvyn's personality was an important factor in how he played. On the field, he was determined, very loyal to his club, but a good sportsman. His frustration could show, but would quickly blow over. Off the field, he enjoyed the social side of cricket, and of his status as being more than a little above average. He's only a few years older than that other great English extrovert all-rounder, Ian Botham, and many of commented on how the hairstyles in some of the photos were chosen to match Botham's look. He loved playing in friendly matches where it was possible to let one's hair down a little, but always treated opponents with respect, and he certainly enjoyed a drink with anyone who shared his love for the sport. Melvyn and Ashley Doidge became a great pair of practical jokers, and we are still trying to get the facts straight on the time when captain Graham Elenor's favourite pair of espadrilles were nailed to the changing room floor. Melvyn was a great local sportsman who contributed a huge amount – he could have played for a bigger club, but he chose to stay with Portland, and he was an intrinsic part of what is still recognised as the club's glory years.




The Dorset Cricket Yearbook 2014