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“The Private” short fiction by Lewis Green © Copyright by Lewis A Green, 2004

1 The girl is excited as she goes to her “private.” And proud. She remembers that jealous look on her girlfriend’s face.

He had never invited her to a private

session -- though she been a student longer and worshipped him. He was the teacher.

A man.



He made demands and everyone

acquiesced. He had power. At first, the girl didn’t even find him attractive, until that special time. That time his touch -- which at first felt a bit awkward -- started to calm and relax her. People always groped and pulled at her and often she didn’t like to be touched though she needed it. She hadn’t had a real lover for a long time. She was pent up inside from lack of touch – the right touch – and her yoga teacher’s touch soon felt safe and powerful…. Pushing and pulling her body wherever he wanted it to go… And she had no choice but to submit. At first because that’s what she was there for… and later… because it felt so good. Often her hands were behind her and her head bowed in submission. It was bondage. Bondage she chose to submit to. Bondage she took as much time as she needed to surrender to… and once she did, it was bondage that rejuvenated her. Often alone in the postures, she would get more and more relaxed and stimulated by breathing deeply in sensual submissive positions. And then, at just the right time, there would come his touch.

She knew he could feel how she

warmed to it – from little signals she gave off. She remembered when his touch became contact – coming on her and engulfing her at just the right time. And the bondage became surrender and surrender became release. She knew her body looked great in what she wore to class… and that he had to notice even if he couldn’t acknowledge it. Sometimes, when she craved it, she

2 would struggle a bit to get more attention, or stay to be the last. She started doing this ever since that time… the time when “it” happened. He was laying on her top of her… the way he did… breathing with her. Commanding her breath to join his… making her give up control of her body and sinking, deep into releasing postures she thought she couldn’t reach. Deeply opening her body, her energy, her legs… She could smell him. Feel his heat. Feel his skin. Feel the tone of his muscles and feel his patience… he would be there for as long as it took… until she let go. That was the first time she got wet in class. Part of her wanted to tear her skirt off… to open herself to him… to his hands, his weight and his breath. But she couldn’t. She wasn’t allowed. Not there. Later in her room with her vibrator, but not there. Not in that wild moment of full arousal. And so it became more of a submission, and more of a turn on. She could peak in arousal only within her mind as her body released it’s sweat and endorphins with the vigorous workout… the workout that made her breathe deep and hard until the end -- when totally spent -- she would have to let go of all the physical tension inside her including the physical desire -- and breathe it into her mind. She became a bit nervous sitting across from him. This was the first time they had been alone. She pushed erotic thoughts from her mind as she sat down – seeing a picture of his wife and kids – and thought it can’t happen. But she thought about those looks between them – and she felt it again now. He tried not to show it be she caught him glancing at her outfit – she had put care into how she dressed – to be attractive – to show her body which was beautiful – young, sleek and desirable. It drove men wild and she knew it.

3 Soon he had her at ease. Telling her beautiful things. What a natural she was. What an exceptional student.

How she could become a teacher.

How he

wanted to work closely with her. Then, she doesn’t remember how it happened, but he was comforting her, as she almost cried revealing the worries and frustrations in her life – that he had said he noticed were holding her back. The embrace lingered, close, too close. She knew. She knew he wanted her. She knew had always been wanting her. She knew he took lovers. He used his position and waited for the right one to come along. That was really why he wanted to see her – but she didn’t care. She waved it from her mind and let herself play the game.

The game of the seduction.

To follow him to that

dangerous safe place where they could cross the line and later say “it just happened…” She felt a slight tingling as he guided her to a mat. He was going to help her. Help her with postures to free up her blocked energy. She leaned forward as he supported her from behind… She stretched surrendering her weight to his. She breathed and sighed and became very relaxed, while at the same time tingling with excitement. Then he had her rock. A small movement in her hips, but it parted and closed her labia. Instantly she got wet… A small moan escaped her lips with a deep exhale. He heard it and shifted his weight heavy on her hips. She went deeper into the rocking, surrendering her hamstrings so she could rock further back against him. Widening herself more each time. And then she felt it. He was hard. The line was crossed. He made her support her own weight with her hands in front of he as he started to massage her back. His voice softly told her she should breath into his hands releasing all the tension in her spine. She was bent over, submissive, and as he rubbed, her light white blouse kept slipping down her torso. He made a pretense

4 of struggling with it. Desperate for his touch not to be interrupted she asked, “should I just take it off?” He gave his permission and she pulled her top off and let her breasts go free – she had worn no bra and he had seen that. There she lay, bent over, breathing deep, topless and totally in his grasp. She was as wet as she had ever been in her life and the urge in her was becoming frantic. She was his. Right at that moment. He could do anything to her and she wanted it. She didn’t care about right or wrong or the past or the future… He had her rock against him again. She was exquisite in the position, her back long and sleek down from her narrow waist. She could feel how hard he was and as his hands shifted to her hips she pushed herself back against him. He adjusted the posture and her dress got in the way. She didn’t wait for him to say anything.

Instead she quickly slipped it off and leaned right back into

position. He rocked her again, then reached around and pressed hard on her pubic bone and told her to breathe deeply. She almost came it was so intense. The posture released the tightest muscles deep between her legs. Her vagina was relaxed and wide open and at the same time aching to contract. Another moan left her lips and she breathed his name. He leaned close to her and whispered in her ear that she needed to unblock her energy down there. She nodded vigorously. He guided her hands to her panties and she quickly slid them off. She was breathless as he pressed again in places that made her wild, but kept her in suspense. He sank his weight on her into a deep release for her hips… She struggled for air and submitted, and when she sank all the way, he let her spill to the floor. He instructed into a posture bowed on her knees, then stood in front of her and told her to reach up his legs. She did. Her stretched arms felt his thighs. She wanted to touch is groin, but knew she had to wait. He had her

5 rise up on her knees and reach higher. Her hands stretched on his firm chest when he grabbed them, bracing her as her face came to rest right between his legs. She could feel his hard on. Feel it against her face through his shorts. She struggled to catch her breath, anticipating, until his pants came down. It seemed like his cock just slid perfectly into her mouth and she sucked on it as deeply as she could while pined against him. He withdrew and steadied her… made her sit there and breathe with her eyes closed, then rubbed it slowly all over her face. He made her clasp her hands behind her and had her fall, cracking her back from top to bottom. Again, his groin was waiting for her face. He pined her knees with his and held her head still with his hands as he trust into her mouth, slowly, very slowly, a dozen times… Then those hands took control of her. Her knees swung around and in the air. The next thing she knew she was inverted, her legs over his shoulders. He rose with grace and power and she felt totally safe as he held her to him, upside down, wrapped around his torso, her face in his groin. Her thighs were wrapped around his neck and she could feel his warm breath just before he licked her vagina. He licked and sucked and made his way to her clit as his penis again found its way into her mouth. She hung there upside down, in ecstasy. Her thighs and legs totally open and released, waves of pleasure pulsing through her. Her breath was deep and furious through her nose, as she was deliciously partially suffocating from sucking him. The next thing she knew they were sideways on a mat. Her thighs wide open and released as his thumb pressed firmly against her anus. This was it. This was everything she wanted. Anything he wanted. She’d never come from oral sex before but she knew she was going to. Because he would make her. Just the thought sent her over a precipice. She couldn’t take any more and gave up

6 all control…. A spasm took over her body as a deep wave of orgasm engulfed her. She cried out. She could barely catch her breath, when she found herself in a new position arched back, him across from her with their legs entwined in an x. He slid easily into her and began to slowly thrust… the power of the position supported her completely. She could relax and open and at the same time contract and spasm with ecstasy. His movements became rhythmic, like music, shallow for several strokes, then one slow and deep… she felt like she had never felt before and knew she was going to come and going to scream. It took all her powers of concentration to hear what he was saying… all her might to just nod and gasp yes. Yes she would learn tantra from him. Yes she would be dedicated to it. Yes she would meet him three times a week exactly when he said. She would shower first and be delicious. She would stop using her vibrator and save the energy just for their sessions. She would let herself into his office and go to this mat in the back room and undress and wait on her knees for him to enter. Her mind went back to him moving inside her… another wave was building… much bigger than the last… she felt as though she might pass out. Just before she screamed she thought again about coming back… and realized she’d already be wet every time she walked through his door. The End.

The Private  

Erotic Short Story

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