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R. Lewis Garrison | Academic Portfolio

Masters in Architecture 2012 University of Illinois Chicago |

Snake Housing

The Good, the Bad and the Naked


Choose Your Own Adventure

Twin Peaks Pavilion

Snake Housing Snake Housing sits on the border line of Gracia and Barcelona. The building serves as a pedestrian gateway from one neighborhood to the next. The structure snakes around two public courtyards that relate to the scale of the two neighborhoods. Changes in height allow for light while movable louvers help with shading from the Barcelona sun. The units are set up for cross ventilation, multiple views out from within, and multiple circulation routs within. The units aggregate in groups of 5, forming three L shapes around three circulation cores.



B1 B2 K

L Ba D





L B1

L B2

Type A

Type B

Type C

Elevation Looking Southwest

Elevation Looking Northeast

Parking Level

Ground Level

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

7th Floor

8th Floor


5th Floor

6th Floor

Section Looking Southwest

Section Looking Northeast

The Good, The Bad And The Naked The title refers to the types of communities I re-introduced into the suburbs in order to see what new architecture could emerge. These communities could thrive in the suburbs but simply wouldn't work as a community in the typical typologies the suburbs currently offer. Instead of making a building in the suburb and sticking these communities within it, I wanted to use what exists in the suburb already. Simple lifts peals and droops provide enough sectional space for the communities to be inserted right at the cultural centers of suburbs. Mall Nudist Colony

Under utilized parking


Strip Mall Biker Gang

Under utilized parking


Maintain mall visual connection to street

Avenues for biker haven

Big Box Store Nursing Home

Under utilized over head space

Context Section


Slope for wheelchair accessibility

Context Axon

Strip Mall Biker Gang I picked three communities that would produce the most interesting architecture. I wanted to interfere as little as possible with the existing suburb yet still let the communities have everything they needed. When putting a biker gang under the pealed up parking around strip malls, housing is provided facing a biker avenue while places for the new community to work such as tattoo shops, bars and garages, face out giving back to the community.

Big Box Store Nursing Home The unused overhead space inside large big boxed store is utilized providing housing for the elderly. Unlike the biker gang where their community can be viewed from above, the nursing home is the opposite with the elderly looking down upon the suburbanites. Patio spaces connect in different ways to allow interaction while each unit has a private outdoor garden.

Mall Nudist Colony In the final example a nudist colony exists under the vast parking of shopping malls. Angles based on line of site allow light in but still hide the naked from the clothed suburbanites above. Fritted light tubes and careful placement of floating box programs work in the same way.

Line of Site Diagrams

Clothing required

Clothing optional





The Educatorium The Educatorium explores possibilities of a large mixed use interior urbanism. The live, Work and play programs are separated and the experience through them differs depending on what if you are a student, teacher, worker, resident, shopper, and so on. Strong visual connections are set up through voids and setbacks. This is to display and encourage other options available to visitor. These views of options change depending on who you are (student, shopper etc.) and where you are, similar to the way a “choose your own adventure� book is set up. Live Work Play



Dorms Outdoor lounge Library Classrooms Outdoor terrace Night club Athletic center Movie theater Shopping

In-between zones

View carve-outs

Live 18-26

Work 10-17

Play 1-9

Lower Level

Site Plan With Train Station

Classrooms Floorplan

Outdoor Lounge Floorplan


Catalog Sections





Section Looking North

Choose Your Own Adventure The Choose Your Own Adventure Book was made as a way of documenting interior qualities and possibilities within the Educatorium project. It follows a day in the life of a student living in the Educatorium from morning to night. The Educatorium itself has a transparency that reveals options available to the student. Visual connections are made through the building tying it together. This is just a few pages within the book. To see the book in its entirety please visit



Its the weekend! From your dorm you can see the many options you can choose from to start your day: Meet friends in the outdoor lounge pg. 6 Study in the Library pg. 8 Go to the Athletic Center pg.15 Go Shopping! 17

You wake up in your dorm. Today is a: weekend pg. 2 weekday pg. 3


3 Its a weekday. Time to get to class! Turn to pg. 10

You stumble Drunk back to your dorm. What a day! Time for bed. Turn to page 1

6 The outdoor lounge is a great space for meeting friends and relaxing. Its only open to dorm students and is high up with great a great view. Turn to the next page.

9 From the Library you can see other things to do. You decide to: Go to your dorm. It’s late pg. 5 Meet friends in the outdoor lounge pg. 6 Go shopping pg. 17 Go to the Athletic Center pg. 15 Get into some entertainment pg. 11

8 You’ve got lots of homework and the Library is a great place to do it. Go to next page.

10 The end of the day comes and your so ready to get out of class . From your classroom you can see the outoor bar area: But you need to study pg. 8 Lets go shopping pg. 17 Time for a workout. pg. 15 Hang out with friends pg. 6



The outdoor area of the entertainment is great. Since its a nice day everyone is outside. You grab some food before making your way into the night club to meet friends for some drinks. Turn to next page

15 You go to the athletic center. After a good workout you hit the pool to relax Turn to next page.

You and your friends have such a good time. Its getting late so you: Go to your dorm to get some sleep pg. 5 Lets hit the dance oor till last call! Turn to next page!

17 You spend lots of money and should probably leave this area before you’re broke. Lets call it a day pg. 5 More entertainment pg. 11 Study time pg. 8 Lets workout pg. 15

Twin Peaks Pavilion Twin Peaks Pavilion is a permanent installation located in Tempelhof Park in Berlin Germany. It was designed to be an iconic landmark for the park but can also be pulled apart into 9 pieces each with unique programs. The pieces unfold into a kitchen, an art gallery, a boombox, a pissuar, garden shelving , and seating. The different gardeners are able to move and use the pieces as they see fit. My team focused on the design of the art gallery piece. I also painted the art live at the presentation of the pavilion.

A Bounding box is made with dimensions based on our budget for materials. Lowering two corners allow access to the ground. When pulled appart the shapes of the 9 pieces are modified to fit their individual programs in a way that still allows them to fit back together as a pavillion.

The paint job ties the 9 individual programs back to the 9 square grid it originated from. The sides are color matched with neighboring sides to help with reassembly back to its original pavilion shape.




Bleacher Seating

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery My team focused on the design of the art gallery piece. It unfolds revealing 3 canvas panels that can be painted and repainted By the public. I painted the art live at the presentation of the pavilion.

Architecture Portfolio  

M. Arch. Portfolio By Lewis Garrison. Univeristy of Illinois Chicago

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