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Ever see people having their body full of art? This art is called the body art. People paint their bodies to portray their feelings and thoughts; some even try to represent creativity. There are different categories under body art. These categories include painting, piercing, scarring, tattooing and shaping. All these represent different artistic creativity on the body. In some cultures body art is a ritual and in some cultures people try to portray themselves as unique with the help of body art. Some types of body arts can be really bizarre and getting them on the body may inflict pain. These include scarring, piercing and tattooing. But many people are willing to go through the pain to get the art on their body. Painting is a simple technique in which special paint is used to color the body. Drawings of many things like butterflies, lizards and other things can be found on people's bodies. The interesting thing is that these paintings portray the creativity and thoughts of people. People put paint on their body when they are cheering for their teams. Also in some cultures painting the face is a ritual like the kadakali makeup is a type of art. Piercing is also considered a type of body art. Piercing is done by puncturing the part of human body and wearing jewelry. Although this process is painful but many people opt for this kind of body art. Also piercing is done in many cultures as part of ritual especially in India. Another form of art on body is scarring which is also a painful process. It is rarely found and is considered as a ritual. The basic process involves scratching, etching or cutting designs, words and pictures as a permanent body modification. The more common type of art on body is tattooing. Many people have tattoo on their bodies. There are two kinds of tattoos which include the permanent and temporary tattooing. The process of tattooing involves the insertion of ink into the dermis of the skin. There are special equipments used for this purpose and it is also painful. All these kinds of art represent some thought. As it is said "Art is never meaningless".

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==== ==== Body Art - Click Link Now ==== ====

The Body Art