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The Danish brand Humor Clothing is starting to become quite famous and is starting to cause quite a stir in the universe of fashion. In general, Humor is a brand that isn't very easy to label, as they have various silhouettes and shapes, not to mention bright colours that complete their overall look of "funky". The inspiration behind Humor Clothing can be attributed to electronic music, as well as the evolving fashion of street wear that can be found all over the world. And, since Humor uses various textures and colours, so it is ideal for daywear and for whenever you want to make a statement on your nights out. A brand that can be called edgy because of its choice of shapes, colours and materials, there will be no problem for you to produce a one-of-a-kind look with Humor that will keep your wardrobe and everyday life fresh and hip all year long. There are four primary styles of Humor jeans, or "chinos", all of which are unique and extremely different. These four primary styles are known as Dean, Santiago, Zanka and Nixon; they all offer various fits and shapes for each individual. Dean is the most subtle Humor design out there. With a slight carrot fit that is looser than normal around the waist, they are very narrow when it comes to the bottom. Dean chinos would be ideal to use during the summer as they bridge the gap between casual and smart with the snap of a finger. The traditional style and example that make Humor instantly recognisable can be found in the category of Santiago, though, where the jeans are fit in a classic carrot style with anti-fit waists and very tapered arc legs. The style of Santiago comes with another feature that truly stands out, as well: the so-called "drop crotch", which refers to their jeans with very baggy and loose waist fits that are made to be worn very low under the waist. Zanka, on the other hand, would be the most outlandish style available when it comes to Humor jeans. Not only do they feature the drop crotch that Humor is famous for, but their style is quite Western with pockets on the sides of the leg and huge low back side pockets reminiscent to cowboys and sand dunes. Lastly, Nixon refers to more carrot fit jeans, though these come with a certain Humor twist. See, the fly buttons on Nixon jeans are off-centre and asymmetric, while the belt loops are huge; overall, these jeans have a true anti-fit look going on. So, if you are looking for casual jeans that provide something very different, Nixon jeans by Humor would be the perfect ones for you.

Within a Humor Clothing sale you can find various tops that will compliment all of the jeans mentioned above along with any other look out there, as well, from t-shirts with bright colours to tops with short sleeves and hoods with crazy twists. Now, what you can be assured of is that each piece of clothing at Humor will come with a one-of-a-kind feature, letting the wearer create an individual look without having to try too hard. Jump onto the bandwagon today!

Darren Fish is fashion brand executive and writer who reviews fashion brands and their clothing lines.

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==== ==== Arts & Entertainment: Humor - Click Link Now ==== ====

Making an Individual Mark With Humor Clothing  

The inspiration behind Humor Clothing can be attributed to electronic music, as well as the evolving fashion of street wear that can be foun...

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