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Young and old, moms and dads, we all love the movies. So when you want to spend some quality family time together what is the best option, the local movie theater or the family home theater? First of all lets run down the advantages of the local movie theater. Unless you have a really, really big house, the movie theater is going to have a bigger screen. Ok, that about does it for the advantages of the local theater. Now for the 8 reasons why the home theater is better. Ticket cost - Let's start from the moment you walk in the door and pull out your wallet. A family of five is going to have to shell out at least $40 in most cases for tickets alone. For that money you could have nearly three months of unlimited movie rentals with NetFlix or purchase several new movies from the local Wal-mart that could be watched over and over again. Food cost - Ticket cost is only the beginning. What about the cost of food? What is a movie without a pail of popcorn, candy and a large soda for each of the family? Add at least another $20 or so to the cost (not to mention several pounds to the waste). In your home theater you can pop your own popcorn, have the snacks and drinks of your choice without the inflated food and beverage surcharges. Cleanliness - The movie theater floor is often littered with popcorn kernels, and sticky soda residue while the chairs are covered with a plethora of flavors of chewed up bubble gum. Your home theater on the other hand can be as clean and well kept as you like. (Of course at my house I must admit there are times where we rival the local cinemas level of cleanliness.) Comfortable Seating - The local cinema's seats are moderately comfortable at best. Seating is spaced for attendance, not for comfort. For the typical family home theater, comfort is key with the overstuffed, leather theater recliners spaciously separated for plenty of room to kick back and relax. No cell phones - What movie experience would be complete without the group of noisy, obnoxious teenagers more intent on chatting on the phone with their friends that couldn't make it as opposed to quietly enjoying the movie with their friends who did. Don't get me wrong, a family home theater should not be a silent, stuffy place where you can't laugh with friends, however a little respect for those around you can go a great way towards enjoying a movie. Potty breaks - Remember when we talked about the large sodas for everyone? Well that soda eventually has to make an exit. Believe me I have missed too many exciting scenes in the movies due to the cries of "Daddy, I really, really can't wait any longer." At the home theater you can actually pause the movie so you and your guests can take a break without trying to struggle through the movie in discomfort.

Visual quality - - It is hard to compete with the sheer size of the screen on the local cinema, although the visual quality of many cinema screens can be lacking, especially when the movie picture begins to degrade after showing for many weeks. With the arrival of High definition projectors and televisions along with HD-DVD and Blu-ray players you can enjoy crystal clear movie visuals in your home. Sound quality - The local movie theater now is no longer the only ones with surround sound. A moderately priced home theater surround sound system with a subwoofer can surpass many movie theater sound systems. Your family home theater can mesmerize family and guests with crystal clear voices, immersive surround effects and powerful, theater shaking explosions. It is no wonder that the popularity of family home theaters has skyrocketed over the past decade. If you don't have a room dedicated to the enjoyment of home theater, what are you waiting on? A family home theater is achievable in rooms of all sizes, with budgets great and small, so check out more information on how you can achieve the magic of the movies in the comfort of your own home.

For more information about Home Theater Design and Home Theater Accessories visit Jared's site at The Family Home Theater Guide is an informative guide to home theater, with a particular emphasis on family entertainment. Jared has a wife and three children that love to experience the magic of the big screen in the comfort of their own home.

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Family Home Theater - 8 Reasons Why The Family Home Theater Is Better Then The Local Movie Theater  

Potty breaks - Remember when we talked about the large sodas for everyone? Well that soda eventually has to make an exit. Believe me I have...