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To some degree, gone are the days when people would drive to the nearest movie theater to enjoy a movie experience. Instead, we see people these days driving to the nearest home entertainment specialist shop, beefing up their old TV rooms into quality home theater systems, with premise of enjoying a movie with theater-like surround sound quality at home. With the current relative cheapness of home theater equipment, this doesn't really come as a surprise. The trend of recreating a movie theater experience in the comfort of one's own home has brought about a new range of questions, and among them would be: What are the Factors that define the best home theater system? Budget-Performance Ratio It is true that shelling out more money for a home theater system would yield the best home theater system one dreams of, though not necessarily. A reasonably tight budget could yield a performance-to-budget home theater system, given a thorough understanding of what the best home theater system is for a consumer's price range. The best home theater doesn't necessarily have to be a 7.1 channel surround sound setup when budget-performance ratio is concerned. A thorough understanding of what a surround sound speaker setup types could result to the best home theater system, at a reasonable price within one's allocated funds. Overall Versatility Overall versatility defines a good home theater system, considering the various audio and video formats, not to mention devices and the media they are stored in. A good home theater system can handle both Dolby Laboratories and Digital Theater Systems sound formats, as these sound formats implement different surround sound speaker output, complimenting home theater systems. A good home theater system also supports DivX and/or Xvid encoded media, as well as DVD, DVD-R, CD, and CD-R/W media formats. iPod, and other similar portable audio players, should also be supported by home theater system, ideally with compressed audio amplification features. Additionally, It should also have XM Satellite Radio support, as well as regular AM/FM radio support.

Bottom line, overall versatility defines the best home theater to the status.

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==== ==== Arts & Entertainment: Theater - Click Link Now ==== ====

Factors That Make the Best Home Theater System