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2 way radios or transceivers are devices that can send and receive data at the same time. These walkie talkies have been in use since a very long time. They were used extensively in the Second World War for the purpose of communication. Even today these radios are used in various fields. In addition these are provided with several features that make them easy and convenient to use these days. As opposed to the earlier times, these radios today are compact, light weight and can be easily carried from one place to another. These radios operate on a technology called frequency modulation. In 2 way radios data is carried over waves of different frequencies. The frequency of the wave also determines the distance that the data will travel to. The larger the frequency, the more the distance travelled by the message sent and vice versa. Most radios of this type also have an antenna attached to them so that they can be used for easier and faster transmission of data. A good quality antenna ensures that the message is sent and received very clearly and without any interference. These radios must be bought after considering various factors. These factors include cost, the range of the radios, the style, usage of an individual and also the type of battery used in these radios. Once the 2 way radio has been bought, they need to be taken proper care of so that their efficiency and effectiveness improve. One of the main things that need to be kept in mind is that these radios must be kept in a dry place and not in moisture. It must also be ensured that these radios are not dropped as this reduces the life of the radios. Also these radios must not be exposed to extreme temperature conditions. This is to ensure that the battery and other electronic parts are not affected adversely by the temperature conditions. These radios should never be cleaned with chemicals as they might damage the various components of the radio. In addition the batteries of these radios must be regularly checked to ensure that there is no leakage. Any leakage in the battery reduces the life of the battery as well as the radio. These radios can even operate on very high frequencies including ultra high frequencies. These frequencies are typically used for communication over very long distances. The 2 way radios that operate on very high frequencies are used for communication purposes in remote areas. Also most of these radios use line of sight propagation. This means that the 2 way radios cannot operate well if there is some obstruction or if the terrain of the land is not plain. These radios also do not work well in hilly areas. These radios can be high power or low power radios. When a high power transmitter is used then these radios can send messages across long distances. If a low power transmitter is used then the messages sent over these radios can cover only a short distance.

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2 Way Radios in the Modern World  

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