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Natural disasters can cut off power to your home. A storm, for instance, may blow through in one or two days, but the resulting power outage can last for a week or more. Long power outages can be such an inconvenience, and they can be a threat to your health and safety. To help you stay safe and comfortable during power outages that may take several days, preparation is key.

Before an extended outage It is important for every household to have an emergency preparedness kit that will meet the needs of their family for at least three days. These kits can include canned food, bottled water, first aid kit, a flashlight for each family member, extra batteries, hand-cranked or battery operated radio, and a corded phone. A portable generator can be a godsend during extended power outages. They help you remain comfortable when it’s too cold or hot and safe when it’s dark outside. If you don’t have one yet and power outages are common in your area, start shopping for portable generators for sale online and offline. If power outages in your area are frequent and tend to last a long time, consider installing standby generators instead.

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