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By Lewi GaGa.

My Christmas 2010

Presents from Joel. Joel got me some amazing presents for Christmas, I helped pick them in town and he delivered them to me on Christmas day.

After we went round Joel's Moms house and jokingly she said make me a Christmas dinner and he actually took it seriously and made her a whole Christmas dinner!


BIggest faIl ever!

Dinner. The prep for Christmas dinner started at 11am’ish, It started to go well, But then we all got drunk and kind of forgot about the dinner then it burned then we tried again and.. Basically we had a half assed Christmas dinner because of the above. But it was really nice, I had loads of stuffing with pork sausage meat and 9 roast potato's and for dessert loads of chocolate brownie cheesecake.. Good times.

Our decorations.

When people walked in they said.. Santa's grotto! We said back to them:- “We toned it down since 2009” And for the past 3 years out theme has been white retro, that’s why we used blue lights almost everywhere and loads of white, sparkle things.


This Year I got few presents!.. But they are more expensive. My favourite is a jacket that I got. My other favourites are:-

Justin Bieber Pillow Case Signed JB and LG Pictures Smexi underwear Camera

Now that I have premium bonds I can say that this has been one of my best Christmases' ever!

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My Christmas 10'  
My Christmas 10'