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company mission statement

We believe in the beauty of recycling any usable materials. We deliver our unique clothing line and daily usable product to help saving the planet. Being eco-friendly is the starting point of our company. We love art and design, and truly believe that anything can have a sense of design in them. Our products are not just simply a product; they are all unique piece of art. Therefore, an art and design values are being add on to our product line.

marketing plan Who is my customer? Our customers are people who love design and art. Because our clothing and daily accessories are unique, therefore, the price range can be a little above average, but it is definitely worth of spending. Our store location is in West Hollywood. One of our incentives is to welcome any one who can give back recyclable used products; in return, we will offer our store credits. Who is competitor? Our concept is new. The closest competitor is Wasteland. Wasteland recycles used clothing and resells them, but they are limited to only clothing products. Advertising plan: We will put our store advertisement on our truck that are collecting goods. We will pass out little postcard around the neighborhood. Billboard and bus stop Local magazine We will have a mobile phone application Social networking

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business stationary

from the used products

to our factory

closer look inside the factory processing

where our final products will be displaying

our eco-friendly shopping bag

example of our product’s process



clothing that we offers

redesigned lamp that we have to offer from


redesigned paper related products we have to offer from


our little gift for our customers


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