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mission statement


Omni’s founder, Eddie Kang’s passion for the beach and the lifestyle that can be associated with the shore were what lead him to create a brand aimed to enrich the beach culture. Omni is currently focusing on surfing and everything around it such as apparel and accessories. We are a new company looking to enter the surf market to promote a brand that is omni; we are all, in all ways, places without limits. Omni’s core values are to be surfing and living life for all, everything and everywhere.

logo design 2

the concept of the brand was derived from the word omnipotent; having unlimited power; able to do anything. It’s a powerful word to describe anything so i wanted to create a brand that could relate to that. The prefix, omni means all or everywhere so whoever’s riding/wearing omni, they’re living life for all, for everything without limits. With that being said, i felt there wasn’t a typeface to represent omni so i created one. it’s designed in a way where there is no limit to the look of the type, they are all on different x-heights and it’s all going in an outward direction to represent no limits, there is no binding box around the word omni.

promotion plan 3

omni’s promotion plan would be focused around the areas with heavy beach culture influence to maximize the effect of omni. Anything around the beach, advertising outdoors, magazines, local stores and mostly through word of mouth of the people who agree with our mission and our designs. Omni’s demographic is widespread, anybody who shares our vibe can be sporting Omni.

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