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Mission Statement The idea for the restaurant first came to a couple of friends. One of them made and observation about a tomato plant in their apartment. As he looked at the plant he notice that nine small tomatoes where sprouting from the plant and said within himself “nine on the vine� sure enough the phrase was embedded In his mind and thus Nine on the Vine was born. Nine on the Vine is a restaurant that is meant to take you on a journey to the back county. When you walk in, the sense of vineyard living suddenly overwhelms you as wine and dine on the best dishes from the Tuscan outback.

promotion plan The promotion plan we are pursuing will consist of applying the logo on various products that relate to the restaurant business. Items will include: Aprons, Mugs, Plate, Napkins, Cutting boards, Cutlery, Etc. Advertising will be aimed towards all ages and demographics, from young singles, to the family man treating his family to a night out. Ads will be placed in commercial slots. Street kiosks, bus panels, billboards, and website banners, magazines.

LOGO Design


Symbol full color PANTONE P 165-7 C



Symbol Black


escape and relax

Store front

DAYTIME LUNCHING The day time is supposed to provide an lively and organic Italian bistro atmosphere that gives guests the feel, sounds and smells of the Italian backcountry

DINNER DINING The Dinner Dining is supposed to provide an inimate relaxing adviorment that creates a warm and welcome feel that allows guest to enjoi their meals comfortably and spend quality time with each other.

chef work We pride ourselves in serving only the best and authentic italian dishes. Our chefs only use the freshest ingridients to inhance the quality of every dish.

Web design

bask in the quite


Product Branding because we want to have a high visibility in the see of all things visual we wanted to place our logo on all print media. we also made sure that our staff’s uniforms displayed the mark as well...

nine on the vine makes and sells its own origanal pasta. chefs created their own pasta because our resturant wants to provide only the best. so come down and try our signicture pasta for yourself

Nine on the Vine style guide  

a concept restruant