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the idea

Dapper Apparel is an urban-based clothing company. The name

dapper means to present yourself in a clean and sharp sophisticated way. Our clothing brand is the clean cut casual dress for men. We want to incorporate a dapper look along with a casual style applied. We are not your original suit and tie type of look, but rather a more casual feel for instance a blazer mixed in with a pair of jeans. This type of look is becoming more and more of a widespread in apparel for men. Not only are we selling our brand in store but many others that attract the urban environment. Dapper apparel will be specifically located throughout southern California. Our headquarters is in the city of Los Angeles. We are attracting males between the ages of 18-35. These young adults will find it easy to possess a style that is clean, sophisticated and business ready. Clothing prices will range from $50-200.


-graphics -button ups -footwear -jackets

shopping bags

Our plan is to utilize the urban environment to spread our advertisements. Our name will be located throughout cities on bus stops, billboards and building sides. We will put advertisements through various fashion magazines. We will even have a car that sports our logo.

-outdoor advertisement -magazine -transportation

thankyou -telephone: (626) 562-2681 -facebook: dapper apparel -instagram: @Dapperapparel

Dapper Apparel  
Dapper Apparel