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Clara Ayala Applied Branding Ria - Tuesday @ 3pm Final Presentation Royal Paws

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Our mission statement is to satisfy every customer with perfect services and products to give every pet a good life, a Royal life that is. Royal Paws provides pets and their owner with a great selection of high quality pet products, accessories, starter kits and pet food at the most affordable price to keep your pet treated like royalty. We also provide classes, day care and grooming services in our castle. We are also very proud to provide royal pet starter kits for a new pet in your home, when you purchase a kit 5% is given to animal shelters to give pets a second chance on finding a castle of their own, but hold your tails from wagging, when you purchase a Pro Kit, Royal Paws will donate 10% to an animal shelter and a starter kit for a new adoption

Roya paws l

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Roya paws l 930 Figueroa Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90012

Your bark is our command.

Your bark is our command.

930 Figueroa Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213) 375-PAWS

Roya paws l @Royalpaws

Roya paws l 930 Figueroa Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90012 (213)375-PAWS

930 Figueroa Terrace Los Angeles, CA 90012

Roya paws l

Royal Dog Boarding Royal Paws offers modern 5 star luxury pet boarding, accommodations and amenities for your royal pet while your away for work or play. Royal Paws offers signature modern styling, unexpected interior appointments and a clean environment. We aim to create the ultimate boarding experience for your pet and the least stressful experience you can have while out. We are NOT a dog kennel, in fact just the opposite, our goal is to create an environment as close to home as possible.

Day Care Royal Paws offers the very best in doggie daycare consisting of spectacular parks spanning the upper level of the hotel grounds. Designed to provide the optimum environment for your dogs to play and exercise throughout the day. Our Indoor parks accommodate large, medium and small dogs. Water will be provided, snacks and all sorts of toys to keep your pet happy.

Features State-of-the-art air conditioning featuring air exchange systems, which cycles the hotel’s air every 10 minutes, to reduce contaminates and airborne illnesses.

teria, including Mycoplasma, Strep, Staph, E. coli, Salmonella and more. It also kills 8 viruses including canine parvo virus, parainfluenza-3 and Pseudorabies

3 indoor dog parks, separated into 3 different areas according dog to size and temperament (all boarding includes full day of Doggie Daycare)

Relaxing down-tempo/chill music emanates throughout the entire hotel, creating a peaceful vibe and environment for the canine guests

Full-time Dog Leaders play, interact and make sure every guest is safe at all times Daycare staff are constantly cleaning the dog parks throughout the day with a high-end veterinary hospital cleaner which is a proven bactericide and fungicide, kills 23 bac-

PANT Gym, includes custom doggie treadmills and personal training for dogs who need a little extra exercise.

Boutique Our breathtaking Boutique is abound with only the finest collars, beds and doggie carriers available. We offer a full array of high-end organic dog food and treats, SPA products. At an affordable price we also provide starter kits for when you get a new pet.

chauffeur Chauffeur Service would be happy to pick up your dog from your home or office. Impeccable personalized service and amenities assures you nothing is too good for your Distinguished/Dog. We offer an array of vehicle choices from our standard D Pet Hotels pick-up to more luxurious options like a beautiful Southern California drive in a Ferrari, Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Promotion Plan Royal Paws Promotion Plan is to provide the best services and products to our guest by promoting equal treatment to all size pets and advertise on billboards and online shopping as well as our on site locations. Also provided discount and reward card to our regular and new guest.


Royal Paws  

Clara Ayala Tuesday @ 3:00pm