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Levitate Magazine News Garden City Preparatory Academy for Boys

South Carolina’s first Single Gender Public School Kevin Rasberry originated the idea of Garden City Preparatory Academy for Boys in late 2009. As a native of Orangeburg, SC, Kevin paid particular attention to the escalating violence, unplanned parenthood and plummeting education numbers of the boys of his beloved hometown. Kevin, a mentor of twenty years, graciously assumed the lead role of community activist. When the South Carolina legislature put into law the option of single gender public schools in May of 2012, Kevin went to work. Through a long rigorus process the founding committee of GCP was awarded a unanimous approval for a 10 year Charter and the historic distinction of the first single gender public school in the history of South Carolina. To ensure the school begins and operates as planned, Kevin stepped down from his position as the chairman of the committee and excepted the position as the first Executive Director of GCP. Kevin will manage the school’s overall operations on a daily basis. Kevin has over 10 years of experience in the finncial industry, 6 years of project management experience, and 5 years of experience of direct management of up to 225 employees.

for the boys in their community. Theodore joined Kevin on his quest and dream to assist their community. With the fruition of GCP Theodore will manage and maintain the academic entity of the school. He will also maintain the thematic team concept with the instructors and students. Theodore is responsible for interviewing, identifying the initial selection of candidates for all positions at GCP. Theodore will be responsible for instructor and student morale as well as discipline and leadership. With Theodore’s passion for GCP, he will strive for consistent and progressive academic achievements and facilitate and maintain the proper method of instruction in all classrooms by instructors. Theodore is married to Trese L. Whetstone Reed and the father of two.


Garden City Preparatory Academy, is a school founded in Orangeburg, SC to specifically cater to the essential needs of boys for traditional and nontraditional learning experiences.

He is educated with a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Psychology, an associates in Human Resources Management, certification in Organizational Management, and he is currently pursuing an MBA. Kevin is married to Germaine L. Middleton-Rasberry and the father of four.

Theodore V. Reed * Academic Director “Its All About The Passion”

Kevin A. Rasberry * Executive Director “The manifistation of a person, is a direct result of how much they invest in themselves.”

Theodore V. Reed has been in education for 18+ years. Theodore received his bachelor’s degree in Education from South Carolina State University, and his M.Ed in administration from Charleston Southern University. Theodore is a strong advocate for building a caring, nurturing, hands-on educational based environment. He readily believes that having a true passion for what you do brings success to whatever you are pursuing. During a collaboration of the minds Theodore and Kevin found that they both shared a true passion for the greater achievements


Continued GCP Mission Garden City Preparatory Academy for Boys, is committed to providing exceptional academics, discipline and leadership training to young men using a thematic approach to progressive development fostering the complete young man. Description Garden City Preparatory Academy (GCP) was established with the intent to improve the quality of life of boys in the community. More than their academic careers but preparation for when they are to be responsible men. The boys will be between the ages of 10 and 18. We have devised a high academic curriculum and military style discipline designed to provide the boys with the well needed tools to perform above local, state and national levels on aptitude tests, college preparation and life skills.



The Original Pretty Gyrlz Production LLC In Nov of 2009 , Granted by the South Carolina Secretary of State , Shantae’ Bellamy, Amanda Jefferson & Nicole Utsey-Thomas became The Original Pretty Gyrlz Productions LLC. Marketing , Promotions, and Appearance Management Company. They are dedicated in managing, and developing marketing strategies which produces successful events and changing the eye to the social world. The Pretty Gyrlz Team Is comprised of entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts with having more than 35 years of being in modeling and talent industry. Through out the East Coast region the Ladies have been featured in various Runway shows, Headlining, Choreographing the Charleston Black Expo, Music videos, Magazines, HBCU Calendar, Bronner Brother Hair Show, Creative Directed for stylist in the Epic Hair Battle. With great opportunities and touching other markets in the entertainment field ,they also got the pleasure to host and bring 8ball & MJG to SC for their Boss’s Ball Event. The basics of the Pretty Gyrlz Productions Company helps and provide mentoring skills to both women and men from all ages and demographics. Whether if you want to be a model, artist, start your own business, or etc. they are the ones to look too for help. As these young women continue to make an impact on the community, They have also expanded their company with starting a modeling & mentoring camp for young girls called the “Pretty Gyrlz Starz” . The Pretty Gyrlz Starz Model Mentoring Program is an enrichment program, not only teaching young girls modeling and etiquette but mentoring them in areas of selfesteem, positive self image, health and fitness,academic success, leadership development, career exploration,relationship building and effective communication. Pretty Gyrlz Productions is part of the answer to demands of the social world, working families or a special occasion in the need of a special touch. As a business women , they understand the needs of the public and private organizations. As family members these ladies understand the needs of setting special events from events in our lives. The Pretty Gyrlz strive to accomplish these goals in South Carolina and eventually other areas of the United States. For Model, Appearance Management , and Productions Contact


As many know I grew up in the church and come from a very strict household. But what many don’t know is that there is a lot more to me than the eye can see. In May I will be graduating from the University of South Carolina with my second degree. I am 23 years old with a 4 year old son, Damari. Many ask how I did. School, work, internship, motherhood, and maintain being a honor student. My response is always, “’s not me but all God”. Even though my journey isn’t half way completed, I’ve realized that I am not easily broken. During my childhood I experienced depression due to certain childhood trauma and abuse. Then I didn’t understand but I always knew I was different. I spent most of my time writing which helped me express myself. It wasn’t until I was older that I actually understood the effect of being a “fatherless daughter”. A man addicted to drugs and crime which robbed him of ever getting to know me. It was during my young adulthood years that I began to see the pattern with my relationships.

Longing for daddy and wasn’t even aware. With trying to cope with my childhood pain, I began to overcompensate and this put me in the position to get used by many people. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I found myself changing. I was no longer timid and cautious. I became very careless and numb. At age 18 I entered college and my family was extremely proud. Their expectations

were for me to exceed and bring honor to my family and their struggle of raising a fatherless child. Three months later I discovered I was pregnant. Lost, hurt, ashamed, and scared were a few of the feelings that I felt. I knew my family was going to be disappointed but there was no way I could prepare for their reaction. Some couldn’t mention a word to me without mentioning an abortion as they shunned me and didn’t speak to me for several months. It was then that my faith and relationship with Christ became stronger. I loved my family but I knew aborting my baby was not the answer. Many days I Nevertheless, I remember us praying on the phone that day. I knew it was God that got me through that semester because I graduated on time from South Carolina State University not only with honors but number two in my program. After graduating from SCSU, I was accepted into USC for their master’s program. I moved to Columbia but not before experiencing and going through some roadblocks. While in Columbia I experienced some major losses that were both heartbreaking and life changing. On top of that I kept having re-occurring health issues that kept me hospitalized periodically. You see when you are destined for success and have a purpose you experience so much before you actually get there.




In May I will be graduating with my Masters in Social Work and Certification with Military Social Work with honors. Many people counted me out once I got pregnant and it became a time where I started to doubt myself. But God never failed me. I’m sharing my story so that one little girl can know that she doesn’t have to be perfect to have greatness. Even though this is just the beginning for me I do believe in praising him in advance. I also believe that you don’t have to be a victim of your circumstances. Don’t be ashamed of the things that make you who you are. It took me a while to realize this. I’m only 23 but I am beyond determine to use my experiences to help someone else. Teen pregnancy doesn’t mean you failed but it is just a reminder of why you CAN’T FAIL. I consider this article to be success in hope that it encourages someone and that you realize that it you have faith you can achieve anything. There is life outside of your situation!!! I felt alone and started to doubt my success. I wanted to be great but could I with being so young and a mother? I had My Zion in June and went back to school in August. That semester my grade point average was a 4.0 and it was just the beginning of me proving that I was more than a conquer. Several months later my mother was

diagnosed with breast cancer. I found myself in the role of taking care of my family, school, and work. It was emotionally and physically challenging. I saw what paying bills were really like. I applauded her. I was always responsible due to having to grow up fast so it came naturally for me to take over. Because of my mother’s faith and Jesus being a healer, she beat her cancer and is to this day CANCER FREE. But shortly after this I noticed I became wearily and once again started to experience depression. I went through a rough year where I decided to speak to a counselor because the emotional rollercoaster seemed unbearable. I recall calling my mom one day during this time from school telling her I was going to sit out for a semester because I just couldn’t get it together.



Quiana Wilson It was the summer of 1993, I tuned my television in to Rap City (before the basement) and I saw this beautiful, sensual, woman doing the “whine” and singing. It was Patra and she was dope. She was edgy, sexy, empowering, and she looked like me. Her long thick braids were pulled up in a ponytail that swung low down her back and the sun danced off her brown skin like moonlight off a lake. Patra ruled the US airways with her gritty girl-power dancehall songs such as the Grace Jones cover of “Pull Up to the Bumper” and “Queen Pack”. Dancehall music originated in Jamaica in the 1970’s but the music was in particularly heavy rotation in the 1990’s and beyond. Artists such as Shabba Ranks, Patra, Born Jamericans, Maxi Priest, Chaka Demus and Plies, and Super Cat had us all doing the butterfly and flexing our bodies to the melodic and catchy dancehall rhythms. Artists such as Buju Banton and Capleton focused on Rastafari and its message of peace, love, and righteousness. Reggae and dancehall videos were particularly showcased on Caribbean Rhythms, a video show hosted by Rachel Stuart, a Jamaican-Canadian model. The show, though only 30 minutes, was impactful. Rachel would visit different Caribbean islands and show life through the eyes of a true islander. She also would interview Caribbean artists who would provide the viewer a glimpse into their lives as artists and also the ills of their nations, upcoming events, and cultural facts. Reggae and dancehall music continue to be very popular in the US and abroad. It’s just something about the rhythm that makes my body move (even though I am somewhat biased because I am Jamaican-American). The music is captivating. Artists such as Sean Paul, Richie Spice, Lady Saw, Collie Buddz, Gyptian, and Protoje continue to carry the reggae/ dancehall torch with their flavorful lyrics and rich island-infused sounds. So, with the warmer weather on the horizon, I encourage you to tune in to the island vibes, pour up a glass of Jamaican rum, and bless up yuhself. As we say in Jamaican patois “Rispec {Respect]! One Love, Andre’a




Tovah D May

Professional model available for print and media. For further experince please inquire at