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How to Write a Literature Review Outline

Introduction Having difficulty in framing an impressive literature review outline? Here you can find a definite way to draft the outline and the elements associated with a literature review paper. Make certain that your paper offers a deep and appealing insight of the literature you have chosen for your work. Unless you create a solid literature review template, it may not grab the eyes of your readers.

A Literature Review is More of an Explanation than a Summary!  Literature review is a critical analysis of an authorized and accredited body of knowledge through classifications, summary, evidences, justifications and comparison of prior research studies.  Being a writer, your purpose is to realize the readers that this chapter is informative and targeted but, it still has the scope to answer “Why”, “When”, “What” and “How”.

Aspects of a Literature Review Paper Depending on the university guidelines, you have to choose either of the below mentioned aspects for your review paper. If you follow any of the sample literature review, you can observe a clear distinction between the two aspects. See what the scopes are!  An effective summary and synthesis of specific documents on a particular research topic  A critical synthesis of prior research studies that logically leads to the queries that you wish to explore in your review paper

How to Conduct the Conversation? Conversations in a literature review paper are a three-tier process with each tier having its own trait. Here are the significant stages of the conversation – Intellectual (logos): In this phase, you have to project the location of your question, the problems associated with its wider academic and the other professional contexts relatable with the piece of writing. Apart from this, you also need to enlighten on the status of your study within the discipline, its significance, purpose, meaning and relevance.

How to Conduct the Conversation?  Social (ethos): Here you need to establish your right to speak with proper arguments and illustrations. You also have to make people realize why they should read your work till the end.  Rhetorical: This section is more generic than the other two. Here you have to present your ideas for a specific pattern that information should follow in order to make the content coherent.

Stages of Literature Review Outline

A successful literature review outline stands on brainstorming ideas, a collection of relevant data, a solid research and proficient writing. In the subsequent part, you can find an illustration of each phase –

Procure Innovative Ideas to Present a Literature Review  Unique and captivating stream of thoughts is the spine of a successful literature review paper. You have to present key literatures relatable with your field of research written by accredited authors.  The foremost responsibility is to choose the literature from online databases like Google Scholar, Learning Resource Library Guides, UMD Library and other noteworthy online libraries. You may also seek help from electronic databases (eg. KeyNote).

Procure Innovative Ideas to Present a Literature Review  Besides these search engine results, you may also refer to the bibliographies mentioned in your module handbooks. Course books cover a list of reference textbooks, articles and so on, from where you may get solid sear results.  If you reach a dead loop or get stuck at some point, you must consult with your research guides or professors. Never let internet be your primary source of information.

Narrow Down Your Considerations  In the best literature review outline examples, you can observe a focused writing. After so much of reading, you have to refine your choices.  Once you are done with the selection, you have to fathom the appropriate information that you can use directly or indirectly. Now, extract all the relevant data from those sources so that later, you can use those facts and figures as evidence.

Note Taking is Crucial to Present a Perfect Literature Review As you proceed with your research, take note of the crucial points that you need mentions. Do not just highlight a sentence or some specific words, there are several processes of note-taking mentioned below.

Note Taking is Crucial to Present a Perfect Literature Review    

Summarize any portion that seems relevant Quote from prior researches Paraphrase previous studies in this field List the critical questions that come to your mind  Note down any comment that strikes your brain at that moment  Keep details of the authors, books, publishers or titles of any other articles, essays and so on

Assess and Order Your Research  Most of the students and novice writers reach a phase where they have an enormous amount of information but they have no idea about what to do with them. This is the stage where they remain confused about whether or not that much data is sufficient.  The only solution is to assess the data whether they are relevant and concern with your future proceedings. Sort the ones you need and prioritize them to define their order.

Choose an Approach and Plan your Writing Mentioned below are the distinct aspects of writing a literature review paper.  Chronologically  Thematically  By ‘different schools of thought’ You need to make use of smooth transition sentences in order to keep the flow of writing intact and relatable.

Write and Re-write Unless you Feel Satisfied: One of the most laborious stage of literature review writing. Make sure there is no repetition of data in your writing and all the contents are original and apt. While drafting the first copy, you must maintain little or no mistakes so that you don’t have to waste extra hours in proofreading the document.

Focus on the Following Factors While Writing your Draft  Avoid global statements even if the problem area is of the broader aspect  Identify the importance of reviewing the topic  Precisely comment on the timeliness of the topic  While citing a landmark or classic study, consider it as such  Justify your comments like – “no studies were found”  Avoid non-specific referencing  If the previous research analysis are inconsistent, cite them separately

Edit and Proofread to Assure 100% Accuracy As you complete drafting the literature review paper, the foremost task is to proofread the copy. You must assure there is absolutely no mistake during submission. While revising the review paper, concentrate on the grammar issues, spelling mistakes, and erroneous wordiness. You must also check for punctuation splices so that the meaning remains intact. As you read aloud, you can hear wherever you have written wrongly.

Elements to be Included in a Literature Review Here are the categories and subcategories to mentioned in the review paper –  Introduction: This is almost like an overview of the context. Here you need to highlight the following points –  Mention about the range of the topic  Introduce the name of the author and book  Give a brief idea about the theme  Orientate the reader with the literature  Portray your research in a few sentences  Depict the need for this review

Elements to be Included in a Literature Review Main body part: The most important section of the literature review paper has two distinct subcategories. Both of them have their own significance and distinct writing approach. ďƒź Critique the piece of work: In this section, a writer needs to discuss the content of the book and arguments depicted by the creator. If you have liked the work, better to start with the negatives and course into the positive points otherwise, vice-versa.

Elements to be Included in a Literature Review ďƒź Develop your own argument: Here you need to voice your own arguments and their specific explanations. Remember to b strict and precise in your point of view in order to convince the readers. Make sure your illustrations justify your arguments in a true sense.  Conclusion: In the concluding paragraphs, you have to keep relevance with the topic as well as an interconnection with the previous paragraphs. You can also include bits of researches in your concluding section

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A literature review is more of an explanation than a summary!  

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A literature review is more of an explanation than a summary!  

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