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What is iTunes Match Many Apple insiders and fans have already learned that Apple has released iTunes Match, but what is it actually? According to the news, it’s an attempt on iCloud, aiming at making it convenient for users to access their media collection or play flv on mac from anywhere through iTunes 5.1 or higher editions. Moreover, this application has also provided a helpful backup of your music in order to keep from lose of data and etc.

Besides the above points, iTunes Match is able to clean your iTunes library in the way of replacing the existing tracks and albums acquired outside iTunes store with official store versions. Such feature is quite beneficial for you to manage loads of ripped CD’s or music acquired from other sites. It can sole the issues come with poor sound quality files or un-labelled files. For details, this app can use 256kbps versions to replace those music with unsatisfied quality. However, iTunes Match is not for free- it costs $24.99 a year. Considering the real quality it gains you, this app is worthy for many Mac users, especially for those who have a lot of music collection. Just be aware that once you have uploaded your iTunes collection, you will be able to stream music to your own Apple gadgets (iPod, iPhone, iPad and etc). But if you also need to convert video and more media formats, you could give it a free try to Video Converter Mac. Though there’s a limitation of 25000 track, it only applies to the music which were bought outside Apple Stores. Drawbacks of this tool are that the initial scanning and uploading could take a relative long time, the situation becomes worse if you have a large iTunes library. Once you have uploaded a song file, you will find the cloud symbol appear next to it, letting you know that it has completed. For Spotify users who can easily take advantages of music ripping, the iTunes Match does not have extreme features for them, but it is a really practical service for the other iTunes users.

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What is iTunes Match