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MetaX MetaX is a nice tool for users to instantly tag their TV shows and movies with meta data. It saves you loads of time for configuring and managing the songs, videos and movies. It can turn your massive media files manageable in minutes and make them readily to organize in iTunes. It can ensure all your movies and TV shows tagged precisely so as to let iTunes retrieve the cover art for them. The software is quite easy to work with – you just need to open the media files in the program and then MetaX will import metadata from TagChimp database. You will be able to choose from given results and also customize tags from other results. Since MetaX has direct connection with IMDB, so you can obtain extreme details for every movie. Such setting will help movie fans quickly to compliment the movie information. Another useful feature is that the program can capture a screenshot as the cover of your movie. Concern the drawbacks of MetaX, it supports a relative narrow range of formats though it can still handle MV4, M4A, M4B, MOV, MP4 and etc. But if you are looking for a tool which supports the conversion of more formats, please try FLV to MOV converter for mac. The Good

Automatically inserts metatags to movie and music Connected with Tagchimp and IMDB Make media files readily to sync via iTunes The Bad

Cannot support wider range of formats May throw random tags for movies

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