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How to Convert FLV to MOV Mac & Win Take a free download of video software and then follow the wizard to enjoy your FLV on Mac and Apple gadgets smoothly.

If your system is Windows, please download Video Converter for Windows. Step 1 Install FLV to MOV Converter Make sure you have installed the software properly on your Mac and then activate it. Go to the menu bar, click “File” – “Add Video/Audio files” and then import the files for converting. You may also simply drag and drop the media files to main interface and import them. Since this powerful converter supports batch conversions, you will find each media source presented in list form as illustrated below:


Step 2. Configure Output Settings Just after you have imported all source media files for conversion and confirmed them in main interface, you can move on to configuring the settings. To do this, select a video, click the “format’ icon next to its title and you will see a list displays as below, and then select “MOV” as output.Also, you may directly chooose to export to the devices which you want to play videos.


From such menu you will pick up one-way conversion without further adjustment: iPad, iPod, iPhone (4s included), Apple TV, iMovie, Final Cut Pro and other portable players like PS3, Xbox 360, PS3, Walkman, Zen, and more. You will get your source media playable on all portable hardware devices and desktop software as easy as 1-2-3. Besides, all files converted in this way could be synced with iTunes effectively. Tips1: Extract Audio from video on Mac If you find a fragment of a movie’s background music appealing or simply want to enjoy the origin sound track individually, this tool can solve it out for you. Again, you have to click the “Format” corresponding to each source media and then choose audio as output (AAV, WAV, MP3). Tip2: Trim output files To cut unwanted parts of your video clips, or take off black edges of movies, choose the file you want to edit, click “Edit” from main menu and you can work with that in the pop-up manual. Step3 Video Conversion When you have finished all settings according to above instructions, go to the main interface and click ‘Convert’ to start the process. Though the the time it takes depends on the performance of machine, you don’t need to worry that it may take too long – the latest version can gain you 5 times processing speed compared with before. It will just take a little while so you could just move on to other things. After that, you will receive your media files with desired formats!

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How to Convert FLV to MOV Mac & Win