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Section Scale 1:100

The Rose Seidler House is located at Wahroonga. This house was designed by Harry Seidler in 1950. It was considered futuristic and modern home during that period it was buit in Australia. Through the use of my basic photoshop skills I had rendered the Rose Seidler house as one of my tasks. This task had introduced me into using the basics of rendering both in 2D and 3D.

Upon recieving my first brief for my paradise, we had to form five stage sets representing what we considered our paradise. I had explored my paradise through a spiritual aspect of my religion, Buddhism. From Buddhism I drew upon the pagoda. The next step into the project was about the exploration of materials. I had used whitecard, wax and balsa wood. The most successful was the wax works which portrayed more of a towering structural effect. To create my final model of my 1:100 scaled room I had elaborated from one of my models from my first brief as it had the most effective structure.

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