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ENGLISH No. 2 | 2012–2013

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Northern Lights

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– the Marvels of Lapland

Levi Offers Activities Around the Year

Step into the Genuine Sauna

and then a dip into the icy water

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Experience the fantastic Lapland! Book your holiday to snowy winter landscapes or experience nightless nights and golf under the midnight sun.


ine L

e vi

Levi Holiday Packages Prices starting from

Autumn “Ruska” Holiday First Snow Package Holiday package from Copenhagen (Sat–Thu) Includes direct flights CPH–KTT–CPH

Lapland Holiday Package

389,- / person 3 nights 395,- / person 3 nights 279,- / person 5 nights 445,- / person 4 nights 554,- / person 3 nights

Includes three nights in a hotel in Levi, one night in the Snow Hotel, three course dinner in Snow Village, breakfasts and transfers between Levi and Snow Village. The sample prices include: flights Helsinki-Kittilä-Helsinki, hotel accommodation (shared room for 2) and breakfast. Book your holiday now to get the best deal! All activities can also be booked via Levi Travel. Contact us for more holiday offers / package deals. You can choose to stay in a hotel, holiday apartment, glass igloo or even in a snow hotel.



Golf packages

Oy Levi Travel Ltd. Myllyjoentie 2 FI-99130 Levi t. +358 16 639 3380

vel S h o p

Lapland is pure magic! Holi Hosdtay LEVI

At the northern heights of Levi, the fully renovated Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti provides excellent services for you to enjoy in the heart of a lively fell village.

Our fell hotels at Levi and Ylläs provide you with the services of a Holiday Host on five days a week until the end of April. These services will make your holiday most active and enjoyable. Check the weekly programmes on our website!

Our cosy hotel is decorated in warm colours, using natural materials, such as wood and stone. Come and enjoy the exclusive Lappish delicacies and international cocktails at our restaurant.

Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti (Valid 12 January–1 March 2013)

The price includes accommodation in a renovated double room with a sauna, breakfast and one Holiday Host excursion of your choice.



A Holiday Host at your service

All of our 70 hotel rooms with saunas, as well as the reception, lobby area and the dining restaurant have been fully renovated during summer 2012. Welcome to relax in an idyllic atmosphere!

Active Holiday at Levi



KILPISJÄRVI Lapland Hotel Kilpis

Norway Finland

pers / dbl / 4 nights HETTA Lapland Hotel Hetta

PALLAS Lapland Hotel Pallas

For comprehensive services, visit our online shop at Call us for any assistance on +358 (0)16 3232

OLOS Lapland Hotel Olos

LEVI Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti

YLLÄS Lapland Hotel Äkäshotelli Lapland Hotel Ylläskaltio








LUOSTO Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi Lapland Hotel Luostotunturi Kelomajat

ROVANIEMI Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara Lapland Hotel Bear’s Lodge

Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti p. +358 (0)16 323 500


SAARISELKÄ Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna

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Contents No. 2 | 2012–2013




Love in Levi


Presenting Levi Fell pistes


Around the world in eight months


Rental system that remembers You


Appeal that encaptivates


A high-tech fell village


The symphonic soul of a metal giant


The World Cup is full of atmosphere


Bright autumn colours light up Lapland


A central location on the map





Santa Claus means Christmas!


Flaming colours in the sky


How Finnish are you?


A safari is always fun


How about a turn in the sauna?


Levi is rich in events


Walking in the woods


The Dudesons – Finnish madness at the top of the world


Adventures for children

A recognised master bass singer in Levi

Weekly program for winter

Enni Rukajärvi – a world champion





A Sámi window on the world


A Snow Surfer

58 Lappish jerky is an exclusive delicacy


The Mystery of the Snow Queen


Levi will ski into your heart


A thicker soup


Golf in the fells under a midnight sun


Party in the fell!


A paradise for road and mountain biking


Cloudberry – a beloved delicacy


WHEN in Levi, you have a great chance to spot the Northern Lights

LeviDays | 4

GOOD food saves the day – check out the recipes!

Levi attracts visitors from all corners of the world It only takes a glance at the key figures for the 2011–2012 season to see that Levi truly is an attractive destination! The sales of lift tickets, for example, increased by a record 10.8 per cent. Moreover, as Finland’s largest ski resort, Levi’s market share rose to 16.3 per cent. The number of overnight hotel stays from January to March 2012 increased by 16.1 per cent, of which the growth in international customers was a whopping 30.8 per cent. During the first quarter of the year, international tourists accounted for nearly half of all the overnight hotel stays in Levi. The significance of the early season is ever greater, so we will continue during the 2012–2013 season to invest in and expand our automated snowmaking systems. These investments dramatically accelerate the start of the early season and ensure quality practice conditions for the Alpine Ski World Cup and European Cup races. Our co-operation with the Swiss World Cup centres will continue with a shared lift ticket. As you are reading this, we are busy here in the fell village getting ready for the opening of a new season. The first big step, requiring smooth collaboration, is the Alpine World Cup slalom race in November, for which Levi is best known around the world. The success of the actual World Cup event would not be possible if it were not for industrious team work – so we want to extend our warmest gratitude to all the volunteers!

When you step out into the fell village at Christmas time, you notice immediately how international Levi has become. A genuine Finnish Christmas amidst the pure white snowdrifts continues to attract travellers from all over the world. On the other hand, spring also provides a chance to enjoy skiing in the sun and wonderful weather for a full range of fun activities. Over recent years, Levi has succeeded in introducing new and fantastic spring events that are suitable for the whole family. But they also wouldn’t be as successful without the slew of travellers looking to see and experience all the area has to offer.

Jussi Töyrylä CEO Levi Tourist Office

The programme includes fast, exciting activities and calmer moments for reflection all year round. The best way to keep up-to-date on Levi’s events is to actively check out, for example, our website and Facebook site. We are constantly reinventing, developing and challenging ourselves! We also invite you to share with us what you are expecting and looking forward to on your holiday in Levi. And when you arrive here, you can even send out your greetings to others through our Facebook site – after all, the site has already attracted more than 40,000 likes. We wish you relaxing holidays in Levi and enjoyable reading as you peruse the pages of this latest issue of LeviDays!

The White Circus is not the only reason to drop in at Levi in the early winter. The darkness of the winter and the Christmas season create a unique atmosphere here in the North, particularly for first-time visitors.

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The Northern lights are not caused by dead souls playing ball with walrus skulls. The above tale is told by the Inuits and is one of many ancient beliefs related to the amazing Northern lights. Among these stories are Finnish folklores about the fire fox whose tail strikes sparks in the sky when it hits the snowdrifts. The Finnish word for the Northern lights, revontulet, literally means the ‘fox fire’. “Space research is a relatively young field of science. Although the oldest visual observations of the Aurora Borealis date back to the 18th century, the earliest experiments and theories explaining this phenomenon are more or less based on mythologies,” says space researcher Noora Partamies from the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

7 | LeviDays

Find these Northern lights

Probability to observe ***** Rare *** Quite rare ** Frequent * Very frequent

With an expert at the other end of the phone, I have the opportunity to ask about this impressive celestial spectacle: what is the origin of these visual effects? “Northern lights are generated in the upper atmosphere, at heights of 100–300 kilometres from the ground, when electrically charged particles from the near-Earth space fall into the upper atmosphere,” explains Noora. And just to make it a little bit more complicated... “The precipitating particles collide with the atoms and molecules in the atmosphere. Energy is then transferred, in small portions, to atmospheric particles, which become excited. When the excitation state relaxes, it is seen as light,” describes Noora, whose work is to analyse the night sky images. An active theatre above the fells in Levi In the coming years, it’s worth taking a look at the dark skies above Levi. We are living very opportune times in terms of the Northern lights. The current solar cycle, or sunspot cycle, is approaching its peak in 2013. “The auroral activity follows quite closely the solar activity cycle. The higher the magnetic activity, the more spectacular shows we can see.” The year of sunspot maximum tends to be less active in terms of the Northern lights than the preceding or following 1–2 years. “Last winter was a really nice Northern light season. Hopefully, we can admire similar displays in the next two winters as well,” Noora visualizes. In any case, the chances to observe Northern lights are excellent in Kittilä region. “The appearance of the Northern lights is linked to the geographical latitudes. Polar regions, such as Northern Lapland is where you can typically observe them.” The higher up north you travel in Finland, the more probable it is to see Northern lights. “At the latitude of Sodankylä, Northern lights appear every other night, on an average, at Kilpisjärvi you can see them during three nights out of four, and at Levi the frequency is something in between these.”

LeviDays | 8

Did you see a corona? In Southern Finland, the Northern lights are seldom seen. You can only enjoy the colourful circus in the sky during the strongest magnetic storms, which occur most often around the spring and autumn equinoxes. “In Lapland, it’s more 1. about whether the weather Typical is good and the sky is clear,” arched Northe arches rn ar Noora points out. ty is gro e relatively co lights. Whirlin mmon. w g in g . * The traveller, of course, They in disturbances dicate that th in the is interested in knowing e activiwhere the best Northern lights viewing spots are. With good luck, you can capture an image of a fabulous corona (see the illustrations). According to Noora, the most important standing of space, she gathered a huge colaspect is to get away from artificial lights, in lection of Northern light images to serve as other words, to move to a place where you study material for her Master’s thesis and, are surrounded by genuine darkness and the later on, for her Doctoral thesis. sky with stars. “The material included images of North “It takes about thirty minutes for your eyes ern lights from several measuring stations to adapt to the darkness,” Noora emphasises. over a period of 3–4 winters.” Proper clothing is actually the only mat When Noora started working on her Master you have to take seriously during starlit ter’s thesis, she was employed at the Metewinter nights. orological Institute for a second summer. “In Lapland, it’s often extremely cold in “I spent my summer scrolling images of clear weather. So remember to wear a down Northern lights in a dark office room. And I jacket and trousers!” had a great time,” Noora assures laughing. But surely she escaped sometimes out to the sunshine, for a moment at least? “Well, maybe, for a short break to have an ice cream in the afternoons.”

A flami n g a rch

He who looks long upon the aurora soon goes mad.

a proverb among the aurora researchers

Generally, you should also make sure that the observation spot provides an open horizon, at least, toward the North. And, in order not to disturb the adaptation of your eyes to the darkness, it’s good to have a red-lighted torch or headlight with you. The red light has a wavelength that is suitable for activities carried out in dark or dim conditions. “Star watchers use this trick when, for example, checking the star chart.” A pioneer in Northern lights Noora was captivated by the Northern lights already in her study years. To gain an under-

Ability to understand, need to explain Noora became a researcher because she has always had the need to observe her surroundings and attempt to explain what she sees. And she specialized in the Northern lights because: “They are fascinating light phenomena and unbelievably beautiful visual experiences. Also, there are still so many open questions related to them.” One might imagine that when Noora mentions her occupation to anyone, for example, when on a holiday, she is then forced to explain her work and answer questions arising from curiosity. “It depends on the situation. Sometimes it happens that when I say I’m a space re-

What does it look like up there?

e piral auroral emission, you cannt, othfteenarcseh, s g n ci n a d g e 2. A ith a stron basic elem ion w The In connect l-shaped structure. a ir ing itself. p sp a t h sh g re ri ab less and is st re e m co has be y: ** Probabilit

Maintained by the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Auroras Now! is a free, online space-weather service that allows anyone to observe the Northern lights in Finland. Check out the near real-time input from the Northern lights cameras – the images are updated once a minute! LeviDays acknowledges Space Researcher Noora Partamies for her assistance in the analysis of the Northern Lights. When you’ve seen gorgeous Northern Lights, please share your experience (when, where) in Levi’s Facebook site. Check out for the spectacular excursions or ask direct from Levi Tourist information or T. +358 600 550 134* * (0,8 €/min + local service provider charge, queuing chargeable )

searcher, the conversation comes to a total end,” she says. Does a researcher ever get rid of the Northern lights, or is, for example, her home decorated with Northern light patterns? “I must admit that I have a couple of large-scale prints of the Northern light photos on my walls,” Noora answers. Noora’s work is anything but a lonely and tedious exploration of the endless and constantly accumulating study material. “When I started my doctoral studies, I thought that I would be working on my own research practically every day. There was a point when I realized that I had waited for a long time to see a normal research day,” she remembers.

“We try to make the science familiar to the general public.” Noora also has on-call duties, and she actively monitors auroral activity. She answers people’s inquiries concerning the space weather situation and Northern lights observations. Sometimes she takes part in measuring campaigns, for example, to Svalbard (Spitsbergen). Occasionally, she has the opportunity to type a few commands on the ionospheric radar command line. As a result, the giant, 32-meter antenna dish of the EISCAT radar will obediently turn as commanded by the researcher. “Yes, it does have a certain appeal,” Noora says.

Commanding the EISCAT ionospheric radar In addition to the research, Noora’s work includes, among other things, administrative duties, funding applications, the supervising of students and occasional teaching duties. “From time to time, we sit together with students in the snow, watching the sky.” Additionally, there are the Meteorological Institute’s PR activities, such as visits by various groups and participation in different events to present the Institute’s research activities.

A radiant red corona

A magic fan

3. A beautiful radial structure. Radial Northern lights can be seen in connection with active auroral shows when your observation spot is not directly below but from the side. Probability: ****

4. The sparklin g ra rity! The effe diant crown that fills th e entire sky ct is seen w is a true rahen the Nor sky directly thern over radiated from the viewer ’s head. It se lights appear in the em one single sp le, at any tim ot. This type s as if each beam is e, but since the viewer ha is possible, in principthe auroral s to stand ex structure, it is rather un actly under on with the likely to see strongest m it. In connec agnetic stor deep red an tims, the coro d purple colo na may incl urs. Probab ude ility: *****

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All in one! by the Front pistes Open between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. during the winter season Everything that you need for the fell is available under one roof • A spacious rental where you will find equipment for downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country and telemark skiing. Also available for hire are helmets, sledges, blades, snowshoes, snowscoots, etc. • 8 ski pass sales points from which you can walk straight to the pistes and the lifts. • At Café Tanja, you can enjoy pastries or for lunch soups, salads and sandwich meals. • At Levi.Shop, you can get the latest international fashion designs both for the pistes and for casual wear. "Easy days by Levi" is Levi's own casual clothes collecLevi Official Partnerit 07 / 2012 tion. The Levi-mascot Leevi takes an adventure on prod ucts that are specially designed for children. • In addition to the range of clothes in the Tanja Poutiai nen Halti Store, you can also take a look at our first World Cup winner's competitive career. Ski pass offices, rentals and Levi.Shops can also be found by the lower lift station of the Gondola, the South (lift nr. 8) and Northeast (lift nr. 6) pistes.

LeviDays | 10

Set off down the piste safely with ski school.

In Levi's high-quality ski school, you will learn new skills or revise old ones in a group or in your own private lesson. Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and telemark tuition takes place in the winter season daily between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Reservations by email

• Levitunturi (Levi fell) summit height = 531 m, vertical drop from top to bottom = 325 m • 43 pistes, of which the longest is 2,500 m (3 black, 23 red, 18 blue and 1 green) • 17 illuminated pistes, 18 with snow-making facilities • Snow Park, 1 half-pipe, 1 super pipe, 2 streets, Kid’s Land and day-care area "Tenavatokka" • 26 lifts and 10 free children's lifts • lift capacity: 27,600 people per hour • free ski buses • 230 km of cross-country skiing trails, of which 28 km are illuminated and 9 km have snow-making facilities • international FIS and World Cup skiing centre

Fun at Gondola area • Gondola panorama lift • Bike Park • Adventure Park • Skate Park • Traffic park for children • Kids’ playground and climbing park • Barbecues for grilling sausages • Parking lot for caravanners • Tennis fields • Frisbeegolf with 9 tracks • 18-hole Minigolf course

Adventure Park The stations and activities in Adventure Park provide the entire family and groups with an almost endless series of exciting challenges that require concentration, coordination and the use of strength. Adventure Park has 6 trails and 65 different stations. Along the trails, you can climb over fences, travel down rocky walls with ropes, and swing on footbridges suspended many meters off the ground. There’s a trail for kids from 4 to 6 years, and for the fearless there’s even a trail that’s 9 meters off the ground. Adventure Park offers relaxation, adventure and fun. Try your courage and your skill!

Take a fast ride! The Gondola 2000 cabin lift carries bikers up to where Freeride and Downhill tracks begin. The DH track is for experts and 2 freeride trails are for every level of riders which may also go around challenging parts. Freeride biking takes place along wide banked trails to tight and twisty single tracks. Santa´s Cabin is designed for more experienced bikers but Blue Groove suits also for intermediate bikers. Juniors and beginners have their own trail with fun tasks at lower lift station. The height difference at Bike Park is 310 meters! More information on The Levi bike rentals offer the finest bikes and safety equipment for DH, freeride, mountain and road biking. Gondola rental also sells and services equipment. Another rental at Front pistes, middle of the village.

Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd, tel. +358 20 7960 200,

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LeviDays | 12

You are sitting with friends in a dimly lit room. You can hear the soft, lazy hiss of the water as it comes into contact with the hot sauna stove. The Finnish sauna is an experience that should not be missed.

The journey of our sauna party first takes us 18 kilometres from Levi. The artistic surroundings of Reijo Raekallio’s gallery lie along the scenic Muoniontie route. Alongside the main building, there stands a handsome old-fashioned smoke sauna that was built in 1982. “The steam in a smoke sauna is special; it has a positive effect. The stones radiate the heat differently than iron does,” states the artist, as we catch up with him busy working in the yard. Reijo explains that sauna bathing reduces blood pressure and opens up the pores in the skin. He even says that one sweats differently in the sauna. “You come out feeling lighter, and the feeling can last until the next morning.” Heating up the sauna is a work of art The Raekallios have positioned their sauna stove so that bathers feet don’t get cold. In other words, the bottom of the stove is lower than floor level. “We generally use aspen and goat willow to heat the sauna. Sometimes we use birch, but without the bark,” Reijo explains. The stove is large and it requires three loads of wood to heat it properly. Smaller pieces of wood are used to get the fire started. Next, large pieces of wood are added that will burn for a long time. Finally, the coals are evened out using small pieces of aspen, which are allowed to burn slowly. “The best result is achieved when the embers are allowed to die down on their own. Then all the heat is restored and bathers are able to continue throwing water on the stones for a long period of time. Reijo recommends his sauna for stressed people who, in their daily lives, are used to taking advantage of the latest technology. “Our sauna provides a rather primitive experience. The atmosphere captivates and wins over anyone who has never had a chance to experience anything like this before. “You can’t just heat it up for yourself” The next sauna oasis is the nostalgic Sammun Tupa, which lies at the base of Levi Fell. Hostess Arja Kenttälä gives us a warm welcome. This relaxing oasis was built nearly 12 years ago.

“At first, we wanted the lakeside sauna just for our own use,” remembers Arja, who is an avid sauna bather. The owners heated the sauna often and their wide range of acquaintances gradually got introduced to their sauna and its amazing surrounding landscapes. “You can’t just heat up the sauna for yourselves,” was a phrase that Arja often heard from their friends. So that’s how the steam of Sammun Tupa sauna turned into a place that all sauna fans can now experience and enjoy. A massive stove Since that time, the site has been favoured by sauna enthusiasts. The sauna easily fits groups of 6-10 people, and at its busiest, the sauna is heated three times a week. “Usually those who visit for the first time end up saying that they will definitely be back, and they are disappointed that their time here seems to go so fast.”

It isn’t until the customers arrive that they fully understand the way in which time stands still here. Arja has instructed those in charge of sales that they should recommend to anyone inquiring about hour-long sauna turns to reserve a longer period of time for the full sauna experience. “It isn’t until the customers arrive that they fully understand the way in which time stands still here.” The Kenttälä family’s secret to a proper sweat-inducing steam is the massive stove filled with stones. The more than 700 kilos of stones ensure that the sauna will stay good and warm for a long time. Close access to the winter swimming hole In the winter, the sauna experience at Sammun Tupa includes the option to enjoy winter swimming. This experience has been tested by, among many others, an English couple leading a group of 40 tourists. They were horrified by the idea to start.

13 | LeviDays

In Levi and the surrounding areas, there are loads of sauna options available, from traditional alternatives to more unique locations - why not try, for example, the ice sauna?

“In the end, they were enjoying the saunaswimming-sauna routine so much that they didn’t want to stop at all. The refreshing cold water was such an amazing experience for them,” Arja explains. In addition to business groups, the hostess also encourages families to take more advantage of all that a unique sauna in the fells has to offer. Many people don’t have the chance to bathe in the sauna at their homes, much less in a breathtaking wilderness environment. “After a long sauna, guests can simply relax and enjoy the scenery and, for example, roast sausages over an open fire. There is also a toy box for children and even a childminder for parents who are looking for a moment on their own.” On to the first smoke sauna in Levi! Close to Sammun Tupa, we come to the last stop on our journey. Levi Lapp Village is located in the historically esteemed scenic setting of Lonnakko village. Here we find the first traditional smoke sauna to be built in Levi.

LeviDays | 14

Levi Lapp Village uses primarily barkless birch to heat their sauna. In the end, a hood is placed over the embers and they are allowed to burn out without creating any smoky smell. If there is smoke or a smoky smell in the air, the sauna experience will be anything but enjoyable. “Generally speaking, poor smoke sauna experiences are the result of this smoky smell. A properly heated smoke sauna is a genuine pleasure, so it is not one to be passed up,” encourages hostess Erja Kenttälä.

pool close to the sauna building as the popularity of winter swimming took off.”   The stove has been renewed and the current one is already the third stove. An inexperienced sauna bather may be surprised as the large size of the sauna. For this reason, people sometimes throw a bit too much water on the stove. “The steam takes a moment before it reaches the bathers, and you may notice that the upper bench of the sauna empties quickly. It is wise to toss the water sparingly on the stones.” When you need a moment to cool off, that is also a pleasure in itself. In Levi, you do so surrounded by a classically idyllic and calming vista. And then it’s back into the steam!

A properly heated smoke sauna is a genuine pleasure, so it is not one to be passed up

Who gets to use the sauna scoop? During the peak seasons, hundreds of sauna guests have visited the site. Every season is, however, different. The sizes of the groups vary from six to several dozen people. “We built our washrooms in 1999. We also added a cold water and warm water dipping

A brief introduction to winter swimming The first time you rise from the water after winter swimming, you will notice that your blood is rushing and your body is tingling with energy. Winter swimming works wonders on your circulation while relaxing and rejuvenating you. During the winter, it is possible to take a rejuvenating dip in the freezing waters of Levi and the surrounding areas. Any first timer should try it out with a friend. It is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience when you share it with good friends! Winter swimming is suitable for all those who dare and are in basic good health.

1. Relax first in the hot, steamy sauna as   long as you wish


Walk calmly to the winter swimming area, allowing the heat to even out


Lower yourself slowly into the cold water and remain there as long as you are comfortable


Rise calmly out of the water and walk slowly back to the sauna


Sit back and enjoy the gentle, soothing steam of the sauna

6. Repeat steps 1-5 as often as you want 7.

After sauna: relax in front of a warm fire with a cup of something steaming hot or refreshingly cool in your hand

P.S.Please share your experience on Levi’s Facebook page!

Winter swimming • Booking private saunas • Rolling in the snow Request more information: Gallery Raekallio, Immelkartano, Wolverine Fell Wilderness and Nature (during the summer), Levi Lapp Village, Levin Sammun Tupa, Luvattumaa, Nulituisen Shamaani, Polar Meetings Ltd, Taivaanvalkeat and Veikasenharjun Smoke Sauna. Visit Under the Experiences menu, click on the Programme providers > Swimming in a hole in the ice and booking saunas. Radiant sauna treatments A relaxing and rejuvenating sauna and wellness treatment is a unique way to get acquainted with the local health traditions. Try one of these: Queen, Snow White, Snow queen, and Chocolate peat saunas, the Cleopatra sauna, a traditional smoke sauna, the raft sauna safari on Immeljärvi Lake (during the summers), and the Lapland visitor’s reindeer sauna.

15 | LeviDays

Are you planning a trip to Finland or have you, perhaps, already made a visit? Test yourself to see how well you blend in with the locals and what Finnish traditions are right up your alley. Find out whether you might have a drop of Finnish blood flowing through your veins.

Let’s start with the most important thing. Do you enjoy the sauna? We aren’t talking here about any regular steam room, but an honestto-goodness Finnish sauna: heat at a minimum of +80°C, and a birch switch in your hand ready to slap against yourself and those next to you in order to stimulate your circulation. You’ll never get me into the sauna. Who on earth would want to sauté themselves in a boiling hot room? There is nothing normal about sitting side-by-side with naked strangers. The sauna is a nice experience to have once a year, but I can truly do without the birch switch. I can’t get enough of the sauna! It’s a place where the soul rests, the mind calms and you can feel the Finnish essence flowing through you. Nothing beats the scent of the birch switch.

LeviDays | 16

The thermometer shows -25°C and your Finnish tour guide is knocking on your cabin door, because it’s time to go on a ski tour. The trails are calling! I’ve been ready for an hour already and am so looking forward to the excursion. I am wearing several layers of long underwear and a balaclava, and I have packed my backpack with sausages and hot coffee. Who cares about the freezing cold! This temperature is better suited to polar bears, not to people. Go ahead and knock all day; I’m staying in front of the fireplace with my wool socks securing on my feet. Weather this cold isn’t even possible! It’s freaking cold, but I love skiing and rambling in nature, so I agree to go on a shortened ski tour. When my toes begin to hurt, it is time to turn back and seek the warmth of the spa.

Reindeer and sausages are the favoured delicacies of Finns. Do you like them? Sautéed reindeer is really tasty, but I don’t quite understand the whole sausage frenzy. During the summer, sausages are the only food on the Finnish food wheel! Reindeer is absolutely delicious, as is sausage. I usually take an extra suitcase with me so that I can fill it with treats like this to take home with me. One word to describe both of these ”delicasies”: YUCK!

The Finns are sports fanatics. Nothing gathers Finns around the TV like an ice hockey world championship  and  50-km Olympian ski race. Do you share our enthusiasm for sports?

The long days of summer and darkness of winter affect the Finnish personality more than anything else. During the winter in the northern reaches of Finland, the shortest days are no more than a few minutes in length, but during the summer, it is bright round the clock.

Finnish perseverance is one of the most characteristic aspects of the nation. This perseverance has been tested in wars, shown in amazing comebacks in ice hockey, and it helps the people to grin and bear temperatures of -30°C, even without a hat. Do you have a touch of Finnish perseverance?

How can anyone stand to live several months in the dark, that’s horrible! And the summer is no better, no one can sleep with the sun shining all day and all night. Do the Finns hibernate and then stay awake all summer? The darkness is so romantic! I could sit for hours in the glow of the fire and gaze out into the darkness. In the summer, the whole nation awakens. It is an amazing feeling when the darkness finally gives way to the light after the long winter. I can get used to anything, even the darkness. Luckily the Northern lights and snow illuminate the landscape to a certain extent. In the summer, I can always sleep with sunglasses on!

I sure do, enough to share with others! Even if it rains pots and pans, I’ll finish chopping my pile of firewood. All by myself. No need for assistance. Of course, I never give in. But I suppose I don’t have to do it all on my own, since there is also help available. I don’t understand the question. Why would anyone opt to walk in the freezing cold, when there are taxis?

     6–8 points A holiday in Finland... really? You seem to be quite an extreme traveller who likes a challenge and pushing yourself to the limit. The other option is that

some pages were lost from your tour guide, or it was the first day of work for your travel agent, since you clearly don’t belong to the average target group for Finland. It’s cold in the winter, and the majority of summer too, we

eat weird food and in our spare time, we beat each other with branches in +100°C temperatures. Maybe they forgot to mention these things at the travel office?

    9–15 points When in Rome.... but only to a limited extent Finland and the Finnish mentality are near to your heart, and you manage quite nicely in Finland, as long as you don’t have to deal with any of the stranger Finnish

habits and traditions. The sauna is pretty relaxing, but it is pure madness to team that up with a roll in some smelly sod or freezing snowdrifts. You aren’t afraid of low temperatures, and you enjoy being in Finland whether it’s summer or winter. You are, however, of the

opinion that it’s pure madness to change your cardigan into a t-shirt immediately when the sun appears in the sky in spring. Apparently that is, according to Finns, the sign of summer. Even though there might still be snow on the ground.

    16–18 points You were born to live in Finland! You have been a Finn in a former life or there is a Pekka, Juhani or Taisto among your ancestors and you’ve inherited his genetic traits. You love everything that this rugged Northern land has to offer, and

you are sometimes more Finnish than even the Finns themselves. You can still believe that our ice hockey team will make a comeback, even when there is only 5 minutes left of the game, Sweden is leading 4–0 and we locals have already gone to lick our wounds on our sauna benches. Your admiration for Finland

has gone so far that you even have Finland theme parties for your friends and force them to eat mämmi and salmiakki. This might be the reason why your social life has quieted lately.

It’s difficult to understand how anyone could sit for any length of time and watch grown men pushing along through the snow with frozen beards and snot streaming across their cheeks. The same goes for ice hockey. I would rather watch The Magic Flute or Swan Lake! With a Finnish flag in hand, painted cheeks, a Teemu Selänne team jersey and a roaring cheer on your lips. Bring it on, Swedes, the Finnish Lions are not afraid of you! ROAR!! The Finnish sports enthusiasm is fun to be a part of, and it is one time when the nation truly draws together as a whole. On the other hand, if the Finnish team loses, it is in vain to try to talk to any Finnish people - a loss in sports makes them super grumpy for hours... even days.

Test Score 1. a) 1 b) 2 2. a) 3 b) 1 3. a) 2 b) 3 4. a) 1 b) 3 5. a) 1 b) 3 6. a) 3 b) 2

c) 3 c) 2 c) 1 c) 2 c) 2 c) 1

17 | LeviDays

The wild beauty of nature draws tourists as well as couples who are planning their weddings. One couple who has exchanged vows in Levi is Wawa and Jack Ho.

All the people who get married in Levi share a love for the nature of Lapland and its impressive landscape. Whether the wedding is held in mid-winter or mid-summer, the North has extremes in store for you. The freezing temperatures of the winter with its glowing Northern lights and the midnight sun during the short summers lend an additional exotic edge to any wedding day. Wawa and Jack, winter 2010 Wawa and Jack Ho of Hong Kong were wed at St. Mary’s Chapel in Levi on New Year’s Eve 2010. The romantic day was topped off with the fantastic New Year’s fireworks that same night. The couple wanted to get married under the Northern Lights, and after intensively searching the Internet and travel guides, they decided on Levi as their wedding site. Other criteria, in addition to the Northern Lights, included the opportunity to experience a different cultural and natural environment, a peaceful and safe atmosphere, the language skills of the locals, and the romantic and beautiful settings and arrangements available for festive occasions.

LeviDays | 18

“We really like simple beauty. St. Mary’s Chapel was full of atmosphere and the priest’s speech truly touched us both. Despite the fact that we are from the other side of the world, the wedding ceremony was warm and personal,” explains Wawa. Surprisingly friendly The Ho couple was originally unfamiliar with Levi. According to Wawa, the people of her homeland all know about Rovaniemi as the home of Santa Claus, but they don’t know anything about the other destinations in Lapland. “We definitely think that Levi is the perfect place for a wedding. The magical aura of the North provides an exquisite setting!” The couple states that they also had the great pleasure of getting to know the local photographer who photographed their ceremony. One of the highlights of their four-day visit was an invitation to the photographer’s home. Wawa and Jack held a traditional Chinese wedding reception with family and friends upon their return home. They add, however, that

the evening with their new photographer friend’s family will forever represent a beautiful and cherished ‘Finnish’ wedding reception. “We were surprised that we made such great friends in Lapland. We spent one whole evening just laughing and getting acquainted. We will definitely continue to keep in touch. My husband and I were very impressed both with the friendliness of the people we met and with the delicious Lapp cuisine,” states Wawa. Wawa and Jack plan to return to Levi someday. “One of our dreams is to visit Finland and Levi on our third anniversary. Maybe then we will also have the opportunity to see those Northern lights.”

Are you planning to get married in Levi? Check out the following tips! • An exotic backdrop for any wedding celebration is provided by the snow and ice during the winters, and the midnight sun in summer. • Levi has an amazing array of venues for all sorts of occasions, all year round.

• A special touch: altars built out of snow and ice for weddings of any size. Quaint and intimate wedding chapels that accommodate the wedding couple, the priest and a few witnesses. Request more information! • Ask the experts at the Levi Tourist Office for more suggestions on unique and romantic wedding sites. The local people are friendly and skilled in languages. • It is a good idea to figure out in advance what you would like to do and, for example, contact the priest before the wedding. • St. Mary’s Chapel is an extremely romantic and attractive site for a wedding. During the ceremony, the couple stands on reindeer pelts. This provides a different and memorable experience! The couple can also help design their official wedding ceremony and its nuances by talking with the priest and cantor in advance. • The experts at Levi Travel and the Levi Tourist Office will help with arranging travel tickets, the wedding venue and local accommodation. Plans can also be made online at the Levi Travelshop (

19 | LeviDays

Get the perfect location for your holiday at Levin Alppitalot Gorgeous views to Front pistes right from most of the holiday apartments of Alppitalo and Alppit채hti.They are built for comfort, from the needs of two people to easy accommodation of 15 people. The reception room areas of our biggest apartments are also suitable for meetings.

The apartments are located right next to the Restaurant Street, front slopes as well as trekking and skiing routes are just on the other side of the road - as well as all happenings at Levi. Our staff warmly welcomes you to enjoy your stay with us.

LeviDays | 20

T. +358 20 7866 433 | |

Levi Spirit villas are a rare combination of Arctic nature and luxury. They offer comforts you won't find elsewhere. Modern design, top-quality natural materials and exquisite amenities provide a pleasant and impressive dĂŠcor. We will be happy to assist you before you arrive and during your stay and will know your wishes when you come back next time. Reservations: tel. +358 (0)600 550 120 or


Three high-standard restaurants form our Restaurant Street facing the front piste at the Levi ski resort. The Bistro, Cantina and Tango together with Gastro Catering offer visitors to Lapland unique experiences, each in its own way. Continental delicacies, TexMex favourites, traditional steaks and pizzas - they're all on the menu.

Sales service tel. +358 (0)600 550 121 | |


21 | LeviDays


Levi Fell pistes

Piste Manager Hannu Mäkitalo gives his own tips for each of the five Levi piste areas.

FRONT pistes – On the front piste, there are challenging pistes that suit those who have mastered the basic skills. It is easy to go from here, like from the other main areas, to the other piste areas.

Sompa – A safe training and learning area for young

kids, beginners and first-time downhill skiers. When the temperature is below zero, the weather may be milder here than in areas lower in the fell. NORTHEASTERN pistes 5.1 – A fun transition piste with great views. Looking upon the Rakkavaara holiday home area below adds a magnificent feeling. 5.3 – A gradual downhill with some steeper sections. The slightly narrower piste suits well to those who are looking for a challenge. Spring is at its best here. Great for speed enthusiasts and anyone who has mastered cutting turns. 6.2 – This piste is suitable for any type of gear. A broad, illuminated action piste that brings you down fast. A popular piste with artificial snow – proper speed is guaranteed for even the most demanding skiers. 6.4 – An earthmoving area that is popular among youth who enjoy making their own jumps. For DIY skiing or snowboarding.

LeviDays | 22

EASTERN pistes 7B.2 – A piste for a beginner or someone looking for a pleasant downhill skiing experience – suits practically everyone. Up to 50 metres wide at some places. 7.3 – An excellent piste with artificial snow; at its best early in the morning. SOUTH pistes 8.3 – Relaxed and easygoing downhill. There is also a steeper spot along the piste. 8.4 – The classic among illuminated pistes with artificial snow. Connoisseur’s choice! 9.1 – This piste leads you to start your way down from a bit higher position, offering a relaxed feeling. Enjoy the unhurried feeling. 9.2 – A piste for speed and action. For a slightly more advanced skier. GONDOLA AREA G.1 – A spectacular piste with natural snow, suitable for those seeking pleasure in downhill skiing. G.2 – The famous World Cup competition piste. Everyone should first try this piste slowly and carefully, and only then accelerate to full speed. This is a great place to test your skills. 13.2 – A snow paradise for every trickster. Remember to wear protective gear!

south pistes eastern pistes

northeastern pistes GONDOLA area


levi centre

23 | LeviDays

A smart rental system

remembers you Levi has a rental arsenal of about 6,000 items, covering different activities and sports. All of our rentals are organised and handled by our professional staff and smart rental system. In order for the equipment rentals to run as smoothly as possible for all parties, Levi has introduced the use of a smart rental system. In practice, this means that when you rent equipment for the first time, your personal information, weight, height and shoe size are stored in a computerized rental system. The next step is to select the appropriate equipment for your skill level, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. The system notifies the staff about any adjustments that need to be made to the equipment. Service is fast. “We introduced this system already in 2007 and the feedback has been phenomenal. There have also been less accidents, since the equipment can be adjusted perfectly to suit our customers,” sums up Rental Supervisor Pekka Rajala. And our rental system remembers your visit! Once your information has been entered

LeviDays | 24

in the system, it enables you to go directly to your choice of equipment at the time of your next rental. “If during your previous Levi holiday, you have fallen in love with a particular pair of skis, we can see from the computer whether we still have them amongst our stock. If we do, then all we have to do is adjust them for you and you can hit the slopes!” We have what you’re looking for There are four extremely well-stocked equipment rental offices in Levi, each with a slightly different selection of equipment. The equipment is renewed every season, so customers have the option of purchasing the equipment once they are done using it. “Each year, we get approximately 700-800 new pairs of slalom skis. The majority of these are sold during the season.”

There is such a high demand, for example, for children’s skis, sizes 80–130 cm, that they are generally all sold out by the end of their first season. The adult skis are normally on our rental lists for no more than three seasons. “We can see from our system the length of time a particular pair of skis has been in rental use. After three seasons, the skis are retired, if they haven’t been sold before that,” Pekka explains. “In addition to slalom skis and snowboards, it seems that cross-country skis are also especially desirable,” Pekka emphasises.

The shops are also here to serve you Don’t forget to check out the services in Levi.Shops and the local sports shops, whose product range includes quality sporting equipment, and outdoor clothing and equipment from the world’s leading manufacturers. Please remember to have personal ID ready when renting equipment.


of a world champion

LeviDays interviewed Enni Rukajärvi, the world’s first slopestyle champion. What is your favourite summer sport? “Skateboarding or some game, like basketball, tennis or beach volleyball.” Do you remember how it felt the first time you stayed up on the snowboard for an entire run? “It was really amazing! I remember the first time I used a snowboard. I stayed upright, until I skied off the marked trail. I wasn’t able to turn right away.” Is there a particular slope area at Levi that is JUST your thing? “It would have to be the park and the pipe.” What is the run you remember the best at Levi? “I would say it’s Battery Catfight 2012 as a whole; I got in a lot of runs and it was super fun!” What advice would you give to beginners to help them get the most out of their snowboarding experience? “Be patient and focus first on learning how to descend the slope properly. Once you’ve mastered the basic downhill technique, then you can start to learn how to do tricks. You should try to be as creative as possible and take a relaxed approach.” How heavily are you planning on competing during the 2012–2013 season? “That all depends on how many world cup competitions I should enter in order to qualify for a place in the Olympics (in Sochi in 2014). Probably about the same amount as last season.” Are you good at building jumps? “I think I’m pretty good. When I was little, I spent a lot of time building jumps, so I still think I would be able to, especially since I also have more knowledge about them now.” How about your rail-making skills? “I could definitely make a skateboard rail, and probably a snowboard rail too, if I had the help of my boyfriend.” The Finnish fell landscape or the majesty of the Alps? “The Finnish fell landscape.”

Walking in the woods The Levi Winter Walking trails have gained great popularity as a fun wintertime activity. The Levi Winter Walking trail was introduced in the season 2010-2011. Visitors were enthusiastic about this new form of outdoor activity, and as a response to their requests, the trail was extended to the southern slope in the following season. “The project originally started from the idea of Maija Palosaari, the Chief Tourist Information Officer at Levi Tourist Office, to offer guests an opportunity to get to know the Lappish nature without skis,” explains Jaana Uusitalo, who has designed the routes. Uusitalo is employed by the municipality of Kittilä, and she explains that the trails start from the centre of Levi and cover a total of 18 kilometres as a whole. “There are shorter and longer trails, so everyone can walk just as long a way as they please.” Entering nature with your kids Starting near the Kids’ Land, there is a short route that is ideal for those who want to take a walk with younger kids. With a flat terrain, this route has become popular among foreign visitors as well. British tourists, in particular, enjoy walking in the woods and admire the natural serenity. “Some Winter Walking trails lead higher to the fell. We wanted to give people a chance to see nature from many different angles,” says Jaana. Along the trail, there are spruce woods and pine woods. Partly the trails run amidst mountain birches, and also close to the stone-covered fell top. At the heights, beautiful views open over the landscape into the far horizon. The trails are maintained by snowmobiles, so the snow is packed hard and, in part of the trails, no snowshoes are needed. It’s advisable to check the condition of each trail from Levi Tourist Office in advance. And naturally, the fell village and its surroundings offer plenty of routes that are suitable for walking and Nordic walking in summertime as well!

25 | LeviDays

In many ways, Levi leads the way in terms of advanced electronic services for travellers.

A high-tech fell village Levi has, for example, more than 30 sites that offer wireless network service to customers. Fast connections make it easier to get your business done online, whether for work or recreational use. Simply type in, for example, to reach an up-to-date support site that contains all you need to know before you go on holiday and while enjoying the holiday itself! Mobile Levi When you travel in and around Levi, the mobile service makes sure that you always have all essential information right at your fingertips. The service provides information about the slopes and trails, events and activities, traffic, weather, dining options and other fun and unique experiences in the area. You can even use it to book a table at one of the local restaurants! Furthermore, during the winter season, you can also check the route of the Ski Buss in realtime to see its location on your phone or tablet. That will ensure that you won’t have to waste any precious holiday time waiting at a bus stop. While you are walking about the fell village, you will find smart info boards that provide up-to-date information in an illustrative fashion about current events, timetables and opening hours. Information and tips are also easily distributed through social media. It’s definitely worth your time to check out Levi’s Facebook page, which currently has been ‘liked’ more than 40,000 times. Your holiday channel The fell village also has its own local Levi Channel TV service, which is broadcast to all Levi Tourist Office and Levi Ski Resort service and accommodation sites on channel 21. Watch for entertainment updates, important news and event information. Travellers can also access the online weather and forecast service. The Levi Channel is visible to 90 per cent of the area’s overnight guests.

LeviDays | 26

Clear panoramic images Take a look at the Levi Skyview service as well. It provides a visual taste of the area’s services and events through fantastic panoramic images. You can learn more about the service providers in the Levi area and travel easily to the different sites with the help of a visual map service. At the same time, visitors can pull up on their computer screen any additional information, such as prices, opening hours, restau-

rant menus and other details that are available online.

Levi is electric • • • • Levi Channel (channel 21) • Become a Levi fan on Facebook and follow Levi on Twitter!


2. 3.


Levi centre 24. 23. 9.


Levi Tourist Information

20. 21.







Fell Pond


Fell Levi


Front pistes

Lake Immeljärvi 7.

17. 19.




Wireless Internet for travellers 1. Levi Tourist Information 2. Lobby and conference rooms at Hotel Hullu Poro, Restaurant Taivas 3. Rock Café Wanha Poro 4. Hullu Poro Arena 5. Asia Brasserie, InTeam, Kultainen Poro, Pub Hölmölä 6. Taivaanvalkeat 7. Immelkartano (Restaurant Riihi & Kartano accommodation)*

8. Spa Hotel Levitunturi 9. Hotel K5 (lobby and bar)* 10. Hotel Panorama, Restaurant Okta 11. View restaurant Tuikku* 12. Muumari Caravan* 13. Saunabaari (in summertime) * 14. Lapland Hotels Sirkantähti* 15. Zero Point, Café Tanja 16. V’inkkari 17. Gondola restaurants

18. Horizont 19. Sivakka, Draivi 20. Cantina, Bistro, Tango network name = name of restaurant 21. Beer House Tsekki network name = name of restaurant 22. Bar Ihku 23. Irish Pub Oliver’s Corner * 24. Sokos Hotel Levi / Coffee House* *)password from personnel

27 | LeviDays

The World Cup is full of atmosphere The phrase “White Circus” is the perfect nickname for the Alpine Ski World Cup. Levi has the honour of hosting one of the races in this massive competition. After mid-November, the entire alpine skiing community and all those interested in the sport will turn their eyes on the Fell Lapland area. At Levi, the world’s fastest and best alpine skiers will be fighting for fractions of a second when speeding down the Levi Black Race piste. Arranged in the fell village at Levi, the Slalom Opening Race is a shared pride for all Finns. And indeed, there is reason to be proud, as the race has been praised both for the setting, conditions and the excellent arrangements. The alpine stars also appreciate the actual piste and other infrastructure provided for the race. With the exception of a couple of times, snow has also been guaranteed at Levi. Good seats You can enjoy the race atmosphere with ease and style by investing in the renewed VIP packages that offer high-end experiences. The traditional VIP package includes a seat in the VIP stand, a lunch and entry to a special restaurant tent. The Platinum VIP ticket offers a more extensive package. It includes, among other things, a seat in the Platinum VIP stand, entry to the Gondola Restaurant, dinner with entertainment, and a Platinum VIP gala dinner at the Levi Summit Congress and Exhibition Centre. Both packages also include transportation from Levi Centre to the race slope and back, as well as admission to the race on both days. Come and join us to see the masterful carvings down the Levi Black! LeviDays | 28

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Levi 9–11 November 2012 Race programme and public events Friday, 9 November Levi Centre, Zero Point 6.45 pm Opening ceremony 7 pm Allotment of competitor numbers, women 7.15 pm Programme on the event stage Saturday, 10 November Levi Black Race piste, Gondola area 10.30 am Pre Race 11 am Women’s slalom, 1st round 2 pm Women’s slalom, 2nd round 3 pm Probably The Best After Ski, audience tent Levi Centre, Zero Point 7 pm Prize ceremony, women 7.15 pm Allotment of competition numbers, men 7.30 pm Programme on the event stage Sunday, 11 November Levi Black Race piste, Gondola area 10.30 am Pre Race 11 am Men’s slalom, 1st round 2 pm Men’s slalom, 2nd round Men’s prize ceremony in the Finish line area after the race. For detailed information, visit The World Cup Levi mobile application is downloadable from the App Store. We reserve all rights to changes.

The Levi Black Slope • Height difference: 180 metres • The icing requires 2.5 million litres of water • The steepest point: 52% • The competition course contains 57–62 gates = 120 poles • Competition slope: 2 km of fencing, 750 m of protection mattresses • The upper section and finish line area are iced over by 30 employees. • Due to the steepness of the slope, those working on it are forced to wear shoes equipped with ice picks – they must walk leaning backwards or even altogether backwards. Facts about the Levi Race • An Alpine Ski World Cup Slalom race • The FIS has confirmed the Levi Race for season 2014 / 2015 in the World Cup calendar • The event gathers some 150 competitors from 20 countries • Approx. 400 volunteers • A Race Pass is stamped for 2,000 persons • TV audience approx. 100 million persons • On-site audience approx. 20,000 persons • The event requires temporary tents covering an area of over 1500 m² • The competition slope has 7 kilometres of TV cabling

Would you manage the competition slope? Imagine yourself skiing downhill on the same trails as the world’s top alpine skiers. With intense concentration, you can carve your way down the Levi Black piste. Follow the slope tuned by the masters and work yourself to the bone in the fight against the stop watch and your competitors. We are now talking about the Mini World Cup programme package that has been launched by Levi Events and Levi Ski Club for companies and groups of various sizes. “In spring 2012, we had a few groups testing the product successfully, and the results were very encouraging. There is clearly a niche and interest for this type of activity, for example, among companies,” Project Manager Mikko Saarinen of Oy Levi Events Ltd explains convincingly. He knows what he’s talking about: as the General Secretary to Levi World Cup Race, Mikko has first-hand experience in the interest aroused by the White Circus. The product itself is a highly emotional experience. In practice, groups will take part in a programme that simulates a genuine World Cup script. “The programme includes, for example, the allotment of competition numbers, the Pre Race, two competition rounds, and award ceremonies,” Mikko explains. Game on. The groups can expect to enjoy an adventure that is polished to the last detail. Groups and companies interested in this programme can contact the Levi Tourist Office / Central Booking.

29 | LeviDays

Snowflakes glide silently to the ground while lighting up the landscape. The snow cover crunches beneath the runners of the sled. Christmas is on its way! The Northern lights add a touch of festive colour to an otherwise pure white landscape. The freshly settled snow and twinkling stars shine in a way that makes the forest appear to be overlaid with diamonds. Christmas is a magical time – especially in Levi. The idea of spending Christmas in Finnish Lapland is drawing interest all over the world. Levi is, indeed, the most Christmas-spirited international environment, one that calls people to experience its magical atmosphere. Levi’s Christmas Market near to Zero Point, for example, is alive with spirited people, traditional wooden sales stands and twinkling Christmas lights. Close to Levin Tori, the Christmas Market offers Finnish, local and Lappish products. There are often also small snacks and delicacies being offered. In addition to Christmas elves, visitors can also get up close and personal with Christmas’ most anticipated person, Santa Claus him-

LeviDays | 30

self. But before Santa shows up, it would be wise to eat so that there will be plenty of time for play throughout the rest of the evening.

Delicacies for all tastes The Christmas table provides pleasures for all tastes. A sheet of gingerbread biscuits fresh from the oven fills the cottage with a spicy holiday scent, and candles create a cosy atmosphere. If you don’t wish to dine in your own cottage, you can always try out the Christmas spread available at our local restaurants. Everyone has his or her own favourite traditions related to Christmas foods: some like to sneak delicious pieces of leftover ham at night and some like to curl up by a fire with a hot cup of mulled wine. In Levi, the Christmas table combines international flavours with Finnish tradition.

Book a visit from Santa Claus Inquire about booking a visit from Santa to your cottage through the Levi Tourist Information, t. +358 (0)600 550 134 * or by e-mail to *(0,80 € / min + local calling charge / mobile charge, queuing chargeable)

New local flavours Christmas is meant to be enjoyed and savoured! Fill your plate with familiar tastes, but remember also to try new things. The overflowing Christmas table brings all tastes together, salty and sweet, meat and fish, red beet salad and baked potato casserole. Rice pudding with almonds is a traditional morning treat on Christmas Eve. And mustard-coated ham is the crowning jewel of the Christmas dinner table. In addition to the traditional appearance of salmon, the Finnish Christmas table usually also offers other fish dishes, such as salted herring, pickled herring in mustard sauce, smoked mackerel flavoured with pepper... There are also specific traditions tied to the food preparation at Christmas time. For example, the traditional ham is grey-salted (nitrite-free) and it is baked slowly in the oven the night before the big meal.

The salad made of cooked beets, carrots and potatoes (called ‘rosolli’ in Finnish) smells wonderful and is flavoured differently according to individual traditions. The man with the white beard The whole holiday with its white snowdrifts, Christmas delicacies, reindeer, and warm, genuine atmosphere is a time when children serve as the privileged experts. The excitement of children reminds the whole family what Christmas is really about. Christmas is about warmth, joy and high spirits. It is filled with delight, anticipation and the joy of giving. The whole celebration also affects adults, since adults are also afraid – at least a little – of Santa Claus. This is also the right place to make one point clear: Santa Claus officially lives in Lapland!

In Levi, the master of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer makes himself at home and can be seen nearly every day. But how on earth can Santa Claus remember the names and wishes of all of the children he visits? This will remain a secret to the honoured few! Before Christmas, Santa always contacts parents in order to get some information about the children whom he will be encountering during the family’s holiday in Levi. A bag of gifts, a moment with the man himself and a promise to see one another again next year! These are the things that keep us excited about every Christmas encounter. The joy of children is what fills Santa’s heart with Christmas spirit.

31 | LeviDays





ROOM SUITED TO YOUR NEEDS Spa Hotel Levitunturi holds a secret within that many already know. Spa Hotel Levitunturi is actually much more than just a hotel: it is an entire destination with a variety of activities for every day of your holiday. LeviDays | 32

OUR FAMILY ROOMS provide a comfortable and efficient solution for families with small children and include an alcove and a small kitchen. In OUNAS hotel building you will find luxurious superior twins and junior suites with a separate bedroom and sauna. THESE NEW ROOMS also have balconies and inside access directly to the spa.


WONDERFUL WATER EXPERIENCE Lapland’s biggest and most beautiful spa brings all the northern wonders to you as part of a fantastic spa experience. The new Water World has 17 indoor and outdoor pools of various sizes. In addition to the three outdoor pools there are saunas, a water slide, an aqua jogging pool, a 20 meter pool that’s great for swimming laps or other water exercise, and a wonderful water massage. You can pamper yourself in all different kinds of hot and cool pools as well as water massages in Water World. The best experience, however, is in the outdoor pools, where you can relax under the Lappish sky.

FITNESS & WELLNESS We offer high-quality alternatives for training and there are dozens of different sports you can try. After all the exercise, our wellness experts are available to pamper you.

The Lappish-style restaurant provides very popular lunch and dinner buffet tables. There are á la carte delicacies and pizzas are available daily until midnight. You can also enjoy the dance floor where you will experience couples dancing to traditional Finnish dance music or downstairs at the Joiku Karaoke & Bar you can watch the singers enjoying themselves or of course you can join in the fun.

LEVI SPA BOWLING The lower level of the spa has an 8-lane bowling alley and Niila Sport Bar.

CONFERENCE AND INCENTIVE TRAVELLER’S DESTINATION In this easy going environment, the flexibility enables you to meet your objectives with your clients, partners or staff and with full access to the spa hotel’s services, the time between meetings will be quality time for all.

CHILDREN’S PLAYHOUSE The whole family can enjoy the lower level of the spa. The improved Children’s Playhouse is a favourite spot for children of all ages and the older kids can enjoy the bowling alley next to it.

LEVINTIE 1590 99130 SIRKKA (LEVI) TEL. +358 16 646 301

33 | LeviDays

Do you like the reindeer? As a traditional element of Lapland, the reindeer is a sympathetic but also a mythical and mysterious animal. If you want to experience speed and action, take a ride in a sledge pulled by reindeer and have an adventure amidst the fell nature. The antlered reindeer is a wise and calm animal, and it’s fun to watch its relaxed wandering.

Fishing under the sun Ice fishing is pure relaxation, and the catch is not really the most important aspect of this hobby. Ice fishing is an old tradition in Finland, and it’s great fun for the whole family. A true ice-fisher always has picnic foods with him or her. Ice fishing calls for patience, and you should be properly dressed in warm clothing. Don’t forget the diverse fishing programmes available in the summer season!

A safari is always fun! The most memorable adventures are generally arranged by experienced and skilled programme service providers. A safari is an excellent way of getting familiar with the area around Levi, and its nature, in particular. In the future, our magazine will present various recreational activities in Levi and the surrounding areas as provided by local programme service providers. For this issue, we decided to shine the spotlight on activities that involve animals and are particularly suitable for families with children. Additionally, these programmes and services have a minimal impact on the environment

Note! All of the snowmobile service providers operating in Levi offer safaris that combine ice fishing and a snowmobile trek.

Search tip For a shortcut to programme services, go to and select Levi Info (at the top) » Service Search. Then search by the desired criteria. LeviDays | 34

Friendly animals with a glossy mane Get on a horse or pony! Riding tours are arranged in the varying fell terrain of Levi all year round. Icelandic and Finnish horses are calm and gentle by nature, so they are a safe option for a safari even for the youngest family members. Safari entrepreneurs offer riding tours for participants with different skill levels. Remember to ask about guided lessons and camps as well!

The Husky is a furry friend A Husky dog is a man’s best friend: trained, reliable and courageous. Huskies are also cute and charming animals, and they easily win the hearts of young and old alike. A sled ride will take you to the gorgeous winter landscape amidst the fells – just like in a fairytale. The sled race also offers fast speed and fun.

check out these adventures! Reindeer



Ice Fishing

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Inquiries and bookings Levi Tourist Office and Central Booking Office tel. +358 600 550 134* (charge 0,80 € / min + local service provider charge; queuing chargeable)

35 | LeviDays

Levi is rich in events

The fell village features colourful events all year round! Below, our magazine has selected just a sampling of the many local events to choose from.

More information about the events in Levi and its surroundings are available online at specific websites and, of course, at The last site that is mentioned is worth visiting first when you start planning your visit to the North.

Arctic Horse Race Levi In March, the Arctic Horse Race Levi is an event that keeps up the legendary tradition of ice-track races. The setting for this one-day harness racing event is the ice-covered Lake Levijärvi. The programme is designed so as to guarantee enjoyable entertainment for all ages. It’s easy to get to the site by taking advantage of the non-stop transportation service provided. The youngest family members will be thrilled with the opportunity for pony riding and reindeer sled rides. This spring festival of horse and race enthusiasts also has a modern twist: in its debut year 2011, the event was the first Finnish ice-track horse race in history to offer the possibility for Fintoto betting.

Arctic Horse Race Levi 17 March 2013

LeviDays | 36

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events all around the year


The spring race attracts an audience The Arctic Horse Race Levi was an immediate success in terms of visitors. Beautiful horses and their drivers were admired for the first time in spring 2011. And the next year, the event gathered a record audience – over 4,000 spectators – to see the racing horses. Measured by the number of spectators, harness racing, also known as trotting, is among the most popular sports in Finland. The Arctic Horse Race Levi’s appeal is enhanced by the fact that it has drawn, not only Finnish horse racing enthusiasts, but also horses and drivers from Central Europe as well.

Battery Catfight is an all-female snowboarding gala Arranged at the end of March, the Battery Catfight is, even on a European scale, one of the largest all-female snowboarding events.

Battery Catfight

The 2013 event is the tenth in the history of Battery Catfights (previously known as the Oakley Girl Sessions). Battery Catfight has achieved an established status among snowboarding events. Finnish snowboarders, even the professionals, are attracted by its friendly atmosphere. In 2012, a video-making competition was launched in Levi. The reception was so positive that Event Director Noora Vihervaara (who also chairs the Finnish Female Snowboarders association) promises that there will be something similar arranged in 2013 as well. As a male, I must ask Noora one thing: will boys and men be turned away from the gates? “We wish everyone welcome – with a hug! Come along and join us to encourage our skilled female snowboarders or all ages!”

Visitor’s perspective We interviewed Elena from Switzerland, who has twice taken part in the event, and asked about her experiences and feelings. 1. Did you like the event? The Battery Catfight is a really well organized event. The vibes are always very good during the whole week. It’s more than just a competition. 2. How was it last time? The first days we had time to take photos and videos, and also to get to know people. And in the evening, there was time to be with friends in such an amazing place as Levi. 3. What did you think about the pistes of Levi? I remember that they were always perfectly prepared. The park shapers are really good! 4. Did you make any new Finnish friends? Yes, we met some really great people. It was also nice to see again some friends I met during the previous year. 5. What do you think about Finnish female snowboarders like Enni Rukajärvi? She has all my respect! Awesome riding! 6. Who is the best snowboarder in the world? The riding style of Swiss snowboarder Nicolas Müller is really nice. 7. What is the wildest trick that you can do with the snowboard? Switch Backside Air.

LeviLoppet In spring 2013, enthusiastic skiers can take part in LeviLoppet – the skiing finals for the whole nation.

Let loose! In the LeviLoppet, the skiing style has alternated annually between the traditional and free style. This time the style is traditional for all distances. The longest distances – 25 km and 50 km – are scheduled for Sunday. The start and finish area is next to Zero Point and the Front Pistes.

Series and distances (traditional style only) • Fitness series, 25 km and 50 km: women/men • Competition series, 50 km: w/m, general and over 50 yrs • Competition series, 25 km: w/m (under 16 yrs) • Company series, 25 km, teams of 4–6 persons • Special programme for the youngest family members LeviLoppet 19–21 April 2013

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The fun and hilarious family event is organized for the third time in the surroundings of the Front Pistes. As in all events arranged in Levi, the most important aspect of LeviLoppet are red cheeks and laughing faces = a relaxed feeling and an enjoyable activity. The actual competitions will start on Saturday evening with a fast-paced sprint by three-person teams competing for the fastest

time. The teams are comprised of Finnish top skiers, future stars and businesspeople. Gather a team of your own and join the race – the first 20 companies to register will get in!

37 | LeviDays

The ultimate spring event

– Mega Vappu in Levi

Levi is rich in events

The greatest event of the spring is around the First of May (‘vappu’) when the fell village and the Levi area are full of sparkling and bubbling programmes. The conditions in late April and early May are good enough for both downhill and cross-country skiing, and you have the splendid opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports under the spring sun. The accommodation is affordable as well! One of the most legendary events is Levi’s 1st of May Eve parade. We interviewed an experienced parade-participant and asked for tips: What happens in the 1st of May Eve parade? “All those who want to take part in the parade gather at Levin Tori for the general pre-parade programme. The parade starts from Levin Tori and will continue winding around the fell area, stopping at different restaurants and finally ending at the start point. The idea is to maximise laughter, have fun and raise the May Day atmosphere in Levi.” There is a bit of an odd dress code for the parade, I assume? “Definitely! The funnier you dress, the better! Nothing is too strange for the parade.” Can you share any special tips on how to stand out in the crowd? “Well, I’ve seen so many excellent outfits that I can’t give any guaranteed tip, but different ‘pimped rides’ have drawn a lot of attention. You and your team can take any cart and turn it into a great ride! This sounds just so weird that it must be a Finnish invention. Meet you at the parade on the First of May – I will be the one sitting in the cart! Levi Mega Wappu More information:

– gorgeous mountain biking Ride as fast as you can on your mountain bike, surrounded by the fell forest. The feeling of speed is incomprehensible. Biking under the midnight sun, with sweat pouring down your face, is also something that you cannot describe, you simply have to try it for yourself! Rising the toughest slopes until your legs are exhausted, now that’s a challenge. But the prize awaits you at the finish line, and your body and mind will be filled with the fantastic feeling of success! High five? Once you’ve reached the finish, it’s time to give a high five to your teammates and then challenge yourself and pedal one more round. LeviDays | 38

“The trail is demanding at times, but anyone with a good basic condition can manage it,” promises Mikko Saarinen, who is in charge of arranging the Levi24 event.   But if you get all sweaty?   “That’s supposed to happen! That’s what makes the after-bike celebrations so good,” he laughs. The organisers of the Levi24 event have listened to the cyclists’ wishes and decided to start the event on Friday. The competition ends 24 hours later on Saturday. And Saturday night is, naturally, the time to gather for the great after-bike party!

This is Levi24 The general idea of the mountain biking event: you have 24 hours to cycle, and the winner is the competitor who cycles the longest distance. During its history, the event has raised and donated some 30,000 euro in charity funding to the children’s wards at the Central Hospital of Lapland. In earlier years, the Finnish alpine ski champion, Tanja Poutiainen, has been seen among the participants. Gather a team of your own and join us for mountain biking! The length of the route is about 10 km. SERIES • Solo: women & men • 2 person teams • 4 person teams • Charity series, max. 8 person teams Learn more about the event at


for children At Kids’ Land, children are the number one priority. A weekly child-oriented programme, safe children’s lifts and a magnificent hill for sledging all ensure that the fun is non-stop – every day of the week. All of the events at Kids’ Land are free of charge and we provide any necessary helmets and a variety of sledges and toboggans. The Lapp hut offers warm juice and a place to eat your own snacks and roast sausages. Kids’ Land is open daily. Simply check our opening hours online: Levi has been investing in children’s entertainments since 1991, when we opened our first free children’s lift. We began to focus on families as a target group and developed our piste services with the needs of children in mind. The objective is to ensure that wherever there is a lift for adults, there is also one for children – that’s Levi’s principle. The bottom line is to make sure that the whole family is entertained. Whenever the family needs childcare services, Kids’ Land also

While the adults are off enjoying their own activities, the family’s youngest members can have fun playing or sledging at Kids’ Land near the Front Pistes.

has a childcare service (Tenavatokka), where children of all ages can come to play games and do crafts. All children under the age of 6 who are equipped with helmets also ride the lifts free with their parents. Leevi and sam come up with the best games ever Levi’s own mascots already have a wide fan base. Kid’s Land is often frequented by Levi’s own funny wolverine, Leevi. As is the case with most creatures of the forest, Leevi is quite shy, but he is a big fan of children. His snowman friend, Sam, is more mobile than most snowmen and loves to play games. So there will be no shortage of playmates. What is more fun that meeting new friends or hanging out with eager playmates, Leevi and Sam? Children’s Playhouse Inka & Niko The Spa Hotel Levitunturi also provides fun and activities for children, but adults are al-

lowed to play too. The Children’s Playhouse Inka & Niko offers a safe environment for fun and games. There’s a ball pit, a bouncy castle, toy cars and a whole lot more! Admission is €6 for children (those under 2 yrs are free). Also, if you are staying at the hotel, your children are admitted free of charge. The same floor of the hotel also has a bowling alley, game machines and a pool table. Add to your fun with a safari We invite you to check out the programme offered by local service providers. They arrange a variety of different child-friendly safaris, such as different types of sled rides and animal safaris (e.g. huskies, reindeer, Icelandic horses) and nature walks. Older adventurers will also appreciate, for example, the summer toboggan ride and Adventure Park. Check out the possibilities online at

39 | LeviDays

An example of week programme for winter season 1st January – 30th April 2013 Bookings by the latest day before from Tourist Information. Minimum 2 persons required. Various program services can be booked also for every day of the week. You can now also make bookings at our travel shop,

WEDNESDAY Santa Claus Village and Arctic Circle (Rovaniemi)

TUESDAY Icelandic Horse Trek in Levi

Monday Reindeer and Ice Fishing Departure from Levi Tourist Information at noon. Trip includes a 3 km journey in a reindeer sled. After the ride we try ice fishing and enjoy salmon soup. Transport included. Price € 90 / adult, € 45 / child (4–12 yrs) Duration around 4 hrs.

Aurora Safari Starting at 7 pm from the Levi centre. Come and experience the blazing Northern Lights! The journey (covering about 35 km) starts as the darkness falls. In the wilderness we explore the changing sky and with some luck, spot the Northern Lights. During the safari some warm beverages are served. Please note: the safari is organized weather permitting. Price € 120 / person (1 person / snowmobile) € 95 / person(2 persons / snowmobile) € 60 / child under 12 yrs Duration 2,5–3 hrs. LeviDays | 40

Departure at 10 am from the stable. (at Kaarelantie, 2 km from Levi centre). Transport to the stable not included. Price € 65 / person, including a helmet. Duration around 2 hrs.

Snowmobile Safari to a wilderness teepee (kota) Starting at 1 pm from Levi centre, covering 25 km. The snowmobile route takes us through the forests to our private wilderness tepee (kota). There we will enjoy some hot beverages. Price € 87 / person (1 person / snowmobile) € 70 / person (2 persons / snowmobile) € 50 / child under 15 yrs old Duration around 1,5–2,5 hrs

Departure at 9.45 am in front of Spa Hotel Levitunturi (reception). This excursion is a whole day trip. Price includes transfers, guiding, personal meeting with Santa and the Certificate of crossing the Arctic Circle. For additional charge possibility to visit museum and arctic science centre Arktikum, price € 41 / adults, € 36 / child. Price € 99 / adult, € 59 / child (2–12 yrs) Duration 9,5–10 hrs. Transport included.

Trek to a Pine Forest with Finn Horses An experience in the pure Lappish nature, in the fell sceneries. Departure from the Hethe Finn Horse Stable (about 5 km from Levi centre )at 10 am. Price includes a helmet, warm juice and cookies. Price € 65 / person Duration around 2 hrs Transport to the stable not included.

Samiland Night Experience Trip to Levi Fell Departure at 7 pm from Levi Tourist Information. Price includes snowshoeing gear, warm beverages and light snack. We will get to know the starry sky with the guide’s help, and with some luck we might spot the Northern Lights. Transport included. Price € 55 / adult,€ 30 / child (8–11 yrs) Duration 2,5 hrs.

The guided tour gives you an insight of the Sámi culture. Samiland includes both indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Outside you can also see reindeers and traditional buildings. Departure from Summit Meetings & Events Center at 4 p.m. The price includes a return ticket to Express Gondola, guided tour of the indoor exhibition and a hot drink. Price € 30 / person Duration around an hour

r 50134 * o 358 600 5 + l. te d : n n a o . .30 p.m formati 9 a.m. – 4 Tourist In from Levi n is open Mon- Fri n o ti a form atio Further in Tourist inform le @ fo in i. . v le p.m 11a.m. - 4 Sat - Sun

saturday Snowmobile safari to a reindeer farm Starting at noon from the Levi centre, driving distance 40 km. The route takes us around the Levi fell and to a local reindeer farm. We will hear about the reindeer herding and Lappish culture and we will have a cup of coffee or tea. Price € 140 / person (1 person / snowmobile) € 115 / person (2 persons / snowmobile) € 55 / child (4–11 yrs). Duration 2–4 hrs

Husky Safari to Levi Ice Gallery

FRIDay Snow Village Safari Starting at 10 am from Levi centre. We drive by snowmobiles to Lainio Snow Village. We will get to know the snow village & hotel, snow bar, ice sculptures etc. After the tour the days’ soup for lunch and a cup of coffee at Lainio Krouvi restaurant. Safari covers about 90 km. Age limit 10 years. Price € 215 / person (1 person / snowmobile) € 175 / person (2 persons / snowmobile) € 85 / child under 12 yrs Duration 5–7 hrs

THURSDAY Kota Tour with Reindeer

Arctic Rides – with Huskies and Reindeer

Departure from Levi Tourist Information at 10 am. A 3 km journey with a stop in the halfway in a Lappish tepee (kota). During the break some coffee and fried sausages are served. Price € 55 / person, € 30 / child (2–12 yrs) Duration about 2 hrs. Transport included.

Enjoy the highlights of your holiday during one trip. Departure from Levi Tourist Information at 10:30 am. A thrilling husky ride and a peaceful reindeer ride await you. Programme including a 2 km husky ride sitting in a sled and a 1 km reindeer ride sitting in a sleigh; a light snack will be served. Transport included. Price € 77 / adult, € 39 / child (2–11 yrs) family price € 225 / 2 adults +3 children. Duration around 2 hours.

A Quick Husky (10 km) Departure from Levi Tourist Information at 1 p.m. This safari is organized according to the booking: either by 2 persons / sled (one driving and the other sitting), or each one driving their own sled. The route goes through the snowy wilderness and returns to Camp where we enjoy coffee and a bun in the wilderness tepee (kota) Price 125 € / adult (1 person / sled) 95 € / adult (2persons / sled) 60€ / child (4–12 yrs) Duration around 2 hrs.

Rally kart – power slide on an ice track Departure from Levi Tourist Information at 4 pm. The guests are supplied with complete winter gear (thermal overalls, shoes, gloves, hoods and helmet). Warm juice is served throughout the program. Minimum height 140 cm. Transport included. Price € 55 / person Duration around 1 hour.

Departure from Levi Tourist Information at 1 p.m. You will drive your own husky sled for 15 km’s, 2 persons / sled. Halfway down our journey we stop by a snow castle and admire the ice sculptures, as well as enjoy some coffee / tea and a salty snack. Transport is included in the price. Price 149 € / adult, 80 € / child (2–11 yrs) Duration around 3–4 hrs.

sunday Sled ride to Husky park Departure from Levi Tourist Information at 1 p.m. An exciting trip for the whole family! A guided tour takes us to meet the movies stars and other animals in the park. In the Lappish tepee we hear stories and enjoy warm drinks and sausages. Transport is included in the price. Price 2 km 39 € / adult, 25 € / child (2–11 yrs) 4 km 58 € / adult, 35 € / child (2–11 yrs) Duration about 2 hrs.

Night Safari to Levi Ice Gallery Departure from the centre of Levi at 6 p.m by snowmobiles, covering about 13 kms. In Luvattumaa, an unforgettable experience awaits us: an overnight stay at the snow hotel of Levi Ice Gallery (2 persons sharing a room) and an evening snack. We begin our visit with a guided tour of the castle, and in the morning, enjoy the breakfast by an open fire in the Kota restaurant. After breakfast we return to the Levi centre by snowmobiles. Price € 200(1 person / snowmobile) € 178 (2 persons / snowmobile) € 150 /child (4-12 yrs)

Please dress according the weather conditions and program! All programs depending weather conditions. All rights for changes reserved.

41 | LeviDays

Curiosity is the name of the game in Levi. Take advantage of all the activities and sights the area has to offer! Levi’s central location ensures that you won’t run out of things to do.

It is popular in Europe to fly directly to one’s desired destination and then continue straight from the airport. Levi provides a range of quality fly & drive services. “A family could, for example, drive by car from Kittilä airport straight to their holiday accommodation in Levi,” states Mika Kuusela, the entrepreneur in charge of the local Hertz car rental office. “And when it’s time to return home, the family can make their way back to the airport according to their own timetable. They can leave their rental car in the parking lot and return the keys to the rental office,” adds Managing Director Jussi Holopainen of Europcar. Plenty to see Once you have gotten a fair share of the activities provided by the fell resort, a rental car gives you the freedom to explore other interesting areas. Levi is an ideal base and central destination amidst the fells of Lapland. “There is plenty to see and do for a whole week,” ensures Mika. “True travellers will want to extend their exploration of Lapland in all eight directions of the wind. People want to gain as comprehensive a picture as possible of their holiday destination and the surrounding areas,” Jussi adds. Both rental companies have a wide range of vehicles, from 2-door economy cars to SUVs, minivans and minibuses. Automatic transmission and a navigational system increase drivers’ comfort on the road. Those looking for greener travel have also been taken into account, as there are also lowconsumption hybrids available.

LeviDays | 42

Must-sees for motorists • • • • • •

Levi and the neighbouring fells: Ylläs, Pallas, Olos Hetta – there are two routes of access! Make a loop: In one way and back the other Pokka village, Lake Kilpisjärvi, the areas of Inari and Muonio Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park Ask about the condition of the summer roads from Levi Tourist Office Rovaniemi: Arktikum, Santa Claus Village, the Arctic Circle

Levi is only as far as the nearest airport or train station. All routes lead to your holiday. The fastest way to reach Levi from Europe is to fly. From Paris, for example, there are straight flights to Kittilä Airport. You can also fly there via Helsinki from most European airports. The recipient of the International Quality Award in spring 2012, Kittilä Airport is located only 15 minutes from the village of Sirkka in the heart of Levi. The airport shuttle bus takes you from Kittilä Airport to Levi following any Finnair and Blue1 flight all year round. The bus departs after all baggage has been claimed. Visitors can also catch the shuttle bus back to the airport prior to flying out of the area. By train & coach You can travel by train to Kolari and Rovaniemi. Levi is located 80 km from Kolari and about 170 km from Rovaniemi and the Arctic Circle. Visitors can travel between Kolari and Levi by coach. From Rovaniemi, you can also travel by coach to Levi. Always remember to check the connections in advance! One travel option is also the car train, thereby enabling you to continue your journey from Kolari or Rovaniemi using your own or a rental car. Reach the fell village by coach! The nationwide network of coach routes in Finland and the frequent journey options ensure that you will get where you are going when you want to get there. You can combine, for example, flight and coach timetables to ensure smooth travels. Or you can come by ship to Turku or Helsinki and continue from there by coach. Timetables and prices:,,, Flights can also be booked through the Levi Travelshop ( and Levi Travel, tel. +358 16 639 3380, Train and coach Detailed timetables and price inquiries: • VR, tel. +358 600 41900, • Levi Travel, tel. +358 16 639 3380, • Matkahuolto, tel. +358 200 4000, Also, click on and check out the ‘Getting there’ section of the site.

Take flight • Blue1 flies during the winter season directly from Helsinki and, as of 15 December 2012, there will also be flights to Kittilä from Copenhagen (Thursdays and Saturdays), Tampere, Turku and Vaasa (Saturdays) • Finnair flies to Kittilä from Helsinki year round, daily during the winter season • Norwegian flies from Helsinki to Kittilä four times a week during the winter: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

43 | LeviDays

The purpose behind their visit was a project called Meeting: the World. Their intention was to discover the most fascinating meeting destinations and spread the word about these locations to meeting and business event planners globally. During their journey, they travelled to 20 different countries in eight months and reported their experiences via the web to a total of 200,000 meeting professionals. The journey started in South Africa in May 2011 and ended in Levi, Finland in December. Viewers could follow their journey from videos and blogs they posted on the “Meeting: the World” -website. Final stop: Levi, Finland Aoife and Grace arrived at Kittilä Airport in December, which is the darkest and coldest time of the year. These brave travellers weren’t frightened off by the darkness or the low temperatures. “I have some friends in Finland, so I knew a little about your country. I was already well acquainted with the Moomins and knew how to say ‘hi’ in Finnish: moi moi!” Grace explains. Their first impression of Finland and Lapland was extremely positive. “The people are so friendly, relaxed and down to earth. Finnish people are very similar to the Irish I think,” Aoife compares. “My first thought was that we had entered Santa’s grotto,” Grace laughs.

Around the world

in eight months Aoife Delaney and Grace Harper Brighouse are two young media specialists who visited Levi in December 2011. The reason for their visit was anything but ordinary.

LeviDays | 44

When in Lapland, do as the Lappish do In Levi, Aoife and Grace got to experience traditional Lappish specialities. They visited a reindeer farm and the ice hotel, went snowmobiling and experienced a husky safari. They were also introduced to Lappish culture and traditional Lappish songs. For Aoife, the most memorable experience was travelling through the woods on a husky-drawn sled. “It was amazing and surreal at the same time. I felt like I was in ‘The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe!” “For me, the most memorable activity was definitely covering myself with peat in the sauna. We English are notoriously prudish about nudity, so that was quite an experience,” Grace continues. Both of the girls lost their hearts to Finnish food. Grace’s favourites were local fish and hot chocolates. Aoife’s was reindeer meat. “I normally prefer a vegetarian diet, but reindeer was really good. I loved it!” Aoife and Grace have nothing but good things to say about Lapland and Levi. Grace is already planning a new trip, but this time during the summer season. She fell in love with the Finnish nature and the fact that one can walk freely about in nature.

“I have now experienced winter and it would be awesome to see how your nature looks like during the summer. The Lappish landscape is the main reason I want to come back, and I strongly recommend Lapland to everyone!” Sounds like Aoife and Grace really enjoyed their stay! If you want to see and read their comments about Levi and other destinations they visited, go to

Meeting: the World

– 6 continents. 20 countries. 8 months. “The idea for the project came from James Latham at the “Meetings: review” -online TV-channel. He knows the business event industry like the back of his hand. He noticed that organizers desperately needed a web-based service of this kind, with up-to-date and relevant information about different locations,” Aoife says. “We also wanted to offer information in a fun way. Whoever said that meetings should be dull! It was our goal to provide more detailed information about the locations, such as activities, local food and culture,” she continues. During the eight-month tour, they got to experience more than most of us during our lifetime. According to Aoife, the biggest problem they faced was actually the lack of sleep. “There was so much to do and see, that we honestly didn’t have time to sleep. Choosing bed over the next best restaurant experience turned out to be more than difficult.” Find out more about their journey from

Snowboarder Nuutti Niemelä might be thinking about what to make for dinner tonight while he is enjoying the high altitudes. “What is the run you remember the best at Levi? “1. When Camp531 was organised for the first time. I have participated nearly every time. 2. In the eighth grade, I performed a jump with a 900 degree turn, and, for the first time, landed successfully.” What is your longest distance in the air? “About 30 metres, but I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about or calculating such things.” What do you think about when you are up at such heights? “That depends completely on the trick. When I am competing, I am entirely focused on the trick. But when I am doing some basic snowboarding, I might plan what I want to make for dinner that evening.” How does a snowboarder let loose in a credible way? “Everyone can let loose in their own way.” What is your favourite downhill run in Levi? “Street on the front slope. It has suitably sized jumps, all in a row. Snow park is also great. I also sometimes run through the woods in the Gondola area.” What do you consider to be the biggest achievement of your career thus far? “My win this year in the four-star TTR Total Fight competition. That was the first advanced level international competition that I won.” What the latest trick you have mastered? “I successfully landed a switch backside 1080 and a cab double cork 1260. At this stage, I learn new tricks a bit less frequently - but that day it was two at once!” In which countries have you snowboarded? “Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Great Britain, Andorra, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Japan and the Czech Republic.”

45 | LeviDays

Appeal that

encaptivates you For most visitors, Levi is the sort of place that forces you to slow down, in a good way. When it all falls into place, the fell village earns a permanent place in your heart.

LeviDays | 46

Why are there tamagotchis everywhere? Petra Babovakova, from the Czech Republic, laughs when she thinks back to her first winters in Finland at the start of the 2000s. She was surprised to notice that all Finns, even adults, had a tamagotchi (an electronic toy that was popular after the mid-1990s) hanging from their clothes. “They were, of course, reflectors, which I had never seen before. My friends have been thrilled when I have bought reflectors for them as gifts.” Petra, who is from the village of Jirny, which is three kilometres from the border of Prague, is used to the ski resort activity in her homeland. “Whichever direction you go, you come to a mountain.” She encountered Levi for the first time on a skiing holiday seven years ago. At that time, Petra was studying English Philology in Tampere as an Erasmus exchange student. The location stuck in her mind. “I later became a seasonal employee in Levi for Christmas 2008. I was teaching at the university in Tampere, but I didn’t have any classes during the Christmas season. I had just graduated as a wilderness guide and decided to try out my skills in the profession,” she explains.

Queen of the reindeer One of the most mentally and physically challenging work tasks is the training of animals. Particularly reindeer, which can be quite stubborn. “For outsiders, the training may look exciting, but for me, it is occasionally a bit too exciting,” Petra grins. The character of each individual reindeer is always a big mystery. “In easy cases, everything goes quite naturally and smoothly. But sometimes, even after three years, there seems to be no end to the training.” During the peak season, Petra states that she doesn’t have time for any hobbies beyond sleeping and eating. “Later in the spring, I ski with my dog, enjoy the sauna and relax. I am constantly on the move for my job, so when I have time off, I generally like to take it easy.” And what is her favourite time of year? “My holiday!” Petra jokes.

A talented linguist This lovely European soon became enamoured with the nature in Lapland and found herself permanently employed by the Levibased Kätkätunturin Erä ja Luonto. “My main reason for working here is my language skills,” says Petra, who has a mastery of four languages. She has even learned to speak Finnish and doesn’t think that it is nearly as difficult as one might imagine. “I think that the rules of the language are easy to learn.” In the company, there isn’t a work task or area of responsibility that Petra couldn’t handle. Among other things, she leads safaris, plans them, takes photographs, updates the website, and maintains and manages the facilities.

In the footsteps of the imperial family In his fluent Finnish, Akira Omori tells that he has been curious about new places his whole life, and has travelled all over the world. In 1995, he visited Finland’s capital city, Helsinki. From there, he headed north to Rovaniemi in true travelling style, by hitchhiking! In autumn 1995, representatives of the Japanese imperial family visited Levi. News travelled quickly to the North Pole. “I figured that since the imperial family was visiting in Levi, there might be work there for me too,” Akira remembers. And that was the case. The industrious Akira found work at Taivaanvalkeat. His actual work tasks were essentially similar to those of a property caretaker.

Relishing in the local flavour The beginning was truly a memorable time. This cosmopolite had no prior experience with high snowdrifts, not to mention freezing temperatures that drop below -30 °C. “At first, I was a bit startled, since I had no idea how cold it could get,” he laughs. In addition to the cold, Akira was also impressed by Lappish cuisine. When Akira arrived in Finland, his weight was equivalent to that of a ski jumper. After a few months in Levi, the needle on the scale was climbing toward 85 kilos. “The dishes here have a lot of cream, real butter and proper cuts of meat. People need more fat in order to deal with the cold temperatures during the winter,” Akira states with a little smirk. Akira then moved elsewhere for a few years with his wife Susanna. The couple found themselves returning, however, in October 2009. At the moment, Akira is working as a cook at the Hotel Hullu Poro. The couple also has two sons, Taro and Kaito. Akira, who lives in the peaceful village of Köngäs, has tested slalom skiing and snowboarding during his years in Levi. He especially enjoys cross-country skiing. He has even tried genuine forest skis.

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Samiland is worth a visit, since it is the largest Sámi cultural centre found outside of the official Sámi area.

“I searched around for different Sámi handicrafts for the Samiland exhibition. And whenever I found something good, I had to go and get it directly from the person who made it,” says Ante Aikio, who put his whole heart into the building process. Samiland was known internationally already before its official opening ceremony. “It all started when a UNESCO representative visited the Saamen Kammi (Sámi hut) restaurant in 2007 and wanted to meet with me.” That representative was Lindy Joubert, Director of the UNESCO Observatory’s Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts project. The UNESCO Cultural Village programme is a global project being carried out by select representatives from all around the world. The Sámi village is the only European project included in the programme. Information about Saamen Kammi, a restaurant run by the Aikio family, reached Joubert’s ears all the way in Australia. Once she saw the place firsthand, their co-operation was sealed. “This type of opportunity rarely comes along, and so, of course, I grabbed it. In practice, I already had this type of place planned in my mind. The co-operative efLeviDays | 48

fort provided the necessary push to get the project underway.” Samiland At Samiland, visitors travel through time to the centre of Sámi culture. Sámi traditions are still an integral part of life in Lapland and the exhibition is the perfect combination of new and old. “I wanted visitors to be able to learn about Sámi culture firsthand,” says Ante, who has planned workshops, handicraft courses and opportunities to learn how to throw the Sámi lasso.

Visitors step into the Sámi world through the 500 m2 exhibition space built on the lower level of Levi Summit. The admission ticket also gives guests access to the outdoor exhibition, which is 10,000 m2 in area. Opening hours Visit or call Levi Tourist Information at t. +358 (0)600 550 134* *(0,80 € / min + local calling charge / mobile charge, queuing chargeable).

Samiland includes both an indoor and outdoor exhibition space. Visitors step into the Sámi world through the 500 m2 exhibition space built on the lower level of Levi Summit. The admission ticket also entitles visitors access to the outdoor exhibition, which is 10,000 m2 in area. Ante has rounded up his personal contacts for the project and says that, upon his request, relatives have provided objects for the exhibition that otherwise would have been impossible to get. Reindeer hold a starring role

This type of opportunity rarely comes along, and so, of course, I grabbed it. Samiland tells about Sámi culture and the Sámi way of life. Within both the village and the exhibition, the reindeer hold a leading role.   The reindeer theme also carries over into the Summit, where the Sámi exhibition has been set up to resemble a reindeer enclosure.   Guests can also follow the lives of the reindeer through GPS monitoring. Reindeer generally roam freely on the fells in such places that even the most active hiker could never reach.

Levi will ski into your heart

Cross-country skiing is an activity that unites people. It’s a great sport because you can always adjust the speed and length of the route to suit your own condition and enthusiasm. The skiing season at Levi starts with equipment rental.

Cross-country skiing is well-suited to beginners, because it’s so easy to adjust the speed to match your condition. Skiing improves your endurance and fitness as efficiently as jogging, but it feels less strenuous. You can ski just as fast or slowly as you wish, and soon you will forget all the other skiers, just focus on yourself and your own thoughts. Rental equipment for a good start The first-snow trail starts from central Levi, from Restaurant Areena below the front slopes. It takes you to the Taalojärvi lake, and then back to Areena. The trail is wide enough to allow for both traditional and skate-skiing styles. There is an extensive network of trails covering approximately 230 kilometres, so everyone can surely find a suitable trail. Along the trails, there are cafeterias that are usually open during the skiing season. The best aspect of skiing, however, is the cost: the trails are free, and a part of them are well illuminated. Enjoyable skiing does, nevertheless, require proper equipment, and buying a pair of skis is not necessarily the easiest job for a beginner. Nowadays, it’s not enough that you know you want to ski, but you also need to know which skiing style you’re going to use. Sometimes the interest in skiing may be extinguished by poorly selected skis. By renting the equipment, you can try out and find those that best suit you. It is also important to wear appropriate clothing. The rental services and sports shops have knowledgeable personnel who are happy to help you find the optimal equipment. Natural lighting on the trails In Lapland, the dark winter season is not totally dark: the snow and white frost reflect light. Once the darkest season is over, the snowdrifts will shimmer and sparkle under the spring sun and the Northern lights will illuminate the skies in the evening. You feel the nature. At Levi, the skiing season is long – you can ski even on the First of May! When you first start skiing, try to get some information about the trails in advance, so that you will know if they suit you. By doing so you can select those trails and landscapes that best meet your preferences, whether you like to ski slowly and peacefully or advance fast by skate-skiing. When you start off for a skiing tour, remember to tell someone which trail you will take and where you will be heading. Pack in your backpack, at least, spare clothing, hot drink and snacks, matches, ski waxes and a map.

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The Dudesons first conquered Finland and then they took on the rest of the world. These Ostrobothnian rascals, who started out performing extreme stunts, have turned out to be an unrivalled success story. Today, the Dudesons’ TV series is broadcast in over 150 countries.

LeviDays | 50

LeviDays interviewed one of the Dudesons, namely HP, who is known as the craziest of the boys, at least if you believe what it says on the Dudesons’ official website: “HP’s lack of self-preservation instinct is an endless source of joy for the rest of us. That guy has broken more bones than any of us.” “Funny, I am sure that all of us have gotten our share of bumps and bruises over the years. The worst physical injury came from the stunt in which I drove a moped into a lake. I ended up breaking my leg in three places,” HP reminisces. “The overwhelmingly worse injuries are mental, since I have had to spend the last 20 years with these same guys,” he adds with a grin. What is learned as a child is mastered with age Let’s rewind for a moment and explain to those readers who haven’t yet heard of the Dudesons a little about what they do. If there is any such person out there. The Dudesons are four guys: HP, Jarppi, Jukka and Jarno. These wild guys originally met at a ski resort in Seinäjoki, and they have been entertaining and horrifying people with their extreme stunts ever since. Their stunts have included, for example, driving a car off a jump while blindfolded, stapling their tongues and shooting one another with a compressed air gun. Just to name a few. It all started when Jarno got himself a video camera as a youngster. “The camera gradually fused with his eye,” HP reminisces. First the boys spent time filming their own snowboarding and skating stunts, which they then showed to their friends at parties. Little by little their hunger grew and the stunts took on new dimensions. In 2000, when Jarno got his internship at the cable network MoonTV, the boys got the idea to create their own TV programme. “The theme of the series focused on our own foolery, since that was all we were able to do then,” HP says and laughs. This sounds like pure Ostrobothnian modesty, since HP, for example, is a school teacher by education. It just seems now that the boys actually enjoy hurting themselves.

On to world domination! The Dudesons TV series was originally made for the Finnish market, but in 2006, the format expanded to foreign distribution. In 2010, the Dudesons entered the largest international television contract ever signed in Finland, when MTV approached the group. As a result, the mugs of the Dudesons are now appearing on screens in nearly every corner of the world. “It has been totally amazing to see how many fans we have all over the world. In Serbia, for instance, there was a huge group of fans waiting for us outside of the hotel and they had learned Finnish just for us,” HP says proudly. “Jukka and Jarppi also hosted the Latin American MTV Music Awards and they received superstar treatment there,” HP continues. Finnish nationality is a trump card The Dudesons have been actively circling the globe with their TV series. What aspects of your Finnish nationality have remained with you on your travels? “I would have to say it’s Finnish perseverance and an unyielding nature; the more I travel the more I have come to value these qualities.” HP states. “And the fact that in the summer, we have nothing but light, and in the winter, nothing but darkness, makes us quite a unique nation. And we definitely aren’t quiet or reserved; it’s about time to get rid of that Finnish stereotype.” A snowboarder right to the core HP is still an avid snowboarder who visits Lapland whenever possible. “I spend a lot of time at Levi, for example, most recently at the end of last year. I especially like to visit the fell during the early spring, when it’s sunny and warm, and the slopes are still in perfect condition for snowboarding.” In Lapland, HP also likes relaxing with friends and enjoying the nightlife, as well as trying different new activities. During the previous visit, the group went snowmobiling and totally fell in love with the sport. In Lapland, he most appreciates the nature and the fantastic scenery, which you can’t see anywhere else in the world. For foreign tour-

ists, HP has rather interesting, but very Dudeson-like advice. “The best way to get acquainted with nature in Lapland is to climb to the top of a fell and remove all your clothes. When you stand there naked in the -20˚C weather and look around, I believe you will start to understand the Finnish mentality a bit better,” HP assures with a twinkle in his eye.

Ten hard facts about HP: 1. At what hour of the day are you at your best? 24 hours a day 2. Name something you couldn’t live without: My knee support. 3. Your strangest habit? I guess this isn’t a habit, but I always seem to ram my family jewels into the knobs on the ends of railings. 4. What do you have to have backstage? A rock ‘n’ roll feeling and first-aid bag. 5. Your favourite city in the world? Los Angeles. 6. Your most memorable gig? Well, this didn’t happen at the actual gig itself, but it has to be driving in the Bullrun rally from Las Vegas to New Orleans with Jukka during the summer 2011. We drove a Hummer, but the air conditioning broke almost immediately at the start and it was about +35˚C outside. At one point, we had nothing on but USA thongs and that was the point, of course, when we got stopped by the police. I still don’t think that the police has recovered. 7. Dressed to the nines or traditional Finnish sweater and sweatpants? Finnish sweater and sweatpants. 8. A good steak or gourmet vegetarian dish? A good steak, cooked a bit less than medium 9. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I’ll still be hanging with these same guys and living my dream. I’ll be snowboarding, regardless of what my body says. 10. The Dudesons end up on a desert island at the mercy of a tribe of hostile natives. Which of you would be the one to talk you out of trouble? That would be Jukka. He is a sweet talker.

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The Mystery of the

When filmmakers are looking for a shooting location with stunning scenery, Levi is a good choice to consider. The fell village stars as the setting for a Russian film entitled The Mystery of the Snow Queen, which is scheduled to premiere during Christmas 2012.

Intended for the whole family, this fantasy film tells the exciting story of the ice-cold Snow Queen. Tapani Launonen was involved in making this film, which is the first long children’s movie that Russian filmmakers have made using the 3D technique. “It may even be the first full-feature 3D film shot in Finland,” he speculates. Living in Oulu, Tapani Launonen contributed to the film both as a professional co-producer and as a central actor. “I was involved, among other things, in finding the shooting locations, and also served as the set designer, production manager and animal trainer.” As the most challenging individual task, he mentions the shooting of the final scene when he had to simultaneously act a role, direct the animals and look after the crew’s safety. “I had to keep a male reindeer still when it was approached by eight wolves,” Tapani explains. Professionals from Hollywood Tapani is an experienced professional known for dozens of Finnish films and documentaries, and for him, this film meant, in a way, coming full circle. It was here, in Levi, that Tapani shot a film as his final assignment to complete his studies in filmmaking. “One day we were filming in a location that was only 200 metres from the spot where I filmed my study assignment’s final scene,” he laughs.

LeviDays | 52

He felt humble in his heart, however, when he received recognition for his good work from Keith Collea, the Hollywood professional who was in charge of the 3D technology used in the Snow Queen. Collea has made a significant career by working on such films as Titanic, Pearl Harbor, and the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (source: IMDb). “I helped the cameraman to solve a problem related to the shooting of the final scene by explaining to him how the scene will hold together from start to end. Making an exception to the common code in the film industry, Collea asked for my business card at the end of the day,” Tapani says. Russian legends The film will be distributed both in English and Russian versions. The Snow Queen brought to Levi an international filmmaking crew with professionals from Russia, Germany, Austria, the USA and Finland. The Mystery of the Snow Queen is the creation of Natalya Bondarchuk, the daughter of the legendary director and actor, Sergey Bondarchuk (for example, Quiet Flows the Don, War and Peace). The daughter’s merits are exquisite: she has acted in over 50 films and directed 20. For Tapani, Natalya was also the greatest reason for him to act in the movie. “For me, it was a great opportunity to work with a professional who has worked with Andrei Tarkovsky.”

Everybody was just gazing, with their mouths wide open, on the fairytale-like scenery

A recognised master bass singer in Levi

According to Tapani, Levi has so much to offer, in terms of landscapes and sceneries, for the film industry. This production just touched the surface. One day Tapani took the crew out into woods covered by heavy, icy snow. “Everybody was just gazing, with their mouths wide open, on the fairytale-like scenery.” Another reason behind the decision to shoot The Mystery of the Snow Queen in Levi was the fact that, with slight modifications, Levi provides an excellent infrastructure, as required for filmmaking and production. In the gorgeous, mystical winter landscape, the crew was able to shoot several scenes within a rather limited area. “And most importantly, there is Levi Husky Park: the film stars huskies, wolves and wolf-actors. In Levi, we were able to bring animals and actors together.”

Jaakko Ryhänen is one of the most famous Finnish opera singers. He is a master bass who stirs the audience with his warm aura and amazing voice. Opera singer Jaakko Ryhänen has a long history in the Finnish music industry. This charismatic star has circled the globe, but right now he is teaching promising new singers at, among other places, the Tampere Conservatoire and the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre. He has visited Levi dozens of times and performed many concerts there. “Levi has changed a lot over the decades. It has developed into a genuine little town there amongst the fells. Levi also has concert halls that feature magnificent scenery,” states Ryhänen. During his successful career, he has taken on numerous significant bass roles and has sung in all of the world’s leading opera houses. He believes, however, that the audience is always the same, whether the concert is being given in Levi or Helsinki. “People come to Levi to enjoy their holiday, and classical music is well-suited to these concert arenas that blend smoothly into the magnificent fell landscape. When the audience enjoys the show, the artist also enjoys it.”

A man of all tastes Ryhänen’s spectacular international soloist career got underway at the New York Metropolitan in 1983, and since then, he has been a regular visiting artist at all of Europe’s largest opera houses. Alongside his opera career, Jaakko Ryhänen works all around the world as a concert and oratorio soloist. In 1988, Ryhänen was awarded the Pro Finlandia Medal. At times, his travel schedule has been more than hectic. But has this world traveller already seen it all? “I am still always enthusiastic to perform, whether it be in Levi or Berlin.” “And even though I might think that Finnish Lapland is slightly dull, its starkness is also beautiful and the landscape changes with the seasons. The light of the summer, the colours of autumn and darkness of winter make nature in Lapland look completely different.” What is this master’s most memorable experience from Levi? “Reindeer meat. The reindeer is locally sourced, and cooks in Lapland know best how to prepare it. I think one should approach the subject of food like music: it is wise to like a little of everything,” Ryhänen states.

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The symphonic soul

of a metal giant

The Finnish national pride of Kitee. A modern metal icon. And international musical export. Yes. Absolutely! Nightwish is all that. The group of five, led by Tuomas Holopainen, is also a whole lot more. For example, in addition to metal music, the band also likes Levi. “The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Levi is our rejuvenating spring week. It was definitely one of the best holidays I have

LeviDays | 54

ever had,” keyboardist Holopainen states from the soft sofa backstage at their gig venue. The Nightwish entourage spent an eight-day holiday being pampered at Taivaanvalkeat on the banks of the River Ounas. The week’s programme included, among other things, two snowmobile safaris and one dogsled safari. “The break allowed us to reorient ourselves and recharge our batteries. There were 20 of us on the trip. We enjoyed ourselves so much that we plan on going back sometime to spend Christmas there with our families.” “Our trip was planned carefully to make sure that we didn’t try to do too much in the time we had there. We wanted to leave time to sleep late and just relax,” Tuomas emphasises. About the penguins In the autumn, Nightwish will travel throughout both North and South America. The plans for early 2013 include the possibility of touring Australia and Japan. When the Nightwish production is on the move, taking time for a holiday is a rare treat, also for this composing wizard. He believes, however, that he is one of the most enthusiastic travellers in the group. They already belong in the category of people who are recognised abroad. People approach them, for example, to talk about other famous Finns.

“In North America, people want to talk about our ice hockey players, and in Europe, about our Formula 1 drivers.” And the traditional clichés work as well. In other words, when you tell someone who isn’t familiar with Finland that we have penguins walking about in the streets, they totally believe it. “I have tried that once or twice,” Tuomas states with a grin.

I like to write by hand, because I think it is important to see the traces of one’s handicraft.

New interests Tuomas, who is often described as an intellect, states that he easily gets hooked on new interests. A few friends are, for example, ardent golfers. “For that reason, I haven’t even ventured to give it a try. I am already so hooked on so many things, that I really don’t need any more,” he laughs. During the spring, he was heavily into hockey. Virtual ice hockey online, that is. “It is the most addictive thing next to making music.” Tuomas played virtual ice hockey for three seasons in the Karelian Division team.

Are they a team to watch out for? “The team is still somewhat of an underdog,” says the modest musician. Composing Tuomas Holopainen’s composition pen does not rest, even on the road. His technique is grounded in tradition. “I like to write by hand, because I think it is important to see the traces of one’s handicraft.” Whatever is written down could be anything, a change of chord, a bit of a melody, one word, a name, a poem or a rhyme. “Then I work out the written ideas with my keyboard. I don’t use computers at all during the composition process.” Sometimes it has even happened that a brilliant idea sprang up during a trip. “I intended to jot it down at home, but then I forgot it. That can’t happen ever again!” The notebook and pen are nowadays on his nightstand and on the road wherever the escapist circus happens to be touring.

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Rakkavaarantie 5 FIN-99130 LEVI Tel. +358 (0) 16 6510 100 Hotel Hullu Poro (Crazy Reindeer) warmly welcomes you to Levi resort. We offer accommodation to suit all tastes: choose your favourite from a range of different sizes of rooms, equipped with private saunas, bath tubs or steam showers. Or book one of our other accommodations: Hullu Poro Penthouse apartment by Levin Tori Square or Hostel Hullu Poro 2 km away from the centre. For groups we recommend the country house Taivaanvalkeat or the deluxe Blueberry Villa located 8 km from the centre.

Hotel lobby


We are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to pamper yourself at our Wellness Center and Day Spa. Find a good selection of relaxation possibilities such as bath department with jacuzzi, luxurious beautician treatments or infrared sauna. Within the hotel your will also find Hullu Poro conference facilities offering a first-rate venue for meetings, seminars, conferences, exhibitions or group events.

Hullu Poro Restaurants at your service - ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT

Hullu Poro is glad to welcome you to dining delights from Lappish delicacies to exotic Asian flavours. Sample your favourites from the variety of our set menus: Feast of Reindeer at Kammi, Steakhouse menu or Taivas dinner buffet. Or enjoy à la carte delicacies of Rock Café Wanha Hullu Poro, retro restaurant Ämmilä, Asia Brasserie or Kultainen Poro. Dinner Heavenly Feast in the rustic surroundings of the country side is worth experiencing. After skiing, after shopping or before hitting the bright lights our cafés and take away bars serve you with tasty snacks and refreshing drinks. Enjoy the excellent selection of wines in the hotel lobby bar WOW, or try the delicious crêpes of Kana & Kannu or a plate of sushi at Asia Brasserie. The simply fun and comic Pub Hölmölä serves from morning until late night. Hullu Poro's night life rocks. Legendary Rock Café Wanha Hullu Poro is the place you don´t wanna miss and Hullu Poro Areena amazes you with top bands performing on stage. For private party or cocktail occasion you can rent the Nightclub Porocks.


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Päivikki Palosaari, Owner

Rock Café Wanha Hullu Poro

THE FAMILY-OWNED HOTEL In the heart of Levi village!


With us you are never limited to ju tss just one restaurant, our 14 restaurants offer new experiences and flavours for each day of the week.

Hullu Poro Areena

Reindeer feast of Restaurant Kammi

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Lappish jerky

is an exclusive delicacy

Lapland is known worldwide, not only for its unique nature, but also for the delicacies of the Lappish kitchen. Are you already familiar with the Lappish jerky? In Lapland, the sunny spring days when the snow is crusty are an optimal time for drying meat, which is usually of reindeer, moose or cow. Janne Ylitalo, a hunter living in Kittilä, explains that he normally uses moose for making jerky. “In this business, tastes vary from house to house, and even individually from one person to another. The foundation of dried meat is, however, the salting process. I inherited the recipe from my father: 30 kilos of meat, one kilo of salt and one bucket of water. In practice, the salt is dissolved in the water, and the meat is immersed in the water to soak and salt for a couple of days. Then the meat is dried outdoors, hanging from the eaves or on the wall.” For the very best result, you should remove all extra fat from the meat before salting it, as well as any membranes that may prevent the salt from being absorbed and make the cutting of meat chips more difficult. The cleaned

LeviDays | 58

meat is cut into smaller pieces. “The meat must be cut along the muscle fibres, because that enables you to cut across the fibres once you carve slices from the dried meat for eating. You must also remember that when the meat is being dried, some 50 per cent of its weight will be lost to the four winds,” explains Janne.

In this business, tastes vary from house to house, and even indi vidually from one person to another. Success relies on the starting weather March is usually the warmest and best month for drying meat. According to Janne, it’s possi-

ble to dry meat in April as well, if the weather is favourable. “If the first nights are mild, the surface of the meat becomes leathery, and it will take ages for the meat to dry.” The weather is decisive for the drying time as well. “When the weather is optimal, the meat will be dried and ready within two or three weeks, but if the weather is poor, the process may take several weeks,” says Janne. By ‘optimal weather’ he means freezing cold nights and sunny days. He also explains that the degree of ‘readiness’ is a flexible concept. Some like it when there’s softer, red meat under the dry skin. When jerky is well-done, it’s dried all the way through and is relatively hard. When it comes to the price, Janne thinks Lappish jerky is an exclusive delicacy. “At best, you may have to pay over 40–50 euro per kilo. But, before you blame the seller for charging a Lapland extra, you should taste the product,” he encourages.

A successful day in the fell landscape is crowned with the delicacies from the local producers. A simple recipe for a perfect picnic on a beach or on the fell: fresh strawberries, fabulous fresh vegetables, excellent company and above all, time to enjoy it all!

Wild fish grilled in greaseproof paper

Northern summer salad

800g fresh local fish, like Arctic charr 600g almond potatoes, cooked barely welldone and sliced in half 100g fresh peas 100g radish thinly sliced 4 tbs butter 1 dl dry white wine salt & white pepper greaseproof paper, foil & string oil dill

400 g cold smoked reindeer 400 g strawberries 100 g Finnish squeaky cheese 1 lettuce 1/2 red onion 1 tblsp red wine vinegar 2 tblsp cold water 1 tsp sugar salt & pepper olive oil local herbs from the nature

Cut 4 sheets of greaseproof paper, appr. 30 cm in length. Oil the surfaces lightly and spread the potatoes, peas and radish slices in the middle. Clean, cut and salt the fish, put each fillet on top of the vegetables. Season with dill and pepper on top. Melt the butter in a small pot and add the white wine and a few pinches of salt. Spoon the sauce on top of the fish, turn the edges of the paper on the fish to form a �parcel�. Tie with string and wrap in foil. Grill in medium heat appr. 15 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish. You can prepare the parcels in forehand and store in cold, if the food is served on a picnic. However, take the parcels out of the cold appr. 15 minutes before grilling, so that they are not too cold before cooking.

Cut the red onion into very thin slices and put them in cold water with vinegar & sugar to season for a while. Mix the onions a couple of times while cooking. Cut the reindeer and cheese into small cubes. Clean the strawberries and cut them into slices. Mix together with a pinch of pepper. Spread the lettuce leaves on a plate or a picnic bowl, spoon the reindeer-cheese-strawberry mix and the drained onion rings on top. Garnish with fresh local herbs from the nature (wood sorrel, sorrel, clover flowers etc.), olive oil and pepper. You can add a pinch of table salt on top. Both recipes by Meri-Tuuli LindstrĂśm, cooked and tested by LeviDays team

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A thicker soup

Jarkko Kuusisto, a versatile entrepreneur from Hossa, whose businesses include Peak Lapland - Lapin Huippuhotellit Oy, Tuikku restaurant at the top of Levi Fell, Muumarin Huoneistot & Caravan area, and Saunabaari restaurant on the shoreline of Lake Immeljärvi. “I’m a cook, a chef, a wilderness cook, a guide, a caretaker, a bartender, a father, a managing director – I’m whatever whenever I need to be. Oh yeah, and a ski school instructor.” Jarkko, who is known as an extremely active guy, is an avid hunter all year round, enduro enthusiast during the summer and snowmobile fan in the winter. His motto is: “If there were always snow on the ground, everything would be great.” “I’m known as Big J and you can generally find me at Tuikku. Proudly sporting my Rötisseur ribbon, I make the highest quality Scandinavian hash and reindeer on Levi Fell at an outdoor grill that stands 436 metres above sea level.” “I never reveal my secrets, but I’ll give you a little hint: there’s a woman behind every great man.” The gems of Levi “Daytime dancing in Tuikku, a campfire in the fells, skewered reindeer over the fire and morning brunch. Small and simple local treats.” LeviDays | 60

In this article series, we will reveal some of the secrets that make Levi’s talented chefs and area restaurants so popular. Let’s grab those chefs and put them on the hot spot!

The young and talented Antti Antti Tuononen is a 26-year-old chef from Helsinki. “At first, I was drawn to Levi by the real winters of the North. I started out working at the Ravintola Taivas six years ago, and now I have been working several seasons at the Kultainen Poro restaurant. I really enjoy spending time in the snowmobiling landscapes of Levi.” Source of enjoyment? “I truly enjoy creating experiences for customers. It’s great when you realise that you have been able to provide them with something new and unique. In order for that to happen, all of the pieces must fall into place, since every person experiences things differently.” The gems of Levi and forgotten treasure “The gems of Levi are, in my opinion, the pitroasting nights at the Saunabaari located beside Lake Immeljärvi’s swimming beach. The forgotten treasure is the waterside sauna and ice swimming hole at Taivaanvalkeat. That really gets your blood flowing!”

raili at levideli Raili Ylläsjärvi is a woman of two roles; one in Holiday Club sales and one at the reins of the LeviDeli Cafe and Restaurant. “I began working in the tourist business in the early 1970s. I have worked as, among other things, a hotel manager at different locations throughout Lapland. At some point, the suitcase life grew tiresome, however, and in 2006, I bought a cafe in Levi. Even though Holiday Club eventually bought the facilities, I still run the catering service with my husband.” My principles “Whenever possible, I use locally grown or produced foods. I also pick all the mushrooms and berries myself. The best raw ingredients are, in my opinion, cloudberries and reindeer. Many of my recipes were handed down to me from my mother and grandmother.”

Levi delicacies

Jarkko Kuusisto’s reindeer roast: A boneless reindeer roast stuffed with herbs and garlic and cooked in the oven. Serve with fried Lapland almond potatoes and morel mushroom sauce. Delicious!

to a boil and turn off the stove. Allow the soup to simmer with the top on for about 15 minutes. Just before serving, add the oven-baked cheese cubes and pounded parsley.

Antti Tuononen’s reindeer soup

Raili’s fish cakes

500 g sliced reindeer meat 2L of water or stock 3 carrots 1 onion 5 potatoes 1 leek 3 bay leaves 2 dl of cream 200 g of oven-baked cheese Fresh parsley Allspice A few juniper berries Salt and pepper Butter for frying

3 dl of cream 1.5 dl of breadcrumbs 1–2 chopped onions 700–800 g of mashed pike 2 eggs Lemon juice Dill, salt and lemon pepper

Allow the cream and breadcrumbs to swell for about 15 minutes. Lightly sauté the onion in oil and butter. Slice the pike into skinless fillets and mash it in a food processor. Mix the fish mash with the breadcrumb mixture and add the eggs, onion, lemon juice, dill, salt and lemon pepper. (If you wish, you can also add pounded cold-smoked salmon. Fry the fish cakes in a griddle. Serve with bechamel sauce with chopped hard-boiled eggs, beets and boiled potatoes.

Peel and chop the potatoes, onion, carrots and leek. Heat the butter in a deep pan and brown the reindeer meat and onion. Add the carrot, leek and stock. Add the spices and cook the vegetables under tender. Pour in the cream, bring

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who enjoy great beer and wine – the perfect place to spend a fun evening. 3. Oluthuone Tsekki,

Just for chillin’ The Bistro restaurant is the ideal place to relax. A great way to enjoy the sun is to sit for a moment on the Bistro’s terrace, gaze upon the front slopes and, perhaps, sip on a pint or two. 2. Bistro,

At the centre of it all Bar Ihku is located centrally beside Levin Tori, and you can’t miss it. On the terrace, you can enjoy the rays of the sun along with a refreshing drink. The Night Club Cellari offers both stand-up comedy, live music and a fantastic nightclub. Guests can enjoy brilliant karaoke moments and wild partying until four in the morning! 4. Bar Ihku,

Oluthuone Tsekki Central European restaurant atmosphere is abound at Oluthuone Tsekki. The restaurant sells many Czech and other foreign beers on tap, as well as more than 25 bottled brews, quality wines and hot drinks. This is truly a relaxed, warm and carefree living room for those

The jovial Irish Come and partake of our genuine Irish pub atmosphere. Enjoy quality drinks and a relaxed atmosphere. In the pub’s quieter moments, customers can play a round of pool, throw darts or enjoy a parlour game. 5. Irish Pub Oliver’s Corner,

An evening in Levi is characterised by good company, dancing and live music. Those that are musically gifted will also find numerous opportunities to showcase their skills in karaoke. More information about specific artists and theme nights can be found on the websites of individual restaurants. Legendary after ski festivities! Beside the front slopes, guests will find V’inkkari and the most legendary after ski festivities in Levi! A laid-back party atmosphere that just has to be experienced. Come and get caught up in the fun! 1. V’inkkari,

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5. 3.





Fell Pond

7. guests the opportunity to spot Northern lights during the winter and to enjoy the warmth of the midnight sun during the summer. 7. Näköalaravintola Tuikku, Unbelievably fun This pub is an unbelievably fun place right in the heart of Levin Tori. Its name, Hölmölä (‘foolville’), already indicates the craziness within. Sit down, for example, on upper sauna benches with your friends and enjoy a scoop full of minihamburgers. And wash it down with a refreshing drink by the bucketload! 6. Pub Hölmölä,

The Lapland night is full of magic If you think you know all there is to know about the night life in Levi, an evening at Dejavu might just change your mind. Come partake of our exotic dancing and fabulous drinks every night 10 pm-4 am. Certain nights also surprisingly feature magicians, fire swallowers and flair artists. 8. Club Dejavu,

Tuikku is at the top in Levi As Levi’s original peak restaurant with a panoramic view, Tuikku has operated already for 20 years. Tuikku provides genuine after ski atmosphere and a view of the most handsome fells in Western Lapland. There is always fun to be had here, regardless of the time. The panorama windows in the cellar hall also provide

A classic style The Rock Café Wanha Hullu Poro represents the more traditional restaurants in Levi. It is easy to enjoy a relaxing evening and a delicious dinner. And our DJ will ensure that the dance floor remains rhythmic. 9. Rock Café Wanha Hullu Poro,



Fell Levi

Party royalty At a central location near to the front slopes, you will find the Hullu Poro Arena, which is equipped to accommodate up to 1,700 partiers. Year after year, Arena hosts top Finnish bands. At Arena, you can have a great time wherever the party takes you or with your friends in a privately reserved VIP lounge. Arena features numerous bars, a 120 m2 stage, six VIP boxes and two larger VIP galleries. 10. Hullu Poro Arena,

Front pistes




Finnish hits If you like traditional Finnish hits or you would like to know more about them, then you should absolutely visit the Spa Hotel Levitunturi, which offers live dance music every day of the year! The same location also has a lobby and karaoke bar. Before you enjoy your evening, however, why not rejuvenate at the spa? 11. Spa Hotel Levitunturi,

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golf in the fells

under a midnight sun

Levi’s 18-hole golf course is located on the shore of a sparkling lake amidst the beautiful, rolling vista of the fells. Located approximately 170 kilometres north of the polar circle, Levi Golf is the northernmost full-length golf course in the European Union. Its exotic fairways are spread out along the terrain between the Ounas River and Levi Fell. And you, our esteemed guest, have the opportunity to take in and enjoy this unique environment for the entire length of the long game season lasting even as late as October, weather permitting. LeviDays | 64

“In the summer, the sun doesn’t set at all, so you can even play through the night,” states Timo Sattanen, Managing Director of Levi Golf & Country Club Oy. “The best time to play and take in the magnificent autumn colours of Lapland is in September, when the colour spectrum is truly at its finest,” he suggests. Everyone loves a challenge The course is a pleasure to play, but it is also suitably challenging for top level players.

Therein lies the reasons behind the course’s popularity, which is consistently on the rise - a total of more than 50,000 rounds have been played on the course to date. There is always action on the course, and the local golf club, with its more than 600 members, is extremely active. Travellers who like a little competition can participate in, for example, the Levi Open, which is organised each year in August. During recent years, the golf course has been listed among the top 30 in Finland, as

voted by the public. This is also the opinion of travellers, who come to visit Levi from numerous different countries. “The course can be used by shareholders, who are cottage owners, local hotels and private owners. Naturally, playing rights are also extended to tourists. For example, many of the Levi accommodation packages include a green fee in the overall price.” Top quality equipment for hire Levi provides very high quality equipment rentals. Levi Golf & Country Club has ensured that

everything necessary for a great playing experience is in order. The club hires out Callaway, Wilson and Titleist sets to players of all skill levels. “This way, no travellers ever need drag their own golf bags with them on the aeroplane or in their car. By providing high-standard rental equipment, we have made it even easier for everyone to get out there on the course. Customers have been very satisfied and many have even stayed to play for longer than they originally planned.”

“And in the winter, customers can keep up their game using our new golf simulator,” Timo adds.

Become a course fan in Facebook: For further information about Levi’s golf course: and




199 m

174 m

174 m

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187 m 193 m




197 m




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200 m

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202 m

203 m

Levi Golf Course Fairway descriptions 1–18 FAIRWAY 1

PAR 1 127 m from the club tee FAIRWAY 2 PAR 4 325 m from the club tee Mild dogleg = fairway bends to the right Uphill approach FAIRWAY 3 PAR 4 345 m from the club tee FAIRWAY 4 PAR 5 472 m from the club tee Dogleg to the right, opportune fairway for a birdie FAIRWAY 5 PAR 3 177 m from the club tee FAIRWAY 6 PAR 4 345 m from the club tee A fairway that curves slightly to the left

3 5





214 m

in e











199 m


203 m


12 10

219 m


13 6

FAIRWAY 7 PAR 4 343 m from the club tee Opportune fairway for a birdie FAIRWAY 8 PAR 5 476 m from the club tee Small dogleg to the right FAIRWAY 9 PAR 4 368 m from the club tee Small dogleg to the left FAIRWAY 10 PAR 4 338 m from the club tee Dogleg that bends slightly to the left FAIRWAY 11 PAR 4 336 m from the club tee Dogleg – bends mildly to the right side FAIRWAY 12 PAR 4 372 m from the club tee Dogleg that curves uphill to the right


PAR 3 127 m from the club tee FAIRWAY 14 PAR 5 458 m from the club tee Dogleg bends to the right FAIRWAY 15 PAR 4 293 m from the club tee Dogleg that bends slightly to the right Opportune fairway for a birdie FAIRWAY 16 PAR 4 348 m from the club tee Nearly 90° dogleg to the left FAIRWAY 17 PAR 5 442 m from the club tee Opportune fairway for a birdie FAIRWAY 18 PAR 4 251 m from the club tee Opportune fairway for a birdie 65 | LeviDays

A paradise

for road and mountain biking

For a first-timer, cycling under the midnight sun elicits an unbelievably wonderful feeling. In summertime, nature in the fells will offer cyclists views that are worth a stop. The midsummer greenness, warmth and the sun that never sets provide a unique backdrop for a memorable experience that the traveller can share back home. Correspondingly, following the summer, the autumn colours make for a magical spectacle that only the nature can create. Whether you prefer to ride on the roads or off-road, Levi has great opportunities for cyclists! There is an extensive network of varying roads and mountain biking routes that are apt for cyclists with different skills. The Levi Bike Park also features, for example, the fastest downhill track in Finland. The Levi Bike Park is located in the Gondola area. It provides a height difference of up to 310 metres and special treats such as two freeride tracks (Blue Groove and Santa’s Cabin), the challenging DH track, the Slopestyle area (Skill Bill) and the Junior trail. Renting a high-quality two-wheeler Cycling at the fell village is easy even without a bike of your own. You can rent a high-quality bike and all the necessary accessories that will meet your demands easily either at Zero Point, or at the Bike Park rental in the Gondola area. The available selection is of the highest standards, and you will find suitable equipment for both kids and adults. There are nearly 30 downhill bikes alone for rental! The weekly summer programme also includes cycling. There is an approximately 12-kilometre-long off-road biking route circulating around the Levi fell. Any group participating in a tour is led by an experienced mountain biker, who will also share the best tips about the sport and trails. The tours are well suited for both beginners and experienced mountain bikers. The local activity service providers have a wide range of cycling programmes with various durations and route lengths. For detailed information, visit Once you’ve had your share of mountain biking and downhill biking, you can try an ultra-light competition bike designed for road biking and take on for a ride to the next fell.

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Route tips • • • • •

Mountain or road biking around the Levi fell Mountain biking: the Levi24 event route (approx. 12 km) A family destination: Merkkisenkaltio For a more demanding experience: biking around the Kätkätunturi and Pyhätunturi fells (over 20 km) For a roadrunner: a trip to the Särkitunturi fell (1 day)

More route tips available from the experts at Levi Tourist Office.

Get on

a village bike!

Village bikes bring a special cruising style to life in the fell village. There are up to 120 village bikes provided for travellers in Levi – all free of charge! Customers can borrow a bike for a day by giving their personal details for the booking system. The rental period is 24 hours. “In summer, biking is a really practical way of moving from one place to another. At the same time, you support the message of our “Green Days in Many Ways” -slogan, and let your car rest for the day,” explains Pekka Rajala, Rental Supervisor at Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd. To obtain a bike for your use, just go to any of the bike rental locations. By showing your personal ID, you’ll get the bike, and after use, you can return the bike to any of the rental locations. The bikes are all without gears and of the same size, but the seat height is adjustable. When cycling along the routes, it’s nice to say hello to other village cyclists. “The village bikes are easy to identify by their green colour. They are carefully maintained, and will not leave you in trouble even if you take a day trip around the fell. And there are plenty of other excellent biking routes as well,” says Pekka.

Official village bike rental locations • • • • • • • • • •

Restaurant Draivi at the golf course Rental spot at the Gondola area Hotel Hullu Poro Hotel K5 Levi Hotel Levi Panorama Spa Hotel Levitunturi Lapland Hotel Sirkantähti Levi Tourist Office Sokos Hotel Levi Zero Point

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Cloudberry panna cotta for four

     – a beloved delicacy

5 dl whole milk ½ dl sugar 1 dl cloudberries 1 tsp vanilla sugar A pinch of cinnamon 3 sheets of leaf gelatine Place the gelatine sheets in cold water to soak. Place the other ingredients into a saucepan and let them come to a boil. Strain the contents of the pan in order to remove the cloudberry seeds. Squeeze the water out of the gelatine sheets and add them to the hot liquid. Mix well and place into four glasses or small dishes. Place the dishes into the refrigerator until they have set.

Cloudberry buns

Cloudberries are a popular and valued delicacy from Lapland. Its value derives from the work it takes to pick them and from their uniquely delectable flavour. The cloudberry is one of the most precious natural berries in Finland. When the berry is ripe, around July-August, it is golden yellow, soft, juicy and aromatic. The amount of vitamin C in cloudberries is 3–4 times greater than that of oranges. Cloudberries are even more valuable, as the yield is not guaranteed every year. Reijo Tiensuu, a berry picker from Kittilä, shares the fact that even though a crop has gotten off to flowering nicely, it can turn sour within hours. “Heavy rain can remove the petals, a surprising summer frost can freeze the flowers, and the pollinating insects, which are so important, may not hatch during an overly dry summer. The situation is made even more difficult by the fact that the cloudberry still almost exclusively grows in its natural surroundings, open bogs and woodlands.”

LeviDays | 68

The crowning jewel of desserts The cloudberry is used to make jam, juice, liqueur, marmalade and different types of sweet pastries. Timo Nieminen, Director of Kitchen Operations for the Hotel Hullu Poro, states that the cloudberry always remains true to its reputation. “Cloudberries are extremely versatile berries. Even on its own, it contains that exotic quality that keeps you coming back for more.” Nieminen emphasises the fact that the limited availability of cloudberries is obvious by their price – as it should be. “Cloudberries are not overly expensive here in Lapland, since they are found here. As soon as they are taken elsewhere, however, their price increases, since, as yet, cloudberries are not grown in gardens.”

5 dl water 1 l flour 2 pkgs of dry yeast ½ dl oil 3 tbsp of honey 1 tbsp salt 1 dl of cloudberries (if you use cloudberry jam, leave the honey out of the recipe) Dissolve the yeast in warm water. Gradually add the flour and other ingredients. Knead the dough well and leave it to rise under a cloth for a minimum of 30 min. Knead the dough again and place small, rounded portions of the dough on the baking sheet. Allow the dough to rise on the baking sheet and then bake in a 200°C oven for 15 min. These cloudberry recipes were provided by Sami Salonen, Kitchen Manager for Levin Ravintolakatu restaurants. He is also a familiar face from the Finnish Top Chef television show.


autumn colours light up Lapland The first frosty nights magically transform Lapland into a collage of brilliant shades of red, yellow, ochre, brown and orange. Only the evergreen conifers solemnly hold their own, while all other plant life participates in the colour spectacular. The array of colour arrives gradually from the beginning of September as the nights cool from the marshes to the fells. Autumn is in full swing by mid or late September. The first snowfall covers the landscape in a coat of white, usually in October. The autumn phenomenon begins to take hold as the light decreases and the weather chills. As the plants make ready for the long winter, chlorophyll travels from the leaves to the branches, trunk and roots, thus allowing the autumn colours to burst forth. The colder the nights and drier the air, the brighter the array of colour will be. Birch trees change to a pale yellow, aspen to a reddish hue, and the black bearberry, blueberry and bog whortleberry leaves all turn to a bright red. Go with the flow The nearly untouched nature of Lapland provides the ideal setting for hunting and fishing. The criss-crossing paths in and around the Levi fell carry the traveller right to the heart of the colour festival. Flowing water shows us the power of nature. It captures our minds and challenges us to push our limits. The Levi region offers excellent canoeing and kayaking opportunities for both beginners and those with some experience. Hiring a canoe is also a great way for fishermen to reach new fishing waters. Truly the best fisherman’s tales get their start here. Recreational service providers in Levi organise guided outings and rent out equipment for independent canoe trips, hiking and camping, either with transportation or without. Levi Tourist Office provides additional advice and maps.

Autumn events Ruska Marathon Levi Cross Partnership Camp Future Cup Rally Sprint Levi 5. Staalo Theatre Festival Autumn Healing Week

1 September 4–11 August 7–8 September 27–30 September 28 September–7 October

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