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Uncover Bryn Mawr As Well As Its Rich History The area of Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania can be found just west of Philadelphia and includes homes stretching out over a number of townships and county areas toward the center of Main Line Pennsylvania. This area is legendary for its sophisticated charm and beautiful traditional homes, as well as the prominent presence of its leading women’s College, named among the top liberal arts colleges by the Wall Street Journal. This picturesque portion of the country is rich in history with a population of roughly 4,400 in the 2010 US Census. In 1704 Rowland Ellis, a Welsh Quaker originally settled the area which was first a prosperous farming community. Using the name from his original home located in Dolgellau Wales, Ellis named his farm after the Welsh term for "big hill". When the Pennsylvania Railroad arrived in the 1800s, rich citizens from Philadelphia were attracted to the stunning hillside community and bought homes there where they were able to benefit from both the city and the country life in an easy manner. The country side shortly afterwards became dotted with grand country estates where the elite could go for relaxation more or less like a retreat from the busy life in the city. Most noteworthy in the area is the esteemed Bryn Mawr College, which was started in 1885 as a women’s college with a more ambitious academic course than anything else available to them in the country at the time. Stubbornly insisting on delivering PhD degree programs for its college students, the college refused to accept the restrictions imposed on women at that time. Launched by Joseph W Taylor, the college began with the religious beliefs of the Society of Friends, also called the Quakers. The trustees nevertheless within a decade decided to go a far more nondenominational route and decide the education of women was more important than religious beliefs. The community is home to many other private schools including Shipley School, Harcum College, Baldwin School, Sacred Heart School, Haverford School and The Agnes Irwin School, The Barrack Hebrew Academy, Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech, plus an excellent number of public schools. In the area are magnificent libraries, arboretums, farmer's markets, excellent shops and an ever expanding restaurant scene. In 2011 a yearly celebration began in the community to recognize extraordinary schools, churches, institutions and businesses operating in the area that have been in existence for a hundred years or longer. Known currently as an important holiday, the celebration in 2012 featured the reopening of the historic Ludington Library with more than 4,000 area residents touring the expanded and renovated facility. When looking for a tranquil place to visit, go to school, or settle down into an area reminiscent of the bygone days of gilded manors and historic estates, Bryn Mawr is an excellent place to find just what you’re hunting for. Guided tours are available during the town celebration, which is a very good time to get a taste of the area, literally and figuratively. With the distinctive real estate full of classic styles, peaceful views and quiet affluences, this area still even now evokes memories of an earlier time. As you drive along this area of the Main Line, you’ll delight in a picturesque view of two story Colonials, classic Victorians, high end town houses, and sprawling manors. It’s an impressive drive through the countryside to travel in this area with its vast hills, woods and streams.

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Uncover Bryn Mawr As Well As Its Rich History