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Dear Family and Friends,

What if you wore the same shirt to work tomorrow that you wore today? What if you wore the same shirt for an entire month? Sounds a little extreme, doesnʼt it? But itʼs exactly what Iʼm going to do! Iʼve joined the Nothing to Wear challenge. Iʼm surrendering my closet. Starting on ______________, I have committed to wear the same shirt, as if I had nothing else to wear, for 7 days. And the more donations I receive, the longer Iʼll wear the shirt. My goal is to wear the shirt for 30 days. Because of donations already given, Iʼm wearing the shirt for _____ days so far! But to me, itʼs about more than just giving up my closet. We live in abundance, having more than we need, while others struggle to get through each day. I am taking a stand to fight for justice for the poor. The themes of justice and compassion are echoed through-out the Bible. I want to love as Jesus loved and give as He gave.

Join me in taking this stand! Nothing to Wear is powered by Leve Project, a non-profit helping families get out of the cycle of poverty. My group is aiming to raise ________. Don't miss this fun opportunity to get involved in fighting poverty! Your money goes directly to Haitian families in need. You can donate any amount to help add another day for me to wear the shirt. You can donate through paypal on the website,, or send checks (be sure to put "nothing to wear" in the memo) to: Leve Project 2956 N. 425 E.  Danville, IN 46122 [Your friend or Love,] [Your name]

Sample Fundraising Letter  

This is a sample fundraising letter you can use to send to you family and friends to let them know about your Nothing to Wear challenge.

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