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TRANSPORT: BUS AREAS: CENTRAL, EAST, WEST PELION DEPARTURE TIME : 09:30 * RETURN TIME: 20:00 * Departure and return time is dependant on departure points (Volos and other destinations of Pelion) MINIMUM PARTICIPATION :10 PERSONS CODE:ADE 810 Description: The excursion starts from most points throughout Pelion and more specific Volos. Throughout this journey you visit the more beautiful villages in the Land of the Centaur’s and the city of Volos. At Volos you arrive at the open archeological site of Dimini, known as ancient “Iolkos”. After exploring these ancient sites, you visit an archeological museum, Athanasakio and one of the most famous tavern styles “tsipuradiko” near the port of Volos.

lages (of the 24 in Pelion). A short walk to visit the square of Agia Paraskevi, famous for the imposing large plane tree which is over a thousand years old. After Tsangarada you continue towards Chania via Kissos to the balcony villages of Pagasitic Gulf, Portaria and Makrinitsa. You will stop in Makrinitsa for optional coffee/refreshment and a short walk. The unique aspects from these areas will surely leave you with lasting memories. Comments: The same program or variations of it are possible from different points of Pelion. The present description means the departure points from Volos, West and Central Pelion.

WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW Price per person: From 66,00 € to 72,00 per person (depended from participation) Following the seaside road you head for the city of Volos via Price includes: Agria, Lechonia, Gatzea, Malaki and Kala Nera. Transfers with bus English speaking tourist guide (or other language if necessary) Arriving at Milies you can visit the local church, which is famous A meal in a local restaurant for the religious wall paintings. Descending by bus to Vizitsa, Tickets for archeological site and museum . one of the most popular villages for its mansion architecture and Escort /Guide Les Hirondelles the traditional atmosphere of the village. A coffee refreshment in Travel insurance the square of village under plane trees will be one of the unique All taxes moments for visitors. After a break, the journey passes many scenes for you to admire, with hamlets such as Kalamaki Propan, Lambinou, Xourichti. Your next stop in Tsangarada, one of the biggest vil-

What you should have with you: trekking shoes, hat,pair of trousers,sun cream and sun glasses, water. The final schedule will be determined by the tour leader as will be affected by resort starting points and number of participants.

The Land of the Centaurs… Dimini: The excavations until today have unearthed the civilization, the pottery trade and the wit of the ancient Greek people that blossomed many years before Christ in this region. Remember “the Expedition of the Argonauts” of King Pelias, Jason with one sandal etc. Jason & Argonauts: According to one version of the myth, in the 14th century BC, the Acheans of Magnesia laid claims to the sea for their livelihood. But they had to find an exit towards the Black Sea in the North. Owing to the strong Bosporus winds (blowing towards the Aegean) they needed a ship with more oars than the usual 30. This explains the invention of the 50-oared penteconter whose archetype was the mythical Argo. Centaurs: Pelion the mountain of the Centaurs was chosen by The Twelve Olympian Gods as a summer residence. The myth says, that here wise Chiron gave his knowledge to Jason, Pelias, Hippocrates, Asclepius, Apollo, Achilles and many other legendary heroes. Tavern-”tsipuradiko”: The history begins

at the decade of the 20's, when the 'tsipouradika' were few and the productions of the traditional alcohol drink "tsipouro" was in small quantities. When the 25ari (small bottle 0,25ml of tsipouro drink) was established with accompany of appetizers, mostly seafood, such as octopus, crawfishes and many other tastes. The tradition says that refugees from Asia Minor brought with them the habit of tsipouro drink, accompanied with seafood appetizers. In our days, every different tsipouro should be accompanied with different appetizers. This is a traditional ceremony which maintained years ago. The 25ari is a small bottle with tsipouro for a small glass. Makrinitsa: The balcony of Pelion. One of the most characteristic traditional settlement full of mansions and houses that look like hanging ornaments on the green mountain side. The village square with the century old plane trees offers a panoramic view of Volos and the Pagasitikos Gulf. In one of the traditional cafes there is a large variety from the famous painter Theofilos. Portaria: Here it was the most important

INFORMATION-BOOKINGS VOLOS,19,Koumoundourou str ΤEL:24210 32171

commercial centre of the 24 villages of Pelion. Hotel Theoxenia was considered to be the largest and most luxurious in the Balkans just after 1900. Today, Portaria is the “lady in waiting” with the task of welcoming visitors to Pelion. Its neo-classical mansions are of great interest, some of which now function as inns. Every year towards the end of August the local custom of Pelion weddings is revived. Tsagarada: Tsagarada means beautiful view or, according to another version, royal village. It is a place for all seasons, fairy tale -like and all white in snow during winter, “flooded” by wild flowers during spring, cool and surrounded by hydrangeas in the summer, abundant with red-yellow leaves in the autumn. The four districts of Tsagarada with streams, arched bridges, squares, churches, new and old mansions, make it an ideal place to stay. In the square of Agion Taxiarchon (Archangels) the famous fountain with the four outlets where water flows endlessly. The century-old plane tree gives life with its shade to the famous Pelion hydrangeas.