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FIELD TRIP We went to a chocolate factory. We met two chocolate makers. One of the two said how to make chocolate: “ First, we have to collect cocoa beans. Next, we mist proceed to the pod opening which consists in opening the fruit and recover seeds. After, the cocoa beans ferment. We need to dry it to prevent them from rotting. We should roast the seeds. The most important part is the crushing, it consists to crush the cocoa beans on tiny track. After that, we can proceed to the grinding which will give us a cocoa mass. We must add cocoa butter and cocoa butter, which will give us the raw chocolate. Taste it! ” The whole group said: “ It’s not good! Ugh! ” She said: “ I know! After, we may add sugar and if you want you can add milk. Taste it again! ” The group said: “ It’s better ” And we started making chocolates. BASED ON TRUE EVENTS.






Field trip judith nizard  
Field trip judith nizard