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2010 quick view

MOVIES: ia rn lifo Ca tos Ap , nto me cra Sa , PA p cam d ar dw oo W -Trip to states, filming for new "DH Productions" video "Here We Go Again" of t oin "P eo vid b we mp ca ard dw oo W s, te sta to rip -T s: eo Vid Web view by CS", "Point of view by CS 2"

COMPS: "Red Showel Jam" (Slovenia) ry) ga un (H l", va sti Fe e Bik on lat Ba rt Di y erg En r ste "Mon "Umag Dirt Jam" (Croatia) Best trick "Umag Dirt Jam" (Croatia) "Smoki Winner of Belgrade" (Serbia) d) an erl itz (Sw il" tra on no igh "H fox ail Tr ll Bu d Re ce pla 15th. "Bike days" Dirt (Switzerland) "Freestyle Night" (Switzerland) dirt "Pannonian Challenge"(Croatia) Best trick "Pannonian Challenge" (Croatia) Red Bull Alpen Brevet

MAGAZINES: Cover of magazine "Mens Health" "Klik" "Mountainbiking UK" x2 "Mountainbike rider" "OK" "FHM" "Norco Brochure 2010" "Norco Brochure 2011" "VeÄ?ernji" News Paper, (cover news) Shooting for "FG" magazine (Croatian Athletes) NOTES with me on the cover for schools in ITALY and SLOVENIA

islav Mironovic 5:44 minShooting with RTLRADIO:-Radio EXTREME R islav Mironovic 5:44 minShooting with RTLRADIO:-Radio EXTREME R



Autograph paper



Notes for School in Italy & Slovenia

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Continue shooting and editing Web Videos “Point of view by CS”

Film in states with “DH productions” Filming with Alias Cinema in states and Canada


Ride FMB world tour comps


Red Bull Bike Knight Is a international project for media and invited Red Bull riders that will jump into a castels by night like a knight . Castels will be found in countries ( Croatia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia) Target is to make something that has never been done, and make a short video about it + PR all over the Bike magazines around the world.

Bajk + JA = Bajka It a national project that will be formed like a school for young riders to learn how to build jumps, jump, train, contact sponsors, make videos, make marketing for them self, rise in bike world & business. They will be teach how to become real professional athletes. Instructors

Jurica Barac Mislav Mironovic

Let the games begin

Mislav Mironovic PRandProjectBook 2010-2011  

Mislav Mironovic PRandProjectBook 2010-2011