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by Rikki Beadle Blair

2HPH[HSLU[LKSHK`^OVPZUV[Q\Z[ ÅPY[PUN^P[OT\ZPJ 1. How long have you been writing and performing and how did you start in the business? I have been writing since I was about 8 or 9 years old but I began singing, making sounds and prancing around the house since I could probably walk. Music has been with me my whole life. I have done lots of performances, lyric writing, being in groups etc. Now I’m taking a solo path. 2. If you were to describe your style what would it be? I love creative writing, anything from songs and poems to short stories. I write songs that other females can relate to, but perhaps putting it in a way or into concepts that haven’t really been written about before. My style is cheeky, sprinkled with real emotion. My songs usually have a subtle/hidden meaning behind it as opposed to in your face or blunt. I don’t write standard old heartbreak songs.

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3. We hear that you also run your own business. Do you see yourself as the female, British equivalent to Jay Z? @LZKLĂ„UP[LS`/LHUKTHU`V[OLYZHYLHUPUZWPYH[PVU4\ZPJHSLU[YLWYLUL\YZOH]L helped me to understand that you can do a lot if you put your mind to it, with or without a label/ publishing deal and even before you make it. I have a background in marketing and publishing, so I set up my own street team, distribution and marketing company called, ‘Get Me Exposure’ with my business partner a few years ago. My company has helped my musical endeavors, business knowledge and has given me contacts and other skill sets. 4. What are your plans for the future? There are plenty of things in the pipeline, more music, more videos, publishing, touring[OLSV[;OLĂ„YZ[[OPUNWLVWSLJHUSVVRV\[MVYPZT`UL_[ZPUNSLÂş-SPY[ÂťHUKT`,7\U titled so far) along with performances around the UK. 5. Tell us about your recent release and where we can get more information on your video. Âş-SPY[ÂťPZT`KLI\[ZPUNSL^YP[[LUI`T`ZLSMHUKWYVK\JLKI`5\[[`7>YL[JO 7YVMLZZVY.YLLU0[ÂťZV\[UV^VUP;\ULZHSVUN^P[OH+Y\THUK)HZZYLTP_I` Muwookie. The video was shot with Luti Media, which you can catch a peak of on my YouTube Channel:



The Riots - Tricycle Theatre


Gina Yashere


OneNess Sankara Single launch



International Mens Day


LIC The play takes us from Berlin to Brooklyn. How have audiences responded to so far? RB The response has been brilliant. I think people have been surprised at how funny the play is as well as tearful. It’s been electrifying so far. LIC (ZHĂ„ST[OLH[YL^YP[LYKPYLJ[VYT\ZPJPHUKLZPNULYÂś[VUHTLI\[HML^`V\OH]LILLU very successful. What would you say were your career highlights? RB Hmmm, that’s a tricky one! Driving in a convertible along Sunset Boulevard with my cast to our Hollywood premiere.... touring for three years with the stage version of ‘Fit’ and working with over 20,000 school kids and knowing it was making a real difference. Having my own TV show, ‘Metrosexuality’. All three of my plays at the legendary Theatre Royal Stratford East. My life is amazing - full of creativity, inspiring people and random hugs on the street. LIC What are your ambitions for the play and do you have any another projects in the pipeline? RB My ambitions for every project are always ridiculously epic: to change the world, person by person. To make them laugh, cry, think, reassess and stake their claim to their equal share of this world and offer their support to the rest of humanity. Obviously it would also be nice to have the show transfer and tour and go West End and Broadway and all that great fun stuff. But bottom line? My ambition is to do my job well - which is to give people their money’s worth. 0ÂťTĂ„UPZOPUNLKP[PUNHZOVY[Ă„STMVY;OL+YPSS/HSSHIV\[;LLUZ\PJPKLJHSSLKÂş(SP]LÂťJ\YH[PUN a new writing festival here at the Theatre Royal... and I have a book coming out in November called ‘What I Learned Today’. It’s an empowerment philosophy book.

“D S

o far things have been going prett y well with my X\LZ[[VILJVTP UNHM\SS`Ă…LKNLK ZPUNLYHNHPU4` friend has hooked me up with a band that performs fun and soul tunes k most weekends and with the he another friend I’v lp of e been forced to revamp my ward However, work robe. in progress conti nues to be reduc my hips and thigh “A Black Madonna, A West African Hero or A Sovereign ing s, which I’ve been ungraciously told willing to do anything to reign?â€?, I caught up with the won’t happen be cause of my herita director and cast of the West African play by Dean Atta ge (I must termina these positive pe te ople in my life -LOL ‘Queen Pokou’. ). I still need to wr UL^ ZVUNZ Ă„UK ite H T\ZPJ WYVK\JLY  H Z[\KPV [V YLJVYK everything in, prod 1. Give a brief summary of the play?  uce the songs‌ Oh ! And there’s the In Ghana, an Ashanti Princess’s father and brother were murdered website to create , and who am I going to co-write by her uncle for power and inheritance to the ‘Golden Stool’. songs with as my the guitar playing is atr Interweaving seven mythologies conveying how the Princess crosses ocious. Stop! Tim for deep breaths e , I think I’m head THEĂ’RIVERĂ’WITHĂ’HERĂ’PEOPLEĂ’SOMEĂ’SAYĂ’SHEĂ’SACRIÂľCEDĂ’HERĂ’SONĂ’/NCEĂ’OVERĂ’ ing for a panic att This stuff is neve ack. r as simple as it Princess Abraha Pokou creates a new tribe the ‘Baoule’. looks. So wasn’t it a wo 2. How important is female empowerment in the play? nderful gift one da y whilst hanging at the Albany Theatre ca Karlina Grace (Queen Pokou): It’s really important, since one woman out fe I saw a friend of mine talking to a guy with a gu struggles to lead her people through tough times, saving their itar beside him. I went over and lives. It’s so important that ‘Stonecrabs Theatre’ is sharing her great a girly chat; her after companion introd ACHIEVEMENTSĂ’ASĂ’AĂ’HISTORICALĂ’ÂľGURE uced himself as fantastic (jokingly Mr of course). He as 3. Is there a biblical reference to the story of Moses? ked me what JB Z[VVKMVYHUK0 ZH PK 1HTLZ)YV^U ;O Chris Rochester (Diviner): Yes, with regards to the Exodus, the L IHU[LYĂ…V^LK and we eventua lly shared our int crossing of a huge river and creation of a new nation. There are erest in music, sty HUKPUĂ…\LUJLZ; les OTHERĂ’ BIBLICALĂ’ REFERENCESĂ’ SUCHĂ’ ASĂ’ THEĂ’ fSACRIÂľCEgĂ’ OFĂ’ *ESUSĂ’ TOĂ’ f1UEENĂ’ OLILZ[WHY[^HZ [OH[0MV\UKV\[[ he loves working Poku’s’ son for their people. OH [ with singers. As I’m trying not to opportunities wa 4. Outline your role in the play? let lk out the door anymore I asked Stephanie Yamson (Akwa Boni): I play the crafty envious sister of if he would write him with me and‌ ‘Queen Pokou’ who was always in her shadow. We see my journey Wallah! The deed done, the dye is is cast. As of next WITHĂ’HERĂ’ANDĂ’MYĂ’INVOLVEMENTĂ’INĂ’HERĂ’SONgSĂ’PLANNEDĂ’SACRIÂľCE week I’m writing tunes with Mr Fa new ntastic. The new dilemma is my an  THĂ‘ .OVEMBER Ă‘ 1UEENĂ‘ 0OKUĂ‘ 4HEĂ‘ .EWĂ‘ $IORAMAĂ‘ 4HEATRE Ă‘ about my xiety song-writing skills . Will he think I’m whack! Do Ă‘ Ă‘ Ă‘ 4RITONĂ‘ 3TREET Ă‘ Regents Place, London NW1 3BF, 0207 I have anything ne w or interesting to say in my lyrics Ă‘Ă‘Ă‘WWWNEWDIORAMACOM Too late now, the ? date is set and I’m hurtling towards mo re doubt. So here Fiona Frimpong goes, onwards an d upwards.


Emelie Sande

LIC Shalom Baby is set in the 1930’s about a mixed race couple. What was your inspiration behind this bold play? RB Ten years ago I visited the Holocaust museum in Washington DC and I was moved to my core. It mentioned the inclusion of Blacks, gypsies, homosexuals in the camps - but there was so little information compared to the inspiring determination of the Jewish people to tell their story. I became determined to expand people’s knowledge of the breath and diversity of the Nazi racial policies in a way that was human and romantic and funny as well as painful.

JBiaROSE ry of a Singer�

London’s No’1 Multicultural Entertainment Pocket Guide

Issue 36 | November 2011

Life in Colour talks to award winning writer Rikki Beadle Blair

Photography by Robert Day

Shalom Baby Theatre Royal Stratford East .LYY`9HMĂ…LZ:X\HYL London E15 1BN shalombaby.shtml. Tel.:020 8534 0310 Price: ÂŁ10 - ÂŁ22 WIN FREE TICKETS TO SEE SHALOM BABY SIMPLY EMAIL YOUR DETAILS TO INFO@LIFEINCOLOUR.UK.COM

UNSIGNED & HAPPENIN’ ANGELA RICCI The classically trained singer, actress and model Angela Ricci debuted as a teenage soloist for the youth Orchestra of Verona. Italian with Congolese origins, Angela is a Goldsmiths University graduate. While studying she sang with choirs and vocal ensembles (with Eska Mtungwazi singing for 4H[[OL^/LYILY[HUK;Y\L0UNYLKPLU[ZHOPWOVWM\URIHUKZOL currently features in. Her collaborations include; producers from Monteverde Records in Rome, DJ’s from France and headlining at the Jazz Club of Turin, Italy. Recent performances include: Africa Fashion Week 2011, and The Big Issue’s 20th Anniversary. Angela opens for Yolanda Brown at the Jazz Cafe this December. G- RANGE Hackney born G-Range is both a producer and a rapper. With eight years experience, this versatile artist boasts video releases: ‘Directions’, ‘I Love my Robot’ and currently, ‘Money Back’. A force to be reckoned with, his harsh reality lyrics, ‘R.I.P. Life’ is a big hit on the UK circuit. G-Range is the owner of the company ‘NO Labels’. Ladies may YLJHSSHJLY[HPUJVUĂ„KLU[JOHWMYVTJOHUULSÂťZÂş>OLU>VTLU9\SLK;OL >VYSKÂť.9HUNLĂ„UPZOLKUKVUHUPZSHUK^OLYL^VTLU^LYLTHZ[LYVM all things. The world is G-Range’s oyster.

DRAY DELTA Dray Delta is a lyricist from East London. At 16, Dray battled artists such as Crazy Titch and Durty Goodz on pirate radio. His single ‘Bobby Brownz’, is thought to be the funniest home-truth video around. Currently he’s taking a BA in Film and Media, and is an ambassador for No Labels - an independent record Company owned by G-Range. He recently performed at the 02 and his mix tape ‘Flow-Reel Two’, is available for download.


COMMUNITY 4th Contemporary African Issues: A Cultural Perspective by Zagba Oyortey An insightful discussion on issues affecting Africa today focusing on Ghana and the current political climate, J\S[\YLHUKĂ„UHUJL-YLLIVVRPUN essential) Hackney Museum, Ground Floor, Technology and Learning Centre, 1 Reading Lane E8 1GQ. E Mail: Tel 020 8356 2509

14th Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai Taking Root tells the dramatic story of the late Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Wangari Maathai whose simple act of planting trees grew into a nationwide movement to safeguard the environment, protect human rights, and defend democracy. ÂŁ4. PCS Headquarters, 160 Falcon Road, Clapham Junction, London SW11 2LN Tel. 0208 881 0660

6 Vision your Prosperity: Explore the syncronicity of healing and story telling in spiritual growth. Workshop includes TLKP[H[PVU]PZ\HSPZH[PVUZ\Y]P]HSZRPSSZ mantra chanting plus more. 10-4pm. Cost ÂŁ90. Spirited Palace. 105 Church Road, London SE19 2PR. www.shanti-chi. com 07765 070 042 th

13th Tracing Your Caribbean Family History This course, will be delivered by Caribbean Genealogist and Historian Linford Sweeney and aims to give you the tools needed to trace your family history. ÂŁ20 PCS Learning Centre, 231 Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 1EH

22ND INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY CONCERT Featuring live performances from Jazz Jamaica, Funky DL and many more in support of a great cause. Working with Men is an award-winning charity [HJRSPUNJVUÅPJ[HUKRUPMLYLSH[LK incidents in schools, addressing issues of identity among young people and celebrating the contributions of men to their communities. Jazz CafÊ, 5 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PG. Tel. 020 7485 6834

SPOKEN WORD 8TH Malika’s Poetry Kitchen ;VJLSLIYH[L[OLÄYZ[KLJHKLVM Malika’s Poetry Kitchen featuring Ms Booker herself, Aoife Mannix, Inua Ellams plus more artists from the writers collection and hosted by Jill Abram. Cost £5 Lost Theatre. 208 Wandsworth Road, London SW8 2JU. 0844 847 1680 11 Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band Trinidadian musician and poet Anthony Joseph launches his new album Rubber Orchestras with the electrifying Spasm Band, alongside the release and of his new poetry IVVR‰‰ The New Empowering Church, 1a Wesgate Street, Off Mare Street, London E8 3RL, E Mail

17th Jawdance Acts from the poetry hall of fame with a lively host, Dan Simpson to keep `V\LU[LY[HPULK(SZVWVL[Y`Ă„STZ easily-approachable bar the openaccess open-mic slot. With Radikal Queen, Robert Garnham Julia Gwynne and Lisa Lore. Free entry 9PJO4P_Âś)L[OUHS.YLLU Road, London, E1 6LA www.richmix. VYN\R 6WLU4PJ! Films:


15th The Word’s a Stage A scratch show that does more than just scratch the surface, it’s where spoken-word is centre-stage. Four poets present four new pieces Join Kathryn O’Reilly, G.R.E.Ed.S., Kemi Taiwo and Ollie Brown as they whip [OL^YHWZVMM[OLPY^YP[PUN‰‰ Soho Theatre Upstairs, Dean Street, London W1D 3NE Tickets: Info: www. Booking: www. . 020 7478 0100

18TH A COLON & A BRACKET AKA DAT FACEBOOK SONG! SINGLE LAUNCH PARTY & SHOWCASE OneNess Sankara London’s best kept secret spoken word artist performs with full live band including Joy Joseph. OneNess will be performing tracks from her forthcoming EP along with her debut single ‘A Colon & A Bracket aka Dat Facebook song!’ Special guests PUJS\KL!Âś)LZ[2LW[:LJYL[1HUL Sekonya John, TY, Lyric L & Joy 1VZLWO‰‰ Tabernacle, Powis Square, London, W11 2AY. . PUMV'VUP[WYJV\R  


11th J. Cole Signed to Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation, rapper J. Cole performs at Camden’s Electric Ballroom following the release of his much anticipated debut album The Sideline Story. ÂŁ18.50 The Electric Ballroom, 184 Camden High Street, London NW1 8QP. Tel. 020 7485 9006 18th & 19th Meshell Ndegeocello Meshell Ndegeocello returns with her latest record ‘Weather’, out November 8th, her ninth album in 20 years. ÂŁ25.75 Jazz CafĂŠ, 5 Parkway, Camden Town, London NW1 7PG Tel. 020 7485 6834

‰‰ HMV Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road, kentish Town, London NW5 1JY. Tel. 0844 477 1000 26th Game Game takes to the stage to promote his latest album, R.E.D, where he’s collaborated with Pharrell Williams, Dr +YL3\WLÄHZJV:UVVW+VNN9PJR9VZZ and Jay Electronica. £33.25 - £55.75 HMV Forum, 9-17 Highgate Road, kentish Town, London NW5 1JY. Tel. 0844 477 1000.

28th Miguel Singer-songwriter Miguel has written for the likes of Usher, Musiq and Jaheim before YLSLHZPUNOPZĂ„YZ[ZVSV album in November 30TH 2010. His second album is slated to be released JILL SCOTT Now signed to Warner Bros. Ji;; Scott’s later this year. ÂŁ22 Buy TicketsHMV Forum, recet recordings ‘The Light of the 9-17 Highgate Road, Sun’ with the single ‘So in Love,’ is a kentish Town, London collaboration with Anthony Hamilton, NW5 1JY. Tel. 0844 477 Andy Kellman & William Ruhlmann, Rovi. 1000.www.ticketweb. Not to be missed!

21st UK Premiere of ‘Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest’ + Phife Dawg Live Soundcrash and The Doctor’s Orders are proud O2 Academy Brixton, 29th Emeli Sande to present the 211 Stockwell Road, SW9 9SL Debut gig from singerUK premiere of Tel. 020 7771 3000 songwriter Emeli ‘Beats, Rhymes & Sande who gained Life: The Travels fame by appearing on of A Tribe Called Chipmunk’s hit single Diamong Rings and Quest’, Michael Rapaport’s award winning >PSL`ÂťZ5L]LY)L@V\Y>VTHU/LYĂ„YZ[ Ă„STKVJ\TLU[PUN[OLOPNOZHUKSV^ZVM solo single Heaven is currently receiving Hip Hop’s Golden Era’s most celebrated major airplay. group. The screening will be followed Koko, 1a Camden High Street, London by an exclusive live show by original NW1 7JE, ÂŁ15. Tribesman Phife Dawg.


19th Gina Yashere One of the most sought after comedians in the UK, Gina is determined to be different and determined to do it in her own way. Join her on a rare trip back to the UK with a new show full of hilarity and joy! The Albany, Douglas Way SE8 4UG. 0208 692 4446

1ST-5TH ANGIE LE MAR: IN MY SHOES Co-devised & directed by Femi Elufowoju ,Jr In My Shoes, Angie’s new one woman show, charts the perils and fortunes of six distinctly intricately woven individuals. £12.50-£20. Soho Theatre Company 21, Dean Street, London, W1S 3NE. 020 7478 0100

25th Carnival Comedy Club presents: Carnival Comedy Club A hot line up and the freshest wits back by popular demand! Your host: Geoff Schumann Featuring: Jason Strickland, Prince Abdi, Willie Robo, Lorna Divine, John Lenahan. Tabernacle, Powis Square, London, W11 2AY. 0207 221 9700 The Comedy Factory Every Sunday New weekly comedy club with [OLÄULZ[JVTLKPHUZNYHJPUN[OL stage. Hosted by Princess of the North. Performers will include: A Dot Comedian, Axel the Entertainer, Quincy, Jamie Howard, Mr Cee, Funmbi, Kat, Toju and Special P. D’Den Legacy 135 Finchley Road, Swiss Cottage, London NW3 6JH, JVTLK`MHJ[VY`'ÅH]V\YTHNJV\R 07701090781

5th & 6th Forgive Me by Blue Mountain Theatre A side splitting comedy of manners. Every Caribbean household knows the old adage ‘Spare the rod and spoil the child,’ but in our enlightened times is ‘tough love’ the Orly way to haul today’s ‘Computer Kids’ back in line‘? ‘What sweet nanny goat a go run him belly’- unless of course it’s laughter!â€? ÂŁ22 - ÂŁ24 Hackney Empire, 291 Mare Street, London E8 1EJ. www. 020 8985 2424



01st-19th ZOONATION’S SOME LIKE IT HIP HOP Speechless Since the award-winning An extraordinary ‘Into the Hoods’ became the story of two girl’s longest running dance show struggle to be the West End has ever seen, heard. Refusing to this production is a nod to speak to adults, the Billy Wilder’s much-loved twins communicate Ă„STHUK[V:OHRLZWLHYLÂťZ in their own private Twelfth Night. It’s a comic language, their only tale of love, mistaken identity, cross-dressing and revolution. relationship being ÂŁ12 - ÂŁ38 an intense and Sadler’s Wells, Rosebery avenue, London EC1R 4N turbulent bond with ^^^ZHKSLYZ^LSSZJVTZOV^AVV5H[PVU:VTL3PRL0[/PW/VW each other. ÂŁ18, ÂŁ11 concs. 25th Arcola Theatre, 24 Ashwin Street, The Westbridge London, E8 3DL The accusation of a Black teenager 020 7503 1646 sparks disturbance on South London’s streets. While tensions rise, a couple 1st-26th from very different backgrounds Fanta Orange UH]PNH[L[OLTPULĂ„LSKIL[^LLU[OLT Regina, a Kenyan house servant and and their families. ÂŁ20 | Mondays, all Roger, her white farmer boss share a seats ÂŁ10 curious bond. A witty play which turns On until Dec 23rd. every racial and sexual preconception Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square, on its head London SW1 020 7565 5000 Finborough Theatre (SW10). O[[W!^^^YV`HSJV\Y[[OLH[YLJVT ^^^Ă„UIVYV\NO[OLH[YLJV\R ^OH[ZVU[OL^LZ[IYPKNL 0844 847 1652 17th The Riots From tweets by taxi drivers, to moment-by-moment accounts from riot police, victims, politicians and on-lookers, this play analyses what happened. Ends Dec 10th Tricycle , 269 Kilburn High Road, London NW6 7JR Tel. 020 7328 1000


26th Snow Play by Lyngo Theatre When Mr Green comes back from OVSPKH`[VÄUK4Y>OP[LPUOPZOV\ZL it’s the start of a brrrrilliant series of adventure. Children’s theatre. (3-7 years) 11am & 2pm Half Moon Young People’s Theatre 43 Whitehorse Road, London E1 0ND. 0207 709 8900.

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