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Digital Data Communications we connect worlds

Networking products for the 21st century

Digital Data Communications we connect worlds Network passive products supporting network architecture

Letter from our President Like many companies worldwide, DDC has had to focus and remain strong in the face of adversity this year. The current economic climate presents certain challenges, but it also allows us to evaluate exciting new opportunities. As they say, on every cloud there is a silver lining. In 2009 we opened our first Branch Office in South America. DDC Latin America, based out of Medellin, Colombia, provides the ideal base for efficient distribution, logistics, and customer service to the LATAM region. In close partnership with our sole distributor in Brazil, we expect steady growth as these markets demand cost-effective IT solutions at an ever-growing rate. Our new product lineup is also as strong as ever. The IP surveillance sector continues to expand and we've introduced new innovative cameras and PoE accessories to make installation fast and easy for system integrators. In April, LevelOne Ethernet Switches recently broke the Guinness World Record for the world's longest continuous LAN party (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia). Thank you to our sole distributor Ivenue for deploying our switches as the complete backbone network for this momentous event. 274 enthusiastic gamers and 40 hours later, we can proudly state that LevelOne is record-breaking brand. Equip, the DDC brand of network peripheral devices and connectors, also made a special announcement as a sleek new logo was officially put into use earlier this year. This will help increase brand identity and recognition as Equip continues to gain market share in retail channels across Europe. Lastly, we will soon release the details of our new channel partner program: The LevelOne World Club. This provides the necessary framework for all our global partners to increase sales, offer incentives, and solidify relationships with our channel partners worldwide. As you can see, there has rarely been a dull moment here at DDC. We sincerely hope that the rest of the year remains as interesting and fast-paced; we thrive in providing unique solutions for our customers and brands in such dynamic times. From everyone at the DDC family, we wish you good luck and continued success. Here's to a healthy future together. All the best, R端diger Riedl, President and CEO Digital Data Communications Group

we connect worlds

Introduction Digital Data Communications has gained worldwide recognition as a leader in the networking industry by providing innovative and cost-effective network solutions for the global markets.

This recognition is empowering us to establish ourselves as an independent and efficient supplier of a complete range of networking products. Efficiency, quality and cost-effective deployment are the values that define us. We strive towards promoting our brands globally and to share our core values with our branch offices and sole distributors. Further, we provide professional and knowledgeable support services for our customers, letting our expertise help them develop sustainable networking environments. Our pioneering sprit is spread out among all our branch offices. This enables our organization to foster development, progress and expansion as we look towards a bright future.

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At a Glance Vision To provide total network solutions that connect people to foster communication, teamwork, and growth in both work and at home. Mission We provide our customers with reliable networking products by offering innovative technology, committed service, and modern styling all at a competitive price. Established 1991 Employees 350 Head Office Digital Data Communications Dortmund, Germany Manufacturing Digital Data Communications Asia Taipei, Taiwan Regional Offices DDC Australia / DDC Belgium / DDC Brasil / DDC Colombia / DDC East Africa / DDC Greece / LevelOne Thailand / LevelOne India / LevelOne Israel / LevelOne Italy / DDC Korea / DDC MENA / DDC Netherlands / DDC Portugal / DDC Scandinavia / DDC Slovenia / DDC South Africa / DDC Spain / DDC Sweden Board Members, Executive Management, Financial Officers Chairman Mr. Riedl R. Ruediger Director Mr. Gerhard Schleiken Director Ms. Amanda Chen Supervisor Mr. Hsieh Chin Yuan DDC Group Revenue











120,000,000 110,000,000 150,000,000 Forecasted

we connect worlds

we connect worlds

History DDC has grown from a European-based organization to become a key international player in the networking industry.

Our History 1991 1993 1996 1997

1998 1999 2000 2001 2005 2006 2007

2008 2009

Digital-Data GmbH Established in Dortmund, Germany Introduced the Equip Brand and Product Line Established Digital Data Communications Greece, Athens (DDC Hellas) Established LevelOne Italy, Caldaro (DDC Italia) Established Digital Data Communications Portugal, Palmela (DDC Iberia) Established Digital Data Communications Asia, Taiwan (DDC Asia) Established Digital Data Communications Netherlands, Hengelo (DDC Netherlands) Introduced the LevelOne brand and product line Established Digital Data Communications Demark Sindal (DDC Scandinavia) Established Digital Data Communications Belgium, Vilvoorde (DDC Belgium) Established Digital Data Communications Slovenia, Maribor (DDC Slovenia) Established Digital Data Communications Sweden (DDC Sweden) Established Digital Data Communications Australia (DDC Australia) Established Digital Data Communications Middle East North Africa (DDC MENA) Established Digital Data Communications Kenya (DDC East Africa) Established LevelOne Thailand (LevelOne Thailand) Established LevelOne India (LevelOne India) Established Digital Data Communications Korea (DDC Korea) Established Digital Data Communications Brasil (DDC Brasil) Established LevelOne Israel (LevelOne Israel) Established Digital Data Communications Colombia (DDC Colombia)

North America Cuba USA Mexico

Asia Bangladesh Cambodia China Hong Kong/Macau India Indonesia South Korea Malaysia Philippines Shenzhen Singapore Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Thailand Vietnam Nepal Europe


South America Argentina Bolivia Colombia Brazil Paraguay Chile

Austria Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland Greece Hungary Italy Macedonia Montenegro the Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Serbia and Slovenia Spain

Swizerland Sweden Turkey United Kingdom Russia Yugoslavia

Middle East and Africa Dubai Egypt Iran Israel Jordan Kenya Lebanon Oman Qatar South Africa Syria Tunisia

Australia Australia New Caledonia New Zealand

Global The Digital Data Communications Group has grown from its German grassroots to an international organization represented in more than 65 countries around the world. Global Presence, Local Expertise DDC Regional and Branch Offices are established in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australasia, offering a global reach in the networking industry. Our local connections provide us with in-depth market research that allows us to introduce the latest technology to our customers DDC partners can be assure that every LevelOne and Equip purchase is supported by a large community of technical experts that are always ready to assist with your product inquiry. Our regional offices are responsible for our proven and effective after-sates support. Their care and dedication to DDC ensures personalized and friendly support in the shortest time possible.

we connect worlds

Total Solutions

LevelOne enjoys the status of a highly visible international brand while Equip provides the necessary support for establishing reliable networking connections. Both of DDC’s brands offer more than 2500 products to support all your networking configurations and deployments.

Networking products for the 21st century

LevelOne laid its foundations by developing a strong and complete line of Ethernet switches. The brand now is able to provide specialized solutions built upon this foundation. Since LevelOne’s entrance into the networking market, it has been setting standards in the fields of wired and wireless technology. Recently, LevelOne has been dedicating more resources to focus on new technologies such as Green Switches and Routers, PoE injectors and extenders, VDSL2 Media Converters, HomePlug Powerline Adapters and the digital IP surveillance solutions. Presently LevelOne is represented in more than 65 countries world-wide and consists of 3 different product segments that provide specialized networking solutions.

Home Networking products for home users Office Office networking products for small to medium sized offices Professional Enterprise grade solutions

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Passive products supporting network architecture

Equip presents the network industry with supportive components and accessories to deploy quality small, medium and large scale networks. The brand provides a complete range and solutions for computer periphery and connectivity. Equip stands for product development driven by quality management and continuous adjustments to market demands.

Better Connections

we connect worlds

Team DDC employees make it happen. Each member of DDC contributes personally to the company culture and values. Without them, there is no DDC. DDC Teams Cooperation between each branch office is highly valued since we believe that a strong global team environment is the key ingredient to our success. Currently, 19 branch offices around the world form the DDC Group, with DDC Germany and DDC Asia at the helm of the management team. Our branch offices provide all support services and they also manage and evaluate all activities in their respective regions. Training and Employee Development DDC understands the competitive challenges in the networking market can only be met with a highly skilled and motivated team. We have training programs designed to keep our team members up to date with the current trends in the networking environment and we also support a continuing education model for those wishing to further their academic knowledge. Apart from providing opportunities for further education possibilities, DDC provides training seminars throughout the year by DDC Germany and DDC Asia’s project management teams. All DDC branch offices are current with latest industry developments, product information and market research knowledge.

we connect worlds

Support & Service Providing skilled support and product expertise for our customers A Decade of Specialized Experience DDC has been delivering superior customer service since 1991. Our dedication to our customers is long-standing and has earned a great deal of respect from our customers worldwide. We have defined and perfected our customer support model to ensure it matches our internal development strategy. DDC will only introduce new technologies after acquiring the required knowledge needed to provide customers with timely and accurate support. This has earned DDC a solid reputation as being a first-class networking solutions provider – making us one of the few players in the networking market that have been able to provide consistent, uninterrupted service for nearly 20 years. The valued partners in our distribution network also provide attentive service to DDC’s customers. Free service calls and support, product guarantee and warrantee programs, network deployment consultation, network installation, product returns and several other crucial support services are provided by skillful, certified, and experienced technical experts. We make sure to work with trusted partners that share our same core values in order to bring the best service to our customers.

Asia and Australia Digital Data Communications Asia 8F, No. 41, Lane 221, Kang-Chien Rd. Nei-Hu, 114, Taipei Taiwan Tel: +886-2-26272288 Fax: +886-2-26572288

Branch Offices Europe Digital Data Communications Germany Zeche-Norm-Strasse 25, 44319 Dortmund , Germany Tel: +49-23190750 Fax: +49-2319075184

Digital Data Communications Australia Unit 12-18, Victoria Street East, Lidcombe, Sydney, NSW 2141, Australia Tel: +61-2-9643-9989 Fax: +61-2-9643-9959 LevelOne India 2F, Lane 1, 45 Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi - 110 065, INDIA Tel: +91-11-470-470-47 Fax: +91-11-470-470-48

Digital Data Communications Belgium E.Blondieaustraat 19, 1800 Vilvoorde, Belgium Tel: +32-2-2532228 Fax: +32-2-7065318

Digital Data Communications Korea 6F, Korea Housing Center, 45-11 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-736, South Korea Tel: +82-2-761-1592 Fax: +82-2-3273-2126

Digital Data Communications Greece Imittou Str. 13, 16777 Elliniko Athens, Greece Tel: +30-210-9960603 Fax: +30-210-9915620

LevelOne Thailand Tel: +886-2-26272288 Fax: +886-2-26572288

LevelOne Italy Via Mendola 26, 39052 Caldaro BZ, Italy Tel: +39-0471-962-761 Fax: +39-0471-965-521 Digital Data Communications Netherlands Vosboerweg 20-2, 7556BS Hengelo (OV), The Netherlands Tel: +31-74-255-3135 Fax: +31-74-255-3136 Digital Data Communications Portugal Avenida Luisa Todi 590, 8 dto. 2900-457, Setubal, Portugal Tel: +35-191-264-9752 Digital Data Communications Scandinavia Ole Romersvej 1B, 9870 Sindal, Denmark Tel: +45-96-780-444 Fax: +45-96-780-445 Digital Data Communications Slovenia Leskoskova 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia Tel: +386-1-524-0167 Fax: +386-1-524-0169 Digital Data Communications Spain Calle Canada 16-2F, 28790 Humanes de Madrid, Spain Tel: +34-914-982-400 Mobile: +34-649-313-425 Digital Data Communications Sweden Krusegrand 42F, 21225 Malmo, Sweden Tel: +46-40-294-420 Fax: +46-40-689-3425

Africa and Middle East Digital Data Communications East Africa P.O.Box 47419-00100, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254-20-387-7351 Fax: +254-20-387-7350 LevelOne Israel 3 Habany St. Holon, Israel Tel: +972-3-550-5584 Fax: +972-3-550-5586 Digital Data Communications MENA P.O. Box 212731, Dubai, U.A.E Tel: +971-4-361-7482 Fax: +971-4-361-7483 Digital Data Communications South Africa Unit 5 Midrand Junxion, Old Pretoria Road, Midrand, South Africa Tel: +27-11-312-3018 Fax: +27-11-312-3017 Africa and Middle East Digital Data Communications Brasil Rua Laguna, 306 - Sao Paulo - SP - Brasil Tel/Fax: +55-31-3372-1772 Mobile: +55-31-8457-8798 Digital Data Communications Colombia Carrera 43A 15 South 15, Office 802, Xerox Building El Poblado, MedellĂ­n, Colombia Tel: +57-300-494-42252 Fax: +57-4-253-4964

Digital Data Communications

Company Profile 2009  

Introduction of Digital Data Communication Group

Company Profile 2009  

Introduction of Digital Data Communication Group