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Focusing on products meeting U.S. Special Forces needs, C. Reed Knight Jr. founded KAC in Vero Beach, Florida to design and manufacture weapon components for America’s elite combat forces. Now almost thirty years later, it’s been a history Reed could never have imagined. A history of innovative designs of new weapons and accessories, along with the aid of firearms legend Gene Stoner, has also production of the world’s premier semi-auto sniper rifle, as well as founding the largest dedicated small arms R&D and manufacturing facility in the country.

U.S. Military Forces and selected Allies have adopted the semi-auto 7.62 mm M110 sniper rifle, and its sea-going older brother,

the Mk11, after recognizing their high degree of accuracy and unmatched multiple targeting capabilities. The 5.56mm SR16 Carbine is used by selected Government agencies, where requirements focus on accuracy, reliability, and the weapon’s ambidextrous features. Others are evaluating KAC’s new 6 X 35mm compact weapon including the Personal Defense Weapon, PDW, and the SR635—a scaled down SR-16 in the new 6x35 caliber.

Now located in Titusville, Florida, KAC is an industry leader, manufacturing small arms, accessory rails, sound suppressors, and other accessories. Following strict international

quality standards of ISO-9001, the company produces a high volume of precision manufactured components using the latest in CNC machinery. Production is also balanced between the use of robotics, and a highly skilled and motivated workforce operating in a continuously improving and “lean” manufacturing environment.

Production at KAC is primarily geared toward military and law enforcement with production rates adapted to meet both their large and small-scale

At the same time, the company serves a small but growing community of serious shooters and collectors. The company has a dedicated sales department addressing those needs, making many of the Knight’s Armament products available commercially. These customers appreciate the value of using requirements.

products produced to the same exacting tolerances demanded by the military.



Founded as an R&D facility over a quarter of a century ago, KAC has evolved into a premiere manufacturer offering completely integrated weapon systems, including night vision. Knight’s is industry known for it’s advanced weapon designs, innovative developments, with R&D and manufacturing under one roof. Moreover, KAC is a




MULTI LUG IMPROVED E3 BOLT Carbon Cutter Bolt Carrier


world-class engineering powerhouse in cutting edge modular accessories, signature reduction devices and electro-optic devices. KAC’s comprehensive approach to products is noteworthy for integration levels, compatibility, modular tactical capabilities and superior field performance. Leaning “forward in the foxhole”, KAC strives to take it’s design and engineering strength to new future heights.

Created by Eugene Stoner and C. Reed Knight Jr. in the early 90’s, the SR-25 has the best features a sniper rifle can have. Built on the solid foundation of the original 7.62mm AR10 Rifle Mr. Stoner developed during the 1950s for the U.S. and NATO (as well as the later 5.56mm M16 family) the SR-25 delivers superb “out of the box” accuracy with “off the shelf” factory match grade .308 caliber ammunition. Their design overcame the “hand-built” issues of former precision rifle systems requiring specially fitted rifle parts and specialty trained Armorers to maintain them. SR-25 pays legacy tribute to the original AR-10 built in Hollywood, California; and the later millions of M-16’s, is historical testimony to superiority of Mr. Stoner’s design genius, currently benefiting the U.S. Military across two centuries.

Knight’s Stoner Rifle SR-25 is a match grade, free-floating barrel rifle that from the beginning was conceptualized on it’s primary function as a precision target rifle. Delivering quick and consistent accuracy for multiple targets with stunning .5 MOA attainability. Currently the primary arm of thousands of military sniper units, KAC’s Stoner Rifles like the Mk 11 Mod 0, has long been considered the most desirable semi-automatic 7.62mm rifles ever made. SR-25’s from KAC are semi-automatic rifles featuring 16” chrome plated barrels or 20” match grade alloy steel barrel, URX free floating barrel rail forends with removable lower rail, integrated ambidextrous operational controls, superb two-stage match trigger, multi-lug bolt and integral front folding sight and sling mounts.

SR-25 EM Series



P/N: 25846


.308 (7.62mm NATO) 16” Chrome Plated Cut Rifled 1:11 Twist 8.31 lbs 33 7/8” (Stock Retracted)

SR-25 E.M.C. The EM Carbine is currently the 7.62 weapon of choice for discriminating and “forward thinking” shooters of all types—military and civilian. The 16” barrel has the same high accuracy potential as the rifle model while offering a reduced and more portable length. The ergonomic stock is also a “hand’s down” favorite both for cheek-piece shooting comfort, but positive length-ofpull adjustments when hunting with thick winter clothing. Also noteworthy are the lower receiver’s integrated ambidextrous control features, which increase both safety and quick handling.

Integrated Micro-Adjustable Folding Front Sight 200-600 Meter Micro-Adjustable Folding Rear Sight 2 Stage Match Trigger (4.5 lbs.) SR-25 E.M. Carbine Low Profile Gas Block Integrated Ambidextrous Magazine Release SR-25 E.M. Carbine Flash Hider Rear Sling Swivel attachment SR-25 E.M. Carbine Dimpled Barrel Rifle Length URX SOPMOD Retractable Stock Gas Deflecting Charging Handle Combat Trigger Guard Chrome Plated Bolt and Carrier



P/N: 25870


.308 (7.62mm NATO) 20” Match Grade Allow Steel Cut Rifled 1:11 Twist 10.4 lbs 39.5”

SR-25 E.M. RIFLE The E.M. Rifle features include: a 20” Match Grade Alloy Steel, free Floating Target Crown Barrel, URX Rifle Length Rail System, Improved Two-Stage Match Trigger, Combat Trigger Guard, Ambidextrous Magazine Release, Integrated Adjustable Folding Front Sight, Micro-Adjustable Folding Rear Sight(200-600m), E.M. Rifle Gas Block, Chrome Plated Multi-Lug Bolt and Bolt Carrier. KAC’s new enhanced Match (E.M) Rifle combine the best characteristics from the combat proven MK11 MOD 0 and M110 military sniper rifles. The E.M. Rifle’s Free-Floating barrel is a clone of the legendary MK11 MOD 0s, but its Upper Receiver Extending (URX) rail forend with integral folding front sight is M-110 Rifle. The E.M. ambidextrous magazine release was also a noteworthy M-110 feature and the fixed-length butt-stock is the same as the MK11 MOD0’s.

Integrated Micro-Adjustable Folding Front Sight 200-600 Meter Micro-Adjustable Folding Rear Sight 2 Stage Trigger SR-25 E.M. Rifle Gas Block Integrated Ambidextrous Magazine Release SR-25 E.M. Rifle Target Crown Muzzle Combat Trigger guard Rifle Length URX Chrome Plated Bolt Carrier Chrome Plated Bolt

when your life is on the line...

Integrated weapon system

18 years ago, Knight’s led industry by initiating the development of today’s highly successful and adaptable Modular Weapon System (MWS), nowadays referred to as “rail systems”. KAC has also taken the lead for the next generational step—IWS, or Integrated Weapon The SR15 IWS integrates the combat proven and tactical dominance attaining MWS capabilities into a literally “forged-in” integrated receiver system where these features are blended-in as the weapon major components are created. Our IWS components are designed for ease of training, and to attain tactical dominance with speed and precision. When “you life is on the line”,…when a split second is all there is in between you and defeat…the end-result defined by quickly changing magazines faster than your opponent…IWS designs are there for you.

The Stoner Rifle 15 series are semi-automatic rifles featuring 16” & 11.5” chrome bores & chambers, a URX free floating barrel forend rail system, an ambidextrous control system, a two-stage match trigger, an improved multi-lug E3 bolt, extractor, and bolt body; as well as an integral folding front sight and sling mounts. This comprehensive package does not require excessive “after-market” modular accessories for performance enhancement. The KAC SR-15 is the first rifle model with an Integrated Weapons System (IWS) that combines both built-in and modular features.

E3 evolution

SR-15 E3 IWS


P/N: 24002


5.56mm 16” Hammer Forged Chrome Lined 1:7 Twist 6.75 lbs 33” (Stock Retracted)


P/N: 25779 P/N: 25780 P/N: 24002-T

SR-15 E3 IWS Developed from the M16’s combat proven legacy, the revolutionary Stoner Rifle SR-15 E3 IWS is not merely another M16 maverick derivative, but a model with a legitimate bloodline. KAC’s SR-15 is the evolutionary epitome of Eugene Stoner’s design magic, literally living proof of the M16 design’s longevity and its omni presence as well as American dominance in military small arms. the Stoner Rifle 15 E3 IWS from KAC is the 5.56 AR’s a tour de force of performance and features. And while its integrated rails are there for optional tactical accessories, the rifle “out of the box” delivers the highest level of performance without the need for subsequent purchases and modifications.

7 Integrated Sling Swivel Mounts: 5 at Front, 2 on the Rear Integrated Rail Folding Front Sight Ambidextrous Safety / Selector Integrated “Picatinny Rail” Mid-Length URX Forend Ambidextrous Bolt Release Removable Mid-Length Lower Rail Ambidextrous Magazine Catch Mid-Length Gas Tube Hammer Forged 1:7” Twist Chrome Lined & Bore Barrel Gloved Finger Trigger Guard SOCOM Type Sloping Cheekpiece Adjustable Length Stock Two Stage Match-Trigger (4.5 lbs)



P/N: 30022


5.56mm 11.5” Hammer Forged Chrome Lined 1:7 Twist 6.25 lbs 31.75” (Stock Retracted)

SR-15 E3 SBR By popular demand, another revolutionary Stoner Rifle SR-15 E3 model, but with an optimized 11.5” barrel. This Short Barreled Rifle (SBR) also sports features recognizable as those of the SR16 models used by high-profile security personnel in forward deployed areas protecting high-value personnel. The exclusive KAC folding/locking front sight gas lock is one such tell-tail feature, as well as the original M4 carbine length URX rail forend. The limited “First Year of Issue” for the SBR’s will also use a historically correct (…and collectable) Vero Beach marked receiver. When a shorter, lighter weight and more portable weapon is required, but reliability is the utmost, the SR-15 SBR is the Stoner answer.

Ambidextrous Safety / Selector Carbine length URX Forend Removable Carbine Length Lower Rail Ambidextrous Magazine Catch 11.5” Hammer Forged 1:7” Twist Chrome Lined & Bore Barrel Gloved Finger Trigger Guard Magpul CTR Adjustable Stock Two Stage Semi-Auto Match-Trigger (4.5 lbs) Flip Front Locking Sight Gas Block w/ Bayonet Lug taper pinned to barrel M4QD Flash Hider/Suppressor Mount Rear QD Rear Receiver Sling Plate 300m Folding Rear Sight

Limited Edition Weapons

P/N: 25852

KNIGHTHAWK PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Custom KAC SR-15 E3 Rifle featuring Golf Ball Dimpling • .45 ACP Nighthawk Custom 1911 featuring Golf Ball Dimpling • Strider Knife featuring Golf Ball Dimpling

• Hardigg Storm Case with laser cut foam • Three Black PMags • Three 8 rd 1911 Mags

P/N: 25981

MD SR-15 Rifle INCLUDES: • Integral rear BIS (600m Micro Dovetail) • Integral Front Push Button Flip Up Front Sight • Magpul MOE Grip (FDE) • Magpul CTR Stock (FDE) • Triple Tap Muzzle Brake • 16” dimpled barrel

• Rear ASAP Plate • Magpul MS2 Sling • 5x PMAG FDE • Art of the Tactical Carbine I&II • FDE MOE Rails • Soft Case

Easily attachable Modular Weapon Systems (MWS) utilize limited space as platforms for performance enhancement. Shooters are able to easily re-position based on their personal preferences. The KAC forend rails replace the traditional plastic forend with four parallel Military Standard 1913 rails pioneered by KAC almost 20 years ago—literally with over a million manufactured and “in service.” The rail system enables an operator countless ways to equip the rifle with the best tactical tool combinations

ACCESSORIES for the job. The latest model Upper Receiver Extending (URX) further integrates this modularity feature with free-floating barrel functionality. The forend section is now integrated with the weapon system’s upper receiver/barrel component. The weights of tactical accessories are no longer added to the barrel, thus improving accuracy. Whether it be mounting performance-enhancing accessories such as flash light mounts, sling mounts, scope mounts, laser mounts, vertical grips and various aiming devices, integrating the URX into you weapon prevents their potential adverse effects.


ACCESSORIES Rail Adapter Systems

M4 Carbine RAS

Rail Adapter System Fits Contour Barrel GI/MIL SPEC Barrel Length: 6 5/8” Weight: 11.6 oz P/N: 98064

UK-SAS Lower w/ clamp UK Style. More secure lower rail for M4 RAS or RIS. (Not Shown) Length: 6 5/8” Weight: 4.4 0z P/N: 20034

M5 Rifle RAS (LONG)

Rail Adapter System fits 20” length barrels Length: 12” Weight: 17 oz P/N: 98065


Upper Receiver Extending Rail adapter System with integrated front sight. Length: 10 3/4” Weight: 1 lb 1.2 oz P/N: 24124-1


ACCESSORIES Rail Adapter Systems


Upper Receiver Extending Rail Adapter System (Armorer Install) Length: 7” Weight: 15.8 oz P/N: 25124-3


Upper Receiver Extending Rail Adapter System (Armorer Install) Length: 10 3/4” Weight: 1 lb 1.2 oz P/N: 20549-3


Upper Receiver Extending Rail adapter System. (Armorer Install) Length: 12.5” Weight: 1 lb 1.2 oz P/N: 20547-3




QD Flash Suppressor Kit

M4/M16 QD Flash Suppressor Kit. Includes Shim Set and Thread Sealant. P/N: 93048

Tripple TAP

Enhanced Compensator Kit for 5.56mm 1/2 x 28 P/N: 25683

M4/M16 QDSS-NT4 Suppressor

dB Reduction: -28dB Length: 6.6” Diameter: 1.5”

Weight: 1 lb 8oz Attachment Method: Quick Attach and Detach

TAUPE QDSS-NT4 Suppressor (Not Shown)

P/N: 96062-2

P/N: 96062-1

MK23 .45 Caliber Suppressor dB Reduction: Wet -38 dB / Dry -28dB Length: 7.5” Diameter: 1.375” Weight: 15.2oz Attachment Method: Right Hand Thread Barrel P/N: 94368

USP-T Piston Assembly P/N: 22500 * For L.H. Threaded Barrels





dB Reduction: -28 dB Length: 10.25” Diameter: 1.375” P/N: 25847

MK11 MOD0 Suppressor

dB Reduction: -28dB Length: 12.25” Diameter: 1.375” Weight: 1 lb 14oz Attachment Method: Quick Detach Mechanism P/N: 98440

M110 Suppressor

dB Reduction: -28dB Length: 14 1/8” Diameter: 1.375” Weight: 2 lbs Attachment Method: Quick Detach Mechanism P/N: 24611

TAUPE E.M. Carbine Suppressor (Not Shown)

P/N: 25847T



Micro Flip up rear sight Removable Peep insert to expose 5mm diameter “ghost ring” aperture. Length: 1.14” Weight: 1.5 oz

Flip up rear sight Removable Peep insert to expose 5mm diameter “ghost ring” aperture. Length: 3.16” Weight: 1.6 oz

P/N: 25475

P/N: 97082

Micro Flip up rear sight

Flip up rear sight

200-600 METER Elevation Adjustments Length: 1.14” Weight: 1.5 oz

200-600 METER Elevation Adjustments Length: 1.14” Weight: 1.5 oz

P/N: 25650

P/N: 98474

Micro Flip up front sight No Tool Required Adjustments. Weight: 1.5 oz

Flip up front sight Folding Front Sight for Top Rail. Length: 1 1/5” Weight: 1.6 oz

P/N: 25654

P/N: 99051


ACCESSORIES SLING Mounts / SIGHTS BALL LOCK SLING SWIVEL “EYELET” For Carbine Receiver Sling Plate + Mounts and Others.

Push-Button swivel & mws forend rail mount Forend Rail Mount with PushButton Sling Swivel.

P/N: 21317

P/N: 98720

SLING SWIVEL MOUNT (REAR SWIVEL) Carbine Rear Sling Swivel Mount.

P/N: 24103

MWS BIPOD ADAPTER Designed for lower rail. Includes QD Stud 97030

AIMPOINT Micro Series Mount Q.D Mount Kit with Riser Blocks. Does not include Aimpoint Sight.

OFFSET RAIL MOUNT Aimpoint Micro Series Offset Mount. Optic not included. Weight: 1.68 oz

P/N: 98060

P/N: 21317

P/N: 25789

SCOPE RING MOUNT ASSEMBLY For Aimpoint Optic not included

P/N: 20654

Scope Mount (1 piece) 34mm, High 1.4”, Aluminum. Length: 4 5/8” Weight: 7.2 oz

Straight Up Mount 30mm Reflex Sight Mount for Aimpoint. High 1.57” Length: 15/16” Weight: 3.6 oz

P/N: 25284

P/N: 98073-1

KAC Aimpoint Micro Battery cap Assembly Replaces standard Aimpoint Micro Series cap and holds 2 batteries.

P/N: 25871


30mm, High 1.4”, Aluminum. Length: 4 5/8” Weight: 7.2 oz BLACK SCOPE MOUNT (Not Shown)

30mm, High 1.4”, Aluminum. Length: 4 5/8” Weight: 7.2 oz

P/N: 24755 P/N: 24755-BLK


ACCESSORIES CONTROL ACCESSORIES Ambidextrous MAG RELEASE Ambi Mag Release for M4 Rifles with Cold-Wx Release Button Length: 10 1/8� Weight: 3 oz

Forward Pistol Grip Available in Black, Toupe & Green Black (Shown)

P/N: 20470

P/N: 97098 Green (Not Shown)

P/N: 97098-G

Ambidextrous safety selector Ambidextrous Safety Selector Weight: .8 oz

P/N: 25776

KAC Trigger Two Stage, Match, 4.5 Lbs pull. Weight: 2.4 oz

P/N: 25362

FORWARD HAND STOP Forward Hand Stop with Sling Swivel. Fits most rails.

P/N: 25460

Rail Cover Panels P/N: 97164 2 Rib Panel P/N: 97166 4 Rib Panel P/N: 97167 5 Rib Panel P/N: 97168 6 Rib Panel P/N: 97169 9 Rib Panel P/N: 95047 11 Rib Panel P/N: 95047T 11 Rib Panel Toupe P/N: 95047G 11 Rib Panel Green

Toupe (Not Shown)

P/N: 97098-T


ACCESSORIES 20 Round Magazine SR-25 Magazines designed to only hold 20 rounds, have steel bodies.

SR-25 Field Repair Kit Firing Pin, Extractor, Bolt Rings, etc for SR25. Weight: 1.2 oz

P/N: 98076-1

P/N: 98063

10 Round Magazine Designed to hold only 10 rounds for the SR-25

P/N: 98037

P/N: 23339-1

Bore rod guide For .204” dia. Bore Rod for SR25 Length: 10 1/8” Weight: 3 oz

P/N: 98043

Bore rod guide For Dewey Coated rods of .256”dia., Fits upper receiver for SR25 Length: 10 1/8” Weight: 3 oz

P/N: 21281

SR-15 Field Repair Kit Firing Pin, Extractor, Bolt Rings, etc for SR15. Weight: 1.2 oz

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KAC Main Number (321) 607-9900 For Domestic Sales, Please Contact: For Foreign Sales, Please Contact: For General Question, Please Contact:

(321) 607-9900 Ext 1330 (321) 607-9956 or (321) 607-9900 Ext. 1956 (321) 607-9900 (Operator Will Direct You)


701 Columbia Blvd. Titusville, FL 32780 321-607-9900 |

Knights Armament  

Focusing on products meeting U.S. Special Forces needs, C. Reed Knight Jr. founded KAC in Vero Beach, Florida to design and manufacture weap...

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