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OCTOBER 2013 3

chapter spotlights



The Gamma Pi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta was officially installed at Iowa State in 1948. The chapter has earned many awards in recent years. The chapter was awarded the Silver Kite award at their national Grand Convention for its excellence in academics and received the Gold Circle award from Iowa State for its high level of participation in on-campus activities. Kappa Alpha Theta hosts their philanthropy “Theta Twists” every fall which raises money for the Story County Court Appointed Special Advocates, an organization that works with children who have been removed from abusive or neglectful home environments. Kappa Alpha Theta’s official colors are black and gold, represented on their flower, the black and gold pansy. Their official symbol is the Kite.

THETA CHI The Alpha Mu chapter of Theta Chi was established at Iowa State on December 22nd, 1922. Every fall, the chapter hosts their chapter-specific philanthropy “Gobble Fest,” serving a full Thanksgiving dinner to raise money for the non-profit organization Hope 4 Africa, which is committed to increasing the quality of education in Kenya. Theta Chi also boasts one of the newest houses in Greekland; after their old house was damaged in a fire in 1996. Fortunately, with hard work and donations from alumni, the chapter was able to resurrect a new house the very next year. Theta Chi’s colors are Military Red and White, represented on their flower, the red carnation. The brotherhood’s symbol is the Rattlesnake. Currently, there are 135 active chapters comprised of 6,700 members.


The Gamma Rho Lambda colony at Iowa State was first established at Iowa State by a group of 10 women led by senior Sarah Miller in the spring of 2013. The colony is a social sorority for the LGBTQ and ally community, and is on track to become a full chapter in the spring of 2014. The national organization was established just ten years ago at Arizona State University, and since then has grown to 11 full-fledged chapters and 4 colonies, including ISU. The colony earned the highest cumulative GPA of any social Greek organization last semester with a 3.39. The sorority’s colors are purple and black, their flower is the sunflower, and their mascot is the wolf.

DELTA SIGMA THETA The Phi chapter of Delta Sigma Theta was first established in Des Moines nearly 90 years ago, on December 29, 1923, set up as a joint chapter for Iowa State and Drake. The chapter is a service organization predominantly comprised of black women that has spread from Howard University in 1913 to colleges and universities in England, South Korea, and Japan. The organization built and currently supports a hospital in Thika, Kenya, which is committed to providing prenatal and postnatal care to pregnant women and their children. The hospital also serves to educate nurses and midwives so that they can spread knowledge around the country. The organization’s official colors are crimson and cream, their flower is the African Violet, and their symbol is the sculpture Fortitude. LETTERS


BIOLOGICAL brotherhood and sisterhood

Even with the ever-growing population, Iowa State’s Greek Community remains a family-like populace of brothers and sisters. “It’s like a huge family that is always inspiring me,” said Hillary Kletcher, junior member of Alpha Gamma Delta. Little do many people recognize just how familial Iowa State’s Greek Community truly is. When a Greek member is referring to a man or women as their “brother” or “sister” they may not only be referring to the Greek Community’s meaning of the word but rather a biological relation.


“Nelly, Jelly and Delly” or Nick, Jake and Darcy Spellman, as they are more commonly referred to, as the Senior Triplets are no stranger to having siblings in the Greek community. Darcy, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, only had the best things to say about her brothers, both members of Alpha Gamma Rho. When asked about what it’s like having family in the community: “It’s fun to see them out and about at activities,” she shared. Growing up as triplets, the Spellman trio was always very close but still managed to grow in their individual identities when they came to campus. “We live together but we branch out and do whatever our interests are and that makes us independent,” said Jake Spellman. Sara and Emily Bernston are another set of siblings who have just recently grown to appreciate the dual meaning of having a sorority sister. Sara, a senior member of Kappa Alpha Theta could not have been more enthusiastic for her sister Emily, a freshman, to attend Formal Recruitment. Despite their mutual excitement, the two shared unexpected challenges while participating in recruitment; “it was hard not talking to her whenever I wanted… I never thought about it before,” said Emily. Emily still managed to choose a chapter that fit her aspirations and personality. Ironically enough she picked Kappa Alpha Theta. The two couldn’t be happier; from sharing closets to spending time with mutual friends, Sara and Emily are excited to experience a year of college and sisterhood together.

OCTOBER 2013 5

RENT A PUPPY Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority hosted their annual Rent-A-Puppy Philanthropy on campus on Sept. 19-20.The profits from this event go to benefit the local Ames animal shelter and allow Iowa State students a little puppy-lovin’ and pet therapy. This creative and fun event helps highlight some of the shelter adoptable dogs and help them to find good, loving homes.


Seventeen thousand acres creates space for many academic buildings and residence halls. It also creates an equally large opportunity for waste and electricity usage. In the past five years, Iowa State University has created a formal initiative and made strides to increase sustainability on campus and the Greeks Go Green Student Organization is committed to helping Iowa State achieve it’s goal of sustainability and reduced environmental impact. Greeks Go Green holds meetings every other Wednesday to brainstorm ideas to reduce the environmental impact of people living in the Greek community. Along with meetings, Greeks Go Green holds clean ups, paper and plastic bag drives and clothing swaps. The semiannual Lake Laverne clean up is one of Greeks Go Green’s major events. This event beautifies campus, helps the environment and makes those Iowa State Greeks brave enough to support the Polar Bear Plunge have a much more sanitary swim. “The goal of Greeks Go Green is to make Iowa State and the Greek Community more sustainable,” said Vice President of Greeks Go Green McKenzie Robinson. “We want to keep Ames and Iowa State beautiful.” Greeks Go Green will be holding a bake sale on Oct. 31st in Carver Hall to support their organization’s efforts.

Beyond Ames:

Greek Community Gets KRISTIN Recognized PETERSEN

Each year, the Greek Community finds ways to honor the accomplishments of the members and chapters in the Greek Community. The Greek Community holds Vespers, competes in Homecoming, grades and philanthropic endeavors put on by other chapters. Although trophies are often awarded to chapters at these Greek events, often members do not hear about the other great accomplishments of chapters. Although as a community, one may not always know of other’s success. Nationally and internationally Iowa State has been making a splash as a strong, successful Greek community.

Alpha Gamma Rho

received the Maynard H. Coe Runner- Up Award in the summer of 2012 (an award only given every two years.)

Alpha Gamma Delta Womens’ Fraternity

holds the Annulet award from their international organization, the most prestigious award given within their sorority.

Pi Beta Phi

was also awarded their chapter’s highest honor, the Balfour Cup competing against 134 international chapters.

Alpha Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was awarded the Robert Adger Smythe Award, the highest chapter award within their fraternity for the first time in 28 years.

Greeks Go Green will be holding a bake sale on Oct. 31st in Carver Hall to support their organization’s efforts. LETTERS


Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity Inc

was awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King Advancing One Community award, Colony of the year at Lambda Theta Phi's 2013 national conference and received its charter with their organization

Phi Kappa Theta

was given a national award for the most improved alumni engagement.

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc

was awarded at their 51st National Convention in Washington D.C. the Conscientious Collegiate Chapter Award for the Central Region.

Acacia Fraternity

was given the Governor's Volunteer Award this summer for their chapter's work with Youth and Shelter Services

Alpha Sigma Kappa

won a national award for the Most Successful Recruitment.

Phi Beta Chi, Iota Chapter

received Chapter of the Year Award, Associate Member of the Year Award and Active Member of the Year Award at their National Convention this summer.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Iowa Beta won the Cornerstone Award for their fundraising efforts and improvements to their home.

Kappa Delta Sorority’s

House Corporation Board won an Award of Excellence for their support throughout the chapter’s reorganization and their chapter president, Carly McKinney received the Corre Anding Stegall Leadership Award.

This has been a great year for these chapters recognized, as well as the entire Greek Community as a whole and it is a great honor for the entire community when one of it’s chapter’s is recognized for success, commitment and strength. OCTOBER 2013 7

A KEY PROCESS OF THE Greek Community

class. One of the downsides to the increase of students is that it is making it harder for the new members initiate process, because of an increased difficulty in scheduling. Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) chapters will generally take in 4 to 8 members, depending on the chapter. A chapter in MGC will generally only induct 4 members. The induction process can have a varied length of time depending on the individual’s motivation.


For IFC’s recruitment, their main goal is to give their potential new members the information about the Greek Community and the importance of being a part of it. From the knowledge given to the men, they make an informative decision to contact the chapters of their choice. The first opportunity for men to begin the recruitment process is during Greek Getaway. A steering committee is working on an event for high school seniors to still come and visit during the spring. This event is now going to be called Greek Visit Day. Drew Sherman,Vice President of Recruitment for IFC was unable to give any details of what this event will entail, since it is still in the beginning stages of being created. However he did say the event would “possibly have a more positive affect on recruitment” compared to Greek Getaway. Pictured above: new Phi Beta Chi members at serenades Pictured right: Alpha Sigma Kappa women at recruitment events Fall semester strikes Iowa State University once again. Organizations and clubs are all trying to accomplish one similar goal: to recruit new members. Even before fall semester starts the Greek Community starts their recruitment process, as early as in April. A good portion of campus has heard about the Collegiate Panhellenic Council’s (CPC) formal recruitment. It takes place the week before the fall semester starts. Formal Recruitment is facilitated through a mutual selection process from both chapters and the potential new members. Rho Gammas are there to help support the women going through recruitment with this processes, and listen to them. However, CPC also holds informal recruitment as well. The process for an informal recruitment allows potential new members to contact a specific chapter, and vice versa, and the chapter’s recruitment chair will set up a time to meet them in a casual setting. Some of these events may include: going to the facility for dinner, going out to frozen yogurt, baking cookies, or other creative ways to connect. Alpha Sigma Kappa and Phi Beta Chi, both non-facility CPC chapters conduct their recruitment by using the informal style. Each chapter holds events for interested women. Some of these events include: game nights, Jeff’s pizza, and crafting. Ways that both chapters advertise their informal recruitment is through a presentation on Day one of Formal Recruitment, Clubfest, LETTERS


and through booths on campus. Alpha Sigma Kappa also goes to Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) meetings to inform girls about their informal recruitment. Phi Beta Chi just started a new event, where on the last day of their informal recruitment the potential new members and active members get to hangout over a campfire. This allows members to relax and socialize. Katelyn Bell, Phi Beta Chi’s Recruitment Chair explained that when chooses events that are “easy to talk with the potential new members and see how they function in different settings.”

MGC chapters will recruit older students that are second semester freshmen or older. People who are graduate students are eligible to join a graduate chapter in MGC, unlike chapters in CPC or IFC. One of the main ways they recruit members is through awareness from the Multicultural Students Affairs, participating in Latino Heritage Month, holding events in the Margret Sloss House, Clubfest and programs held for students over the summer. Ben Peterson, the MGC president, said one of the major changes they are making to their intake process is creating more formal events. In the past the process was completely informal. This is a change to which many MGC chapters will have to adapt. Many chapters are going to have to adapt so they can recruit more members. As well as adapting, Ben Peterson said that the Multicultural Greek Council is planning on becoming more involved with the Greek Community by participating in events such as: Greek Week, Greek yearly awards ceremonies and Meet the Greek days. This is will hopefully get their council more known on campus and open up a more diverse population to the chapters!

With the growing number of students coming to Iowa State University, all chapters in the Greek Community are seeing affects of the growth. Kristen Schwier-Casey,Vice President of Recruitment for CPC, stated that due to the increase of women going through formal recruitment next year formal recruitment it is possible that the first day of recruitment will be split into two days. This is because the first day gets long for both the potential new members and the members of the chapters. Even though there are upcoming changes to recruitment, none of the changes should affect the reasons why people want to go Greek. The Greek Community really emphasizes its four pillars: brotherhood and sisterhood, scholarship, philanthropy and leadership.

Alpha Sigma Kappa also created a new event to their informal recruitment, which is a picnic on Central Campus. Their fall informal recruitment started Tuesday September 3 and went until September 21.

“There are many reasons people go Greek,” said Sherman. Also stating “[The Greek Community] provides opportunity for them to find what they are looking for, but there are tons of surprises along the way, that people will enjoy.”

National Panhellenic Conference chapters all reached a quota of 49 new members through Formal RecruitmentThere were 841 women that attended Formal Recruitment. Alpha Sigma Kappa gave out 19 bids on September 23, 2013. And Phi Beta Chi sent out a total of 13 bids. For the Interfraternity Council (IFC) ,669 men attended IFC sponsored recruitment events, and around 1000 men reached by the chapters. IFC does not set a quota. It is strictly up to the fraternity to set up how many men they want to give bids to. Interfraternity Council’s recruitment has increased by 44% this year.

The National Pan-Hellenic Council or NPHC finds multiple ways to showcase the Greek Community’s pillars and opportunities when it comes to recruitment. During the process of membership intake, chapters in NPHC host informal meetings as well as two major open events, Meet the Greeks and Greek Fest. Each gives students here at Iowa State the chance to experience NPHC traditions and learn more about each chapter. Along with the many reasons to go Greek, the key focus of the Multicultural Greek Council is building a strong connection with their members and the people in the lines. Lines are the term MGC uses for what other councils refer to as a new member OCTOBER 2013 9


celebrations Amelia Thorne

The weekend of September 20th, three fraternities celebrated their 100th year as a chapter at Iowa State. Delta Upsilon, Phi Kappa Psi, and Phi Delta Theta each have a unique story.


Delta Upsilon, thrilled to be pairing their Centennial with their reinstallation celebration, welcomed back many alumni that weekend. Their alumni are huge contributors to the success that they are having now. Sammuel Kammermeier, president of Delta Upsilon, said, “In 2008, basically we ran out of members and the house was falling apart. So Delta Upsilon nationals decided to pull the plug with the intent that they were going to get a group together and rebuild the house.” A group of their Alumni who call themselves “The Colonnade’s” were able to invest 1.75 million dollars into the chapter house because of their fundraising efforts. The summer of 2010, with the house newly refurbished, a group of 12 guys started recruiting for Delta Upsilon. “Right now we’re in a really good place, we have 52 members,” said Kammermeier. For the past two years, Delta Upsilon has been going through the recolonizing process. “We didn’t even know how to run chapter. It was a huge learning process but I think we’ve finally fallen into stride,” said Kammermeier. Delta Upsilon, like the other chapters, had many events going on that weekend. They were said to have about 100 alumni show up for the event. “We have brothers from all across the country that are coming,” said Kammermeier. They had the first part of their initiation ceremony on Friday night. The following day was a reinstallation ceremony, which the members of CPC, IFC, NPHC, and MCC were invited to. That night was a banquet dinner. “We’ll have the president of our international facility come do a speech and we will have some other alumnus to talk about our accomplishments,” said Kammermeier about the dinner. Also celebrating was Phi Kappa Psi, who were founded in 1913 and stayed at Iowa State for quite a long time. However, the fraternity was kicked off campus in 1999 for eight years. Benjamin Rohloff, president of Phi Kappa Psi, said, “this is celebrating the fact that we’re finally growing.”




They said to have about 100 alumni back for the weekend events as well, and they will have 60 active members able to participate. Friday afternoon there was a golf tournament held at Coldwater Creek, and following that was a social hour dinner. Saturday morning the members gave house tours and campus tours for the alumni. That night they had a formal banquet where awards were given to the alumni, such as most money donated and most active alumni. An award was also to be given to their house advisor who has been a big part of the chartering process. “He’s been planning most of this for two years just contacting people and getting donations, which has also fallen along the lines of the re-chartering process,” said Rohloff. Phi Delta Theta also celebrated during that weekend. They were able to pair up their centennial with a celebration for their newly renovated chapter house. President of Phi Delta Theta, Austin Cary Janellana said, “We’re welcoming everyone back Friday night, and we’re going to give house tours of the new renovations. Then we’re heading over to Johnny’s at Hilton so the Alumni and undergrads can introduce themselves.” Like the other two chapters, they had many alumni come back to celebrate with them. The alumni are huge supporters of Phi Delta Theta, setting up most of the weekend plans and doing most of their fundraising. They also be gave tours of various places on campus, even some wineries in Ames. They hosted a dinner reception at Gateway that Saturday night. “We’ll have our alumni from headquarters to celebrate with us. Which is cool because he’s the one signing all the important letters,” said Janellana. All undergrads were there, but it was most important that new members be there. “The new members get to see exactly what our alumni do and how strong their support is,” said Janellana. For the members, it is fun to hear alumni tell stories about the traditions they have always done, and the ones they still participate in today. “The biggest thing is that we have pride in Phi Delta Theta. That’s what the campaign is called, Pride in Iowa Gamma Phi Delta Theta, and we just want to see that pride continue,” says Janellana.

The first annual Interfraternity Council (IFC) Presidents Retreat was a two day “get-away” held in Boone, IA. The event on Wednesday August 21-Thursday August 22 provided the opportunity for Presidents to share ideas, tips, and future plans before the school year started. The IFC men enjoyed listening to James Robilatta, a guest speaker at the retreat, lead his discussions on “More Action, Less Title: Empowering Student Leaders” and “Check Your Leadership Ego.” Both discussions focused on teaching the presidents new approaches to improve their leadership skills. The men also participated in morning activities such as the “energizer” where groups tried to build the sturdiest structure out of spaghetti noodles and marshmallows, pictured above. President Gregory Vose of Delta Tau Delta was in attendance and had this to say of the retreat, “The entire presidential retreat was very informative and enlightening when it came to chapter organization, risk management, and leadership. What made the retreat truly beneficial was the interfratnerlism that was promoted, ignited, and strengthened throughout the

few days we spent in Boone, IA. I believe that bonds were formed between presidents at this retreat that will trickle down to the other members of our chapters that, when acted upon, will help strengthen our Greek community as a whole.” On Wednesday evening the IFC exec members, all 28 chapter presidents, and over 20 alumni from the community had a chance to come together for the Alumni Networking Dinner. The presidents had a chance to talk with members of the Greek Alumni Alliance and other alumni who attended. The Greek Alumni Alliance (GAA) graciously sponsored lunch on both days, and the Alumni Networking Dinner. The GAA has sponsored many events in the past, including Pre-Vespers, that help our community become united as we celebrate accomplishments and brain storm on how to keep the Greek community thriving. The Greek Alumni Alliance at Iowa State University is an incorporated organization with fraternity and sorority alumni that provide support and leadership to chapters in the ISU Greek Community. For more information on GAA please contact President Steve Jones. OCTOBER 2013 11


Jessi Wilson Alpha Delta Pi Fashion Blogger – The Stylish Print Starting from her love of writing and fashion, The Stylish Print is the dairy of Jessi’s style. Jessi wants it to be more then just taking pictures and adding interesting text. Writing is a passion for Jessi which she is also able to show through this blog. Jessi is now sponsored by Charlotte Russe for her writing and showing off their clothes to show how they can fit anyone’s personal style.

With the click of a button you upload, create or post anything on the Internet. Iowa State University Greek community students have taken it to the next level by becoming entrepreneurs through social media. From blogging to YouTube sensations they are not afraid to take risks.

Jessi has debates daily about what her dream job may be. She hopes to be an editor at fashion magazine but can also see herself being a professional blogger. Mary Kate Knabel Alpha Gamma Delta Fashion Blogger – Trend Takeover Trend Takeover is Mary Kate’s diary of style throughout college. Through her blog she wants to make fashion approachable by helping students make their own fashion statements . Mary Kate’s advice for people interested in starting their own blog is “People should go for it, start somewhere to go somewhere. Suggest people go bold and do it- you don’t know what is going to happen unless you try.”

Jon Daters Phi Delta Theta YouTube Star With over one million views on YouTube, Jon is a breakdancing star and editing, filming, recording and producing his own videos. His main video is “I Save the Movement” which helped him win a Facebook contest to earn sponsorship from Next Life Clothing. “I Saved the Movement” is made up of clips from him dancing on rooftops from Chicago to Taiwan, where he studied abroad. He used Facebook to promote his video to help win the contest.

Mary Kate’s dream job is to become a fashion editor for a magazine or company.

Jon would love the opportunity to intern for a rap producer doing their videos for tour. Blake Lanser Alpha Tau Omega Growing his photography business since sophomore year of high school, Blake has been able to grow a business from the ground up. He started out taking senior pictures, which progressed into photographing a little bit of everything including weddings, sporting events, and concerts. Through Facebook, he was able to grow his business – it is easy to show off his portfolio; potential clients get to see his work first hand. He has had the opportunity to work with Iowa State University gymnastic team, football team, and even got to attend the Liberty Bowl. He photographs for Ethos, Sir and The Iowa State Daily. He even photographed VEISHEA concert last year for BOB.

Chelsey Rouse Gamma Phi Beta Photographer!aboutme/c1se Chelsey is a prime example of the expression “your passion will find you.” After stumbling across a photography blog, Chelsey thought this was something she could do, - she never used a camera before! The second her camera arrived; she registered Chelsey Rouse Photography as a business and set up shop. She was just as excited about owning a business as she was about owning a camera. If it weren’t for Facebook, she wouldn’t have a business. All of her clients are from word of mouth or Facebook.



OCTOBER 2013 13

New Year, New Week: Everything you need to know about the changes for Greek Week 2014 DAVID GARDNER

Rho Gamma can participate in tournaments, in Lip Sync, and wear their letters proudly throughout Greek Week. Without high school students on campus for Greek Getaway at the same time as Greek Week, the alcohol ban will no longer be in effect for Greek Week 2014. Both co-chairs made it clear that all sponsored events will still be dry: “Showing up intoxicated to a sponsored event will result in severe penalties for the pairing, and the individual is subject to Ames and ISU policies regarding alcohol.” Most are happy with the changes that were made. The most popular events, like LARPing and egg joust, will still be around, as will the newest event, Quiz Bowl. Gabe McCoy, Acacia’s Greek Week 2013 Co-Chair, loves the changes: “I’m glad they got rid of penny wars. Everyone would just go to the bank and get as many pennies as possible, it didn’t really encourage competition.” The event did cause some Ames banks to run out of pennies, but for good cause: nearly $10,000 was raised for charities like the Children’s Miracle Network. Also at the informational meeting, Gehrls and Sexton introduced a new event for Greek Week, “Letters at the Library.” Gehrls said, “We are already very strong in three of the four pillars. We have plenty of philanthropy events, leadership opportunities, and showcase our brotherhood and sisterhood very well. But we would like to focus more on the Academic pillar.” The specific details of the event are still being decided, but she has said that the event will give pairings the opportunity to earn points for studying at the library.

It is a week every Greek remembers well and holds dear: flags are waved, chants are cheered, and donuts are dangled. For many, Greek Week and Greek Getaway are their first experiences with the Greek community. For others, it is a way to connect with other chapters and meet other members. But for everyone in the community, it’s a week to showcase our best; from co-chairs leading their pairings to victory, to raising money for Special Olympics of Iowa through Polar Bear plunge, to the strong bonds of friendship formed within the pairings in the weeks leading up. This year there will be some major changes. These changes were first introduced on September 11th by Greek Week Co-Chairs Maggie Gehrls, and Brent Sexton. Tournaments are getting a major rework, as three events (Skin the Snake, Fruit of the Loom, and Road Race) are cut, but one new event (Softball!) comes back. Other events, like Penny Wars and Can Sculpture, are also being cut, but a new event, Letters at the Library, will take its place. The biggest change



this year, however, is that pairing s elections will be made randomly. These changes are the result of a survey sent out to the Greek Week co-chairs at the end of Greek Week last year. The survey showed that respondents felt that there was simply too much going on through the week. As a result, many of the less popular events were cut, and some other events were added. Greek Getaway, an event unique to Iowa State’s Greek Community, will no longer be a sponsored part of Greek Week. Because Greek Getaway will no longer be a Greek Week sponsored event, there are two important results: Rho Gammas no longer have to be disaffiliated for Greek Week, and the alcohol ban will no longer be in effect. Last year, 75 Rho Gammas disaffiliated themselves from their chapters to ensure that Greek Getaway 2013 would go smoothly. This year, every

The new pairing selection method is another exciting change to Greek Week 2014. The survey showed that the serenading process was difficult and stressful, and to fix this and bring the community closer together, the pairing process will be random this year. At the Greek Week informational meeting Sept. 11, Gehrls said that “This year, we’re really trying to get back to the reasons Greek Week started; to bring the four councils together.” The random selection is meant to bring chapters together that may not normally form a pairing. The random selection will be held in December in the Memorial Union. First, each of the large fraternity chapters will draw out of a hat for their order. Next, the large chapters will draw a sorority out of a hat. Lastly, to assign the rest of the fraternities, the smaller chapters will draw the established pairings from a hat. Once the pairings are established, fraternities can go and serenade the sororities in their pairings. This year, things may look a little different during Greek Week. At the end of it, though, mattresses will still make their way around sorority circle on makeshift bed racers, lips will still be in sync, and the ties of friendship will still be strengthened. By emphasizing the parts that better showcase the Greek Community, all will to be proud to say: “I’m Greek.”

OCTOBER 2013 15

Education Application: ISU Greeks Take Awesome Internships

Brice Ballentime

Obtaining an internship is one of many pieces of advice students get when they come to Iowa State.It’s no doubt that this is the best way for people to get real world experience in a related field to their major. Every year, students apply and take internships to help start and further their future career. Here are some experiences members of the Greek Community had around the world. Name: Mike Schneider Chapter: Fiji, Senior Major: Chemical Engineering Job: Project management engineer. Cargill Location: Los Angeles, California. Favorite Part: Getting to tour all of

Southern California, San Francesco, and Mexico, while doing safety related engineering projects.

Name: Taylor VerMeer Chapter: Senior, Alpha Gamma Delta Major: Journalism and Mass

Communications/Public Relations. Job: Elevate Communications (Public Relations Firm) Public Relations intern Location: Boston, Massachusetts Favorite Part: “As a small firm with really big clients, it was the best of both worlds. I got the opportunity to work hands with the clients, but also got to work with really big names that future employers will recognize.” Some of those clients were the Boston Red Sox, Sun Life Financial, and TD Garden. She also enjoyed getting to do a lot of events at Fenway Park.



Name: Aj Tjaden Chapter: Theta Chi Major: International Business and Marketing. Job: Marketing intern for SMH International (Sun rise Marketing) China’s leading marketing firm. Work with 12 different U.S companies that wanted to market towards China. Was in charge of the social media sites and working with clientele about how to market toward the Chinese economy. Also set up trade shows and promotions. Location: Shang Hai, China Interesting Facts: Met Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and LeBron James’ agent. Aj almost played one on one with Kevin Durant but admits that he would have lost. Favorite Part: “Going back [to] where I used to live and being able to experience working there rather than just living.” Aj also convinced the CEO of the company to come and talk to Iowa State students in January. Name: Emma Garner Chapter: Sigma Kappa Major: Senior in apparel merchandising Job: Technical Design intern at Marc by Marc Jacobs

Location: New York, New York

Favorite part: “I really enjoyed sitting in on fittings with fit models and having them take my suggestions.” Emma also says, “Even though my internship was unpaid I still got a lot out of it.”

OCTOBER 2013 17


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October 2013 Edition of Letters Magazine