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About Sorority & Fraternity Life at Iowa State


Our Values


The Interfraternity Council (IFC)


Interfraternity Council Recruitment


Frequently Asked Questions


IFC Achievements & Awards


Greek Alphabet


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Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019

Greetings from the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement! There are few sorority and fraternity communities across the country that are as unique, dynamic, and robust as the community at Iowa State University. Sororities and fraternities members at Iowa State consistently receive recognition at every level you could imagine: personal, chapter, regional, national, and international! For years, our community has been known as one of the best of the best. There is an incredible opportunity ahead of you if you would like. As you think about what fraternity you should join, you should take some time to reflect on your own life. You should choose a fraternity of men who have similar values, ideals, principles, interests, and goals to your own. These should be men you feel comfortable around. You are making a commitment for a lifetime and this is a serious decision. You should choose a group of men you would be proud to call your brothers. ‘ There are many great characteristics of our fraternities at Iowa State. Take the opportunity to visit with multiple chapters, look at organizations from multiple points of view, and do not feel rushed to make a decision. This commitment is just as much your decision as it is the fraternity’s. Consider the fraternity beyond their physical structure or accolades they have received. Look at the men there now. Look at the men who used to be there. Each fraternity will highlight their own strengths and this is important to your decision. Our fraternities at Iowa State are thriving. Consistently, the all-fraternity grade point average exceeds the all-undergraduate men’s average. Our first-year retention rates and graduation rates also boast higher numbers than the university averages. Fraternities at Iowa State are here to support your academic endeavors. Fraternities and sororities collectively complete more than 70,000 hours of community service and raise over three quarters of a million dollars annually for charitable causes. There are countless leadership opportunities available to members of our community, And, yes, there are social events as well. As representatives of fraternities talk with you, ask them the tough questions. Challenge them to tell you about their organization history and values. Ask them how they live up to those values today. Ask them what they need to do better to maintain those values. A fraternity man that is confident in his own experience and knows how to align his actions with his organization’s values is a fraternity worth getting to know better. You should know that the Interfraternity Council’s recruitment process is substance free. Any organization that violates this expectation is not living the values of their organization and you should closely evaluate the ethics and standards of the organization. Have fun with this process as you consider making an incredibly important lifelong commitment. Fraternities at Iowa State have a plethora of success stories but central to all of our organizations is the commitment to friendship.

With Cyclone Spirit,

Billy Boulden Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019





The Sorority and Fraternity Community prides itself on holding high

There are many ways students can get involved as a sorority and

academic standards for its members. It consistently holds a higher GPA

fraternity leader. The first is through chapter leadership, where students

(3.17 fall 2018) than the all-university undergraduate average (3.08 fall

can serve in a leadership role internally to support the vision and mission

2018). Student retention is also stronger among the Greek community

of their organization. Leadership roles provide members with experience

than with non-sorority and fraternity members.

budgeting, event planning, conflict resolution, team management, and

The Greek Academic Achievement Plan (GAAP) was developed between the Academic Success Center and the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement to support chapters looking to enhance their academic achievement. Chapters collaborate with the Academic Success Center to provide effective scholarship programs, study skills, and individual academic planning.

enhance critical thinking skills. The students in these leadership roles are supported by the local and national advisers and university resources. Leaders can also get involved with Sorority and Fraternity Community leadership, which includes serving on one of the four governing councils, the Emerging Fraternal Leadership Council (EFLC), and many others! Sorority and fraternity members also play a significant role in organizations across campus, including: Student Government, Student

For more information about Iowa State University’s Sorority & Fraternity Community, visit:


About the Iowa State University Sorority and Fraternity Community

CIVIC ENGAGEMENT Each semester, chapters participate and conduct fundraisers for charitable organizations of their choice. The Sorority and Fraternity Community raises over $750,000 annually for local and national organizations. Some organizations include the Special Olympics of Iowa, Children’s Miracle Network, local shelters, emergency residence projects, and many more. The community hosts and provides opportunities for community service

Alumni Leadership Council, Student Union Board, Blood Drive, Cyclone Alley, Homecoming, Dance Marathon, Fashion Show, Black Student Alliance and Mexican-American Young Achievers Society (MAYAS). In fact, in 2018, more than 400 of the 900 clubs on campus were led by sorority and fraternity students. Sorority and fraternity students also play a significant role in campus organizations and community activities through the city of Ames.

events including the annual Sorority and Fraternity Trick-or-Treat event, Fraternities and sororities have been an integral part of Iowa State University (ISU) since 1875 and have enhanced the lives of thousands of men and women. The ISU sorority and fraternity community offers outstanding opportunities to get involved in leadership, philanthropy, and service while striving academically. Joining the ISU Sorority and Fraternity Community will provide students with the opportunity to meet many friends and become involved on campus and in the community. Recruitment refers broadly to all opportunities in which students might seek membership within one of the fraternities or sororities at Iowa State. The recruitment process differs for each of our four Sorority and Fraternity councils including the Collegiate Panhellenic Council, Interfraternity Council, National Pan-Hellenic Council and Multicultural Greek Council. Some recruitment processes are formal, while others are informal. The Sorority and Fraternity Community is one of the largest organizations on campus and we invite you to experience one of our more than 60 chapters! THE SORORITY AND FRATERNITY COMMUNITY FOCUSES ON FIVE KEY VALUES INCLUDING: ACADEMICS, CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, FRIENDSHIP, LEADERSHIP, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE.

community clean up, visiting local schools and many other opportunities. The community donates over 60,000 hours annually to community service initiatives.

SOCIAL JUSTICE Iowa State University Sorority and Fraternity chapters offer diverse experiences for members. Chapters engage in critical conversations about

FRIENDSHIP Joining a sorority or fraternity provides members an opportunity to foster lifelong friendships and countless memories through a “home away from home” environment. Chapters participate in many social events within the chapter, exchanges with other sororities and fraternities, and connections with other on-campus student groups. Through events such as Homecoming and Greek Week, chapters interact with peers to create siblinghood among members. The friendships built through a sorority and fraternity experience extend beyond college and serve as a foundation and network for your future. Mentoring opportunities after graduation

inclusion, diversity and challenging inequalities by exposing members to opportunities they may not otherwise experience. By partnering with campus departments including The Center for LGBTQIAA+, Student Success, Margaret Sloss Center for Women and Gender Equality, Student Accessibility Services, and more, chapters learn about differences and similarities between and among the community. Some of the Sorority and Fraternity Community leadership groups also promote social justice through education. Additionally, the community welcomes all students to join our variety of chapters which provide a vast array of opportunities to help each individual student succeed at Iowa State University.

with chapter alumni, advisers, inter/national staff, and representatives provide members networking opportunities for many years.


Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019



The Interfraternity Council

Joining An IFC Fraternity

THE INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC) IS MADE UP OF 30 FRATERNITIES ON IOWA STATE’S CAMPUS. These 30 organizations are home to over 2,000 undergraduate men at Iowa State University. Many of these organizations are a part of the North-American Interfraternity Conference (NIC), a trade association that works to ensure fraternities can operate in an environment conducive to their success through advocacy, collaboration and education. Rich in traditions and history, 28 of the IFC fraternities have homes located south of the Iowa State campus. Fraternity chapter sizes range from 20-120 members and house capacity ranges from 29-89 beds. The 30 Interfraternity Council chapters are governed by a peer-elected undergraduate board of 11 officers. These IFC officers serve the community through leadership workshops, chapter development, service projects, and recruitment.

Men interested in becoming a member of an IFC fraternity at Iowa State must go through the membership selection process, termed recruitment. At Iowa State the recruitment process is an informal, year-round operation. The majority of recruitment is done during the summer, however, there are opportunities to join a chapter throughout the school year as well. While IFC recruitment is a year-round process, there are periods of time throughout the year when chapters recruit more heavily.

Zach Woodbeck, Interfraternity Council President

We are incredibly excited that you are interested in joining our Sorority and Fraternity Community at Iowa State! For over 150 years, our fraternities have excelled in academics, leadership, and civic engagement. The Interfraternity Council provides incredible opportunities and creates lifelong friendships. When it comes to developing students for life after college, our community has so much to offer. Allowing students to face and find solutions for real world problems within our own community, creates an extraordinary environment where we are able to grow and learn many valuable lessons for years to come. If you have ambitions to succeed academically, morally, and socially; I truly believe there is a chapter at Iowa State for you. Zach Woodbeck, Interfraternity Council President


INFORMAL The overwhelming majority of IFC recruitment is informal. What does this mean? Recruitment is a year-around process where chapters will get to know you on a personal level to see if your values align with the chapter’s values. This may include chapter facility tours, hanging out with members, getting a meal, or attending special events hosted by the chapter. Each chapter has their own way of showcasing their chapter to interested men. Men who are interested in a fraternity should reach out early and often.


Graham Owen, Vice President of Leadership Development

Caleb Paterson, Vice President of Risk Management


Josh Miller, Vice President of Recruitment

Dillon Bidjou, Vice President of Scholarship

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019

George Youngwirth, Vice President of Recruitment

Cully Forsyth, Vice President of Council Operations

Jonah Brown, Vice President of Judicial Affairs

Larame Boysen, Vice President of Philanthropy

Joe Stanton, Vice President of Public Relations

Mason Ohnemus, Vice President of Community Service

STRUCTURED RECRUITMENT Structured Recruitment is held during a weekend in the fall. This event is a great supplement to summer recruitment, as it provides the opportunity to explore a wide range of chapters and systematically narrow down options through a mutual preference process. This is by far the most structured recruitment operation carried out by IFC fraternities and is open to all undergraduate men at Iowa State. IFC chapters have the autonomy to give out bids at any point throughout the year, however the IFC Experience and Structured Recruitment are exceptions, as bidding is restricted and regulated by IFC throughout the duration of these events. It is important to remember, the “best” chapter for someone may not be the best fit for a friend or classmate.

QUESTIONS TO ASK • What are the benefits of joining a fraternity? • Why should I join? What aspects of the chapter/fraternity life encouraged you to join? • What are the financial obligations of a new member? Are there additional costs that members are required to pay other than the fees listed?

The IFC Experience is a weekend in April that generally kicks-off recruitment for incoming freshmen and transfer students. During this weekend, high school seniors, transfer students, and current Iowa State undergraduate students have the opportunity to learn about fraternity life, meet recruitment chairs, tour chapter facilities, and seek potential membership. Following the IFC Experience, fraternity chapters will individually contact prospective members to follow up and maintain communication.

• Does your chapter offer need-based scholarships or other payment plans?


• In what ways is your chapter involved with philanthropies and community service?

Many chapters utilize Iowa State Orientation to recruit during the summer. Any male incoming student who attends the sorority and fraternity session at summer orientation will have the opportunity to share his contact information with all IFC recruitment chairs by filling out a provided sheet that indicates their interest in joining a chapter. That information will be shared with the recruitment chairs immediately, and you can expect chapters to reach out to start getting to know you. IFC encourages incoming students and families to plan accordingly and set aside extra free time to meet with chapters and tour chapter facilities, all of which will be arranged by individual chapters.

• What can I expect the time commitment to be? • What other campus organizations have you had an opportunity to participate in as a result of your fraternal experience? • How does your chapter promote academics?

• What types of activities are planned with other chapters in the community? • Is it possible to maintain a part-time job and still have time to fulfill your commitment to a fraternity? • What is the availability of housing and what are the rules pertaining to living in the fraternity house? • What are the founding values of your organization?

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IFC Chapters


• Acacia

Lambda Chi Alpha


Phi Delta Theta

12 of this guide. There are many scholarships awarded to sorority and

Alpha Gamma Rho

Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

fraternity members through their local chapter, inter/national organization

Alpha Kappa Lambda

Phi Kappa Psi

and through Iowa State University. You can read more about the Fraternity

Alpha Sigma Phi

Phi Kappa Theta

Alpha Tau Omega

Pi Kappa Alpha

Beta Sigma Psi

Pi Kappa Phi

Similar to other clubs and organizations, the more time you dedicate to membership, the more opportunities and adventures you will experience. The time commitment varies from chapter to chapter. The first semester is generally a weekly meeting when members go through the chapter’s member education program. The majority of the chapter new member

Q: HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The cost of membership varies by chapter and is further outlined on page

scholarships offered to incoming students on page 13 of this guide. Q: AS A FAMILY MEMBER, HOW CAN I SUPPORT MY STUDENT?

programs are six to eight weeks; these programs allow the member an opportunity to develop their leadership and time management skills,

It is important for family members to continue to be a support system for

Beta Theta Pi

Sigma Phi Epsilon

learn about the history of the organization, develop friendships and

their student. One of the key components for the support is empowering

Chi Phi

Sigma Pi

become more involved. Each chapter has a weekly chapter meeting and

students as they navigate the Sorority and Fraternity experience.

other required events, including initiation, recruitment and philanthropic

Encourage your student to gather as much information as possible before

Delta Chi

Sigma Tau Gamma

activities throughout the year.

they make the decision to join a fraternal organization. It is important that

Delta Sigma Phi

Tau Kappa Epsilon

you discuss financial obligations and the time commitment before your

Delta Tau Delta

Theta Chi


student enters a recruitment or intake process with a fraternity or sorority.


This will be an exciting time of new experiences in your student’s life and

Delta Upsilon

Theta Delta Chi


Theta Xi

Kappa Sigma


your support will be invaluable. Fraternity members often participate in ceremonies while becoming an active member of that organization. These ceremonies often are referred to as rituals. Fraternities pride themselves on the rituals that their chapters were founded upon. These rituals are full of the traditions and values that make the chapters unique, having been conducted for many years. However, these rituals should not be confused with hazing and other inappropriate activities. In some cases these rituals are not secret. Q: WHAT WILL I GET FROM A FRATERNITY THAT I WOULD NOT GET FROM ANY OTHER COLLEGE ORGANIZATION? Coming to college is one of the major life changes that you will go through.

Tips for supporting your student during the recruitment/intake process: •

Allow your student to make their own decision

Learn as much as you can about sorority and fraternity life and the membership experience

Keep an open mind

Talk to your student about the financial obligations and membership requirements

your student is interested in the opportunity •

campus seem smaller. For many members, these chapters become a home


Keep the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement contact information available. Please contact us if you have questions.

Joining a fraternity chapter will help make the transition easier. Developing lifelong friendships with the members in the chapters helps make the

Just because you’re a sorority or fraternity alumnus, doesn’t mean

Once your student joins a chapter, take advantage of:

away from home. In addition to the friendship, every chapter is dedicated

Parent’s weekend activities

to enhancing academics, civic engagement, leadership and social justice.

Iowa State University’s Cyclone Family Weekend

Communication with House Director (if applicable)

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019



IFC Awards

Greek Alphabet

First Place (Tie): Phi Delta Theta, Phi Kappa Theta, Alpha Omicron Pi Third Place (Tie): FarmHouse, Delta Sigma Phi, Adelante, Kappa Sigma, ACACIA

2018 POLAR BEAR PLUNGE First Place: FIJI, Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Phi Second Place: Alpha Tau Omega, Beta Sigma Psi, Theta Xi Third Place: Alpha Sigma Phi, Pi Kappa Phi, Delta Delta Delta

2018 HOMECOMING OVERALL WINNERS First Place: FarmHouse, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Kappa Second Place: Delta Upsilon, Theta Xi, Pi Beta Phi Third Place: Alpha Sigma Phi, Phi Kappa Theta, Gamma Phi Beta

2018 YELL LIKE HELL First Place: Alpha Kappa Lambda, FarmHouse, Phi Beta Chi, Sigma Chi Second Place: Delta Sigma Phi, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Delta Zeta Third Place: Delta Upsilon, Theta Xi, Pi Beta Phi

ACTIVE MEMBER: a fully initiated undergraduate member of a sorority/fraternity. ALUMNI/ALUMNA: an initiated sorority/fraternity member who has completed their course of study and graduated from the university.

2018 LIP-SYNC WINNERS First Place (Tie): Phi Kappa Psi, Theta Chi, Pi Beta Phi

Terms to Know

Α alpha Β beta Γ gamma Δ delta Ε epsilon Ζ zeta Η eta Θ theta Ι iota Κ kappa Λ lambda Μ mu Ν nu Ξ xi Ο omicron Π pi Ρ rho Σ sigma Τ tau Υ upsilon Φ phi Χ chi Ψ psi Ω omega

BEDROOM-STYLE LIVING: similar to the traditional residence hall. BID: a formal invitation given by a chapter asking a prospective member to join the chapter. CALLS: a unique vocal expression attributed to an organization. Calls are special to members and should not be replicated by non-members. CHAPTER: the local membership of an inter/national fraternal organization. COLD AIRS: a large, common sleeping quarter with bunked beds. Traditionally windows are kept open year-round, but recently many cold airs are heated/cooled appropriate to the season. Chapter members have two to three people within one living quarters separate from cold airs. COLLEGIATE PANHELLENIC COUNCIL (CPC): the governing body for all Iowa State University sororities in the National Panhellenic Conference and two affiliate groups. COLONY: a fraternal membership that has received approval from the University Committee on Fraternities and Sororities and recognition from one of the governing councils but is in a trial period with their inter/national organization. CONTINUOUS OPEN BIDDING: an informal process of recruitment that some Collegiate Panhellenic Council chapters will engage in each academic year. CROSSING: a term used to indicate that a new member has been fully initiated into a group FRATERNITY: a Greek-letter brotherhood, siblinghood or brotherhood. GREEK: the name applied to affiliated sorority and fraternity members. HAND SIGN: a symbol or gesture made with the hands to signify an organization. Hand signs are special to members and should not replicated by non-members. INFORMATIONAL: a forum for individuals interested in seeking more information about a particular sorority or fraternity. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC): the governing body for 30 Iowa State University fraternities; many groups are members of the North-American Interfraternity Conference. INITIATION/ACTIVATION: the traditional ritual or formal ceremony of induction that marks the transition to full membership in a sorority/fraternity.

2019 VARIETIES First Place: FarmHouse, Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta Second Place: Alpha Gamma Rho, FIJI, Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma Kappa Third Place: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Beta Phi

LEGACY: a prospective member whose grandparents, mother/father or sister/brother is an alumni of a sorority/fraternity. LINE: group of individuals going through the membership intake process. Another term is new member class. MEMBER PRESENTATION: a presentation where new members of many MGC and NPHC organizations present themselves as initiated members of their organizations to the campus community. MEMBERSHIP INTAKE PROCESS: a process by which interested persons become members of most MGC and NPHC organizations. Generally characterized by an informational meeting, an application process, an interview or series of interviews and an educational process.

NATIONAL APIDA PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION: National APIDA Panhellenic Association (NAPA) is a collective group of leaders within the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American community who work together to advocate, collaborate, and educate our members and constituency for the greater good. NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LATINO FRATERNAL ORGANIZATIONS (NALFO): The National Association of Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) is an umbrella council for 16 Latino Greek Letter Organizations established in 1998. NATIONAL PANHELLENIC CONFERENCE (NPC): an organization composed of 26 member women’s sororities. NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL (NPHC): a national governing organization of nine historically African-American fraternities and sororities. Iowa State University has a local council to help govern the chapters represented on campus. This council is also called the Divine Nine. NATIONAL MULTICULTURAL GREEK COUNCIL: The National Multicultural Greek Council (NMGC) is an umbrella council for a coalition of Multicultural Greek-letter organizations (MGLOs) established in 1998. The NMGC serves in an advisory capacity to its member organizations. Each member organization is autonomous as a Greekletter society. NEOPHYTE: A term some organizations use to refer to a new member of a sorority or fraternity. NEW MEMBER: a prospective member from the time the member accepts a bid to affiliate until the time the member is initiated. Each organization and council use a variety of terms to identify their new members as new members. NEW MEMBER PROGRAM: the education and resources chapters provide to new members to help them be successful in the organization and in the classroom. Typically chapters teach about the history and values of the organization. NORTH-AMERICAN INTERFRATERNITY CONFERENCE (NIC): an organization composed of more than 70 national member men’s fraternities. PARAPHERNALIA: articles of clothing, accessories, props, or jewelry that a member may wear or possess that shows pride in their organization. PHILANTHROPY: a charitable fundraiser sponsored by a fraternity or sorority. POTENTIAL MEMBERS: undergraduate students interested in becoming a member of a sorority/fraternity. RECRUITMENT: the continual process of encouraging men and women to become members of the Sorority and Fraternity Community. SALUTING: Similar to military-style of greeting, members of an organization can praise a particular member within their organization or to honor the organization’s past and current accomplishments. SOROR: Another term used to refer to one’s sorority sister. SORORITY: a Greek-letter siblinghood or sisterhood. STROLLING: organization members move together in a line expressing pride for their organization. In this line, members may express their pride through use of their organization’s call, sign or historical information, ritual/custom dances, etc. All of this is done through movements that are unique to a particular organization and should not be mimicked. SUITE-STYLE LIVING: three to six people sharing a common living space. THE OFFICE OF SORORITY AND FRATERNITY ENGAGEMENT: University staff offering support and resources to the four governing councils and over 60 chapters on campus.

MULTICULTURAL GREEK COUNCIL (MGC): the governing body for fraternities and sororities at Iowa State with diversity and identity as a foundation for membership.


Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019




Financial Commitment FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS. Every member of a fraternity or sorority agrees to be fiscally


responsible as a student and a chapter member. Each chapter conducts their own billing and financial processes through online or payment plans.

STUDENTS. Scholarships are awarded through a variety of sources. Each scholarship has a specific requirements, contact information and application.

The chapter bills separately from the university bill. Membership fees include local and inter/national (if applicable) membership dues, one-time fees

There is no limit to the number of scholarships you may apply for as an incoming student.

(such as initiation or new member fees) and room and board, if the chapter has a house. Oftentimes financial aid packages can be applied to sorority and fraternity costs. As each student has an individualized award package, please check with the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information. There are many scholarships awarded to sorority and fraternity members through their local chapter, inter/national organization and through Iowa State University. Members are encouraged to seek out scholarships through these resources or contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at www.financialaid.iastate.edu.

Housing Status

First Semester

Second Semester

New member

Not living in



New member

Living in



Active member

Living in



Active Member

Not living in



Fraternity Housing Students who join an Interfraternity Council chapter with a house have the option of moving into the chapter, if space allows before their first semester at Iowa State or any time after that point. Typically chapters encourage students to live in the chapter house for two to eight semesters while an active member of the chapter. Each chapter facility provides unique qualities and benefits. Amenities for most fraternity houses includes

ALPHA GAMMA RHO FRESHMAN SCHOLARSHIP Amount: $1,000 Due Date: June 1 Contact: Peyton Boyle (pjboyle@iastate.edu; (712)369-0636) Need to accept bid to receive scholarship: No

SIGMA PHI EPSILON BALANCED MAN SCHOLARSHIP Amount: $1000 x 5 Due Date: August 20th Link: http://sigep.org/iowastatebms Need accepted bid to receive scholarship: No

BETA SIGMA PSI DARRYL JAHN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Amount: $2000, $2000, $2000 Due Date: Jan. 11, Feb. 22, April 26, 2019 Contact: Alex Retallick (betasigrecruitment@gmail.com, 515-460-9259) Need to accept bid to receive scholarship: No

THETA CHI FRATERNITY SCHOLARSHIP Amount: $250 Contact: Jack Walker (jcwalker@iastate.edu) Need accepted bid to receive scholarship: Yes

BETA THETA PI MEN OF PRINCIPLE SCHOLARSHIP Amount:$500 Due Date: August 1st Contact: Max Minard (mdminard@iastate.edu; (512)529-8718) Need accepted bid to receive scholarship: No DELTA UPSILON: RALPH STUCKY SCHOLARSHIP Amount: $500 Contact: Alex Freiberg (afry@iastate.edu) Need to accept bid: Yes

TRIANGLE BETTER MEN SCHOLARSHIP* Amount: $2000, $500, $500, $500 Due Date: May 10th* Contact: Connor Sullivan (connors2@iastate.edu; (224)246-0331) Need to accept a bit to receive scholarship: No TAU KAPPA EPSILON SCHOLARSHIP Amount: $500 Due Date: August 1st Contact: Conor Goerg (cmgoerg@iastate.edu; (630) 352-6334) Need accepted bid to receive scholarship: Yes

PHI GAMMA DELTA (FIJI) ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Amount: $500 Contact: Matthew Scott (mscott15@iastate.edu) Need accepted bid to receive scholarship: Yes

on-site laundry, internet, parking, study areas, computer rooms, meals provided by a cook or catering service and a house director. STUDENTS MAY CANCEL THEIR HOUSING CONTRACT THROUGH MAY 1ST WITH NO PENALTIES. MEN INTERESTED IN MOVING INTO THE CHAPTER FACILITY SHOULD CONTACT THE CHAPTER LEADERSHIP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Anti-Hazing POLICY Iowa State University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing. The Sorority and Fraternity Community shares the university’s definition of hazing in the Iowa State University Student Code of Conduct, which includes hazing as any intentional, knowing or reckless action, request or creation of circumstances that: Endangers the health or safety of any individual; causes or presents a substantial risk of physical injury, serious mental distress or personal humiliation to any individual, or; involves the destruction or removal of public or private property in connection with initiation or admission into, or continued membership in, any group affiliated with the university, including but not limited to, any student, campus, fraternal, academic, honorary, athletic or military organization. It is not a defense to the violation of this


section that the hazing participant provided explicit or implied consent. Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of hazing are not neutral acts; they are violations of this section. This information was obtained through the following website: http:// www.policy.iastate.edu/policy/SDR#4.2.11. Each student will sign that they understands this policy when they sign their membership acceptance card (bid card) with the chapter that they join. Hazing may be reported to the the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement, the Office of Student Conduct, Iowa State Police Department, or the Dean of Students.

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019






University Address: 138 Gray Ave. Ames, IA


Gentlemen, I applaud your decision to choose Iowa

Nickname: ACACIA

Greetings, men. Congratulations on your admittance to

Nickname: Adelante

State, and I am excited that you are considering the

Chapter Motto: Human Service

Iowa State University. Over the next four years you’ll

Chapter Motto: Scholarship. Fellowship. Leadership

Fraternity Community as a cornerstone to your time

National Founding Date: May 12, 1904

acquire the finest education and make connections that

National Founding Date: Nov 7th 1907

here. Our Fraternity and Sorority Community at Iowa

Local Founding Date: March 20, 1909

could last the rest of your life. You don’t have to go it

Local Founding Date: Nov 7th 1907

State University is nationally recognized as a leading

Philanthropy: Youth and Shelter Services

alone, however. As you’ll already know, many students

Philanthropy: Changes every semester

community in academics, social development, and community service. Joining this community is an exciting prospect and marks the beginning of your development

not for everyone, I’ve personally found that joining a

Breakdown of Majors: Mainly STEM and Business What makes your chapter unique? Despite many offers to nationalize over the years, we have retained our local status because we feel that it allows us to retain our autonomy and identity. All decisions made regarding the organization are made exclusively by the members you’ll have gotten to meet over your time here.

What makes your chapter unique? We are a dry house that values academics, brotherhood, and human service. We are a small house, but we are a tight group with life long bonds. Our chapter has ranked in the top 5 chapters among our international fraternity for the past 5 years. We prioritize leadership development by educating our members through development program and assisting them through Acacian scholarships.

fraternity gave me opportunities I would never have had

me and my peers have made us all into better versions of

Fun fact about your chapter: We are the oldest local fraternity in the nation

Fun fact about your chapter: We are about to move into our new ACACIA home in the Fall of 2020!

ourselves. All of us at Adelante would like to meet you as

as an organization provides support and brotherhood to

Colors and Flower: Blue and Gold

our members that is much needed in the hectic time at

Colors and Flower: Black and Old Gold / Sprig of Acacia

might choose to join, I wish you the best in your college

university. We are a diverse subset of the Iowa State

Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters


Community that endeavors to build the leaders of the

Community Service Requirement: N/A

future and create success – your success. We look

Required High School GPA: 3.00/4

as a leader and member of the community. At Acacia, we pride ourselves in developing the leaders of the future, whether in industry, academia, or the businessworld, our leaders and alumni have found tremendous success and are pioneering the world of today. Acacia

forward to meeting you soon!

otherwise. 3 years ago I would never have guessed that I’d join a fraternity, let alone become ones president. The social, academic, and leadership opportunities given to

soon as possible and regardless of which fraternity you


Chapter dues in house: ~$990

Live in Requirements: Membership Community Service Requirement: Philanthropy event and highway cleanup once per semester Required High School GPA: N/A


Required College GPA: 2.5

Required College GPA: 2.60/4

Ryan B. Whitener, PRESIDENT


Breakdown of Majors: Mathematics, Engineering, Aerospace, Meteorology, Business, Agriculture, Pre-Med, and Food Science

choose to join our Fraternity and Sorority System. While

University Address: 318 Welch Avenue


Chapter dues in house: $3250 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $400 per semester

Chapter dues out of house: ~$440

National Website: acacia.org Chapter Website: isuacacia.org Chapter Instagram: @isuacacia


National Website: www.adelante.org/



Alpha Gamma Rho ΑΓΡ

Nickname: “Aggers” Chapter Motto: “To Make Better Men” National Founding Date: 1904

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2635 Knapp Street Nickname: AKL Chapter Motto: Alethia Kai Logos (The Truth and the Word)

Welcome to Iowa State University! From the jaw-droppingly

Local Founding Date: 1914

Gentlemen, congratulations on your acceptance

National Founding Date: April 22nd, 1914

beautiful campus to the magnitude of opportunities for

Philanthropy: Agger Fries – Fall and Alpha Gamma Rhodown Spring

into Iowa State University. One of the very special

Local Founding Date: February 11th, 1961

things about this University is the Sorority and

Breakdown of Majors: All Majors within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Philanthropy: ACCESS (Assault Care Center Extending Shelter & Support)

Fraternity Life supported by this great community.

personal and professional development, Iowa State is a place that I am very proud to call my home away from home. Alpha Gamma Rho joined the Greek Community at Iowa State in 1914, built on passions for agriculture and with the goal “to make better men”. Alpha Gamma Rho, also known as AGR, pushes its members to make the most of their experience here at Iowa State through involvement

What makes your chapter unique? Alpha Gamma Rho is unlike other fraternities, as we are both a social and a professional fraternity. All members of AGR have related career interests. AGR is for young men pursuing any career related to the agriculture, food or fiber industries.

from the agricultural teaching farms to Greek Community

Fun fact about your chapter: At AGR, there's no pledging. You join as an equal member. AGR does a careful review of all potential members in advance, so there's no need for a "weeding out" process.

intramurals, Iowa State and AGR truly have something for

Colors and Flower: Green and Gold / Pink Rose

in both university and community organizations. Ranging

everyone! One of the greatest parts of being an AGR is the vast alumni network. With close to 2,000 AGR alumni spread throughout every aspect of the agriculture industry, you will

Live in Requirements: All members are required to live in during all 4 years of their college experience

Considered as one of the best Greek Life systems in the nation, we are pleased to have you interested in the many opportunities we have to offer. Joining Greek Life is the start of something bigger, where your journey continues to grow at Iowa State. Here at Alpha Kappa Lambda we take pride in building “Men of Character”, giving you many opportunities to develop leadership skills to fulfill all of life’s your legacy on your brothers and build the memories

Colors and Flower: Purple and Gold / Yellow Rose

someday be surrounded by fellow AGR brothers working for your professional success. The men of AGR welcome you to

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4.0

home in Alpha Kappa Lambda. We look forward to

our beautiful campus and look forward to hearing your story.

Required College GPA: 2.5/4.0

speaking with you soon!


Chapter dues out of house: N/A

National Website: www.alphagammarho.org

Chapter Facebook: @isuagr

Chapter Website: www.isuagr.org/

Chapter Instagram: @isuagr1 Chapter Twitter:


What makes your chapter unique? Alpha Kappa Lambda is an opportunity to create an impact right away. Being one of the few chapters that offers initiation in 5 days after signing, this allows individuals to have a pivotal role in the chapter their first semester. You have the opportunity to create your legacy right away and improve the chapter in ways you view as desirable. While also getting the opportunity to build that brotherhood experience. At Alpha Kappa Lambda, it is about creating the legacy you want for yourself while being a Man of Character to your brothers and the community. Fun fact about your chapter:1st chapter founded West of the Mississippi River

that last a life time. With the diversity of individuals

Chapter dues in house: $3,600 total expenses per semester (covers everything)

Breakdown of Majors: 40% Engineering/ 20% Business/ 10% Sciences

obligations. You will have opportunities to leave

Community Service Requirement: 6 Hours Per Semester is required, although many go above and beyond what is required

GAVIN MEYER, President


Alpha Kappa Lambda ΑΚΛ


personalities and backgrounds, you will find a

Live in Requirements: 3 Semesters Community Service Requirement: NA Required High School GPA: NA Required College GPA: 2.67/4 Chapter dues in house: $3500 per semester

Cody Kapka, President

Chapter dues out of house: $500 per semester


National Website: www.akl.org Chapter Website: www.akl-isu.org Chapter Instagram: @ aklpsichapter



Alpha Sigma Phi ΑΣΦ

QUICK FACTS University Address: 223 Lynn Ave Nickname: Alpha Sig Chapter Motto: To Better The Man

Welcome to Iowa State University! We, at Alpha Sigma Phi, personally welcome you to the Ames community. Greek Life here at Iowa State is unlike any other in everything we do both on and off campus. Being able to take that leap of faith to join a brotherhood is one of the best decisions you will ever make. As Alpha Sigs, we take pride into motivating each other through social, professional, and educational experiences to be better. As a brotherhood, we form each other into leaders, network amongst friends, and most importantly, we have fun. We don’t just create memories but shape dreams for your future at both Iowa State and beyond. We all invite you to stop by and visit our chapter to really see what makes the Greek Community so great. Go Cyclones!


Nickname: ATO

Gentlemen, welcome to Iowa State University! You have made an

Chapter Motto: Love and Respect National Founding Date: 9/11/1865

Local Founding Date: 05/08/1920

tracurricular activities to all its students. Among the many strengths

Local Founding Date: 3/17/1908

Philanthropy: Homes for our Troops, Aware Awake Alive, RAINN, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Humane Society

of ISU is the opportunity to join a renowned Sorority and Fraternity

Philanthropy: ACCESS Assault Care Center

Breakdown of Majors: 50% Engineering, 30% Business, 20% Everything In-between

Community. The Sorority and Fraternity system here at Iowa State

Breakdown of Majors: Open to all majors

is one of the best in the entire country, as it encompasses all as-

What makes your chapter unique? $1,000 - $1,500 in scholarships from the ATO endowment each semester to every member who qualifies academically. Exceptional oncampus involvement and ongoing professional development. Academic focus as shown through our new study room and tremendous support from over 100 brothers for you as an individual.

What makes your chapter unique? Our chapter is full of dedicated men in all categories whether in academics or hobbies and interests. Fun fact about your chapter: We own the touchdown cannon for the ISU home football games. All brothers get the opportunity to get free on-field passes and to light the cannon. Colors and Flower: Cardinal and Stone / Yellow Tea Rose and Cardinal Rose Required High School GPA: 2.5/4 Required College GPA: 2.75/4 Chapter dues out of house: $430 per semester

pects of the college experience. Here at ATO, we pride ourselves on providing young men like yourself with the best college experience possible. We have defined this as a time to become a more refined version of yourself through academic achievement, personal growth, leadership development, and social connections. It is our ultimate goal to provide this experience to all who choose to join us in the bonds of a brotherhood of over 100 men at ATO. Our chapter invests greatly in the success of its members and this is reflected by our new scholarship room, which is equipped with academic monitors, multiple white boards, and personalized study areas. Members also experience growth outside our walls, as the vast majority of our members are involved in on-campus organizations. The men of Alpha Tau Omega welcome you to Iowa State University and to the Sorority and Fraternity Community. We cannot wait to meet you!

Noah Beukelman, PRESIDENT


University Address: 2122 Lincoln Way

excellent choice, as Iowa State offers countless academic and ex-

Chapter dues in house: $415 per semester



National Founding Date: 12/06/1845

Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters

James Ripper, President

Alpha Tau Omega

National Website: alphasigmaphi.org Chapter Website: isualphasigs.com Chapter Facebook: Alpha Sigma Phi - Phi Chapter (Iowa State University) Chapter Instagram: @ISUAlphaSig


Fun fact about your chapter: ATO just celebrated its 110th anniversary of becoming a chapter at Iowa State which makes us the longest standing chapter of all fraternities at ISU! Colors and Flower: Old Gold and Sky Blue. White Tea Rose Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters Community Service Requirement: 15 hours per member per semester Required High School GPA: 3.25/4.0 Required College GPA: 2.75/4.0 Chapter dues in house: $4,150 Chapter dues out of house: $550

National Website: www.ato.org Chapter Website: www.atoisu.com Chapter Instagram: @ATO_Iowa_State



Beta Sigma Psi ΒΣΨ

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2132 Sunset Dr Nickname: Beta Sig

I would like to congratulate you on selecting Iowa State for your college adventure. You definitely made an excellent

Chapter Motto: Per Aspera Ad Astra - Through Adversity to the Stars National Founding Date: April 17, 1925


QUICK FACTS University Address: 2120 Lincoln Way Nickname: Beta

Hello gentlemen, on behalf on Beta Theta Pi, I would like

Chapter Motto: To develop men of principle for a principled life.

to congratulate you on picking a truly special University

National Founding Date: August 8th, 1839

choice! The Sorority and Fraternity Community at Iowa State

Local Founding Date: October 29, 1939

to spend your next four to five years. Although this

Local Founding Date: 1905

is top notch and has been awarded one of the best in the

Philanthropy: Fall: Beta Sig Brunch (in support of Habitat for Humanity) and Sunset Cookout (in support of the Puppy Jake Foundation)

school is tremendous on its own, one thing that makes

Philanthropy: Special Olympics

Breakdown of Majors: 40% Engineering, 40% Business, 10% LAS, 5% Design, 5% CALS

it even more incredible is our flourishing Sorority and Fraternity System. Becoming a part of any organization

Breakdown of Majors: Our Chapter does a very good job of having representation of every single college.

country. Our chapters are diverse; no matter what you’re looking for in a fraternity or sorority you can find the perfect fit at Iowa State. Joining the Sorority and Fraternity Community makes an amazing impact on your collegiate career by creating a sense of belonging and family, developing individuals into well-rounded leaders, and challenging members to try new

What makes your chapter unique? Our chapter is unique in the fact that we were founded as a Lutheran fraternity at Memorial Lutheran Church across the street from the Memorial Union. While our chapter has expanded to become inclusive to all denominations of Christianity, we still hold strong ties with Memorial Lutheran and are active there. This is the one that differentiates us from other organizations. It is a common bond that we share regardless of background.

in our Community can give you the tools you need to succeed later in life and build life long bonds and connections that will come in handy one day. Here at Beta Theta Pi, we strive to become better versions of

What makes your chapter unique? Our chapter is not concerned of our social perception, but more on developing ourselves and building those around us to be better men than we were before. Our brotherly bonds are very unique to our community and above are, we are always there to support one another through the thick and thin.

Fun fact about your chapter: We have finished in the top 5 academically among IFC Fraternities each of the last 5 semesters.

Assistance, Trust, Integrity, and Responsible Conduct.

Fun fact about your chapter: We were one of the first chapter on campus and the very first on Lincoln Way. Our chapter facility is considered a Historical Landmark by the City of Ames, but also just finished a $2 million renovation.

With these five values, we live lives of Men of Principle

Colors and Flower: Delicate shades of blue and pink

Colors and Flower: Cardinal Red and Gold / Gold Rose

as shown by both our strong active membership and

leadership opportunities and we are constantly encouraging

Live in Requirements: 2 years minimum

successful alumnus alike. When you join Beta, you join

Live in Requirements: Two year live-in requirement for Freshmen new members, and only 1 year for sophomore new members.

and mentoring to help them grow into confident leaders. The

Community Service Requirement: None is required, however our chapter is passionate about community service and typically averages 15+ hours per member each semester.

something bigger than yourself. You make brothers for

things and make a difference in the community. At Beta Sigma Psi, we take pride in continuing our development into balanced leaders. We do so by staying grounded in our core values: Spiritual, Scholastic, Social, and Service. Our members have the chance to take on a wide variety of

support and care our members have for one another is why when they come to Beta Sigma Psi, they are coming home. We can’t wait to meet you to get to know you and share more about our chapter!

Required High School GPA: 3.2/4

Andrew wilmes, President


ourselves every single day. We pride ourselves with our five core values of Intellectual Growth, Mutual

life and live memories you will remember for the rest of time. We are looking forward to hearing from you and welcome to Iowa State!

Chapter dues out of house: $400

National Website: epsilon.betasigmapsi.org/

Chapter Twitter: @BetaSigmaPsiISU

Chapter Facebook: @BetaSigmaPsiEpsilon

Chapter Instagram: betasigmapsiisu

Community Service Requirement: Minimum of 10 hours of community service hours per semester as well as participating in our semesterly philanthropy. Required High School GPA: 3.0/4 Required College GPA: 2.7/4

Required College GPA: 2.7/4 Chapter dues in house: $4075 per semester


Beta Theta Pi

Jeff Pioquinto, PRESIDENT

Chapter dues in house: $4200 per semester (includes rent, dues and a meal plan) Chapter dues out of house: $800 per semester


National Website: www.beta.org

Chapter Twitter: @beta_iastate

Chapter Website: www.isubeta.com

Chapter Instagram: @beta_iastate

Chapter Facebook: Beta Theta Pi – Iowa State University



Chi Phi

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2229 Lincoln Way


Nickname: Chi Phi

As you start your adventure at Iowa State University, there are many routes laid out in front of you. It can be hard to chose what mark you will make in your time here, and even harder

Chapter Motto: Building Better Men National Founding Date: 12/24/1824 Local Founding Date: 9/24/2015

Delta Chi

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2717 West St


Nickname: D Chi

Congratulations on your admittance to Iowa State, The Men

Chapter Motto: Promote Friendship, Develop Character, Advance Justice, and Assist in the Acquisition of a Sound Education

of Delta Chi are proud to be sharing this wonderful campus with you. Becoming a member of The Sorority and Fraternity

National Founding Date: 10/13/1890 Local Founding Date: Originally on 10/01/1923, Rechartered in 2012

to figure out how you’ll do it. Going Greek is a great way to

Philanthropy: Boys and Girls Club of America

Community here on campus is a great opportunity for all to

focus your path and facilitate a smooth transition into college.

Breakdown of Majors: Open to all Majors

get the most out of their college experience. At Delta Chi, the

Greek life opens a seemingly endless number of doors for the

What makes your chapter unique? At Chi Phi you have the opportunity to join an established chapter with a strong and well thought out vision for the future; which is also new enough that you can put your own mark spanning far into the history of Iowa State University.

strong sense of brotherhood and acceptance is undeniable.

Fun fact about your chapter: Chi Phi is the oldest social fraternity in the Country.

as a whole. Delta Chi also provides our members with various

a support system that will help them become the best they

leadership opportunities, academic help, and professional

Fun fact about your chapter: Awarded Delta Chi International Award of Excellence, 2016-2017

can be. Chi Phi provides a safe and accepting brotherhood

Colors and Flower: Scarlet and Blue

development, so we can assure our members will be

Colors and Flower: Red and Buff, White Carnation

that promotes servant leadership while positively impacting

Live in Requirements: TBD

successful throughout their academic careers and well after.

Live in Requirements: None

the community. It is our pleasure to extend a warm Cyclone

Community Service Requirement: 10 hours per semester

rest of your college and professional career. The friendships gained, the leadership skills developed, and the memories made are unparalleled to any other opportunity on this campus. We believe that every man, regardless of background, deserves

welcome to you on behalf of the brothers of the Chi Phi Fraternity.

Required High School GPA: 3.00 Required College GPA: 2.5

Michael DeRaimo, PRESIDENT

Chapter dues in house: TBD

In my time being a member I have been able to better myself as a person, and have found friends that will last a lifetime within our chapter, and the Sorority and Fraternity Community

On behalf of Delta Chi, we welcome you to Iowa State, and look forward to meeting you.

Timothy Stowell, PRESIDENT

Chapter dues out of house: $565

Philanthropy: The V Foundation For Cancer Research Breakdown of Majors: primarily engineers and business, all are welcome What makes your chapter unique? Not a stereotypical Fraternity, all are welcome.

Community Service Requirement: 5 hours per semester Required High School GPA: 3.0/4 Required College GPA: 2.75/4 Chapter dues in house: $550 per semester ($600 for new member) Chapter dues out of house: $550 per semester ($600 for new member)


National Website: chiphi.org Chapter Facebook: Chi Phi - Iowa State University Chapter Twitter: @ChiPhiISU Chapter Instagram: @ChiPhiISU


National Website: www.deltachi.org Chapter Facebook: Iowa State Delta Chi Chapter Twitter: @ISU_DeltaChi Chapter Instagram: isu_dx



Delta Sigma Phi ΔΣΦ

QUICK FACTS University Address: 307 Lynn Ave Nickname: Delta Sig

Welcome! We, the members of Delta Sigma Phi, are glad

Chapter Motto:: Better Men. Better Lives.

to have you here at Iowa State University. Our University

National Founding Date: Dec. 10, 1899

prides itself on our Fraternity and Sorority Community. Our

Delta Tau Delta

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2121 Sunset Drive


Nickname: Delts Chapter Motto: Committed to Living Lives of Excellence

On behalf of the men of Delta Tau Delta, I’d like to personally welcome you to Ames, Iowa. Beyond Iowa State University’s

National Founding Date: 1858

Local Founding Date: April 6, 2014

gorgeous campus, lies a community that strives to leave

Local Founding Date: 1911

fraternity is about the betterment of men and enjoying the

Philanthropy: Delta Sig Donuts, Delta Sig Dog Days

behind a lasting impact on our university. You’re presented

Philanthropy: JDRF

journey to success along the way. You will be provided with

Breakdown of Majors: Highest percentage is engineering, with business following that.

with a wonderful opportunity. Fraternity life will undoubtedly

Breakdown of Majors: Vast variety of majors

return you with lifelong relationships and intangible lessons

What makes your chapter unique? We strive to create an atmosphere that is inclusive to all and values individual differences among our members. Our house has apartment style rooms, so you aren't crammed in with dozens of other people where you sleep. You have access to a kitchen and bathroom(s) shared with only one to four other members. We have a basketball hoop in our driveway and enjoy that as well as many other sporting/outdoor activities.

towards personal growth. Even beyond personal development,

What makes your chapter unique? The Gamma Pi chapter of Delta Tau Delta is one of a kind. Our chapter is a giant, diverse conglomerate of kind-hearted men unified with the goal of achieving a higher standard.

countless leadership opportunities that will help shape you into the best man you can be. We respect individuality while maintaining a strong brotherhood that well represents the ideals of our fraternity that our founding fathers created. Free time activities include rec league sports, tournaments at the house, backyard basketball, brotherhood retreats, and a whole lot more! We would love to meet you, there’s always guys hanging out around the house that can show you around. Sincerely, the men of Delta Sigma Phi.

Curtis Harryman, President

Fun fact about your chapter: Our house used to be Zeta sorority house. Colors and Flower: Nile green and carnation white. White carnation. Live in Requirements: 1 year as an undergraduate if you sign as a freshman or sophomore. Community Service Requirement:: 10 hours per semester.

our community will present to you the opportunity to touch the lives of those around you. The men of Delta Tau Delta are and shown interest in our fantastic Greek community. We are

Fun fact about your chapter: The Gamma Pi chapter of Delta Tau Delta was one of the first fraternities chartered at Iowa State University.

beyond excited to meet with you today. It is our hope that

Colors and Flower: Purple, White, and Gold

you find men who share your vision, passions, and personal

Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters

grateful that you have chosen Iowa State as your destination

expectations for life.

Community Service Requirement: 10 Hrs. Required High School GPA: 3.00/4

Robert Gabalski, President

Required College GPA: 2.70/4 Chapter dues in house: $5,000 per semester

Required High School GPA: 2.75

Chapter dues out of house: $800 per semester

Required College GPA: 2.75 Chapter dues in house: $510 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $510 per semester


National Website:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Facebook:

Delta Sig at Iowa State

Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:



National Website:


Local Website:


Chapter Instagram:





University Address:: 117 Ash Avenue


Nickname:: DU

Congrats on your decision to choose Iowa

Nickname: FarmHouse Fraternity

Chapter Motto:: Justice, Our Foundation

State! Iowa State has a proud history of

Chapter Motto: Builder of men

National Founding Date:: November 4,1834 @ Williams College

leaders within the fraternity and sorority

National Founding Date: April 15, 1905

Local Founding Date:: December 6, 1913

community. Our community is widely

Local Founding Date: 1927

that join the fraternity and sorority community usually say

Philanthropy: Delta Scoopsilon, DU Donuts

considered as one of the best in the nation,

something along the lines of this: “Coming to Iowa State is

Breakdown of Majors:: 45% Engineering, 45% Business, 10% other various majors

because of our driven leaders. Joining

Philanthropy: Children’s Cancer Connection, Leukemia Lymphoma Society, Be the Match

the Sorority and Fraternity Community

Breakdown of Majors: 55% engineers/ 25% business/ 15% agriculture/ 5% other

is instrumental in your growth as an

What makes your chapter unique? FarmHouse Fraternity is consistently a top chapter in the Iowa State Greek Community as well as in the FarmHouse International Fraternity. FarmHouse places emphasis on the development of four main aspects of life: intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual. Members of FarmHouse are from a variety of backgrounds; you do not need an agricultural background to be a member of FarmHouse.

Delta Upsilon ΔΥ

As president of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity here on Iowa State University, I would like to personally welcome you to the University’s Sorority and Fraternity community. Many people

the best decision I’ve ever made and joining the sorority and fraternity community is the second-best decision.” At Delta Upsilon, we focus on building better men, as we give you plenty of leadership opportunities in the chapter to develop yourself. However, we also promote you to seek out other opportunities


What makes your chapter unique? Delta Upsilon is a non-secret fraternity, allowing the public eye to see everything that we do. Additionally, we have a very diverse chapter in terms of campus involvement, interests, talents, personalities, and passions.

on campus as well and diversify the fraternity even more. With

Fun fact about your chapter: We have placed as a top 7 chapter of Delta Upsilon for the past four years.

as diverse as Delta Upsilon is, and with how many different

Colors and Flower: Sapphire Blue and Old Gold

opportunities this fraternity offers, we welcome you and look

Live in Requirements: 4 semesters

forward to meeting you.

Community Service Requirement: 15 hours per semester

Andrew Arciuch, PRESIDENT

University Address: 311 Ash Avenue Ames, IA

individual, and as a leader. At FarmHouse, we live by the moto Builder of Men. We focus on a four-fold development, building the man intellectually, spiritually, morally, and physically. You will have countless leadership




constantly challenge you to be the best you can be, as well as be in an environment

Fun fact about your chapter: FarmHouse Fraternity recently received the Governors’ volunteer award for ten years of dedication to volunteering in our local community. Colors and Flower: Green, Gold, White / White and Red roses Live in Requirements: Six semesters OR senior level status

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4

where you will be lifted by brothers that

Required College GPA: 3.0/4

want nothing else but the best for you. We

Chapter dues in house: $4,190-$4,210 per semester

are looking forward to getting to know you

Community Service Requirement: FarmHouse Fraternity does not require community service, study, or work ‘hours’. Rather, we set goals and encourage our members to aspire to reach these goals.

Chapter dues out of house: $440-$460 per semester

and welcome you into our brotherhood!

Required High School GPA: 2.7 /4 Required College GPA: 2.7 /4

Trevor Miller, PRESIDENT

Chapter dues in house: $3950 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $300 per semester


National Website:


Chapter Facebook:

Delta Upsilon at Iowa State

Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:



Chapter Website:


Chapter Facebook: FarmHouse Fraternity Iowa State Chapter

Chapter Twitter:

@ISUFarmHouse ‫‏‬

Chapter Instagram:




Chapter Motto: Temper actions with wisdom

Lambda Chi Alpha ΛΧΑ

you to Iowa State and the amazing Sorority and

National Founding Date: December 10th, 1869

Congratulations on choosing to attend Iowa State! The

National Founding Date: November 2, 1909

Fraternity community we have built here. Kappa

Local Founding Date: Jan 11th, 1909

university offers many different ways for every student

Local Founding Date: June 2, 1917

Sigma is the longest standing chapter at Iowa

Philanthropy: Military Heroes Campaign, Kappa Sigma Dodgeball, Ash Bash joint philanthropy

to get involved, and many find their home within our

Philanthropy: Feeding America

extensive Greek Community. At Lambda Chi Alpha, you

Breakdown of Majors: 50% Business, 30% engineers, 20% misc.

will be given every opportunity to grow as a leader

Breakdown of Majors: No Specific majors; Good mix of engineering, business, as well as some other majors

What makes your chapter unique? Kappa Sigma is unique because of the blend of brothers we have. The gentlemen who make up our house are not all the stereotypical fraternity male, or book worms, or athletes. Everyone in the chapter is special in their own right and we value that above all. Having this blend has led to an unmatched brotherhood here at Iowa State. Everyone has their niche and that niche is what makes them special within the house.

and as a man. We offer a close-knit brotherhood to

Fun fact about your chapter: We have been on the Iowa State campus the longest amount of time without our charter ever being revoked, 110 years.

meaning that you are given the same rights as an

Kappa Sigma ΚΣ

QUICK FACTS University Address: 237 Ash Avenue Nickname: Kappa Sig, KSig

Gentlemen, the men of Kappa Sigma welcome

State and we pride ourselves on our dedication to do well in school, give back to the community, and have fun. Within Kappa Sigma many leadership opportunities will arise, educational goals will be set and reached, and the chance to give back to the community is always on the forefront of our mission. The brotherhood within the GammaLambda chapter at Iowa State is one of the best across the nation. With Kappa Sigma, you aren’t joining just a club, or an organization, but a true brotherhood that prides itself on being able to trust and rely on every single member. No matter where you end up with this community you will see yourself succeed! I hope the men at Kappa Sigma can help you reach that goal.

Colors and Flower: Scarlet Red, Emerald Green, White Live in Requirements: 4 semesters (seniors exempt) Community Service Requirement: 50$ per semester and 30 hours per semester Required High School GPA: --/4

QUICK FACTS University Address: 203 Ash Ave Nickname: Lambda Chi Chapter Motto: A Lifetime of True Brotherhood

support you and allow you to enjoy your time at Iowa State. Lambda Chi Alpha believes that all men should be treated as equals. In August 1969, we abolished pledging and adopted the Associate Member system, initiated brother from the moment you join. Regardless of your major or interests, you will find a sense of belonging in Lambda Chi Alpha!


Fun fact about your chapter: In 2017, we won the Grand High Alpha award from Lambda Chi Alpha Nationals. This award is given each year to the three best chapters out of the nearly 200 chapters worldwide. Colors and Flower: Purple, Green, Gold & White Rose Live in Requirements: 8 semesters Community Service Requirement: 5 hours/ per semester Required High School GPA: 2.5/4

Devin Prasad, PRESIDENT

Required College GPA: 2.75/4

Required College GPA: 2.75/4

Chapter dues in house: $4,200 per semester

Chapter dues in house: $3,700 per semester

Tyler Timm, President

What makes your chapter unique? Our chapter is unique because of the community environment we offer. Every member can feel apart of something and help lead the chapter from the day they join. Lambda Chi believes in associate membership rather than pledging, so every member is given the same rights as a full initiated member from the day they join.

Chapter dues out of house: $500 per semester

Chapter dues out of house: $500 per semester

National Website:


Chapter Instagram:



National Website:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Facebook:

Lambda Chi Alpha at Iowa State University

Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:




Phi Delta Theta ΦΔΘ

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2035 Sunset Dr. Ames IA 50014 Nickname: Phi Delt

Phi Gamma Delta

QUICK FACTS University Address: 325 Ash Ave. Nickname: Fiji

Hello, I want to start by welcoming you to Iowa State

Chapter Motto: “Become the Greatest Version of Yourself”

University. This University is filled with rich tradition. Whether

National Founding Date: December 26, 1848

it be Homecoming Week, campaniling at midnight, or Hilton

Local Founding Date: 1913

Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a

Local Founding Date: 9/21/1907

Magic, there is tradition in every corner of this campus. Iowa

Philanthropy: The LiveLikeLou Foundation

Cyclone! We’re glad you have taken an interest in the

Philanthropy: Annual S’mores Roast and Fiji Waffles

State’s Fraternity and Sorority community is a tradition that

Breakdown of Majors: 30% Engineering/Sciences, 40% Business, 10% Design, 20% Pre-Med/Biology

Sorority and Fraternity Community. As a community we are

Breakdown of Majors: A third engineering, a third business, and a third other majors

What makes your chapter unique? Phi Delta Theta Iowa Gamma is home to a group of men, all from varying backgrounds and locations. Different perspectives are constantly shared and respected in the organization and are what make Phi Delt unique.

Leadership, and Social Justice. Being a member of Phi

Fun fact about your chapter: We won the Miracle Cup award this past year for being the highest fundraising team for Dance Marathon, an organization that supports families at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

Service, Morality, and Excellence. We are working every

has lasted more than 144 years, and a tradition that has enriched the lives of countless individuals over those last 144 years. At Phi Delta Theta, we pride ourselves for the diverse group of men that all come together under three single values: friendship, sound learning, and moral rectitude. These are the principles that drive our fraternity. You will have countless leadership opportunities that will constantly challenge you to be to become the greatest version of yourself, as well as be in an environment where you will be lifted by brothers that want nothing else but the best for you. We benefit our philanthropy LiveLikeLou, an organization that is working to invest in research to end ALS. No matter where you’re from, you’ll find a home away from home with Phi Delta Theta. We hope you can stop by Phi Delta Theta, so we can share more about what

Colors and Flower: Argent & Azure (White and Blue) and White Carnation Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters

Chapter Motto: Not for college days alone


National Founding Date: 5/1/1848

united under Academics, Civic Engagement, Friendship, Gamma Delta, we live out those values in our daily lives in addition to our chapter’s values of Friendship, Knowledge, day to live up to those values, do more, and be better men

Fun fact about your chapter:Phi Gamma Delta’s Frank Norris Pig Dinner is the longest running, chapter based, annual graduate event in the Greek world

than the people we were the day before. We look forward

Colors and Flower: Royal Purple, Purple Clematis

to meeting you and showing that being a member of Phi

Live in Requirements: 6 semesters

Gamma Delta is, “not for college days alone.”

Community Service Requirement: 15 hours Required High School GPA: 3.00/4

Matthew Scott, PRESIDENT

Community Service Requirement: 10 hours a semester

What makes your chapter unique? Phi Gamma Delta is the longest running chapter without being removed. We have a pit in the backyard for basketball and a volleyball court at the back of the parking lot

Required College GPA: 2.67/4

Required High School GPA: 3.0

Chapter dues in house: $3700-$4100 per semester

Required College GPA: 2.5

Chapter dues out of house: $600-$700 per semester

Chapter dues in house: $4100 per semester

our organization can offer you.

Chapter dues out of house: $525 per semester

ANdrew nurse, PRESIDENT


National Website:


Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Instagram:


Chapter Facebook:

Phi Delta Theta - Iowa State


National Website:


Chapter Facebook:

FIJI Phi Gamma Delta at Iowa State

Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:




Phi Kappa Psi

Chapter Motto: Live ever, Die never

Phi Kappa Theta ΦΚΘ

National Founding Date: 2/19/1852

Gentlemen, you’ve made the right decision

National Founding Date: April 19, 1889

Local Founding Date: 9/23/1913

choosing Iowa State. As you will soon learn, Greek

Local Founding Date: April 19, 1924

don cardinal and gold. In the Iowa State Sorority and Fraternity

Philanthropy: Boys and Girls Club of America

life is very special at this university. Fraternity life

community, you will find a another community rich in tradition

Breakdown of Majors: Business 38%, Engineering 33%, Other 29%

is essential in growing as an individual. Overall,

Philanthropy: Cookout for Kids – Fall, Phi Kappuccinos – Spring. Proceeds go towards Children’s Miracle Network

we have one of the best systems in the nation

Breakdown of Majors: 50% engineering, 40% business, 10% CALS/other

What makes your chapter unique? We have the largest national scholarship endowment

with numerous chapters to explore. At Phi Kappa

Fun fact about your chapter: We have the largest front lawn in Greek land

Intellectual, Social, Charity, Unity, and Spirituality.

Colors and Flower: Hunter Green and Cardinal Red, Jacqueminot Rose

areas and can promise you that you will make

What makes your chapter unique? We are a growing chapter with a diverse set of guys. As a whole, the chapter is very close, and everyone gets along. Walking into our house instantly feels like you’re at home. There will always be a group down to go to the library, chill in our game room, or head to Lied. We are the “Catholic Fraternity”, however, that isn’t the headlining aspect of what binds us together and any background is welcome to join.

Live in Requirements: One year

No matter what your background is, you can find

Fun fact about your chapter: You may know us as “Tramp Frat”. That name originating back when we had a trampoline in our front lawn. People would stop by to jump around for a bit on their way home from Welch.

Community Service Requirement: 15 hours for new members and 20 hours for active members

a home in Phi Kap. We look forward to meeting

Colors and Flower: Cardinal purple, white, and gold / Red Tea Rose


QUICK FACTS University Address: 316 Lynn Avenue Nickname: Phi Psi

Welcome to the City of Ames and welcome to the beautiful campus of Iowa State University. You will find Iowa State has a rich history, tradition and culture which unites all those who

and camaraderie. Being a member of our community provides a college experience which is second to none. For over 100 years, Phi Kappa Psi has been building better men at Iowa State. Our fraternity provides an enriching college experience which will surround you with people who have the same ambitions, desires and objectives. Being a member of Phi Kappa Psi gives you the resources and foundation to fulfill the aspirations of your college experience and beyond. During your time at Iowa State and as a member of Phi Kappa Psi, you will find brothers who will be by your side through the years and create memories which will last a lifetime. We welcome you to Ames and hope you will become a member of our community.

Theta, we develop men in the areas of Fraternal, We provide endless opportunities in all of these some of your life’s best memories in this chapter.

you soon!

Zach Vaske, President

Chapter dues in house: $3,700 per semester

Nickname: Phi Kaps Chapter Motto: “Give, expecting nothing thereof.”

Community Service Requirement: 12 hours / semester Required High School GPA: 3.0 / 4 Required College GPA: 2.5 / 4

Chapter dues out of house: $500 per semester


University Address: 2110 Lincoln Way, Ames IA, 50014

Live in Requirements: Four Semesters

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4 Required College GPA: 2.65/4


Chapter dues in house: $3500 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $600 per semester


Local Website:


Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Facebook:

Phi Kappa Psi - Iowa State

Chapter Instagram:


University (Iowa Beta)


National Website:


Chapter Facebook:


Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:




Pi Kappa Alpha

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2112 Lincoln Way

Pi Kappa Phi

QUICK FACTS University Address: 407 Welch Avenue, Ames, IA 50014


Nickname: PIKE


Gentleman, I’m proud to call you a Cyclone and our Sorority

Hello Gentlemen, I wanted to congratulate you on choosing

and Fraternity system welcomes you! Upon delving into

Chapter Motto: SLAG: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, Gentleman or (To set the standard of integrity, intellect, and achievement for our members, host institutions, and the community of Ames

your first semester at Iowa State, it is important to look

National Founding Date: March 1st

the recruitment process. The decision of joining the Sorority

at the various clubs and fraternal organizations offered on

and Fraternity community was one of the best that I have ever

Philanthropy: The Ability Experience

campus. A Fraternity is not an organization that only makes

Local Founding Date: Founded - Feb. 17, 1913; Rechartered - Mar. 3, 2000

made and I hope you make the same one. It has helped me grow

college more enjoyable, however it will give you vast

Philanthropy: Pikes Pizza, Pikes Putt Putt

as not only a student but a man as well. This community has

Breakdown of Majors: Handful of majors ranging from ME to Aerospace to Interior Design

leadership opportunities and will help you build your future.

Breakdown of Majors: 30% Engineering, 50% Business, 20% Other

taught me all of the values that I live by. As a proud member of

One of the mottos we have here at PI Kappa Alpha is SLAG

What makes your chapter unique? The men of Pi Kappa Alpha are exposed to the most, best leadership experiences offered by an International Fraternal Organization. The True PIKE Experience and PIKE University empowers men to grow in maturity and gain exposure to adult life situations. The thousands of alumni across the nation, aid members in scoring internships, co-op’s, post-college job positions. The alumni also offer a wide array of scholarship opportunities.

Pi Kappa Phi, I have been taught to live my life to the best of my

(Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentleman), which are the 4 quality traits we pride ourselves on. We will grow you into a mature individual and set you up for a bright future. The men of pi Kappa Alpha are excited to see you and what you have to offer!

Fun fact about your chapter: Largest Property in the BIG 12

Nickname: Pi Kapps

Iowa State and cannot wait on meeting all of you throughout

abilities. In doing so, being the best man that I could possibly be. I practice this by pursuing countless leadership positions and by following our seven core values. Every member here has their own story and is pushed everyday by their brothers to strive for greatness. We pride our chapter on diversity, brotherhood and leadership we know you will find a home in Pi Kappa Phi.

Colors and Flower: Lily of the Valley / Garnet and Old Gold

Matt Julseth, PRESIDENT

Live in Requirements: 4 semesters Community Service Requirement: 20 Hours over the course of the year

Nathan Bounsiri, PRESIDENT

Chapter Motto: “Nothing Shall Ever Tear Us Usunder” National Founding Date: December 10th 1904 Local Founding Date: May 25th 1929

What makes your chapter unique? We run and support our own non-profit organization, The Ability Experience. Fun fact about your chapter: Kelley A. Bergstrom is a member of the Alpha Omicron chapter of Pi Kappa Phi here at Iowa State. He is a notable donor to Iowa State and to Alpha Omicron. Each year he gives out scholarships to many of our chapters nationwide, this year alone he gave out $10,000 in scholarships. Colors and Flower: White and Gold with Royal blue being the auxiliary, and The Rose Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters Community Service Requirement: At least 5 hours Required High School GPA: 2.8/4 Required College GPA: 2.7/4

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4

Chapter dues in house: $4500 per semester

Required College GPA: 2.5/4

Chapter dues out of house: $720 per semester

Chapter dues in house: $3945 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $420 per semester


National Website:


Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:



National Website:


Chapter Facebook:


Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Instagram:




Sigma Phi Epsilon ΣΦΕ

Sigma Pi

QUICK FACTS University Address: 228 Gray Ave.

University Address: 218 Ash Avenue

Nickname: Sigep


Chapter Motto: Building Balanced Men

Gentlemen, first off congratulations on choosing to attend

Chapter Motto: Excellence isn’t an act. It’s a habit.

Gentlemen, congratulations on your successful time in high

National Founding Date: November 1, 1901

Iowa State University! Here at the Sigma Chapter of Sigma

National Founding Date: 2/26/1897

school and decision to join the great Iowa State University.

Local Founding Date: April 20th, 1916

Pi International we offer and expect nothing but the best.

Local Founding Date: 1/15/1992

Whether you are a business student, engineer, aspiring artist or

Philanthropy: Big brother and Big Sisters of Central Iowa and Live Your Oath – Joint with Alpha Delta Pi

The brothers of Sigma Chapter live out our organizations

Breakdown of Majors: Business: ~40%, Engineering: ~40%, Other: ~20%

every day through our core values of scholarship, chivalry,

Philanthropy: Amazing Day Foundation – Sigma Pi places a large emphasis on mental health and wellness. The ADF is an organization that promotes mental health research as well as aiding families and individuals of those suffering from depression or other mental illness.

architect, there is a place for you in the Iowa State Sorority and Fraternity System. Regarded as one of the best in the nation, our Sorority and Fraternity Community has been on the forefront

What makes your chapter unique? One of the best things about our chapter is our house. As a part of the National Historical Places list, our house has a unique style and has been a part of this university since 1931. Various upgrades and updates have been made, but when you walk in, you will know that you are standing in a historical part of Iowa. We strive to preserve our house and are grateful to live in such a historical building.

when it comes to adapting to the cultural changes of recent times, and strives to preserve the goals of original fraternal life: to provide an excellent place for college students to study, live, interact, and succeed in the years after graduation. At Sigma Phi Epsilon, we pride ourselves in building balanced men, and providing them with the resources during and after college to

Fun fact about your chapter: The largest single piece table in Iowa resides in our dining hall. When we remodeled our house, hey had to suspend it in the air instead of moving it because they built the original house around it.

have great success. Our Balanced Man Program has no equal at Iowa State, and guides young men throughout their entire college journey. As one of the largest national fraternities, you

Colors and Flower: Purple, Red and Gold. Violet and Dark Red Rose

will be hard pressed to find an area where a Sigep alum doesn’t live, and these connections can be very enriching and crucial to your future career. In addition to this, leadership opportunities are bountiful and at Iowa State’s career fairs, it is a good way to put yourself ahead of the crowd. We look forward to meeting


competitive run at the Grand Sage Cup, awarded to the top Sigma Pi chapter in the nation. We have a friendly, yet competitive culture in our chapter offering undergraduate students a place to grow and advance themselves. This is often displayed in the front

ago we were awarded 2nd place, meaning we are the

Colors and Flower: Lavender and Gold Lavender Orchid

say hello and meet the excellent men of Sigma Pi. All are welcome!

Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Instagram:



What makes your chapter unique? We are a large chapter with a vast majority of men. Although all men are unique and different we have no problem getting together and sharing great brotherhood experience, making the fraternity feel like home!

On a national level, the previous Grand Sage Cup two years

a pool table, foosball table and constant social interaction.

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4

Chapter dues out of house: $350 per semester

Breakdown of Majors: The majority of our chapter is in the engineering field (Aerospace, IE, ME, etc.) however, we also house almost business majors and several kinesiology, chemistry, biology and design majors.

Fun fact about your chapter: Sigma Pi is the only fraternity that has a required Sexual Assault and Harassment awareness program outside of their philanthropy. Our ACE project is an excellent way to get involved with the community and work for an excellent cause.

yard sand volleyball as well as our game room that includes

living with three-man, two-man and one-man rooms. Come


diversity and integrity. We are currently making a

Community Service Requirement: 15 hours per semester.

National Website: Chapter Facebook:

mission statement, “To advance man’s quest for excellence”

Live in Requirements: 2 years or through Junior year

Chapter dues in house: $4,400 per semester

Callen Magerkurth, PRESIDENT

Nickname: Sigma Pi

number 2 Sigma Pi in the country. We also offer suite style

Required College GPA: 2.85/4

you in the near future!



Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters Community Service Requirement: 10 hours per semester Required High School GPA: 3/4 Required College GPA: 2.75/4

Trey Lukehart , President


Chapter dues in house: $3750 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $650 per semester

National Website:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Instagram:




Sigma Tau Gamma

Tau Kappa Epsilon

QUICK FACTS University Address: 2229 Lincoln Way Nickname: Sig Tau Chapter Motto: A path of principles


QUICK FACTS University Address: 224 Ash Avenue Nickname: TKE (pronounced “Teke”) Chapter Motto: Better men for a better world


National Founding Date: 1920

National Founding Date: January 10, 1899

Congratulations on being accepted into Iowa State and in

Local Founding Date: October 6, 2017

Hello and welcome to Iowa State! No matter if you hail from the

Local Founding Date: May 28, 1915

becoming a Cyclone! Our Sorority and Fraternity community here

Philanthropy: Special Olympics

other side of the world or here in Ames, Iowa, this will be a fresh

Philanthropy: St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

is outstanding and regarded as one of the best in the country.

Breakdown of Majors: Mechanical engineering, physics, design, aerospace engineering, biochemistry, accounting, prebusiness, supply chain management

start to your life. Looking back as a now senior, I am stunned

Breakdown of Majors: 40% Engineering, 30% Business, 15% Agriculture and Technology, 15% Other

What makes your chapter unique? We’re the newest chapter on campus and are beginning to build a legacy. New members will be considered founding fathers and will get to be a part of building something that they can see grow and thrive for years to come. It’s a unique opportunity that allows for members to make this chapter their own.

are unlimited possibilities waiting for you to improve yourself

Any where you decide to go here is a great decision and you will find yourself grow as a person because of that choice to go Greek. At Sigma Tau Gamma you’ll get a unique opportunity. We are the youngest chapter at Iowa State and, while small, gives lots of potential leadership opportunities and a chance to make the organization your own. You’ll become a Founding Father and be able to really leave a legacy and be proud of what you’ll

Fun fact about your chapter: We’re the youngest chapter on campus

find you will accomplish once you’ve graduated. We strive for excellence and find inclusivity and service at our core. We look

Colors and Flower: Azure Blue, White & White Rose

forward to getting to meet you!

Live in Requirements: N/A

Jacob Scmieder, PRESIDENT

by the strides I have made mentally, socially, and professionally since the time I first arrived at Iowa State University.


What makes your chapter unique? Diverse set of members that can rally behind a common goal, devout passion for philanthropy, drive to compete and promote individual success

and the world around you. Here in the sorority and fraternity who you want to be. Men I have met here in my chapter of

Fun fact about your chapter:Tau Kappa Epsilon has maintained presence on Iowa State’s campus for 103 years consecutively

Tau Kappa Epsilon have reached the goals of interning at NASA,

Colors and Flower: Cherry and Silver

community, you can easily find the opportunities needed to be

raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for St. Jude Children’s

Live in Requirements: Live in for two semesters total

Research Hospital, and becoming presidents of organizations around campus.

Community Service Requirement: 12 hours per semester

More importantly, however, I have seen my

Required High School GPA: 3.00/4

brothers learn and uphold the values love, charity, and esteem,

Required College GPA: 3.00/4

Community Service Requirement: 10 hours/person

allowing them to build and grow with others for the rest of their

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4

lives. I owe the discipline and progress I have achieved to the

Chapter dues in house: $4,200 - $4,800 per semester

Required College GPA: 2.5/4

group of men that have always felt like home to me. It is my hope

Chapter dues out of house: $500 - $600 per semester

Chapter dues in house: N/A

that you may find the same.

Chapter dues out of house: $450 per semester


National Website:


Chapter Twitter: @sigtauiowastate

Chapter Facebook:

Sigma Tau Gamma Iowa State

Chapter Instagram:



National Website:


Local Website:


Chapter Facebook:

Tau Kappa Epsilon Iowa State University

Chapter Twitter: TKE_Epsilon Chapter Instagram: iastatetke



Theta Chi

Theta Delta Chi

QUICK FACTS University Address: 219 Ash Ave

QUICK FACTS University Address: 217 Ash Avenue

Nickname: Theta Chi


Chapter Motto: An Assisting Hand

Men, Congratulations on making it here. Here at ISU is where your

Chapter Motto: Our Hearts are United

wonderful choice in choosing this institution. This is the first

National Founding Date: 4/10/2018

journey will really begin. As you take part in something much bigger.

National Founding Date: October 31, 1847

of many difficult choices you will face during your college

Local Founding Date: 12/22/1922

Theta Delta Chi will give you experiences that last a lifetime. A

Local Founding Date: October 31, 1919

career. One great benefit that Iowa State offers to all students

Philanthropy: USO

college experience that you will come to know as a boy, but come

Philanthropy: Autism Speaks

is the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Sorority and

Breakdown of Majors: 40% Engineering, 20% Business, 20% Liberal Arts and Sciences, 10% Design, 10% Other

out as a man. You will have a brotherhood that you will be proud to

Breakdown of Majors: Mostly Engineering and Business majors

What makes your chapter unique? Every member in our chapter strives to be the best student, leader, and friend. Each does his best in all aspects of life. The respect, support and kindness shared among members is sincere. The values and integrity are genuine.

future business partner, or just a good group of guys to spend your


Welcome to Iowa State University! You have made a

Fraternity Community. This community offers endless growth as an individual, student, and leader. Theta Chi nationally focuses upon turning its members into resolute men for the future, and local chapter of Theta Chi here is no exception. Our Chapter is comprised of men of high character, who are

Nickname: Thumpers

be a part of. Here, you will find your best friend, your best man, your time with. It is a place to discover your passion in one hand and a brother to pull you up with the other. We have created an academic program that will set you up with the academic tools and support that

Fun fact about your chapter:The Nickname: “Thumpers” comes from our alumni Frank Thomas, who animated the Disney characters for the movie Bambi, which included Thumper the bunny.

have consistently reached an average GPA of 3.2 or above,

Fun fact about your chapter:Ever since our chapter was founded in 1922, we have never been suspended off campus, which is the longest running record of all fraternities at Iowa State University.

while continually striving to achieve improved academic

Colors and Flower: Military Red and White, Red Carnation

and social skills that will place you ahead of your peers. Through

Community Service Requirement: 10 hours of community service for each member a semester.

excellence. Though we work hard to achieve both the high

Live in Requirements: 4 Semesters

philanthropic work, you will make a difference and you will change

Community Service Requirement: 20 Hours a year

lives. In this place that you have yet to familiarize yourself with,

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4

academic and community service standards required, we also take time to relax and enjoy life together. Whether it’s playing

Required High School GPA: 3.0/4

driven to be successful in all aspects of life. As a chapter we

basketball, watching a movie, or just hanging out together we keep building our relationship as brothers. I hope you take the opportunity to stop by and meet the wonderful men I have the honor of calling my brothers.

you will need to succeed. With 12 executive positions, here, you will become a leader. You will be given opportunities to build your resume

possibly far from your parents and siblings, you will have a home and a family. We do not just hand out spots. We have a competitive

Required College GPA: 2.75/4

recruitment process and new member education program where you

Chapter dues in house: $4200 per semester

Colors Black, white, and blue. Live in Requirements: 2 Semesters

Required College GPA: 3.0/4 Chapter dues in house: $3,500 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $475 per semester

will have to prove your devotion to the fraternity and your drive as a

Chapter dues out of house: $600 per semester

man. You will learn who you are, and come closer to person you want to be. Are you interested?

Joshua Wankel, PRESIDENT



Garrison Antonie, PRESIDENT

National Website:


Chapter Twitter:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Instagram:



Theta Chi Fraternity - Iowa State


National Website: www.tdxia.org/ Chapter Facebook:

Theta Delta Chi Iowa State

Chapter Instagram: @ThetaDeltaChi_isu




University Address: 315 Welch Ave


Nickname: The Taxi

Gentlemen, congratulations on your decision

Chapter Motto: Juncti Juvant; "United they Serve"

to choose Iowa State, we’re glad to have you!

Chapter Motto: “In order to have a better world, we must first have a world of better men”

and historic chapter on campus. Our brotherhood is a

National Founding Date: April 29th, 1864

One of the unique things about our university

family. It is a place where you come as your authentic

Philanthropy: Multiple Sclerosis and Habitat for Humanity

is our Sorority and Fraternity System. We have

self and are not only accepted, but also celebrated

Breakdown of Majors: We have majors from a variety of colleges like Engineering, Business, LAS, Design, and others.

Theta Xi



Founded at Iowa State in 1909, Theta Xi is unique

for being that person. Walking into the chapter house is a feeling of comfort, because it is one of coming home. It is what makes our bond so strong, our support so unwavering and our friendship one that lasts a lifetime We motivate, inspire, and support one another unconditionally in goals at both Iowa State University and beyond. It is only when we are united that we can become the true, most authentic men possible.


Local Founder’s Day: March 24, 2018 Philanthropy: FIRST Robotics Team (Ames High School)

in the nation with 36 fraternities and 26

Breakdown of Majors: Engineers, Architects, and Scientists

What makes your chapter unique? The bond amongst the Mu chapter has been a very immersive relationship, almost specific to Iowa State University. First or second semester freshman who choose to live in house gain a house of friends to aid in the mental, physical, and emotional transition of college.

fraternities! Joining the fraternity and sorority

Fun fact about your chapter: Our chapter house is located within the area of campus-town, one of the closest fraternities to campus, offering many restaurants, shops and close walking distance to campus.

Architecture and STEM organization striving for

What makes your chapter unique? Our fraternity’s emphasis is limited to Engineers, Architects, and Scientists. We are the only member of the NorthAmerican Interfraternity Council (IFC) that limit our membership recruitment to these majors. The purpose of Triangle is to maintain a fraternity of these fields of study and carry out this purpose by establishing chapters that develop balanced men who cultivate high moral character, foster lifelong friendships, and live their lives with integrity, as well as our founders basing the organization on the principles of honor, friendship, character, brotherhood, and courage.

Colors and Flower: Azure Blue and Silver / Blue Iris

community helps create a social and academic environment. In Triangle, we strive to create a better world, by creating better men. We are an great academics and strong brotherhood. You will be introduced to countless opportunities for professional development, leadership

Live in Requirements: 4 semesters

roles, lifelong friendships, connections with

Community Service Requirement: Participation in house Community Service Requirement:s, The Mu chapter of Theta Xi has ranked nationally in Local Community Service as recently as the last 154th National conference.

alumni, and many other great experiences.

Required College GPA: 2.75/4 Chapter dues in house: $3400-3800 per semester Chapter dues out of house: $700


National Founder’s Day: April 15, 1907

considerably one of the best communities

Required High School GPA: 2.5/4


University Address: 2136 Lincoln Way

National Website:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Facebook:

Theta Xi Fraternity: Mu Chapter - Iowa State University

Chapter Instagram:


Everyone within our chapter home has a unique

Fun fact about your chapter: Our Chapter is also one of the three national fraternities to not have Greek letters. Live in Requirements: Four semesters live-in required during active membership, weekly cleanings, meal prep/cleanup during weekdays, and assisting in Recruitment/Brotherhood events held within the house.

character, but we all as brothers will welcome

Community Service Requirement: 10 hours of community service per semester

you with open arms to our home in Triangle.

Required High School GPA: 2.75/4

We hope to see you soon!

Required College GPA: 2.75/4 Chapter dues in house: $4000/semester (including rent and utilities)

Alexander Faucz, PRESIDENT


Chapter dues out of house: $425/semester

National Website:


Chapter Website:


Chapter Facebook:

Triangle Fraternity - Iowa State




Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019


Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019



Iowa State Fraternity Housing Map 9






Lincoln Way Gray Ave








∆Θ a Φ



Sunset Dr








et Dr


B e a c h Ave








Ac Ga ble Lan e

Gray Ave







on ars e Av

Knapp St







Ash Ave



Ly n n Ave

St a n t o n Av e

We l c h Ave

H a y wa r d Av e

Sh e l d o n Av e

2 ΘΞ










C h a m b e rl a i n S t






t yS

Knapp St


Baker St Little St S t a n t o n Ave

Donald St


1. Acacia: 138 Gray Avenue

16. Phi Delta Theta: 2035 Sunset Drive

2. Adelante: 318 Welch Avenue

17. Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI): 325 Ash Avenue

3. Alpha Gamma Rho: 201 Gray Avenue

18. Phi Kappa Psi: 316 Lynn Avenue

4. Alpha Kappa Lambda: 2635 Knapp Street

19. Phi Kappa Theta: 2110 Lincoln Way

5. Alpha Sigma Phi: 223 Lynn Avenue

20. Pi Kappa Alpha: 2112 Lincoln Way

6. Alpha Tau Omega: 2122 Lincoln Way

21. Pi Kappa Phi: 407 Welch

7. Beta Sigma Psi: 2132 Sunset Drive

22. Sigma Phi Epsilon: 228 Gray Avenue

8. Beta Theta Pi: 2120 Lincoln Way

23. Sigma Pi: 218 Ash Avenue

9. Delta Chi: 2717 West Street

24. Tau Kappa Epsilon: 224 Ash Avenue

10. Delta Tau Delta: 2121 Sunset Drive

25. Theta Delta Chi: 217 Ash Avenue

11. Delta Sigma Phi: 307 Lynn Ave

26. Theta Xi: 315 Welch Avenue

12. Delta Upsilon: 117 Ash Avenue

27. Theta Chi: 219 Ash Avenue

13. FarmHouse: 311 Ash Avenue

28. Triangle: 2136 Lincoln Way

14. Kappa Sigma: 237 Ash Avenue

29. Chi Phi: 140 Lynn Avenue

15. Lambda Chi Alpha: 203 Ash Avenue


Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019

Iowa State University Interfraternity Council Guide 2019


Sorority and Fraternity Community Iowa State University Iowa State University Interfraternity Council @ISUSFCommunity

@isusororityandfraternity iowastateifc Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement sfestaff@iastate.edu | sfe.dso.iastate.edu | 515.294.1023

Sorority and Fraternity Engagement DSO

Iowa State IFC Guide 2019  

The IFC Guide is a great way to learn more about IFC, the chapters within IFC, and how to join!

Iowa State IFC Guide 2019  

The IFC Guide is a great way to learn more about IFC, the chapters within IFC, and how to join!


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