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Volume 44, issue 16

September, 2013

Evansville, IN

Pres. Myrrl Choate

Greetings! Myrrl is at the hospital in Tennessee with her mother so I am writing a “Message” this time. Our guest, Governor-Elect Chris DeVlieger, told us about how wonderful the New Zealand experience was at the last business meeting. She said that our own, Sue Huck, was busy Was giving presents and entertaining others out there and so she presented Sue with a gift of her own at the meeting. When all was said and done, both Chris and Sue agreed that the convention was very organized and “Ran like clockwork.” Sue Huck brought up the fact that our Immediate Past International President, Dona Garretson, went far beyond the call of duty. She proposed that Altrusa of Evansville send a “thank you” of some sort. Nothing was voted on, but I’m sure we will revisit that idea in the future. It’s exciting that our club is busy with projects! What better way to promote Altrusa International than being out in the community doing things—being visible. The dolls were beautiful and thanks to Chris, who took the pictures at the meeting, we have something to turn into the paper. The cookbooks are pretty too and filled with yummy recipes. Aimee Blume, who writes the food page for the Courier & Press, said she was going to pick a recipe or recipes from our cookbook, make the food(s) then write about it. She would like to interview the club member that the food is connected to. It could be any one of us. Lola Perkett, Viewpoint Editor

Announcements *Family Literacy Day is Sept. 21 o Extortion Breakfast is Sept. 27 o Myrrl Choate and Christie Harry are in charge of the Extortion Breakfast. o Meet an Author Event is Sept. 28 o We need volunteers to bake cookies/bars for the Meet an Author Event. Contact Lola. o The Altrusa Banner with our new logo is missing. We may want that for the Author Event so if you know where it is, let Lola know. o The cookbooks are $10.00. o The Community Service Committee is collecting personal care items as well as luggage. o September 26, Program Meeting at the YWCA (The Gallery) at noon.

Cooking With Nuts—A Taste of Altrusa

We have 300 fabulous cookbooks. Each member will be responsible for selling ten cookbooks at $10.00 each. We hope to make $1500.00 or more.

WHO IS ALTRUSA? “Altrusa is an international nonprofit organization, making our local communities better through leadership, partnership, and service. We are civicminded people who strive to create better communities ……...”worldwide.”

Author Event, September 28thCc, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Scan these QR codes to watch Youtube videos on the books.

Mike Mullin

“Ashfall” book about overcoming adversity after Yellowstone’s super-volcano erupts.

Margaret McMullan

“Sources of Light” A book about the racial tension that occurred in the ‘60’s.

Angie Karcher

“Where the River Grins” A book about the history of Evansville.

Public Relations Our flyers/posters have been approved by the superintendents of both Warrick and Vanderburgh school systems. We are distributing posters to the schools rather than a stack of flyers for the offices. It is more cost effective to have two posters of the authors and more visible too. The high schools and middle schools will be given six posters--two of each author. The elementary schools will be given the poster of Angie Karcher’s book only. If you can distribute posters, call Lola at 490-0133. Let her know what school you intend to go to so it can be crossed off the list. If you haven’t signed up to bring a goodie to the Author Event, call Lola. You can bring it to her house the night before if you are unable to attend the event. Please attend the event if you can! It is a chance to tell others about Altrusa. Wear your shirt!

Rag Dolls 2 Love Under the leadership of our President, Myrrl Choate, we came together and did something pretty great. If, in your life, you’ve ever felt alone, scared or maybe a little lost --you understand the need that the children who will receive our work, have. We made over fifty dolls that will travel all the way to Asia to be given to children that have been affected by flooding in that region. 2 August Lola Perkett

Thank you to Donna Feagley and Eilleen Will for all they did to help this project come to fruition.

2 September Betty Griffis 21 Rhonwyn Nance 28 Judy Jensen

We Have to be Together! ! !

Together we can face our fear Together we can make all the sadness disappear Together we can make no more tear all the dreams can be true if we are together my dear Together there is nothing to worry about Together we can go anywhere in or out Together we can make lot of beautiful things to be proud Together everything can be found angelica ayman

These ragdolls were made with love for children to love.

Ragdolls 2 Love Governor-Elect, Chris DeVlieger, came to visit Evansville. She met a few of us at the Toyota plant for a tour where robots whirred, cocked their square red heads and examined parts. Tires rolled above us, freshly painted vans glided by, and two ladies told us what they knew about the history of Toyota and also what it was like to work on a line. Sue Huck opened her home to Chris. They became friends in New Zealand so I’m sure they had a lot to reminisce about.

We had a 5:15 pm business meeting at the Methodist Temple. I spotted a lovely plate of fruit, cheeses, and crackers along with refreshments as soon as I entered the room. Thank you to Myrrl for providing that. We had a lot to report because of the many projects going on right now. Our President reminded us to give Chris a little background information on what we were reporting so she wasn’t totally lost. Chris reported what it was like in New Zealand and even helped us out by taking pictures of everybody with the dolls we made.

Our time with Sinawik at the Kennel Club Tracy Zeller was the speaker. She told us her story about how she ended up in the jewelry business. She also gave marketing tips. She has a dog named Buster who is in the store. Buster is pictured in advertising.

Diana Kellogg shared “Make-ADifference- Day� plans. We will be refurbishing a dorm room with six beds at the YWCA. See Diana if you are willing to do some painting and/or if you have any questions about this project.

ASTRA - Young Altrusans

Board of Directors

ASTRA - an acronym formed from.......

President………………………… Myrrl Choate Vice President…………………. Judy Jensen Recording Secretary………….

Donna Feagley

Corresponding Secretary…… Sara Murray Treasurer……………………… Christie Harry Director……………………….. Lola Perkett Director……………………….. Eileen Will Director………………………

A = Ability - To know that all of us have special talents to share with others. S = Service - To improve the lives of those less fortunate in the community T = Training - To develop leadership ability and potential. R = Responsibility - To learn to accept obligations and know the satisfaction of carrying projects through to a successful conclusion. A = Achievement - To experience success; to know that a group can accomplish so much more than any one individual.

Donna Conner

Committee Chairs Literacy Committee: Sara Murray International Relations: Sara Murray (temporary) Community Service: Diana Kellogg Ways and Means: Sue Huck Information: Nita Voorhees Membership: Donna Feagley Subcommittees Rag Dolls to Love: Donna Feagley and Eileen Will Make A Difference Day: Diana Kellogg Meet an Author: Lola Perkett Extortion Breakfast: Myrrl Choate and Christie Harry Cookbook: Christie Harry and Donna Feagley

Jody Reinoehl from Terre Haute, Indiana is the ASTRA chair for District Six.

May we go forth with high ideals To greet our fellow man, Be true to all Altrusa aims Until we meet again.

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