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Age 3+ Upper & se lowerca letters

Story Phonics - making letters come to life! Now your child can have even more fun learning letter shapes with their Letterland friends! With upper and lowercase letters to trace over and brightly coloured scenes to complete, there’s so much for them to do. They can also practise tracing large letter shapes and then move onto smaller letters as their skills improve. Every page can be wiped clean so your child will be improving their pen control and handwriting skills as they write over the pages again and again!

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9 781862 098510 Child-friendly phonics

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Wipe-clean pages for every letter of the alphabet 27/03/2013 10:57


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Handwriting Verse At the leaf begin. Go around the apple th is way, then add a line down so Annie won’t roll aw ay.

Capital Letter Story In Letterland, the apples sit on an Applestand to start names and sentences.

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Handwriting Verse Brush down Ben’s big, long ears. ad Go up and round his he so his face appears!


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Capital Letter Story Ben proudly balances his blue ball on his head to start names and sentences.

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Handwriting Verse Curve round Clever C at’s face to begin. Then gently tickle her under her chin.


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Capital Letter Story Clever Cat takes a deep breath and makes herself bigger at the start of a sentence or name.

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Wipe-Clean pages for every letter of the alphabet