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Fun actions and rhymes for the whole alphabet!

A... a... a... it’s Annie Apple! A, a, a, who can you see? It’s happy Annie Apple swinging in her tree!

Always make sure you use the letter sounds, not alphabet names, as they are more helpful when learning to read and spell. The sounds are at the start of each of the characters’ names. So Annie Apple’s sound is ‘a’ as in ‘apple’ and not ‘ay’. For more information go to:

Annie Apple’s Action Trick: bite into an imaginary apple and say ‘a...’ as in apple.

B... b... b... it’s Bouncy Ben!

B, b, b, who has the ball? It’s big Bouncy Ben! Can you hear him call?

Bouncy Ben’s Action Trick: shoot your arms up for ears and wiggle them while saying ‘b...’.

C... c... c... it’s Clever Cat! C, c, c, who’s made a cake? Clever Cat has cooked it, she really loves to bake!

Clever Cat’s Action Trick: stroke imaginary whiskers across your cheeks and whisper ‘c...’.

My ABC of Actions  
My ABC of Actions  

A sturdy ABC board book combining fun rhymes with letter sounds and actions.