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Age 5+

Research has shown how important the right support at home can be. This series of six Phonics Activity Books will help your child to discover a fascination with letter shapes and sounds. The books include stickers, fun activities, puzzles, colouring and handwriting practice. The Letterland stories for each of the letter sounds really bring phonics to life! The full contents of the series include: Book 1 2 3 4 5 6

Sounds & Spelling Patterns s a t p, i n m d , g o c k , c k eur, hbf l , j v wx , yz q ng, sh, ch, th, wh, ph, a_e, ay, ai e_e, ee, ea, y, i_e ie, igh, y, o_e, oa, ow u_e, ue, ew, oo, wr, ar, or, er, ir, ur u oo, oy oi, aw au, ow ou

sh i p shi p ship

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Child-friendly phonics


Focus on: ng, sh, ch, th, wh, ph, a_e, ai, ay

S r e



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ISBN 978-1-78248-095-2

sa d n ou

28/11/2014 14:13

Phonics Activity Book


My name is

Let’s learn about...

ng sh ch th wh ph a_e ai ay TH16_text.indd 1

28/11/2014 14:30

About Letterland Letterland is an imaginary place where letters come to life! The friendly Letterland characters help children to easily understand the sound and shape of letters – one of the key skills needed when learning to read and write. Simple stories about the Letterland characters explain letter sounds and shapes, so that confusion over similar looking letters is avoided and children are motivated to listen, think and learn.

Annie Apple

Jumping Jim

Sammy Snake

Bouncy Ben

Kicking King

Talking Tess

Clever Cat

Lucy Lamp Light

Uppy Umbrella

Dippy Duck

Munching Mike

Vicky Violet

Eddy Elephant

Noisy Nick

Walter Walrus

FireďŹ ghter Fred

Oscar Orange

Fix-it Max

Golden Girl

Peter Puppy

Yellow Yo-yo Man

Harry Hat Man

Quarrelsome Queen

Impy Ink

Red Robot

Zig Zag Zebra

For more information, including a pronunciation guide for all the letter sounds, see:

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28/11/2014 14:30

How to use this book Spelling Letterland stories give child-friendly reasons why, when certain letters come story together, they make a completely new sound. On each page, read the Spelling Story and talk about the Letterland characters and the reasons for their change of sound. Your child will quickly discover how easy it is to remember the new sound just by learning the story reason for it. For more fulsome versions of the stories, you might like to look at our Phonics Touch and Spell book or the titles Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC.

Note: A ‘digraph’ is two letters representing one sound. e.g. shop Study the pages together with your child. Each time start by reviewing the previous digraphs, to practise their sounds before focusing on the next pages. The aim is for your child to respond without hesitation with the correct sound for each digraph.

Stickers Award stickers as you go along. You may also like to start a Digraph scrap book using the character stickers from Phonics Activity Books 3 to 6. Look out for words to collect under each of them. Where you see this icon, you will need stickers to complete the exercise.

Sticker time!

Skills covered include: • phonemic awareness • decoding skills • word building • reading for meaning • sentence completion It is important to use this Phonics Activity Book: • when children are not tired • when there are no background distractions • for short periods of time • with plenty of praise and encouragement. Left-hander

Right-hander e dg ee sid r e Pap 30°

Finger tips 4cm from tip of pencil

TH16_text.indd 3

Table edge

e edg ide er s Pap 20° Table edge

Finger tips 2cm from tip of pencil

28/11/2014 14:30

Noisy Nick and Golden Girl Spelling story

When Noisy Nick and Golden Girl sit together in a word they are so happy they make a singing sound, ‘ng’.

1. Fill in the spaces with ng. Read the words. Join them to the picture that matches.

si ng ha ri di



TH16_text.indd 4

28/11/2014 14:30

Focus on sound

ng as in ring

2. Can you hear Noisy Nick and Golden Girl together in the sentences below? Ring them.

Ding dong! Kicking King rings the bell.

We can sing a long song!

Bing, bong, bang! Nick is on the drums. 5 5

TH16_text.indd 5

28/11/2014 14:30

Sticker time! Sticker time!

Read the sentences and put your stickers in the correct places to complete the picture.

Put a chick on the path. Put a chick in the hay. Where are the chicks?

30 30

TH16_text.indd 30

28/11/2014 14:31

ng, sh, ch, th, wh, ph, a_e, ai, ay

Put a chick on top of the cake. Put a chick in the train.

31 31

TH16_text.indd 31

28/11/2014 14:32

Phonics Activity Book 3  

Help your child to discover a fascination with letter shapes and sounds with the Letterland Phonics Activity Books.

Phonics Activity Book 3  

Help your child to discover a fascination with letter shapes and sounds with the Letterland Phonics Activity Books.