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What’s new? This new edition of the Letterland Phonics Teacher’s Guide includes many exciting new features with a greater emphasis on: • • • • • • •

Systematic decoding through the whole word, left to right Daily reviews of previously learned phonics (letter to sound/sound to letter) Blending and segmenting throughout the lessons after the first six letters A decodable story to go with each new sound and spelling learned New multisensory, phonics focused learning strategies Carefully sequenced teaching of ‘tricky’ words Assessment with optional quick weekly progress checks and in-depth assessments.

As always, children learn letter sounds and shapes faster with the Letterland characters. Then they immediately apply that knowledge to plain letters and to decoding words.

h “Harry Hat Man”


ha t /h/ /ă/ /t/, hat

Teacher’s Guide CD with: • Assessment strand • Fluency Lists • Decodable Take-Home Booklets • Learning activities

Now children have many more opportunities to practise their phonics in new decodable stories. • Phonics Readers 83 short illustrated stories to accompany each new sound and spelling pattern taught.


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Phonics Teacher's Guide  

This new edition of the Letterland Teacher’s Guide encompasses the fun of learning with Letterland friends, whilst ensuring that the core cr...