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Letter sounds

Learning and practising letter sounds Several of the activities below focus on increasing speed of response. Others provide fun games for ESL students and children who need more support for learning the Letterland characters and their sounds.

Whole Class

Action Trick Game Objectives • To strengthen the letter sound connections. • To develop quicker responses. Resources • All Picture Code Cards (PCCs) a–z learned so far. • Action Tricks Poster (actions illustrated and described on pages182-183). Procedure Step 1 2 3

Description Teacher shows the PCCs plain letter sides one after the other. Children all do the actions and say the sounds. Teacher goes through the PCCs a second time at a faster pace and perhaps a third time, still faster.

Whole Class

Sounds Box Resources • Picture Code Cards (PCCs). Procedure Step 1 2 3

Description Teacher places several recently taught PCCs in a box labelled ‘Sounds Box’. Occasionally throughout the day teacher asks a different child to take a card and hold it up for the class to see. Teacher invites the rest of the class to fill the classroom with the sound of the letter or digraph.

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