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Sound Trick (initial phoneme segmenting) Mmm

Objectives For children to learn to: • learn simple recall routes to the a-z letter sounds..

Resources • Picture Code Cards of new or recently learned letters. Explanation for children Let’s learn a new trick that will help us discover the sound that the Letterlanders make in words. Hold up the m, picture side. Who is this? “Munching Mike.” Yes, it is Munching Mike, and here’s the special way to discover his sound. It’s called the Sound Trick. You say his name and then just start to say his name again, but stop just as the name starts to come out of your mouth, like this, Mmm… Don’t say too much, just that very first sound in his name. Let’s do the Sound Trick together. First we say his whole name very slowly, and then just start to say it, but only the very first sound, “Mmmmuuuunnnching Mmmmiiiike, mmmm.” Yes, that’s the sound he makes in words: /mmm/.

Procedure Step



Teacher shows the picture side of the PCC.


Children say the Letterlander’s name.


Teacher shows the plain letter side.


Children start to say the name again but stop on the first sound.



Clever Cat /c/ Clever Cat


When to use • Use the Sound Trick when introducing a new sound in Section 1, or revisiting the letter in Section 2 of this Teacher’s Guide. • Use the Sound Trick in revising letter sounds that some children are unsure of. • Encourage children to use the Sound Trick on their own if they need it to recall a letter sound. Development over time Once children know the letter sounds, move on to children saying only the sound in response to the plain letter. Variations For children finding difficulty in isolating the beginning sound in the Letterlander’s names and in other words, try adding this kinaesthetic support. The child says the character’s name while pretending to stretch an imaginary rubber band wrapped around their hands. The child starts to say the name again while stretching the rubber band, but stop just as his hands begin to pull apart. The best letters for learning this process are the easily prolonged sounds: f, m, n, r, s, v, z (see page 192).

“Mmmunching Mmmike”


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