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Lookout Man. Mr A waves and says his name while Yellow Yo-yo Man silently looks out for robots. Blend way. Repeat the steps above going from pai to pay with different children.

Phonemic awareness and language development Explore the ay scene in the Story Phonics software and/or Beyond ABC book. Children listen for Mr A’s name in words as you read and as they talk about the illustration. Word Detectives Ask the children to underline the Vowel Men out walking in these sentences. Tess waited in the rain all day for the train. May we play with clay today?

ay in Beyond ABC

day play may say stray

ay words clay spray tray delay

Reading and fluency ‘Tricky’ word Teach the word down as shown. This will be decodable after Lesson 85.


Phonics Readers 3d: My Puppy After you read the story with the children you may want to try the Plan and Play strategy (page 222).

‘Tricky’ word

Fluency List M (TGCD) Time children on this list today (page 214).

Individual activities

Lesson 64: Mr E and Mr E out walking

ee as in bee You’ll need  PCCs for ‘Guess Who?’ plus g, k, l, ee  Vowels out walking poster  Beyond ABC and/or Story Phonics software

Phonics Readers 3d

F o c us o n

• Introduce the relevant pages to revise these sounds in the Blends & Digraphs Copymasters, or use Workbook 4.

   

Phonics Readers 3d Fluency List N (TGCD) Blends & Digraphs Songs CD Make the ‘Tricky’ Word Cards: out, our, eat

Review previously learned letters and sounds ‘Guess Who?’ PCCs: d, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, w, ai, ay, ch, qu Show the ai and ay PCCs picture sides. Ask the children to share the story logic and explain why Yellow Yo-yo Man takes Mr I’s place in ay. ‘Live Spelling’ Ask two children to hold the ai card and two more hold the ay. Distribute the PCCs from ‘Guess Who?’ except qu

Words: main, chain, say, tray, mail, day, play, wait, rain After children spell a word, ask one child to explain the choice of ai or ay.

139 Section 4: Long Vowels

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