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class does it. Change leaders after every word or two. When you make the words best and ask, tell children that sometimes Sammy Snake likes to be next to a consonant friend on the end of words, too. Write the words on the board as each is completed (or ask a child to do it). Children then read the list on the board in order as you point to the words. Repeat once or twice, a bit faster each time. Then point to the words in a random order for children to read.

Group activities Spelling with Magnetic Word Builders Letters: a, c, e, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, s, t, u

Words: step, stop, stuck, stick, stack, snack, snap, snip, rest, mask Call out each word above, say it in a sentence and repeat the word. Children repeat, stretch and segment it and spell it with their own letter sets. Make sure that everyone has the correct spelling by observing or by providing the spelling on the board. Remove the model and ask them to cover the word with their hands and spell it aloud by saying the letter sounds in sequence. Ask them to leave their letters in place as you call out the next word to stretch and spell. Then they will only need to change one or two letters.

step Magnetic Word Builder

Word Detectives Ask the children to come to the board and Picture Code or underline the s and the consonant after it in the sentences below. If underlining, put a separate line under each of the letters. Then read the sentences a few times with the children. Scott skips on the steps. Then he slips and smashes into the bin. Songs Enjoy listening to and singing some of the seven songs on the Blends & Digraphs CD or the Story Phonics software featuring Sammy Snake and an adjacent consonant. After singing a song, ask the children to recall some of those consonant blend words (lyrics on TGCD). The Story Phonics software also includes some simple chants to link the blended sound and vocabulary together.

Reading and uency Phonics Readers 3a: Spin and smash Tell children that they will read about two Letterlanders who decide to go ice skating on an outdoor rink. After all have read the story once or twice, you may want to let one group of children read the speech bubbles for Vicky, another read for Max and a third group read the text below the illustrations. (More suggestions on pages 217-224).

Phonics Readers 3a


113 Section 3: Blending with Adjacent Consonants

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