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stops by the n. Next the other letters say their sounds in turn /n/ /ă/ /p/. Then the class does the Roller Coaster Trick for the word, first touching their arm for each of the four sounds and then blending as shown in the margin. Let a different child be Sammy Snake after each word or two. Do as many words as time and children’s attention allow.

Reading and fluency ‘Tricky’ words Show the card says. Read the word and say it in a sentence or two. With the Rubber Band Trick, guide children to discover that a and y do not say their usual sounds and Sammy Snake is making his sleepy /zzz/ sound on the end. Make a wavy line below ay and a small z above the final s. Then children say the word each time you push the word card forward, “says, says…” Go on to teach the ‘tricky’ word do.

do says y z ‘Tricky’ word

Phonics Readers 3a: It is so hot! For a change in routine, let pairs of children read to each other first. Then all read together (page 217). Fluency List J (TGCD) Children continue practising this list (page 214).

Individual activity Picture Coding Ask the children to Picture Code some words with Sammy Snake plus a consonant.

Phonics Readers 3a

Lesson 48: Spelling words

S plus adjacent consonants  Write the Word Detectives sentence (p.113)

You’ll need    

PCCs for ‘Guess Who?’ plus b, k, l, n and p Magnetic Word Builder or other letter set Phonics Readers 3a Blends & Digraphs Songs CD or Story Phonics software

on the board at child level

Optional  A toy snake or headband  Individual activities (Activity Bank)  Large words for Picture Coding

Review previously learned letters and sounds ‘Guess Who?’ PCCs: ă, d, ĕ, ĭ, s, s/z/, t, ŭ, w, ck, ll, ng

‘Live Spelling’ We need to listen closely as we use the Rubber Band Trick on our words today. We want to be sure we hear all four sounds especially Sammy Snake’s /sss/ sound and the consonant that comes after it. Distribute PCCs from ‘Guess Who?’ plus b, k, l, n, p

Words: skin, slid, spell, swings, snuck, stacks, best, ask Lead children in stretching and segmenting and forming the first word or two. Then ask one of the children who doesn’t have a PCC to act as Stretching Leader to demonstrate the stretch and segment strategy before the rest of the

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